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“Unaccompanied Minors” – The Secret Scam

Although no doubt there are some children, this is a scam on multiple levels, which is never reported by the MSM because they fear fallout from the PC police.

bearded children sweden 1

Refugee ‘child’ in a children’s home in Malmo, Sweden

The uncomfortable truth is that many adults are pretending to be children. This is ignored, due to Human Rights, and the fact the entire asylum and social services systems are run by self-interested Leftists – seeking larger remits and budgets not to mention their own ideological agenda (Open Borders / PC / MC / Mass Immigration).

I know this from bitter experience. In a past life I was a Social Worker in an assessment centre children’s home (a first-stop crisis home, before deciding to move kids into long-term care, or fostering, or back to parents). About 10 years ago, we had two asylum seekers placed. Both clearly above 18. One was from Somalia, the other from Algeria.


I complained and was reprimanded and accused of racism when I objected saying they were clearly adults. I was told that a hard life and difficult travel had made them grow up fast, and they had ‘old souls’. I objected when they enticed young girls in the home, to the bottom of the garden, to speak to local Muslim adult men.  I objected and said it was highly inappropriate and the staff could not supervise what was going on.  I made the mistake of saying I thought something fishy was going on.  After all, what would adult men want with troubled girls (some not even teenagers).

Apparently I was getting in the way of ‘diversity’ and it was good for them to ‘experience another culture’. When I continued to object I was accused of being an intolerant bigot and had to ‘confront my subconscious racism’.  I was told this in a staff meeting, where other people who agreed with me one-to-one, were suddenly silent for fear of being PC-labelled (‘bigot’, ‘racist’, ‘Islamophobe’ – the fear of the label is what stops otherwise good people from doing their job.  I even doubted myself – such is the power of PC-indoctrination.


George Orwell “1984” – Orwell’s thoughtcrime is today’s political correctness

It was only on reflection, many years later after the Rotherham child rape scandal – that I realised this could very easily have been a case of ‘grooming’.  At the time, it was not even a common term.

The Home had to be turned upside down to accommodate their needs, including Ramadan, where small children were disturbed by staff making food at midnight for these ungrateful men. Again I objected – this time I was suspended, as I was clearly an intolerant bigot.

While I was suspended it turned out that a 13-year-old girl was pregnant to the Algerian. Despite how disgusting this was, everyone turned a blind eye – apparently not a crime as they were both minors. The ‘boy’ was not even moved to another Unit (there were several that catered for older children). I did not go back – I knew I would not be able to hold my tongue. My ‘idealism’ had been tested many times by the reality of Leftist dominated social services, and this was the final straw. The reality of social work basically knocked all remaining ‘Guardanista’ out of me.  I had seen too many wrongs ignored, too many people harmed, because people were blinded by cowardice, political correctness, or dogmatic idealism.

Another example: we continually received referrals from a family where the single mother deliberately got her kids hooked on Red Bull, Coca-Cola and sweets so they were wired up and got diagnosed (all three of them) with ADHD.  I knew it was to do with her claiming greater benefits – and she always ‘lost’ Ritalin – so I have no doubt she was also selling this as well. Every time she met a new man, she had a major drama and “couldn’t cope” with her kid/s behaviours… so they came to us for short term respite.  She could then be free to have fun with her latest boyfriend, while the State looked after her kids.  Eventually she would win them back, when she was in danger of losing custody (and hence, benefits for them…).  However passing on my concerns to the Field Social Worker (about the wrong ADHD diagnosis, about the selling Ritalin, about the made-up dramas to get a holiday) – nothing ever happened.  People were either apathetic about WHY they were in Social Work, or they were too cowardly to tackle thorny issues.  So much easier to punch in, punch out… while a generation of children become screwed up for life.

It later turned out the ‘boys’ were 22 and 29. One was tracked down as having already failed asylum in Italy (the ‘Somalian’) and was deported there, while the other ran away after getting in trouble with the law.


orwell - universal deceitThis incident led me into a new career and a much more content life. It also inspired me to investigate Islam, the New Left (Cultural Marxists dressed up as ‘Liberals’ or ‘Progressives’), and the links between them. I also discovered this ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ fraud is perpetuated all across Europe.

And before you think this is not a problem in the UK, then consider that the Children’s Commissioner had to call for the matter to be investigated [#4 below]. Even slanted to be politically correct, it’s still shocking.

The report offers solutions but neglects to mention the ‘kids’ are all trained now to refuse testing on the basis that it impinges on their basic ‘Human Rights’.  Even though they may lose this case – such is the long delays for such matter (at tax payer expense) – it drags on years. At that point they can still refuse and claim to be adults and move on. Indeed – refusing to participate has now been proven by case law, cannot prejudice their asylum case.

Yet another case where the EU legislation (and in particular, Human Rights) gets in the way of common sense and prevents the UK protecting its own citizens.

This insanity is now causing people to die.  We have the case of the Swedish women who was murdered by a refugee ‘child of 15’, turns out he was indeed an adult [#5].


Finally – we have the scam of genuine children travelling with family, but then deliberately abandoned. The claim is they made it across 12 countries on foot… by themselves. All of them. And we are meant to believe this, that they survived with nothing but a smile and the goodwill of the 90%+ male Muslims that travelled with them.

The truth is that once they get ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ status, if they have the right advice (which Leftist groups provide) – they can argue for ‘compelling and compassionate circumstances’ to get family members brought over, under EU and UN Human Rights, ‘right to family life’.

Such tactics are becoming more effective as legal precedents are now set. As the legal and Social Services systems become overburdened, more will just be accepted without a drawn out and expensive legal fight. In recent years this is becoming particularly true, because the Social Services want the bed free as it is in high demand – bringing in parents hands back responsibility – damn the State and the fact an entire family now has to be subsidised.

There are also many people in the public and voluntary sector who are ’empire building’ – they are managers or directors of departments, and have a vested interest in expanding.  They can hire more people, gain more powers, request greater funding… and… expect a greater salary (or promotion) for their expanded responsibilities.


25.02.16 – It seems the ‘bearded children’ of Sweden is coming back to haunt them.  Yet another incident has come to light where Muslim immigrants posing as ‘minors’ and have gone on to rape or sexually abuse vulnerable children [#6].  In this case, two men posed as 15 year old in a refugee centre for children, filmed themselves brutally raping a 12 year old boy.  Later dentist x-rays proved they were over 18.  Much like the Rotherham rape scandal in the UK, the initial cause is political correctness gone crazy, suspending common sense and logic.  It also creates a stifling environment where people are too afraid to speak out, or are cowards who justify inaction via a PC / MC (political correctness / multiculturalism) mindset.

bearded children sweden 2

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13 thoughts on ““Unaccompanied Minors” – The Secret Scam

  1. Hello mate is there any way you could use Disqus as your platform,the reason being ease of use,i am sure it would bring more into the fold as it is what most people use.

    Yes it is a sick joke you have to hide your identity for telling the truth,i am a British nationalist and likewise keep it low key as to my identity,i am a British nationalist because of the things you are telling us,to hear it coming from the horses mouth makes me even more solid in my beliefs,anyway all the best and will be looking in time from time.

    We need to get your honest observations out there.

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  2. Thanks for this article. The cultural Marxists just don’t give a damn what they damage they do.

    BTW the persecution of their opponents such as yourself are outlawed thanks to a case precedent in the European Court of Justice dated 6th November 2012 between Arthur Redfearn and the UK. The Equality Act 2010’s Section 10 provides protection from discrimination on the grounds of philosophical belief. This is their weak point and we need to exploit it.

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  4. Merkel scammed by PR pictures of dead babies in the Med – manipulation of media by muslim media and islamic spin doctors -Hussein Obama has been conned – Labour party has 9 muslim MPs – labour MP Khan is running for mayor of londonistan


  5. Have just come across RedGreen Alliance recommended by a friend. Your site is brilliant and I for one am grateful for the commitment you have shown to explore the collusion of the agenda of the Frankfurt School and Western creation/collusion with Radical Islam. The only thing I would say is that the Frankfurt School were all of so called ‘Jewish’ descent. In my own research, I am convinced that political Zionism is orchestrating so much of this collusion and is a major factor in the mix. The Babylonian Talmud is also marked by Hegel’s dialectic and of course the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a possible blueprint for so much of world history that Henry Ford acknowledged was actually panning out as they had planned. It opens up the question ‘Is the agenda for a NWO orchestrated by Rothschild Zionists? Your deeply insightful comments keep me on my toes and remind me to keep taking the ‘red pill’ of the constructed matrix. Thanks man. Resist the Zeitgeist


    • Agree with much of what u say and would love to comment more but hitting the ale to celebrate Brexit! Lot of stuff in there, happy to blog something if you want to submit? Will comment again after weekend, thanks for your kind words!


  6. I had a similar experience whilst teaching in Lincolnshire in the 2000s. The school had several Albanian male ‘children’ who had claimed to be 14 years old after arriving illegally in the UK. (The claim was the only English they knew!) The ‘foster mother’ of two of them also realised that they were much older than they claimed; but she was receiving £285 a week each for ‘fostering’ them. The ‘boys’ also got clothing allowances, pocket money and holiday money; God knows how much these ‘minors are costing the UK.

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    • Thanks end sharing Judith. I notice another fostering amatory came up in the press this week – guy turned out to be 21! It’s widespread, media complicit in silencingbit. Glad the Calais Men-Child scandal has brought it into popular consciousness.


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