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“I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”
George Orwell, “1984”

About this blog… 

1984 statue war is peace

I write from the perspective of a British citizen with Libertarian views. The theme of the blog is the strategic alliance between Cultural Marxism (‘red’ – represented by Leftists and Globalists) and Radical Islam (‘green’ – represented by most of the Muslim leadership in the West posing as ‘moderates’) in the Post-modern era.  The idea of the Red-Green Alliance is not a new concept, and has been variously described as the “Unholy Alliance” (Horowitz), and that Radical Islam and the Left are “United in Hate” (Glazov).

1984_ingsoc_thoughtcrime_print_by_libertymaniacs-d3j27eiCULTURAL MARXISM

Cultural Marxism is a term coined for the body of socialist theories that stem from a combination of Marxist and Freudian theory, formulated in the ‘Frankfurt School‘ in the 1920s and 30s in Germany, and developed ever since through infiltration and absolute control of academia in the West.

The main contention is that Traditional Marxism is cannot take root in Western societies like it did in more backward nations (Russia, China), because of the influence of the Enlightenment and Judaeo-Christian influences. Therefore even if the desired Revolution took hold, there were no guarantees that Communism would last.

Instead, Cultural Marxism splits society not by crude ‘rich v poor’ economic politics, but by subverting and destroying from within using divide-and-conquer tactics based on race / sex / gender identity / religion / sexual orientation and so on.  This is to undermine and subvert the very roots of Western civilisation, so they can be weakened and pulled out.  This will then create the conditions for a collapse from which a ‘Cultural Revolution’ can occur.  The goal is the same – a Socialist / Communist Utopia, where the masses are controlled and dumbed down, the middle class (the ladder upwards) is kicked out, and a permanent Elite class can rule without all the baggage (like transparency, accountability, equity – you know – the boring stuff) – that comes with a modern Western Liberal Democracy.  Essentially, the top of society (the Elites) is an above-the-law, untouchable, technocratic aristocracy (with layers of advancement and privilege) – while disguising this to the masses, who are sold on the Utopian idealism of Socialism / Communism – which is the ‘new’ opium of the masses.


There are several main tools employed by the Leftist-Globalist Elites, which are presented in true Orwellian ‘doublethink‘ terms.  By doublethink, I mean they present these dogmatic beliefs as positive for society, but actually have a much darker alternative meaning, and are not beliefs at the top level – merely means to an end.  These are (real meaning in brackets):

  • Open Borders (disintegration of democracy and impoverishment)
  • Multiculturalism (white genocide through mass immigration and dilution of cultural identity) and most insidiously of all
  • Political Correctness (censorship, thoughtcrimes, language control, institutional subversion, ruthlessly attacking /destroying anyone who disagrees with ‘approved thought’ or ‘the Narrative’ (known in the Soviet  Union as ‘The Party Line’)).
  • Orwell’s many examples of doublethink in “1984” include the famous IngSoc party slogan of “War is Peace.  Freedom is Slavery.  Ignorance is Strength.”
  • I normally abbreviate this as OB / MC / PC or whatever variant.

The media (herein, the MSM or ‘mainstream media’ / Controlled Media / eneMedia) – never challenge these belief systems, instead try to perpetuate the illusion that they are self-obvious and unchallengeable beliefs we must all share or we are a [>>>insert PC thoughtcrime label here<<<].


Furthermore, nobody shows the obvious Communist roots of all these ideas.  In the Soviet Union, which struggled to hold together numerous countries which are now independent nations like Georgia, Ukraine and the Baltic States – the concern was how to keep the USSR intact and destroy any attempts at rising nationalism within. The flames of nationalism would spread and the USSR might collapse.  So national service allowed the Party to move people all around the USSR.  The same with military and industry: since it was all state controlled, they could make Ukrainians move to Kazakstan, Belorussians to Latvia, Estonians to Georgia etc.  This way they hpe to homogeniseand create and strengthen a ‘Soviet Identity’.  Sound familiar?  the EU with its Schengen Zone, and this ‘Open Borders’ movement which is forced on us by a zillion NGOs, quangos and supported by the EU and leftist parties – all have the same aim. At the bottom level – e.g. Uni students – are attracted to the soft sentimentality and idealism of othe Open Borders Utopia.  But above it – NGOs are funded by evil billionaires like the ex-Nazi collaborator and war criminal (the man who famously ‘broke the bank of England’) George Soros.

coudenhove-kalergi - ruling eliteLikewise – multiculturalism (MC) serves the same ends.  By allowing masses of people from different races / religions / traditions, you can undermine national sovereignty, erode the cultural identity of the indigenous peoples, and over generations through mixing – create a new ‘European identity’. The other advantage of MC is that immigrants tend to vote for the political parties who will give the most ‘goodies’, who are the most generous with welfare, and who are the most la about immigration (i.e. they are loyal to parties whose policies allowed them to immigrate, or who will allow them to bring in relatives).  This ensures over time, all politics moves to the Left, which is exactly the intention.  The final unspoken intention of OB / MC is to create many different groups within society, who can then be encouraged to feel like ‘victims’ through political correctness ideology.  Any action taken against a black person could be ‘police racism’, a job a Muslim doesn’t get is because of ‘systemic Islamophobia’.  This is encouraged and fostered to create divide-and-conquer politics where the people (of all types) are distracted by infighting.  A divided populace will be far more easily manipulated than a united one.

Finally, Political Correctness is mirrored in the Soviet Union on multiple levels, such as ‘toeing the party line’.  But it is far more sophisticated because each aspect of it manifests as a form of doublethink – outwardly pretending to be something good, but in practice becomes a force of oppression.  It also feeds into the divide-and-conquer politics because people are afraid to speak out for fear of being given a PC label (aka ‘thoughtcrime’).  Censorship was rife in the USSR, and in other forms of Socialism like National Socialism with its ‘book burnings’. Now, Universities remove books of authors deemed to have politically incorrect views or are too ‘ethnocentric’ (i.e. too white) – instead replacing with non-traditional views or rewriting of history books to combat perceived ‘bias’ (historic revisionism, which Orwell also warned about).  We have public and private companies hiring based on filing ‘quotas’ based on race, gender etc – but this often means not hiring the best person, or most qualified, for the job – creating further resentment.  This has got to the extent where everything has to be filtered through multiple layers of political correctness – in the name of ‘tolerance’ – but in actuality it is brainwashing and social engineering.  Look at most TV adverts – about half the time, couples shown are mixed – white women with a black man, white man with an Asian woman, etc.  TV shows almost automatically have to have homosexual, transgender, Muslim etc character by default – for fear of being ‘racist’.  There is nothing wrong in any of this, but when it is presented in a way that far exceeds its actual prevalence in society, and it becomes a primary concern over content or quality – we are entering into a dangerous area where popular culture, news and entertainment is more about social engineering and propaganda than anything else.  Of course, to observe this or even discuss it is politically incorrect, so I guess this makes me a racistislamophobicsexistbigot.


Radical Islam (especially the Sunni variety) has been fostered by the Cultural Marxists and Globalists for several decades as a blunt tool for various geopolitical and ideological aims.  Al Qaeda, ISIS and many other Jihad groups have been trained and funded by Western nations.  Secular dictators who protected Christians and other minorities have been removed deliberately, and in the vacuum – poverty and resentment of the West has led to a massive uptake in a more radical vision of Islam.  This vision is funded by Gulf State nations especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is known mainly as Wahhabism or Salafism.  This brand of Islam believes that Muslims must return to the original teachings of Muhammad and return Islam to its former glory through a series of stages as Muhammad and his Companions went through.  This means a more literal and fundamental interpretation of the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira.  Consequently, this brand of Islam is intolerant and hostile of Western culture and values, even seeing democracy itself as ‘evil’.  In return, different competing factions of the Leftist-Globalists have all got something out of the rise of Radical Islam:

Socialists get to bring in laws designed for censorship and to stifle free speech, but selling this in the name of ‘tolerance’ and to protect minorities from ‘hate crimes’.  In reality they abuse this to attack anyone who disagrees with their general political agenda such as mass immigration – Islamists from the 56-nation OIC of course are delighted with this help as it means they can spread their culture worldwide without fear of condemnation, as they have co-opted the political Left and even the law to protect themselves.

islam protest signsCultural Marxists get to create the incredibly damaging precedent that you cannot critique an ideology.  The Left have been at the forefront of criticising and condemning Christianity for the best part of a century, pushing atheism yet protecting Islam viciously – and nobody asks why this hypocrisy exists?

The problem is that Christianity is solely religious (‘leave unto Caesar’ etc), but Islam knows no actual or doctrinal distinction between religion and politics – they are inseparable.  Even moderate Muslims will admit this and explain Islam as a ‘complete system of life’ and express that this is a virtue and a strength above other religions.

Islam’s scriptures are mainly about law, politics, conquest and how to treat nonbelievers, or instructions on how to lead your life right down to daily routines, hygience and diet.  As a result for the first time ever, we have a political system which is completely beyond reproach – for any criticism is seen as ‘hate speech’.

Imagine if we had taken the same approach with Communism and Nazism, two totalitarian belief systems which did not have a ‘God’ as their centrepiece (something Hitler himself lamented).   Criticism of Islam is illogically conflated with racism, to create a new thoughtcrime called ‘Islamophobia‘ which is now entering not only common acceptance, but also legal reality as an actual crime.  So when people criticise the teachings and ideology, we are told this is hate against individual people.  Imagine if we had criticised Hitler’s views on the Aryan supremacy – but been fined and charged with a hate crime as if this was somehow a hateful remark against German people – ‘Naziphobia’.

Corporatist and Crony Capitalists get cheap labour from mass immigration, driving wages down, and also get to rape and pillage the natural resources and industries of nations whose leaders they have deposed – look at the Bush families profiteering from Iraq (via shareholding in the Carlyle Group, Haliburton, etc).

divide and conquerMore than anything else, is the division and distraction that is caused within society when a highly political, agitating group is placed within larger society, and that group refuses to integrate and indeed demands special status and that the host society must adapt to it.  This is classic ‘divide and conquer‘ tactics used by many groups throughout recorded history, to Julius Caesar (‘Divide et Impera’) and before.

By dividing us, they can play groups off against each other, and by doing so they can also distract from the goals of the puppetmasters, and create a false paradigm of reality through control of the media. Divide and Conquer creates problems which the ruling Elites can then ‘solve’ – but the solutions proposed are to their benefit, and without the self-created problems, would never have been accepted by former generations.  This is the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution. The ruling Elites create constant change and crises so they can fashion these to suit their own selfish, hidden aims.
New World Order proponents of all stripes are also delighted with radical Islam as they have replaced one phantom menace (the Soviet Union) with another (the ‘war on terror’) – as an excuse for an ever increasing police and surveillance state, massive militarisation, and excuse to invade countries (Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc).

At home, terror incidents like 9/11 in New York, the Paris Attacks and 7/7 in London have allowed each respective country to rush through extremely invasive laws which breach freedom of speech, due process, privacy and other accepted Western values – all in the name of ‘protecting’ us from ‘terrorism’.  Which begs the question, why have all these nations massively increased Muslim immigration from war-zones and areas where Radical Islam is rife?  Such increases are unprecedented in all recorded history, yet nobody is allowed to question the logic or wisdom of this policy, due to the social straitjacket of Political Correctness.

rockefeller crisis nwo

Another major theme is the thesis that we are slowly slipping into a totalitarian dystopia which is disturbingly similar to George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984”.  This is being introduced at a very slow incremental rate, so that we do not notice the loss of sovereignty and basic civil liberties, nor do we notice the creation of a Control Grid around us being implemented politically, economically, physically, socially, culturally and technologically.  This thesis contends that there are a ruling elite of politicians, political dynasties, oligarchs, aristocrats, billionaires, mega corporations and others, who wish to extend their power and wealth but also protect it by bringing in a New World Order.  This is no longer the domain of ‘conspiracy theorists’ (a PC ‘thoughtcrime‘ label designed to stifle critical thinking or any theory that contradicts the ‘official narrative’) – many leaders from Bush (Jnr and Snr), to Blair, Brown, Cameron, Obama and even the Pope – have all openly called for a ‘New World Order’, which will ultimately involve enforcing a One World Government (or supreme unchallengeable overarching body, such as the EU over European nations).  Despite being sold as some sort of Utopian ideal that the world must aspire to, the problem with this is that it is fundamentally undemocratic and therefore corrupt, secretive and self-serving, leading ultimately to totalitarianism.

Orwell’s last book, the visionary masterpiece “1984”  (and to a lesser extent, his second-last book “Animal Farm”) – provide so many important lessons for today that it is surprising they are not more well-known. Such an incredible tale, so relevant today – where is the Hollywood remake?  Not surprisingly, when you consider who rules the media, academia and popular culture – a film version has been ignored since the John Hurt version filmed in… 1984.

So many themes written about in 1948, are chillingly realistic 70 years later… and nobody is talking about it?  Its got action, a love story and even a shocking ending… and its not worth filming?  Give me a break.  No, they give us the 99th remake of the Victorian equivalent of Eastenders, “Pride and Prejudice”, which is as thought-provoking and exciting as a Pot Noodle.

  • Thoughtcrime and doublethink – all mirror aspects of political correctness
  • Big Brother – mirrors our how monitored we are from web surfing, buying habits, ID, mass surveillance, to scandals broken by Snowden and WikiLeaks
  • ‘War is Peace’ – endless wars as a distraction of the masses mirrors the ‘war on terror’.  The shifting enemies (today’s ally inexplicably becomes tomorrow’s Hitler) mirrors constant changes in who the media decides is the new ‘Emmanuel Goldstein’ – whether its Gaddafi, Saddam Huseein, now Assad and Putin. Creating a mythical enemy helps divert the people from the crimes of the Elites, whilst also making the Elites ‘heroes’
  • Newspeak – deliberately eroding language to narrow the range of possible thought, is similar to the deliberate dumbing down of the masses via TV culture, distraction, celebrity nonsense and unquestioning rote-learn style education.  Language control mirrors the brainwashing of students with politically correct dogma.  Political Correctness also destroys language whilst substituting new language which mirrors Orwell’s concepts of ‘2+2=5’ and ‘doublethink’.
  • There are many other parallels I hope to explore or weave into other blog articles.


Rather than a news resources, the purpose of this blog is to put together disparate information into longer articles – covering subjects and drawing conclusions that would be impossible in the current climate of Political Correctness. Combating the oppressive nature of ‘PC’, censorship, media bias and the loss of basic civil liberties (especially freedom of speech) – is the ultimate goal.

I welcome comments, feedback and guest articles.

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