Quotes Collection – 2

“No man survives when freedom fails,
The best men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry ‘appease, appease’
Are hanged by those they tried to please.”

Hiram Mann

4 thoughts on “Quotes Collection – 2

  1. “The hierarchy is a vehicle of transformation even when it acts to suppress information and keep groups in obedience to its controlling hand. It is part of the ancient formula that prepares a new world for the synthesis paradigm and eventually leads to membership in the greater universe.”


  2. “The choice between personal transformation and external dependence is the basis of free will, and there is no structure or external source that can eliminate this basic choice. It is an inward choice that, regardless of outward circumstance, is incapable of being denied by anything external.”


  3. “When the revealers of “Truth” within the hierarchy withhold and suppress information, they are usually positioning themselves to maintain or acquire more power rather than to disseminate empowerment to all. There are so many confusing and seemingly contradictory layers of relative truth that most individuals surrender much of their power to those in the hierarchy who use language to proclaim absolute truths. Language is seductive both to the ego’s drive for power and control, and to the mind’s inclination to surrender to, and believe in, the limiting language of external truths. Those desiring to control use language to lure the unsuspecting into believing in compelling images and ideas – real or imagined – for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to a lesser truth.”


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