Conspiracy Theory / Hijrah Invasion

The Controlled Collapse of Europe – “Ordo Ab Chao”

The motto of the New World Order and the driving force for all the madness you are seeing today: ORDER OUT OF CHAOS – “ORDO AB CHAO”

“Merkel is MAD…”
“Cameron is an IDIOT…”

Merkel - mutti multikultiI read this time and again, in the readers comments sections of online newspapers like Breitbart UK, the Daily Express, Guardian or Daily Mail.

It’s a fatal flaw in critical thinking, and we can ill-afford it. It allows us to absolve our leaders of some of responsibility for the actions they are taking, it allows us to give them an excuse. It’s like ‘diminished responsibility’ for a psychopath killer.  It is essentially APOLOGISM FOR WRONGDOING.  Why is this our natural response? part of it is that to think that the ‘refugee crisis’ is a wilful and treasonous plot – is just far too awful and unbelievable.  So we push such thoughts aside and offer excuses for the Elites.

But do we REALLY think they are mad, incompetent or stupid, when they have got into such lofty positions, when they have hundreds of expert advisers and think-tanks on hand, when they have virtually unlimited budgets and resources to draw upon? I just do not believe it.  If a large percentage of the general public can see the ‘insanity’ of it – of course they would too.  So therefore I think this is impossible.

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four (1890)

I have outlined what I think the plan has been all along.  It has been arranged in a series of deliberate stages to get to the situation we are in now.

THEY are NOT mad… or incompetent… or stupid.

Kissinger world government


My thesis is that this is all pre-planned chaos. Our leaders work for the same sick Globalists behind the scenes who wish to reshape the world into a totalitarian One World Government using the Hegelian Dialectic (“problem-reaction-solution”) [#13]. They deliberately engineered the migrant crisis [#14] by toppling all the dictators who were essentially the ‘Dams of Europe’, holding back radical Islam within their own countries, and being allowed to enrich themselves in return for stopping mass migration to Europe.

These dictators were largely secular and protected their minority groups.  Mubarak of Egypt was considered a close ally of the US for 40 odd years, but when Obama came in – with his love of the Muslim Brotherhood (a group opposed and outlawed by Mubarak) – it all changed. Likewise, Assad of Syria was reforming and modernising his country – women did not have to wear veils, they could go to university, it was one of the richest and most advanced Muslim nations in the Middle East.  Gaddafi of Libya, also, had transformed his nation and had in many way been ‘brought into the fold’ of Western powers.  Before the crisis broke, he was meeting Blair, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and others on a regular basis and Libya was never more involved economically with Europe.

Arab Spring - mapThese dictators were corrupt, but in nations that are so backward it is the height of arrogance to assume that the people of those nations either wanted or understood democracy as we understood it here.  Not perfect, but maybe necessary for the lawless backward populace they kept in check.  But just look at all these countries today – economies ruined, lawless, masses of impoverished people hating and blaming the West – with Radical Islamists using lack of education and resentment, to recreate massive Jihad armies.

Yet the people of the West were sold the lie that this ‘Arab Spring’ was some romantic movement for democracy.  Like the ‘colour revolutions’ in many ex-Soviet nations, scratch beneath the surface and you can see Western nations agitating for political gain, and billionaires like George Soros funding groups through a massive network of charities and NGOs as front groups.  Even the people they employ probably do not know the agendas driving such movements.

Gaddafi himself was paid billions by the EU in bribe money to prevent a migrant crisis, negotiated by Berlusconi of Italy.  This is old news – Gaddafi repeatedly warned Europe that if he was gone, Europe would be flooded with migrants.  Speaking at a ceremony in Rome (2010) said that unless his request for money was met, Europe would otherwise become “another Africa” as a result of the “advance of millions of immigrants”.
“Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European and even black as there are millions who want to come in,” he said. “We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions”.

No shock both leaders had to taken out (one assassinated politically, the other physically). Many suspect that the fact Gaddafi was planning a Pan-African Dinar currency [#15] might have had something to do with it, allowing nations to trade outside the petrodollar.  That could not be allowed, regardless of risk to Europe.  So European leaders ignored the possible and oft-stated risk of migrant invasion, to take out Gaddafi for selfish Globalist reasons (at best) or for darker ideological reasons (at worst).

gaddafi europe invasionIs it not highly suspicious that the “Arab Spring” happened in countries directly controlling land and sea borders into Europe?  Why not in some of the other 56 Muslim- majority nations around the world?

In my view, it was a deliberate destruction of the Dams of Europe, as a precursor to a migrant invasion.  Completely orchestrated ‘CHAOS BY DESIGN’.

THEY are NOT mad… or incompetent… or stupid.


The EUSSR elites knew the game was nearly up. Their ‘Great Project’ (EUtopia) was in danger of collapse. A UK or Greece exit, the massive rise in anti-immigration and anti-EU parties, the rise in education through the ‘new media’, the fall of the Euro, the coming worldwide economic collapse tipping vulnerable nations into bankruptcy which would easily destabilise the Euro if not the entire EU project… there was a long list.

As always the Elites decided that they must rely on the Hegelian Dialectic to turn things around.  Rather than let things take a ‘natural’ course which they could not control, they decided to force events so that an entirely different crisis was created.  Then – in the chaos, they intend to create ‘order’.  The solution to the coming chaos will always be “MORE EUROPE”.  In other words, they intend to create a major disaster to save the ailing EUSSR project.

hegelian dialecticSo the ‘refugee crisis’ was created, but first they had to create the preconditions, the excuse for the wave in the first place: so THEY decided to try to overthrow a secular democratically elected leader (Assad).  First by (along with the US) creating a ‘false flag’ scenario involving a ‘chemical attack’ at Ghouta [#15].  This later proved highly suspicious as a lot of evidence suggested that Jihadi proxies were responsible.  The UK would not back the US in airstrikes on Assad, so Obama backed down.

They then needed another way of getting rid of Assad. So they started funding and creating Jihad groups including ISIS [#16], and creating a massive humanitarian crisis .  They had to prolong the war enough to build up the humanitarian crisis.  The humanitarian crisis would have the dual benefit of creating panic, justifying that the only way to end the crisis was to remove Assad.  Despite the admitted fact that Assad is protecting non-Muslim minorities (including the Christians), and that most ‘rebels’ are Jihadist Sunni Muslims who are committing genocide – the Western MSM seems bent on selling the myth that the only way to “stop the refugee crisis” is to “end the war” but that means “Assad must go”.  Why?  Who made them God?  Then the media never backs it up with any form of evidence.

Arrest-Soros.jpgThe Globalist NGOs and charity front groups, many directly or indirectly funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation [#8], then advertised to the entire Muslim world to come in and pretend to be Syrian and ride the wave into Europe.  They even had ‘refugee instruction manuals‘ [#20] produced, printed and distributed long before the ‘refugee crisis’ began.  Its acknowledged fact that less than 20% are Syrian, and even the 20% is rife with fake passports.

They did the same thing in Libya (it’s on record they funded al-Qaeda). Then in Egypt, backing Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood coup, Obama gave massive funding to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood regime , but Morsi was finally kicked out because he wanted radical Shariah rule and the Egyptians rose up.  In fact there were bigger protests for this than at the start of the ‘Arab Spring’ – yet the media did not cover it anywhere nearly as thoroughly.

muslim brotherhood memo

Excerpt from the “Explanatory Memorandum” on the Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Goals for North America (1991)

So when the truly moderate Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came in, Obama cut funding [#17], basically proving beyond doubt that he is pro-Muslim Brotherhood.  Let’s not forget who the Muslim Brotherhood are – they are a group caught conspiring to overthrow [#18] the USA, and Obama’s pet advisers CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) were unindicted co-conspirators in the Holylands Foundation trial (an investigation which has been closed down when Obama came into office).  A MUST WATCH video is available called “The Project: Muslim Brotherhood” [#19] – usually available on Google if the link no longer works – it is continually taken down.

Again all this is on record, and now it’s fairly common knowledge the US / Turkey / Saudi set up ISIS and also fund al-Nusra Front as a ‘rebel group’ (again, on record, al-Nusra is simply al-Qaeda in Syria). Interestingly, both Morsi and el-Sisi were both educated in the USA.

THEY are NOT mad… or incompetent… or stupid.


They KNOW the ‘migration waves’ are seeded with terrorists – this is ALSO part of the plan.  This will later give them excuses to crack down on people protesting the mass migration plan. E.g., France is in virtual lockdown, a month after the Paris Attacks – with new legislation rushed through which means they can put ANYONE under house arrest without trial, on the pretext of protecting the public. They even overwrote the Constitution.

In Germany, they can arrest and fine you for anti-immigration posts on Facebook. People have been imprisoned for simple social media comments.  Expect ‘false flag’ attacks blamed on patriots who oppose what is happening – all opposition will be labelled ‘far right extremism’, and a new phrase of ‘domestic terrorism’ will become part of everyday language.  Anti-immigration groups will be infiltrated with saboteurs [#21], or outlawed; its leaders waylaid with fake criminal charges or worse.

big brother is watching youAlready, Germany has introduced unprecedented legislation to allow them to put Trojan Spyware into mobile phones and computers (against your will, or knowledge, or even a court order – merely on ‘suspicion’ of terrorism).  The company that creates this software already provides it for some of the worst totalitarian regimes in the world (many Muslim) – to spy on their citizens and political rivals. This spyware logs every keystroke (allowing access to passwords and PIN numbers), gives access to every file, even allowing phonecalls to be listened into – and on modern phones, even if they are turned off – they allow the Government to turn on the camera function and to listen in.  It would also allow Governments to plant incriminating ‘evidence’ on political rivals (fake emails, child pornography, adding texts or call logs, invoices for bomb-making equipment – who knows).  But as all Leftists lecture us – what have you got to worry about if you have nothing to hide?

The biggest loss will come in the form of impingements on freedom of speech, censorship of the social media, and new international laws designed to take control of the internet.  They will be sold in terms of protecting people from ‘hateful speech’, or to keep social cohesion by stopping racist / Islamophobic / bigoted speech and ideas.  All the legislation which was originally sold to us in terms of ‘extremism’ and ‘terrorism’ will be flipped to mean extremist right wing, or right wing terrorism.  In essence, anything which goes against the Open Borders / Multiculturalism / Politically Correct ‘narrative’ – i.e., completely legitimate political speech.  There are plenty of examples of this already happening in Europe, especially Germany and Sweden, which I wrote about here.

Other solutions to the migrant wave and terrorism: enhanced surveillance, curfew / martial law scenarios, expanded Frontex border control [#12], loss of individual nation state border control, enhanced ‘state of emergency’ powers, an EU army, closer legal and financial integration, integration of security apparatus, the list is endless…. Its driving us to a EUSSR superstate which will be all powerful, totalitarian, corrupt, and utterly undemocratic.

THEY are NOT mad… or incompetent… or stupid.


Now Putin and Assad have had a dramatic impact by taking the fight to the Jihadis (not just ISIS, 90% of the ‘moderate opposition’ are in fact Jihadis).  This put the brakes on the Globalists plans.  The West’s deception and hypocrisy was exposed; the pretence of action was no longer enough, they were forced to act.

So now they are setting up two new ‘fronts’ to continue the migration waves – (a) via Turkey visa-free travel and (b) via North African engineered humanitarian crises.  For their plan to work, they need MUCH more immigration.  In 2016, expect Libya to blow up and destabilisation in countries like Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

Merkel let the cat out of the bag with the following statement: “We will replace ILLEGAL immigration with LEGAL immigration.” when she visited Erdogan in November 2015, to discuss a deal to resolve the ‘refugee crisis’.

Part of the Turkey deal is visa free travel for Turks into the EU, prior to membership. Membership is a red herring.  However – Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others all enjoy visa-free travel to Turkey. You can connect the dots here. Once in Turkey, it will be cheap and easy to get fake Turk paperwork. After all, the fake Syrian paperwork that was rife, was made in Turkey. If it happens it will be a billion-pound industry overnight.

Is the UK immune? No – because what is to stop secret granting of EU passports en masse to immigrants, who then cannot be prevented entry into the UK – even if we pull out of the EU.

Problem solved by simply changing the word ILLEGAL into LEGAL. What were you all worried about? Now when our streets fill up with ‘Turks’ (AKA Afghans, Pakistanis, Libyans) – we will get called racist for objecting.

Regarding the North African waves – this will be backed up by more drowning tragedies to keep up the media narrative to lay on the sheeple’s emotions.  In reality – EU ships are a few miles off the African coast – collecting them and bring them hundreds of miles to EU territory.  Why not build camps in Africa, bring them back, scuttle boats? Yet, this is never discussed. Its not even an option, not even on the table.  Why not keep Africans in holding centres, obviously meeting their physical needs and safety, then return them to the shore they left? With the assistance of 100s of charities, camps in North Africa and Turkey, such a plan would be feasible and it would cost 10% of the cost of bringing in the same person and paying them welfare and housing in a European nation.  Soon the migrant flows would stop as word spread. Again, such a plan seems to be so evil that we are not allowed to discuss it.

But this last point brings up the very obvious fallacy of the Open Borders movement, of the narrative that it is our ‘humanitarian duty’ to take them all in.  It is just not physically or financially possible.  Taking them in sets the precedent, and encourages ever more to try their luck.  Its human nature.  But the worlds population grows at 80 million per year and growing – and most of this is from MENA nations (Middle East and North Africa).  If Europe took 5 million per year it would be bankrupted within a few short years, never mind all the other risks (social disorder, pandemic risk, terrorism etc).  But again – the social justice warriors are brainwashed to only think of Utopian dreams – actual rationalisation of what Europe would be, open to 10s of millions of new arrivals per year, is beyond them.  It is their handlers, their funders, who know EXACTLY what they are doing.  And they do not have anyone’s interest at heart, except for their own selfish pursuit of wealth and power by destroying Europe and creating an impoverished slave class who they can more easily control.

And thus the grand plan of destroying European indigenous peoples, homogenising cultures, destroying national identities and creating civil, economic and ethnic strife will continue. It will continue unabated, by sleight of hand and changing the rules of the game, but the END RESULT remains the same.

THEY are NOT mad… or incompetent… or stupid.


The two Leftist theories are the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan [#5] and the Cloward-Piven Strategy [#6].

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan (sometimes just known as the Kalergi Plan [#7], is essentially white genocide to create a homogenised and malleable population with a new ‘European’ identity. This is a longterm strategy – an acknowledged goal since it was formulated in the 1920s but our Elites are attracted to it as it solidifies a control grid for the new Elite class they wish to develop. The Schengen Zone of ‘freedom of movement’ was sold as a great ideal, but in reality with economic push-pull factors around the continents, job shortages, etc – Europe is now more ‘mixed up’ than ever.  Take this over several generations and include foreign immigration, and each European nation state will quickly lose its identity and become more uniform.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy is causing societal breakdown through overloading the Welfare state. Both originate from Leftist theorists and fit the EUSSR’s cultural Marxist and Globalist agenda.  This is a more short-term strategy to bring a nation / region to an economic ‘crisis point’ quickly [#9].  All nations will then be required to give larger chunks of money to the EU, to ‘help with the cost’ of the refugee crisis – further pushing nations closer to economic collapse.  EU central bank (ECB) and the IMF may have to give loans or bailouts to nations, who then become debt-slaves with conditions held over them – such as requiring greater integration or further loss of sovereignty.

There is a prize annually for the EU bureau-rat who can advance the Kalergi plan the most. Merkel former winner, no surprises as is Blair with his complete mass immigration onslaught of the U.K. Merkel is going for it big time; watch when she gets the post of UN Secretary General after Ban Ki Moon steps down, as a reward for contributing to the suicide of Europe.

It is not ALL Socialist (AKA Cultural Marxist / New Left) driven.  The other equation is the Globalists and crony capitalists like the Conservatives.  They want the same result: loss of freedoms, an even more untouchable elite – because they want to monopolise wealth and business to the mega-companies and oligarchs, shutting out true entrepreneurship and making us more reliant with less choices.  This is also a form of COLLECTIVISM, just as much as the Cultural Marxists like Merkel and Juncker.  They fear the individual, individualist thought, true open capitalism, Libertarianism – this is their enemy and this is what they are trying to eradicate.

Have you ever wondered why Muslims are treated like a protected species – defended at all costs by the Left and media – when so much of that culture goes against the grain of all Liberal values?  It’s because of the above – the alliance between Radical Islam and Leftists, who are said to be ‘united in hate‘ of the West (Glazov) [#2] is sometimes referred to as the red-green alliance or the Unholy Alliance (Horowitz) [#1].

THEY are NOT mad… or incompetent… or stupid.


I fear we are already nearing the endgame.  This will be a loss of the personal freedoms, and nation-state sovereignty forever.  Where is our survival instinct? An answer can be found in references (#10 and #11). The EU is already taking over countries – Greece is virtually an occupied nation of the Germans and Globalist interests.  Google (#12) in the references below – this will be ramped up across the EU, in the name of ‘protecting’ us, but really to enforce the agenda outlined above.

At some stage SOON, we must get rid of our traitorous LIBLABCON political monopoly which serves only the Globalists not the UK people. Can you be in in more doubt we are run by traitors?  If this cannot be done through the ballot box, then we must decide – are we going to meekly submit to total tyranny, or will we fight?

Its 2 minutes to midnight. Decision time will be on us very soon.


In case the hyperlinks do not work in the text above, the full links are repeated here, along with a ‘search term’ to copy and paste into Google (in case the link breaks at a later date). The article referred to should be the top search result.



15 thoughts on “The Controlled Collapse of Europe – “Ordo Ab Chao”

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    Copy paste the text below into Breitbart or other Disqus-based comment sections:


    There is an obvious alliance between self-hating, traitorous Leftists (Globalists / Cultural Marxists) and Radical Islam – the ‘red green alliance’. Both wish to collapse Europe and more generally, Western Civilisation.

    The Leftists assume that in the chaos they can bring about their Cultural Revolution and enforce socialism on the masses, and use crises to erode civil liberties, increase the police state and draconian legislation (witness: still martial law in France), and in short – propose MORE EUROPE as the solution to each and every self-created ‘crisis’.

    The Islamists are following Muhammad and the lesson of the Hijrah (emigration Jihad). To emigrate for the spread of Islam is to be rewarded with Allah’s blessings:

    “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many [alternative] locations and abundance. And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him – his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah . And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” Qur’an, 4:100

    Both Leftists and Islamists believe that in the coming chaos, each can tame the other. The lessons of Iran – where Communists and Islamists united to overthrow the Shah – showed that Leftists didn’t fare too well.

    The Controlled Collapse of Europe is a treacherous plot by our Elites – started with the Arab Spring to set up the preconditions for migrant waves, perpetuated by evil billionaires like George Soros (funding everything from the Arab Spring to Open Borders ‘charities’, to Antifa bullies) – and now the ultimate betrayal (the Trojan Horse of ‘visa free travel’ from Turkey) – has been rammed down our throats as some form of ‘necessary solution’, against all rational argument and logic. See

    Even Hungarian PM Victor Orban has openly called the immigration fiasco – a subversive plot – highlighting the real agenda is racial mixing (miscegenation / white genocide) and eroding nation-state sovereignty – disguised as ‘humanitarianism’. See

    There are 4 theories that help explain what is going on: The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, the Cloward Piven Strategy, the Hijrah (emigration jihad) and r/K Selection Theory – see

    If you find the info on my blog useful, please SHARE and give me a thumbs up!


  5. Everything written here makes sense…except for one thing. Why hasn’t Putin, the Chinese, or the Mossad taken out Soros yet? These folks see Soros for the global threat and threat he is to them. So why is the guy still above ground?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mossad / Israel are part of the Globalist agenda. They want a clash of civilisations in Europe to create catastrophe to hide their banking scams and impending financial catastrophe and blame it on ‘the humanitarian refugee crisis’. Bringing in poverty, socialism and enforced centralisation / federalisation of the EU project which was on its last legs. They also gain by Western backlash against their Islamic neighbours. There are lenty of Zionists quoted out there who want to bring down the Christian hegemony of the West and basically play Islam and the West off against each other as a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Not to say all Jews, of course. Bt there is a political Zionist element who are every bit as Machiavellian and ruthless as any Islamic fundamentalist. My take anyway.

      I WISH someone would take that bastard Soros out.


  6. Good analysis. I’d never heard of Hegelian dialectic but had worked it out for myself. I have always been suspicious of increased security responses to what may or may not be occasional problems. The troubles in Northern Ireland seemed to be insoluble. Now it seems that the Government and militants were co-operating, and justice was sold down the river. Looking back we had no knee-jerk overkill responses to the siege of Sidney St or the Tottenham Outrage. There is a piece of newsreel that I think symbolises the changes to our society and our relationship with politicians and they to us. It is of Ramsay MacDonald arriving alone in a taxi at Downing Street. He gets out, puts his hand in his pocket, and pays off the cab driver. Now, our PM travels in an armoured car with a bodyguard and a second armoured car with more armed guards.
    Where do we go from here? The populace have been emasculated. In Scotland in the last month the police have take in airguns which will be illegal at the end of the year.
    Meanwhile, who knows, containers of rifles are being delivered to muslim Cash & Carry warehouses across the UK.

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