Making Peppa Pig… Sharia’h Compliant!?

peppa pig burqa2Some of you may be aware that (for obvious reasons) the children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig has been in the cross-hairs of Islamists.

It is just simply not HALAL.

“How can this filthy animal, a PIG, be broadcast daily and pollute the minds of our children?! Why should Muslim kids have to watch this, or risk turning the Channel and ITS THERE?”

In the name of Political Correctness (“All Hail Mighty PC / MC!”) this injustice MUST be corrected, or so the Islamists and their Leftist enablers will argue…

They failed in their bid to get an outright ban but have now managed to make Peppa Pig ‘Sharia’h compliant’.

I won’t let my son watch any more!

Save Peppa Pig!


Please note that I have filed plans at the Patent Office for my new bacon sub-machine gun, codename BAK-47.  It’s a prototype but when the time comes, you’ll be wanting one, don’t say you won’t! Place your pre orders today!



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