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Brexit -Why ‘Project Fear’ Works

eu flag new world order.jpgIn the last month we have had a never-ending stream of threats from Cameron, his Big Business / Big Banking buddies and others – telling us all the horrible things that will happen if we leave the EU.  You know, the same EU nobody voted to join or was even asked – we were sold the premise that it was merely a free trade union.

So despite the fact the UK economy is doing much better than most of Europe, and we are the 5th largest economy in the world – somehow we will become a 3rd world nation overnight if we leave.  Somehow, despite the fact the EU trades more with us than we with them – we are too weak to survive outside the EU.  Never mind there are 100s (literally!) of nations who survive, and many prosper and do better than us, without our many advantages – all of that means nothing.

This is ‘Project Fear’ – the campaign to bully the people into panicking into maintaining the ‘status quo’ and remaining part of the EU.

All of this is to be expected and is a dirty part of modern politics.  Emotions are manipulated rather than facts traded.  Insults are hurled rather than civilised debates. It’s par for the course nowadays.

BUT – what about all these threats from our European ‘partners’?  We have had an endless series of ministers of other nations threaten us.  Let’s look at just four cases in the last fortnight:

  1. Juncker no democratic choiceJean-Claude Juncker (President of the EU Commission) tells us we should visit WWII war graves and if there is war in Europe when we leave, it would be Britain’s fault. Thanks, but Sorry – I am not going to listen to an unelected alcoholic, member of secret societies like the Committee of 300, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group (the latter basically appointing him to his current role). Worse – he is behind his country Lxembourg collaborating with the EU (not doubt with massive backhanders) – to set up 240 multinational corporations to receive massive tax breaks – the sort that normal businesses would never achieve and serve to only make the elite more powerful and wealth.  Yes, the same billionaires he sits in secret societies with.
  2. merkel freemason illuminati handA German minister – Gunther Krichbaum – then threatened the UK that if we leave, they will unleash a full scale economic war to punish us for our insolence.  Not word for word – but that is what they mean.  That is the implied threat – and you can be assured this was only stated with the firm approval of Merkel (shown right, flashing her Illuminati pyramid symbol (and here), with the eye being the button).  Some might argue that this will massively hurt the German car industry which relies on the UK market and is very vulnerable at the moment due to the emissions scandals.  Do the politicians really care? they will then be able to blame the UK, and snaffle up EU taxpayer money to bail out the ‘too big to fail’ car manufacturers.
  3. French PM Francois Hollande threatens personally – and via other Socialist politicians – that they will send all the migrants in Calais to Britain.  This  ‘Le Touquet Agreement’ is outside of EU law, so would not be affected.  In effect – he is stating that as punishment for leaving one agreement (the EU – which no British citizen ever had any say in until now) – he will rip up another agreement to punish us.  He is essentially using the threat of illegal immigration as a political weapon. His minions went one step further to graphically threaten us to elicit fear and create the desired reaction – that we cower down and accept the EU’s supremacy over us.  They described how they will hire passenger ferries to fill with refugees and send them to us, the minute we leave.
  4. Then we have Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, threatening to invade Gibraltar the very next day after the UK votes to leave the EU.  It’s not the first time.  It seems to be a trend with Europe that the countries who collapse financially due to socialist policies and the financial straightjacket of the EU and the Euro – then think the answer is in more extreme socialism.  Its happened in Greece, Italy, France and now Spain.  The entire Eurozone has lurched even further left.  With that comes dogmatic zeal and entitlement based on divide-and-conquer politics.  The politics of creating an external bogeyman who is responsible for the financial problems at home.  In Greece – they did it successfully with making Merkel the sole source of blame for all the hundreds of decisions made over a decade or more by Spanish politicians.  In Spain, they will leap at the chance of making the UK the bogeyman.  As recently as last Summer, they threatened Gibraltar’s sovereignty – so this is nothing new – but the continued rhetoric and encroachments of Gibraltar’s territorial waters is very concerning about the direction continental politics is going.
  5.  Goldman Europe NewIs that it? no its just a small cross-section.  We also have other important institutions meddling in the Brexit row – all based on fear and threats.  We have the Pope saying we should stay in and accusing the Leave campaign of ‘meddling in European affairs’ (hmmm – that annoying conundrum known as ‘democracy’).  Thanks – I will ignore the Communist Globalist Pope on this one.  Then we have Goldman Sachs wading in and trying to manipulate politics – just like they always do – on this occasion giving the Stay campaign a ‘substantial’ 6-figure donation (but we are not allowed to know how much).  Thanks – I will ignore this most evil bank and their New World Order agenda.  Then we have President Obama – on his way out this year – but still finding time to interfere in UK politics – to tell us how we will lose influence around the world, hinting we will risk the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and USA and it could damage trade.  This is veiled threats and again – adding to the climate of fear-mongering to bully us into staying. Thanks – but I will ignore Obama, the ultimate Goldman Sachs backed New World Order globalist puppet as well.

What do they all have in common?

  • They use fear and veiled threats, no hint of diplomacy or respect for the will of the British people.  They also use guilt of what would / might happen, to manipulate our emotions – so far we have been told that if the EU collapses either into war, or economically – it will ALL be the result of a Brexit. So they are naked manipulators with all the characteristics and behaviours of a bully.
  • They have no business interfering in the politics of a sovereign nation and would be the first to howl if the roles were reversed and Cameron told them what THEY could or could not do. So they are hypocrites.
  • They are all Leftist-Globalists pawns and institutions with a vested interest in the success of the EUSSR project, as the prototype Regional Superstate (one of 5), leading eventually to One World Government. So by default, they are anti-democracy.  They believe nation-states are obsolete and the will of the people is to be overcome, not won over.

All this intimidation and threats should make any real man (or woman) with a spine intact want to leave, simply ON PRINCIPLE.

Who wants to be part of a Union with a bunch of arrogant bureaucrats despising us? Socialists in France, Spain etc in vicious direct threats of ‘consequences’ for leaving the EU? Arrogant Germans more or less declaring their sovereignty over us?


The real problem is the deliberate dumbing down and feminisation of culture (and here, here and here). It is designed to create a subservient populace of SHEEPLE who have been trained on (literal) Pavlovian principles – to react to stimuli based on EMOTIONAL RESPONSES. They have trained us to react based on fear and guilt, on phoney sentimentality and woolly-headed humanitarianism. By removing logic, common sense and natural scepticism, they create a populace who trust government implicitly as their ‘parent’, unquestioningly, and who can be herded around in a predictable way.

The natural instinct to intimidation – one our forefathers would have had WITHOUT QUESTION – would be to fight back. It’s an age old rule that if you back down to intimidation and bullying, the bully will lose respect for you (if they had any), and will just be emboldened to bully more.

Modern Britain is being trained to believe the battered wife syndrome is noble and natural. Accept our fate, keep taking it, and be brainwashed into believing not only is there no way out – but we should be grateful for our abuse because it is a sign that we are needed.

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