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Brussels Attacks – Martial Law Coming Next?

false flag ladyEach time a terrorist atrocity happens, the host country enacts draconian legislation that erodes civil liberties and sells it as necessary to ensure security. France is STILL under martial law, Hollande swept through very heavy-duty legislation, and even changed the Constitution. They also agreed to let him continue the martial law indefinitely.

Will Brussels follow suit? we will all be watching very carefully.  Pay attention to tearless English-speaking ‘witnesses’, reports that do not match the official story but quickly disappear and are not mentioned again, reports there were ‘drills’ going on at the same time – all can be signs that it might be a False Flag act (the Belgian Government either actively involved or passively letting it happen, to get political capital out of the ensuing disorder and fear.)

Adolf Hitler burned his own Reichstag building in 1933 to blame on his political enemies. He would later declare that:

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.”

Adolf Hitler

If you are reading these posts and are still sceptical about the principle of False Flag terrorism, with Governments complicit to varying degrees, sitting on a scale somewhere between “deliberately ignoring warnings” to “direct knowledge but letting it happen” to “direct involvement” – then you seriously need to reconsider everything you thought you knew.

Firstly, The Term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is a Psy-Op

Divest yourself of the false notion that ‘conspiracy theories’ are somehow crazy. It simply means someone who does not believe the official narrative we are force-fed from the Government via the Controlled Media.

‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is another politically correct thoughtcrime label – designed to make sheeple compliant and to stigmatise independent sceptical thought. It was designed by the CIA back in 1967 for exactly this purpose (declassified from FOIA requests).

Does it frustrate you that you cannot talk about the economic and social impact of uncontrolled mass immigration – without checking yourself – because you are conscious that someone will accuse you of xenophobia / racism / Little Englander?

Does it annoy you that there is no rational discussion about the correlation between radical Islam and terrorism – without being condemned as an ‘ISlamophobe’?

Same thing here.  Accusing someone of being a conspiracy theorist / tinfoil hat / conspiracy nut – is exactly the same.  The intention is to dissuade people from questioning the official narrative, for fear of being labelled crazy or ridiculed – as if scepticism itself is ‘bad’ – and not a wholly natural and healthy response to things that don’t quite add up.

They are all labels.  People with an agenda propagate the label and make it commonplace.  Useful Idiots who refuse to engage their brain and have close minds then enforce this label by using it – almost without thinking, on reflex.  Notice how they will say this – and no matter what you come back with, they are simply not interested in hearing.  They have already made their mind up – and it is you who are on the defensive.

Secondly, False Flags Are Real

You have to understand that not only have Governments – including our own – allowed crimes to be committed against their own citizens – they have actively participated. This is not conspiracy, its a matter of record history, yet it is suppressed by the Controlled Media and academia, for example see this article which lists 42 confirmed acts of Government False Flag terrorism.

What about Brussels being a False Flag? is it really possible? Well, there are videos already being circulated on YouTube (Search “Brussels attacks hoax” or “Brussels false flag” or variant).  People have already found:

  • yet again the passport of the blown up terrorist has been found (every single terrorist incident has this element, highly odd, even the 9/11 Twin Towers hijackers, yet for the first time in history none of the ‘black box’ flight recorders were found
  • yet again before the dust has settled, ISIS claim responsibility – there is a disconnect here once you realise that Turkey has definitely been aiding ISIS, and there is strong suspicion that it is a CIA proxy
  • yet again it is a known suspect who was allegedly being monitored, yet again there are reports that foreign Governments warned the Belgians that they had intelligence about the attackers – even so far as to say the Belgians had ‘precise foreknowledge‘ of the exact events planned and targets
  • yet again there are pages on the internet which show a Google cache date before the actual event – a common feature with San Bernardino, Sandy Hook and others
  • yet again there are signs that crisis actors may have been used, we even have mainstream news reporting on some guy who was at the Paris Attacks, the Boston Bombings and now Brussels… and we are meant to believe this was terribly bad luck (or, good luck, since he is unscathed) – more here
  • yet again we have the events happen on a date that is significant to Western occultists rather than radical Islamists – on this occasion it was ‘Skull and Bones Day’ (322 ie 3/22 in American dating). Previously, the Russian jet being shot down in Egypt was on 31st Oct 2015 (Halloween), whilst the Paris Attacks were on 13th Nov 2015 (Friday 13th)
  • yet again there is evidence of recycling of blatantly fake footage via the mainstream media, who would know it is fake yet pass off as real.  This begs the question, why do this if it is a real event with ample real footage. In this case, numerous media outlets are clearly using parts of the Domedovo Moscow Airport bombing from 2011.
  • UPDATE 29/03/16: footage released to show the bombers wearing one black gloves was meant to ‘prove’ their obvious guilt, however many have pointed out the idiocy of this assertion, and some videos have claimed the black gloves are CGI additions to ‘still’ images, which explains why moving videos showing the ‘mastermind’ walking beside them, blurred out the two bombers.  Several more videos pointing out discrepancies have arrived in the last week, and there are numerous websites aggregating info that shows very clear and obvious discrepancies in the MSM narrative of the events.
  • UPDATE 29/03/16:  many people are pointing out the huge ‘crisis management’ operation that was happening a month previous to Brussels, which was the biggest in recorded history – a huge ‘film set’ like production with crisis actors and smashed trains to simulate emergency services responses. As many point out, this could have been used as an actual film set with various footage (still and moving) spliced into the Brussels events.
  • UPDATE 29/03/16: two videos widely used by the entire mainstream media – both immediately and throughout the following week – have been exposed as fakes already.  The Independent newspaper was even forced to admit as much, although it tried to shift the blame away from media complicity and claim it was more about confusion and human error.  How someone can accidentally use fake footage is not explained. Here is a detailed examination of the faked footage, the discrepancies, the prior knowledge by the Belgians, and how this links to the Kent ‘crisis management’ event.

There is a danger of inferring too much from this, and some of the information is deliberate info to discredit genuine research (“cointelpro” or just idiots) into the possibility of this being a False Flag.  Personally, I am going with the theory that this is a ‘soft’ False Flag in that there is growing evidence that the Belgians had prior knowledge and chose to stand down and let it play out.  For what aims will become clear – there are already calls for the European nations to combine security apparatus under EU remit.  In the coming days, no doubt a renewed ‘Allied’ onslaught on ISIS in Syria will play out, with the secret aim of bolstering them and/or deposing Assad – convenient this happens just as Russia has pulled out declaring their campaign in Syria a success.

Thirdly, The Controlled Media Lie to Us – DAILY

You may ask how this is possible in this day and age of great technology, freedom, and transparency. The answer is precisely because there is less freedom, since the Governments and Global interests control academia, the media and popular culture. The main plank of this is complete control and complicity of the media. To take just one example near to home – our own BBC has been caught MULTIPLE times using ‘crisis actors’, and directly staging atrocities in complicity with our Government and foreign Governments, for the purpose of propaganda and to bring us into wars.

For example – our very own BBC spinning the lie that all Syrians are victims of Assad and want the ‘freedom fighters’ to win – when in reality the rebels are mainly foreigners, backed by Western governments – and the general population refuse to talk to the BBC because they know they are lying.  This is why the Western media often only films in’rebel held’ areas – not the vast majority of Assad-controlled territory where the bulk of the citizens live.

Here is another expose of how the BBC was caught blatantly staging and hoxing – complete with ‘crisis actors’ – the infamous ‘Ghouta Chemical Attack’ which was staged to drum up support for the UK to join the USA in bombing Assad.  This fakery is one of the main reasons why it was voted down in Parliament – not that you will ever get the media to report this fact.

Finally – I am not say that the Brussels attacks are directly related to a conspiracy. But allowing masses of immigrants from warzones – when ON RECORD groups like ISIS told us all in official statements that they would destroy Europe with a wave of refugees – and then plant their Jihadis among them – IS THIS NOT PASSIVE COMPLICITY?

Is this not a form of False Flag – to let your country be overrun with an unsustainable mass of people, which you KNOW statistically MUST contain thousands if not 10’s of thousands of hardened Jihadis?

“Why would they do this? “

Good question.  Its the heart of the matter.

Because the EU project was failing before this migrant crisis. Brexit, Grexit, rising anti-EU feeling, continued reluctance to allow an EU army, refusal to allow Turkey to join and resistance to the centralised desire for relentless expansionism (’empire building’), the Euro collapse, the upcoming world economic downturn which the ridiculous money-printing and low-interest gambits have merely stalled…. for all of these reasons and more.

The EU and Globalist Elites not only created the preconditions for such a crisis (have you ever wondered why the Arab Spring happened in only Muslim countries on direct land-and-sea borers of Europe and not the other 56 Muslims nations?).

They also delayed the war in Syria to allow their (THEIR!) proxy armies – al-Qaeda and ISIS – to try to take down Assad. They were only shamed into action when Russia got involved.

The Solution? MORE EUROPE

Once you realise the solution to all of this will ALWAYS be ‘more Europe’ – then you are on the way to wrapping your head around the seeming chaos.  In effect – they have created Chaos, on purpose, because they want to fashion the chaos to their advantage – bringing about Change which they had pre-planned – but which would never have been accepted without the Chaos.

Ordo Ab Chao” – Order out of Chaos

Fast track Turkey into the EU; give them billions; visa-free travel (when the entire Muslim world has visa free travel TO Turkey). Now tell me this: what logical sense does ANY of this make? none. Unless you realise this was the plan before the crisis began.

This is all part of a plan to collapse Europe, so in the crisis they Elites can propose their solution. The solution will be a fully federalised EUSSR superstate, with an EU army, loss of civil liberties, and endless terror attacks to allow further encroachment of the police and surveillance state. The aim is an impoverished stressed populace (who are diverted with poverty, day-to-day survival, and divide-and-conquer politics) – using welfare socialism and political correctness as the control grid. Above this, they will destroy the middle classes (kicking away the middle rungs of the ladder), and on top sits an untouchable, undemocratic elite of billionaires and technocrats. THAT’S THE MODEL.

France has been in complete MARTIAL LAW since the Paris Attacks. During this time numerous anti-Government people have quietly been arrested under trumped up pretexts.

Look at Geert Wilders – completely faked charges to get him out of the way.

Look at Marine Le Pen – they are changing EU law NOW so they can remove her MEP privilege which prevented them charging her with a hate crime from 2011.

“Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste”

All predictable and going to plan. Terror has always been used by leaders to manipulate the fears and concerns of citizens, to persuade them to exchange civil liberties for security. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic.

Expect more to come, probably a major one in London prior to the Brexit referendum.

The media and politicians will blind us with reasons why we all need to ‘pull together’ and ‘show European unity’, followed by endless security experts paraded to tell us why we would be at risk if we left the EU. Joint security, intelligent fence sharing, cooperation, assistance, etc. ‘We can’t do this alone’, ‘we live in a global society’, ‘now is not the time to turn inward’…. I can almost write all the sound bites.

It will all be bull but will persuade many to vote REMAIN by manipulating fears. The words ‘status quo’ will be bandied about a lot.

As someone mentioned, very curious that the polling has almost stopped since they announced the date. In cahoots with the Gov, polling companies will not want to reveal the extent of the desire to LEAVE. The are organising a strategy right now.

Even with manipulated polling the LEAVE campaign will be in the lead. But not massively (even if it’s 70% they will show it much closer).

But after the referendum is faked, and we vote REMAIN, the media will explain that it was because of last minute changes of heart, people voted for ‘security’ and ‘status quo’.

“Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.” 

Hermann Goering

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamour for such laws if their personal security is threatened.” 

Joseph Stalin


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