Hijrah Invasion

The Ears Are Easy To Deceive…

…But The Eyes Need More Persuasion

“Terrorists are not real Muslims.”

“ISIS has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.”

“Islam is the Religion of Peace™.”

“All Muslims are warm and fuzzy wittle bunny wabbits.”

OK I made the last one up. BUT… I don’t care much what the politicians, media, Leftist apologists, or the Islamist Taqiyya-artists say. I don’t care about the majority of Muslims who will never do, or indeed, even wish me any harm.

I am ONLY concerned about the ‘other ‘ones. What they say. What they believe. Why they believe it. AND WHAT THEY DO.

To that end I’ll just take it from their mouths, watch with my own eyes, examine the actual facts of the matter. The apologies from the PC Brigade and excuses from the Muslim faux-victimhood factory?


merkel refugee meme

So why are they coming here? Is it true they want our women, think all Western men are weak and effeminate, and this is a form of civilizational conquest (aka HIJRAH?). Well let’s ask an Imam.

If the video above is disabled, type the following into Google: IMAM TELLS MUSLIM MIGRANTS TO BREED CHILDREN WITH EUROPEANS – someone will have mirrored the video elsewhere.

Alright, that’s just one Imam. Not what one would imagine a religious leader would say, but let’s give Islam a bye-ball – maybe this guy is a one-off. OK so they may come from complete different cultures, but surely there can be no problems assimilating MILLIONS of them over a few short years – 10 million if you believe the article the other day?

Yikes! OK – we can get around this. (If it doesn’t work type the following into Google: MIGRANT BENUTZ BERLINER U-BAHN ALS TOILETTE)

A few more signs (Don’t Shi- Where You Sit etc). We might need them in Arabic. And Urdu. And Pashto. And Kurdish. OK – a LOT of signs. We’ll manage. And a lot of cleaners. And disinfectant.  OK let’s see what we are working with her.. LIBERALS – PRODUCE SOME SIGNS!


It’s an easy mistake to make, let’s be honest.  We’ve all been tempted.  All cultures are the same so don’t judge, OK, RACIST?


Yup. Don’t beat kids. Especially other peoples.  Maybe your own, but target the stomach to avoid bruising and do so behind closed doors.


Yes I know it’s confusing.  Any women who shows flesh or hair is clearly promiscuous and probably is asking to be ‘serviced’.  But not here, chum, NOT HERE. That’s what your 4 wives are for, be thankful, I am only allowed one.

refugees welcome lgbt

The Left is very inclusive of all cultures.  It can get a bit confusing, especially since they seem to be encouraging their own demise.  After all, In Iran the gays seem to be hung from cranes, but apparently that’s only to cure them of vertigo.  But with enough tolerance and love, I am SURE the Muslims will drop some of their “bad habits”


But there is no love for EVIL WHITE CISGENDER MALES like ‘yours truly’, who are clearly evil racists.  No.  Apparently we are more of a danger to society than… rapists.  This young girl might be in for  a rude awakening but hey ho.

Moving on – let’ see what this fine young chap says when he explains to a German local fella, what he’s doing in Germany and how he intends to spread some Cultural Enrichment

– if it doesn’t work type the following into Google: MUSLIM OPENLY THREATENS GERMAN MAN.

OK. That guy was a bit of a dikc. Maybe that’s coincidence that it seems to line up broadly with that Imam.  But after New Years Eve and the mass raping of German women, hidden by the press, it’s clear there might be some teensie-weensie element of ‘cultural confusion’ going on, so the German Government helpfully funded a website to explain to the migrants how to have safe sex whilst on their Hijrah (Jihad by emigration).


What? you find this image somewhat unsettling? Don’t be an ISLAMOPHOBE. If 70% plus of the refugees are young men of fighting age, of COURSE they will want sexual relationships. It’s only natural.  It stands to reason that if there are no Muslim women around, the German women must do their utmost to welcome them, in the name of tolerance and to promote, ummm… ‘integration’.

Here are some racist women who reject the advances of their young suitors.  Can you believe these racist women? what is their problem?

The guys are just young and want to have fun.  Let’s just see what they get up to on New Year’s Eve in Berlin – the capital of the most powerful nation in the EUSSR

(If it doesn’t work type the following into Google: VIDEO SHOWS MUSLIM MIGRANTS IN BERLIN SHOOTING GUNS.)

Hmmm. A major capital – and complete chaos.  Terrified woman running with prams through clouds of smoke, holding their ears to block out the sound of pistol-fire and Jihadist supremacist slogans. Not a policeman in site. Don’t worry – those Muslims are just messing around, no need to have ANY police presence whatsoever.  That could be ‘misinterpreted’… you know, in the sense that it might make the Muslims violent.  Boys being boys. And you know, it’s all part of the Cultural Enrichment programme. Stop being so bigoted and let them share their culture.  What are you, a xenophobe or something?

Meanwhile, 1700 police jetwash 4000 regular folk at the Cologne PEGIDA march, who were somewhat worried about everything I have just shown you…

But hey – those people are racists, they just don’t know it yet.  Imagine complaining about the systematic destruction of their cultural heritage and identity in the name of some Leftists social engineering experiment. It’s not their country – it belongs to ALL OF US on Mother Earth, cos, ya know – OPEN BORDERS, innit?

Well.  They clearly had it coming.  It might knock the Nazi out of them.  So what the police / German Government and the media actually conspired to sabotage this protest to demonise anyone who complains as FarRightIslamphobicBigotNazis…


white genocide.jpg


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