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The San Bernardino Jihad: What’s In A Name

[NB – guest article by Kerri Wilder of the Susquehanna County Transcript (Pennsylvania, USA)]

It was a Friday. The date: 23 October 1086. The warriors were working the day shift. The Battle of Sagrajas, a.k.a. Zallaqa, in Andalusia (present-day Spain) raged. The contesting armies were Christian and Muslim. The hallowed ground later came to be known, in Arabic, as “az-Zallaqah” (English translation: “slippery ground”) because the soldiers were literally slipping all over the ground due to the tremendous amount of blood shed that day. The Muslim commander, ever faithful to the prophet Muhammad, had previously sent a messenger to offer Christian King Alfonso VI three alternatives: convert to Islam; submit to the protection of Islam; or decide their differences on the field of battle. (Note to movie aficionados, recall the 1961 movie, “El Cid.”)

spain map 1037
Fast forward to Wednesday, 2 December 2015. County social service employees were working the day shift. They took time out for a Christmas party. One of their own, Muslim Syed Rizwan Farook, left the party early . . . but soon returned, with his wife in tow.

Result: 14 dead and 22 wounded, all non-Muslims.

In the aftermath, authorities tracked down the two alleged perpetrators, both killed hours later in a shoot-out with police. Strangely enough, when the identity of Farook’s partner (and partner in crime) was revealed, she had something in common with the Moroccan King who had won a great a victory over Christians in 1086, though this connection was never reported in national news stories.

Author, activist, and Palestinian Christian blogger Walid Shoebat, a native Arabic speaker, immediately reported (on his website) the connection of Farook’s wife, ‘“Tashfeen Malik” (King) is a “nom de guerre” for a Muslim Jihadist from the annals of Muslim history.” Historically, Yusef ibn Tashfin is known to Muslims as Tashfeen Malif Al-Muahideen; in English: Tashfeen King of the Unitarians (Muslims) and “the conqueror of the west.” The Moroccan king’s aid to Muslims in Spain eventually achieved victory in their cause and led to their continued stay until 1492.

The Battle of Zallaqa has ever since been symbolic of Muslim victory over Christianity.

san bernardino shooters cctv
The tip-off for me that something was wrong was when I immediately noticed authorities were identifying Farook’s wife with a male name; it made no sense. Even more than a month after the event, news stories still remark how little is known about “Tashfeen Malik.” A recent Reuters story reports,

“. . . visa interview in Pakistan shows it was conducted without any obvious irregularities and triggered no significant suspicions, according to a source familiar with the official State Department file. The apparent lack of anything untoward in Malik’s interview in Pakistan for a K-1 fiancée visa that she was subsequently granted underscores the difficulty facing President Barack Obama’s administration as it seeks ways to improve security vetting of visa applicants. Current and former U.S. officials with knowledge of the visa vetting process said that even if the interview and security checks had been more stringent, it is unlikely they would have turned up any red flags on Malik.”

Wow! A visa applicant assumes the alias of a famous Jihadist revered in Islamic history, and our State Department officials don’t recognize that as a red flag. Hello! Is anyone home? But wait, it actually gets worse than that; much worse. The U.S. Government currently claims “Tashfeen Malik” was a citizen of Pakistan, yet our State Department declined to carry out extensive, let alone cursory, verification checks with the Pakistani government to confirm even basic details of her life. (It is a well known fact that Pakistani passports are easily counterfeited, and there is no indication our government ever verified the authenticity of the Pakistani passport of “Tashfeen Malik.”).

Pakistanis must be laughing themselves silly at our government. Tashfeen Malik would have been a readily recognizable name in Pakistani popular culture. For example, Yusef ibn Tashfin appears as protagonist in Nasim Hijazi’s Urdu (“Urdu” is the native language of Pakistan.) novel, “Yusef bin Tashfeen.” Similarly, Yusef ibn Tashfin appears as the hero in the Drama Serial “Pukaar,” presented by Pakistan Television Corp. in 1995. Remember that Yusef ibn Tashfin IS widely known as “Tashfeen Malik (“King”), as he was a king in his own right.

Might we have a clue where “Tashfeen Malik” got the idea for her “nom de guerre.”

Besides the oddity of a woman who goes unchallenged while assuming the “nom de guerre” of an Islamic Jihadist, our State Department grant of a visa to a woman who claims to have met her husband-to-be in an online sight–in a Sharia-observant country–seems beyond the pale. Such behaviour would be regarded not merely as unusual, but immoral, and certainly, therefore, worthy of detailed investigation, if for no other reason. That’s a red flag!

But let’s now take the opposite point of view. Suppose we give our government the benefit of the doubt and assume that every State Department official acted diligently and vigilantly, and nothing that could have been done would have detected the criminal intent of “Tashfeen Malik.” Does that not present an even more alarming prospect?

san bernardino clockmed

F.B.I. Director James Comey has already testified before Congress that his agency has absolutely no way to vet Syrian refugees, yet President Obama insists we resettle hundreds of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees here in America. The dilemma of vetting Muslims from Pakistan and many other Islamic states is no less daunting. American bureaucrats are ill-suited to ferret out cleaver terrorists bent on infiltrating our legal immigration system. And just as demoralizing (from our standpoint), our government prioritizes the processing of visa requests (quantity) at the expense of quality. Even if only two percent of Muslims admitted for entry to the United States were terrorists, that is still thousands each year. If the safety of the American people was our government’s top priority the vast importation of foreigners, particularly Muslims, would slow to a trickle.

The Obama Administration has never publicized the “fatwa” issued by ISIS in September 2014. That manifesto was a call to arms for Muslims around the world to kill Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. Content of that “fatwa” translated by Walid Shoebat reveals that Saudi theologian Nasr Al-Fahd has called for the complete annihilation of the United States. From the perspective of ISIS, it is an act of mercy to kill Americans; the act of killing the infidel is an act of mercy in which the unbeliever is treated like a sacrificial offering to Allah. Included in the 26-page “fatwa” is a specific call to kill 10 million Americans [through the use of weapons of mass destruction].

What we have is a federal government that is “just calling it in,” or worse, actually working against the national security of the American people. While President Obama seeks to further disarm gun-owners–even those on “no-fly” lists who have never been afforded due process protections–our borders remain unsecured, illegal aliens break our laws with impunity, and Americans cringe while viewing the horror show (mass rape) playing out in Europe. “Tashfeen Malik” is a metaphor for America’s penchant for acceptance of blatant deception and corruption, at the cost of our well-being and ultimately our very existence. Want to wake up more?


There is a growing body of evidence that the San Bernardino shooting was a False Flag event, in that bare minimum elements of the US Government allowed it to happen as a pretext for tighter gun control legislation. Watch the following (10 minutes) and keep an open mind:

and here’s a more in depth analysis (60 minutes):

and another:



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