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False-Flag Terror: A Historical and Analytical Overview

False Flag terrorism by Western governments is not ‘conspiracy theory‘ – it is conspiracy fact.

Innumerable ‘false flag’ events have been exposed throughout history, and have become increasingly common in recent decades (see here for an article outlining 53 confirmed, admitted false flag events).  The assumed logic of the ‘sceptics’ is that in this day and age of ‘press freedom’ and ‘the power of the internet’ – such things could not be possible, or that they would be exposed and unravel quickly, especially with many people involved.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If our elites could carry out such events in the past – time, practice and technological advancement have only turned False Flag Terror into a highly developed science perfected by Western intelligence services.

The complete control of the media, massive developments in psychological operations (‘psyops’), and huge advancements in technology (CGI, convincing ‘fake bombs’, special effects, crisis actor companies, etc) – means that it is now easier than ever the fool the public.

What’s more – if the media is so controlled – just how easy is it to get the truth ‘out there’? Anyone who brings up some anomaly is immediately castigated for being a ‘tin foil hat’ wearer and roundly condemned – no matter how valid or well-argued their point of view is.  Meanwhile, 99% of people rely completely on the MSM for their news and are not interested in looking further, and are completely suspicious (to the point of irrational anger and indignation) – whenever confronted by an opinion which goes against the ‘mainstream narrative’.

Please watch this short 6 minute introduction to False Flag Terror before continuing:

If your ‘spidey senses’ are not tingling yet, consider that during Obama’s 8 years in office:

  1. There has been a 700% increase in so-called ‘mass shooting’ incidents, which have been used relentlessly by Obama to push his gun control agenda (protected under the 2nd Amendment). Mass shootings are highly emotive because mass death causes incredible fear – individual deaths especially gang violence and suicides – does not.
  2. Overall gun crime has fallen during the same period, as has the told number of deaths. Meanwhile, anywhere in the USA where Democrats have instituted harsh gun control legislation – gun crime has rocketed.  For example, Obama’s heavily gun-controlled Chicago – 2703 shootings, 440 deaths in 2015 – not a peep from the media.  But Sandy Hook with 20 children (allegedly) dying? the media will dine out on that for years.

Is every mass shooting a False Flag? of course not – but once you understand how they work, you may well spot the signs in future.  For example, the Brussels Attacks have already brought up a lot of highly suspicious facts that the media seems strangely disinterested in investigating.

The following article is an excellent breakdown of False Flag Terror – history, motivations, psychology and techniques.


4 thoughts on “False-Flag Terror: A Historical and Analytical Overview


    Copy-paste the following into newspaper comment sections:

    False Flag Terror is a real tactic which has been used by all Western governments for generations. There are at least 53 admitted, proven False Flags alongside dozens of highly suspicious events. If you have have an interest in learning more, the following site provides source material and videos. Please have a look and if it’s useful, give me a thumbs-up and share.
    Copy-paste the following into your browser:
    Copy-paste the following into Google: REDGREENALLIANCE: FALSE-FLAG TERROR


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