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The ‘Refugee’ Crisis: A Hegelian Dialectic Conveyor Belt

Hegel and refugee boat.jpeg

The Hegelian system is described as follows:

It was Hegel’s view that all things unfold in a continuing evolutionary process whereby each idea or quality (the thesis) inevitably brings forth its opposite (the antithesis). From that interaction, a third state emerges in which the opposites are integrated, overcome, and fulfilled in a richer and higher synthesis. This synthesis then becomes the basis for another dialectical process of opposition and synthesis. Hegel believed that the creative stress of opposing positions was essential for developing higher states of consciousness. In the moment of synthesis, the opposites are both preserved and transcended, negated and fulfilled.

(Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, Spiritual Politics, 1994, p. 88).

The Hegelian Dialectic  of thesis > antithesis > synthesis, can also be expressed as problem > reaction > solution.

Hegel believed that this process has a life of its own, in an evolutionary sense, but since the days of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels it has been used as a guided process toward a desired end.  It has become the primary tool of the Globalists who are behind recent trends such as the centralisation of power (national, then regional, and finally internationally), and the so-called ‘refugee crisis’.

The objective of Hegelian dialectics in this sense is to replace something old with something new (e.g., capitalism with communism, traditional Bible doctrine with theological modernism, a traditional educational system based on moral absolutes with a new one based on relativism, an old age with a new).

Used like this, Hegelian dialectics cannot produce the new thing, but it can destroy the old. Other processes and techniques come into play in actually producing the new thing that is desired.

hegelian dialectic - chart from calverton school

Hegelian dialectics is used today to create a “paradigm shift” by replacing an old “paradigm” (prevailing belief system) with a new one. It is a technique of “social evolution” and “political transcendence.”

It is not an innocent process. It is used by “change agents” and “facilitators of transformation.” Hegelian dialectics is “the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution” (Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, “What Is the Hegelian Dialectic?” October 2005.

In essence the Globalists aim to present the dialectic (both ‘options’ or both ‘extremes’), and present this as the entirety of the argument or situation.  In reality they are managing the situation to create the dialectic. The resulting tension between the two conflicts then distracts the people to concentrate on the situation and not why it has been presented, why it has occurred, what other choices there could be, who gains etc.  It is similar to the political technique of offering two choices: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” George Bush, 20th September 2001.

The trick with the dialectic approach is to ‘control the narrative’ via ABSOLUTE control of the mainstream media (MSM) to mould the public’s consciousness. Things must be presented as black and white as possible. This is often combined with deliberately dumbing-down the subject and appealing to emotion and short-term rather than logic and long-term.

The ‘Drowned Boy’ As A Dialectic

Aylan Kurdi was washed up on shore and there is ample evidence (and here) to suggest the body was moved to be ‘staged’ for the MSM photographers. The entire event was highly choreographed then the media blasted the public with it daily for days, to drive people into a mass of moral outrage and sentimentalism. Children are often used for such a purpose, like the faked dead children staged by the BBC, or indeed the false ‘incubator babies’ of Kuwait which allowed Bush Snr to start the first Gulf War. It is not coincidence – nothing manipulates the public to support a false Dialectic choice like the thought of dead children and babies.

aylan kurdi meme

Back to the ‘drowned boy’ – was the wailing of charities and NGOs, entertainment industry figures and politicians, that it was somehow ‘our fault’ that this happened.  Because we were cruel, rich, selfish.  No discussion of the fact the father was a smuggler and lived in Turkey for 3 years in his own apartment, and risked his own child’s life, not for ‘safety’, but for a better life. No logic or investigation into the dubious facts of the matter was permitted (all over the alternative media).  The choice was presented as – you are either an inhuman monster, or you must agree with us to open the floodgates.  Angela Merkel duly obliged by ripping up the Dublin Agreement and inviting the entire Islamic world to Europe, over the heads of other EU national leaders, over the EU itself.

There was no common sense discussion allowed:

  • You invite some, more will come, you will created a bigger crisis – so it is highly important and logical to ‘nip it in the bud’
  • Why collect migrants off boats a few miles from the coast they left in say Libya – to transport 10x, 50x the distance to European shores? why not return to the shore they left and scuttle the boat?
  • Why not help in the first safe nation, where more people can be helped for far less cost (estimates of up to 1/6 of the cost)?
  • Why do they have to start a new life in Europe? is this not about short term protection then help them rebuild their lives in their own country?
  • How come we make massive decision like this over one image, yet ignore the 10s of THOUSANDS of dead children caused in NATO-created proxy wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria?
  • Why do we take in 80% non-Syrians then the media present them all as Syrian refugees?
  • Why do we show endless screaming women and crying children (in close up), when it is clear from long distance shots that the vast majority are young men of fighting age?

aylan kurdi fake.jpg

None of this was allowed to be discussed. To even raise these questions, or to question the EU Elites hurried reaction to it, was to be a monster, selfish and unfeeling in the wake of a humanitarian crisis (“what if it was YOUR kid? huh?”).  It did not fit the dialectic path the Globalists wished to railroad the public into accepting. And they did this with spectacular success, using propaganda, deliberate emotionalising, shaping the debate, ignoring facts and logic which did not fit the narrative, etc.  They already wanted to flood Europe, but they needed a ‘hook’, a device, to emotionally blackmail the public.


hegel.pngGeorg Hegel

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a 19th century German philosopher and theologist who wrote “The Science of Logic” in 1812. For many historians, Hegel is perhaps the greatest of the German idealist philosophers.

In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) used Hegel’s theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism. Hegel’s philosophy and ideas greatly influenced Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as well, along with people like Sigmund Freud, and many others.  Hegel had great disdain for the concept of Individualism, and is quite popular with Collectivists. He literally hated the individual. The Hegelian dialectic is not only a strategy of outcomes, but also a strategy of psychological projection.

The idealism of Hegel’s theory also fit nicely with the Marxist notion of Utopianism, which Marxist theoreticians have promised will be the ultimate outcome – a workers’ paradise – once a collectivist society has been permanently established worldwide – “Heaven on Earth”.

Today’s self-described liberals and progressives both knowingly and unknowingly promote historicism, relativism, idealism and collectivism. Dialectical philosophy provides the foundational rationalization for the theory of Marxian socialism. The dialectical approach is also central to modern-day “community organizing.” The “equality of outcome” often demanded by the left has its roots in Hegel’s dialectic.

Marxist Dialectics

The Marxist dialectic and Hegelian dialectic differed in the definition of the actual forces with which the dialectic operated. For Hegel, it was ideas. For Marx, it was economic relationships to the means of production. Dialectics provides the foundation for Marx’s theory of dialectical materialism–an outgrowth of Hegelian dialectics. This is an important distinction to make – meaning, not to confuse Hegel’s dialectics with Marx’s materialistic philosophy of dialectical materialism. Russian students attending university in the former Soviet Union were required to take three years of materialistic philosophy.

kar marx dialecticThe dialectical approach to reality was to reject the very concept of absolutes. The whole foundation behind Hegel’s way of thinking is that everything is constantly changing, and must forever adapt to the eternal change (“mutability,” moral relativism). Karl Marx clearly embraced this relativistic view. The concept of change is central to Hegelian dialectical theory and strategy.

This helps explain why leftist political strategy centres around the concept of dialectical change. The left is obsessed with change and breaking down the existing orthodoxy on every issue, change for change’s sake.

Hegelian Dialectic in the 21st Century

Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure.

The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision for the future.

Hegel’s dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology we are playing a necessary role in Marx and Engels’ grand design to advance humanity into a dictatorship of the proletariat. The synthetic Hegelian solution to all these conflicts cannot be introduced unless we all take a side that will advance the agenda.

Hegelian Dialectic Conveyor Belt

The entire ‘refugee crisis’ has been brought in to socially engineer Europe and implode it by design. If you believe this is all by chance, I strongly urge you to read two other articles on this blog:

In these blogs I propose the ‘refugee crisis’ was initiated by Globalists to create the current crisis, and they envisioned this by the Arab Spring, destabilisation of all nations on land and sea borders of Europe, the ousting of Gaddafi in Libya to create a complete social and economic collapse and war, the attempted coup of Assad in Syria and the resulting Western-backed proxy armies to fight him, and the abandonment of Northern Iraq to allow a vacuum for the creation of ISIS and a ‘new dialectic problem’.

Hegel and refugee boat.jpeg

If you imagine a graph: the EU’s social and economic decline was taking a steady trend downwards (green line).  Mild wavy peaks and troughs, but an inexorable slow decline over time.  A second line marks the progress towards their goal of a total federal EU Superstate (blue line), trending down to to signify greater anti-EU sentiment, inability to force deeper integration, risk of complete break-up.  In a situation without the refugee crisis, the trend was almost inevitably leading to stronger antipathy for the EU and eventual breakup (risks: Brexit / Grexit / debt defaults / Euro collapse / rising anti-EU and nationalist parties, etc).  It would be hard to justify serious integration without further alienating the public.  In other words the two lines correlate on the same trajectory, and the EU and Globalists risk an almost terminal decline of their project which has been envisioned for nearly 100 years.

ordo ab chao freemasonryNow consider the motto of the New World Order, the slogan of the 33rd degree (highest) of Freemasonry: “Ordo Ab Chao” –  order out of chaos:  It IS the Hegelian Dialectic as a tool of social, political and economic engineering.  So the Elites decided they needed to create a crisis, so they can shape the chaos towards predetermined goals hidden from the public – but presented as the ‘only’ solutions to the crisis THEY CREATED.

Then imagine how this translates into the graph above.  Instead of a shallow steady decline with mild peaks and troughs – the ‘chaos’ creates a steeper (i.e. faster) decline, with jagged peaks and troughs.  These jagged peaks and troughs represent a series of ‘sub crises’ which can then be manipulated using the Hegelian Dialectic.  Creating a series of ‘trigger points’, if you will.  Again, with media complicity and political choreography – each sub-crisis trigger point can be ‘presented’ to the public with a FALSE CHOICE.  The choice will almost always be MORE EUROPE. So the second line actually starts to head UPWARDS.  I.e., instead of terminal decline (scenario without the refugee crisis) – the refugee crisis is actually being manipulated to bolster the EU project, centralise powers, destroy rivals, censor criticism, increase integration, and control nations through fear of terrorism, and force unity with the wishes of the EU / Globalist elites through debt-bondage through ECB, IMF and World Bank bailouts.


Each negative ‘trigger point’ from the migration crisis will be manipulated to their advantage: a ready made Hegelian Dialectic conveyor belt.

  1. Greek police overwhelmed and use force to control migrants rampaging? Cry outrage and try to take away border control from nation states, centralise it, and expand Frontex – the EU’s ‘private’, centrally controlled border patrol service
  2. Terror event in a city? bring in martial law, expanded police powers, change constitutions, integrated security services, draconian surveillance and expanded police state. Large scale or repeated attacks? need for EU Army
  3. Overwhelming bottleneck of refugees in one country? to stop tragedies like this, agree a suicidal deal with Turkey (visa-free travel for all 80 million Turks / billions of Euros / fast-track EU membership) – which would never have been achievable without the humanitarian crisis as a pretext
  4. Drowned boys and capsized boats? justify using navy to transport migrants a mile from African coasts, and transport them hundreds of miles to Europe – when a sane solution is to drop off from shore they left and scuttle the boat (discussed above).
  5. Anti-immigration sentiment and marches?
    1. Demonise as Nazis, then bring in new hate crime measures
    2. Team up with social media giants, social media witch-hunts getting people sacked, threatening them with having kids removed
    3. Raids on political dissidents i.e. people who object to mas-immigration, by conflating it with phony hate crime and ‘incitement’ legislation
    4. Use the MSM to ‘out’ people who are anti-immigrant by publishing their faces and personal details
    5. set up political leaders with phony court cases – such as Geert Wilders (Dutch leader of biggest party), Marine Le Pen (French leader of FN), Lutz Bachmann (of PEGIDA Germany), Tommy Robinson – the list is endless, with deliberate political coercion of the police and judiciary to punish people for political dissent.  There are a lot more examples, these are some of the most recent and prominent
    6. Sabotage marches through fabricated violence, use state-paid Antifa infilitrators, to paint all marchers as neo-Nazis
  6. Anti-migrant country like Hungary using force / refusing refugee quotas? isolate, demonise in the media, promote and fund Leftists pro-EU opposition via NWO Globalists like George Soros, bring in laws against them, use EU courts to sue, with threats of withholding EU money or other punishments to corral them into obedience or bring about political change
  7. Others: Muslims getting guns? ‘neo-Nazi’ false flag arrest showing ‘hauls’ of arms? anything like this could be used as a pretext for tightening up even further, all ability for EU citizens to defend themselves – sweeping gun control making EU citizens unable to defend against ANY enemy (foreign or domestic) on the pretext of public safety. In the pretext of public safety, they will take away our ability to protect our families.

On and on and on. Many more example ‘trigger points’ could be outlined – this gives you a taste of the dynamics at play.


Can you see how one situation – mass Muslim invasion with EU collaborators (spun by the presstitute MSM as ‘the refugee crisis’) – can create all the dynamics, for them to blind the populace for a whole series of power grabs on every angle?

If you have been following the new – you will recognise that many of these topics have been hammered via the media, at a pace and volume just not seen in other years.  It is on the agenda and normalised now – and some of it already being forced through – purely because of the dynamics set up by the migrant crisis.  There is a massive raft of legislation being hidden that will be forced through after the Brexit vote (UK referendum on EU membership).

ORDO AB CHAO – “order out of chaos”… not just creating order out of chaos – but here’s the key: CREATING CHAOS WITH THE AIM OF CREATING ORDER FROM IT – engineering chaos to fit a pre-planned agenda that the populace would not go along with under ‘normal’ circumstances.

The solutions will always lead inexorably in one direction: MORE EUROPE – no debate is permissible or possible through complete control of the media and imposition of hate crime laws and the PC-thoughtcrime ‘social control grid’ which they have been setting up for decades.

Orwell - controls the past

In the case of mass migration, they have a powerful, radical, highly politicised group to wield as a ‘weapon’ to bring about this situation.  The Muslims – particularly the 3rd world variety, many of whom are ultra-fundamentalist, and many are battle-hardened – are the ideal footsoldiers of this Grand Plan.

The Elites foolishly think they can control it when all is done and dusted. But they may well be creating a situation which spirals out of all control; a chaos they cannot bring to order.  If the Iran revolution tells us anything (when Communists and Islamists united to overthrow the Shah, each hoping to gain ascendancy afterwards) – its that the idealism of the Leftists is no match for 1400 years of Islamic supremacy and zealotry.

12 thoughts on “The ‘Refugee’ Crisis: A Hegelian Dialectic Conveyor Belt

  1. The sure sign our educational systems have failed is that instead of exposing us to the great advancements and benefit to individual liberty Western civilization provides, we are indoctrinated into wielding the Hegelian/Marxist Dialectic to destroy Western culture and freedoms.

    Leftist tumors have become so integral to the trunk and branch of government and education that it is impossible to eliminate them without sacrificing the tree. And, sadly, such a sacrifice appears to be the best solution at this stage.

    The problem in Europe is that the citizen element that might normally rise up has been disarmed and emasculated. America isn’t far behind as we witness our political class expending great effort to mimic our EU cousins. The factors altering the path of our otherwise common fate are a 3,000-mile body of water and patriotic “clingers” who would rather die than give up their arms.

    Liked by 1 person

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  9. This is a useful article, if only the majority of the voting public used a stance like this to remain informed beyond the fake paradigm – AS A STARTING POINT.

    ‘The Left’:
    There’s nothing to see here, please just treat people nicely and put everyone except white males first – but actually white males have rights too, all people have equal rights but some have more equal rights than others because they didn’t have rights before & stop being [racist / sexist / misgendering / antisemitic / islamophobic / a bigot / a nazi / a fascist / Hitler / insert other marxist debate-ender, argument-throttler or Virtue Signal here]; people are trying to take my freedom away!
    (except actually people might be trying to help you from begging to have your freedom taken away whilst thinking you’re not … having it taken away)

    ‘The Right’:
    We’ve had it with you regressive libtards taking our freedom of speech and expression (when it’s not the individuals it’s the culture) #whitegenocide make [insert country here] great again all Democrats are wrong
    This group includes former left-leaners, liberals, whatever, who have become “mad as hell and [are] not gonna take it anymore” woken up to the evils of the ‘regressive left’ ‘liberal media’ etc. —Bolstered by Brexit and Trump conservatism has become if not ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ at least kind of acceptable, conspicuous or at least not regarded as negative.

    I assume the right and the alt and the new conservatives are useless idiots for the 2nd stage of the dialectic whereas the left and the liberals and progressives and useless idiots for the first stage of the dialectic.

    I’d like to see this article updated regarding populism, the ‘rise of the far right’ and PJW’s “conservatism is the new counter-culture” conveniently pandering certain audiences to the status quo of current counter-establishment (i.e. also establishment) trends.

    I assume in dialectical terms something like this:


    Decades of cultural marxist inculcation of whole generations through the left AND the right in the anglo/amero/euro political sphere and all that entails – declining populations, labour shortage whatever else propaganda laid out, fertile ground for Kalgeri-esque implementation of mass immigration which slowly creeps in then accelerates while no-one was looking, people are told that it is cultural enrichment and diversity, inclusiveness is a good which seems counter to empirical data and many people’s actual experience – not to mention many thinker’s a-priori assessment of such a phenomenon – but demoralisation due to conflicting convictions leads to inability to reach conclusions; Islam becomes the religion of peace whilst we are fighting wars against it and importing terrorists, terror attacks whether ‘genuine’ or not increase at an exponential rate post 911… but Islam is a ‘religion’ of ‘peace’.
    Not to mention ‘recession’ (entirely by accident of course, except some (not all) ‘bankers’ implemented hardly any charged.
    Widespread austerity, closing of gap between £, $ & €
    Obviously this is grossly reductionist and biased towards last few years but you get the idea


    Reaction to negative aspects [mainly] of immigration and other ‘societal defects’, people who can (think they can) ‘think for themselves’ driven centre right, right or far to the right in politics, along comes Brexit (nice timing) and some conveniently placed ‘right wing’ / ‘populist’ / ‘fascist’ / conservative (take your pick) political figures conveniently pop to the surface in most Western EU nations
    Trump’s #lastnightinsweden draws attention to (alleged) ‘migrant rape / riot / grenade and general crime crisis’ in Sweden, journalists flock to Sweden, conservative Swedish twitter accounts are followed and generally people are outraged. Except for the Swedish who don’t know anything that’s going on (if it is) because (apparently) the media won’t report it.
    Trump’s #muslimban causes mass outrage / mass delight depending on world audience inculcation and further divides opinions particularly grouping ‘minorities’ with ‘liberals’.
    Alternative media, now widespread, become a hotbed of ‘conservative counter culture’ whilst MSM on loop, on autopilot with the same old marxist habits, no collusion required it’s simply the culture now – people (who even care) obviously outraged and fall out with mainstream culture, some think mainstream culture is still reality and besides, want to keep their jobs, friends and relationships intact – some don’t care so are carried on by MSM by osmosis. Some were conservative all along and are given a New Hope by the rise of populism and alternative media.
    Obviously this is grossly reductionist and biased towards last few months but you get the idea

    So What’s the SYNTHESIS?

    Strengthening of the EU? Doesn’t look that good in terms of public opinion. Some more face-down-migrant-child-esque propaganda or Jo Cox assassination might be required.
    Is it the Kalgeri plan or some equivalent fruition of a [‘anti-semitism’ alert] “zionist” plot [or plot by other men who aren’t Jewish or happen to have Jewish names but it’s nothing to do with Judaism etc or just some psychos who are pretending to be Jewish – or some psychos who aren’t Jewish?] I assume since the THESIS may have begun before the first world wars, maybe even in the 18th century, the ANTITHESIS is picking up the pace now so it may be a further 30-50 years before the synthesis takes place – and besides I’m pretty new to this I’m sure someone has some idea I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


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