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Merkel – The Revenge Of The DDR?

maizmerkel communist youth

In recent years there has been increased interest in the background of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.  This has increased due to the colossal decisions she has made  – on behalf of all Europe – to rip up the Dublin Agreement (refugees must apply for asylum in the first safe country only) and welcome the entire Muslim and North African world into Europe.  This – as we now know – was a bitter pill the European people were forced to swallow, washed down with emotional blackmail, contrived ‘humanitarianism’ and a complete refusal to consider long-term consequences, or even the democratic will of the people of Europe (it alone just Germans). Who voted for this? Nobody, but there are no repercussions, instead she gets honoured with Time Magazine “Person of the Year” 2015 for her ‘brave’ and ‘inspirational’ decision to suicide her nation on the alter of PC/MC ideology.

merkel first life book cover.jpgDespite the complete control of German media, finally some interesting information has percolated into the public consciousness, thanks largely to a book “Das Erste Leben der Angela M” (The First Life of Angela M.) by by Ralf Georg Reuth and Günther Lachmann.

In it, the authors paint a very different picture of Angela Merkel, who grew up in the communist former East Germany and was under that system until the age of 35 when it collapsed in 1989.  The book raises more questions than it provides answers.

The young Angela was a devoted and passionate Communist, joining the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend “Free German Youth”) in 1981 – East Germany’s version of the “Hitler Youth”.  She worked her way up the ladder to take a leadership role in “agitprop” (agitation and propaganda – from the Russian ‘agitatsiya propaganda’). She also learned Russian, perhaps a sign of her devotion to the communist ideal, her political ambitions, or a certain level of ‘Russophilia” common in East Germans growing up under Communism.  As a high-ranking and trusted party member, she was allowed to freely travel between East and West Germany, a privilege only reserved for the most fanatical ideologues. In the years leading up to the toppling of the Berlin Wall, Merkel used her position to feverishly denounce reunification.

Tweet this: Is #Merkel a #Communist infiltrator, creating #EUSSR? #Brexit #Kalergi
Tweet: Is #Merkel a #Communist infiltrator, creating #EUSSR? #Brexit #Kalergi

But before we examine what happened when the Berlin Wall came down, and Merkel’s miraculous 360 degree political transformation – let’s take a little detour.

“Give Me Your Youth”

Orwell - controls the past

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I will transform the world.” Vladimir Lenin

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Adolf Hitler

Question: Why is it that fascistic regimes or parties always set up a youth wing?

Answer: Because young minds can be easily shaped, forever changing their outlook and how they interact and perceive the world.  Getting into a mind that is still developing, is to rewire it permanently.

This is one of the stated reasons why Anders Behring Breivik chose to slaughter the youth on the Norwegian island of Utoya in 2011.  This was a Labour Party youth summer camp where multiple seminars on political ideology were held daily to a captive youth movement; moulding what Breivik perceived was a new generation of ‘traitors’ who would be force-feeding and brainwashing the European population with Cultural Marxist ideology around Multiculturalism, Open Borders and Political Correctness.

It is also probably why in Germany, schools are bussing in migrant children, to guilt German children out of any ‘anti-migrant’ views. Its why schools in the UK have mosque trips where kids are forced to recite the ‘shahada’ (declaring themselves Muslim), forced to wear Islamic garb – and if they refuse to play ball (perhaps parents refuse permission) – they are publicly shamed. In 2016, assignments are given to children where they are forced to explain “why they have decided to convert to Islam” – no, not kidding, please read the link. Throughout the West, there is an educational trend whereby Islam is glorified, Christianity is belittled, the Crusades are denigrated and taken outside of the context of 400 years of Islamic Jihad that preceded them – and worse – more time is spent learning about Islam than any other religion.  Where are the trips to churches, where are the trips to synagogues? One must ask why. Are they preparing a new generation for what is to come? are they brainwashing them?

These stories (and countless others, too numerous to mention) all seem to fit – extremely clearly – into a pattern that is literally the same worldwide, wherever Leftist politics have a hold: an enforced multiculturalism and mass migration agenda. But only in majority-White countries – nobody lectures the Chinese, Africans, Mexicans, Saudis, Indians – that their culture is ‘privileged’ and ‘racist’ and therefore must benefit from ‘multiculturalism’ to remove prejudice and atone for ‘sins’ of forefathers long-since dead. There is an implicit anti-white / anti-indigenous European proposition inherent in the new religion of PC / MC – an assumption of historic guilt, of ‘white privilege’, of something shameful that must be atoned for. fabian society two.jpg

Rant over – getting back on track, what am I aiming at?

I want to highlight the Cultural Marxists who have long since infiltrated education as part of their “long march through the institutions“. Today’s Marxist revolutionaries wear suits and hide behind inoffensive titles like Liberal, Progressive, Labour, Social Democrat – like the Fabian Society (most famous modern example being mass-migrationist and traitor Tony Blair, most famous historical example being the eugenicist George Bernard Shaw). These ‘positive’-sounding labels are essentially a re-branding of Socialism. Indeed, many of the top EU bureaucrats, when looking into their background, were in various Far Left or Communist Youth groups, before they donned new political robes.

(Sidenote: just researching the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” original symbol of the Fabian Society is creepy enough. Then consider the Fabians’ clear links to a Coudenhove-Kalergi style mass-immigration agenda. Then have a look at the sinister turtle (the replacement symbol, note the slogan) and look how it appears on the front of the symbol-rich issue of The Economist.  There’s the turtle, signalling (in my opinion) the start of the mass migration masterplan – “when I strike, I will strike hard”, after all.).  Is it a coincidence that this symbol appeared on the cover, in the year of the greatest mass migration influx in European history?  Maybe, but I doubt it.  Then again, maybe we won’t have to worry, considering the mushroom cloud appearing above Cameron’s head.

Through the youth, they hope to shape the future – our ideals, politics, reactions to events – and preparation for things to come that are long-since planned, but would not be accepted if an entire generation was not first preconditioned to accept and indeed welcome it.  This much is clear – the East German society under Communism was one of the most highly controlled, brainwashed, spied upon and manipulated societies in all of recorded history. The Stasi (East German Secret Police) live on in infamy and have become a cliché for a certain type of totalitarian behaviour.

A Scary Hypothesis…

alinksy suit

What if Angela Merkel was no fan of Germany, or indeed European indigenous people? What if her Communist beginnings were never eroded, her ideological fire never dimmed? What if she saw the collapse of East Germany – as an opportunity to infiltrate the West and achieve far more from within the heart of ‘the enemy’? What if she understood that traditional Communism was no longer effective – and started to believe that the way forward was through Cultural Marxism and longterm social engineering?  Ms Merkel may be the ultimate sleeper cell. Merkel is uniquely equipped, through her ideological drive, and her skills in agitation and propaganda – to force through a covert agenda against an unwitting German public.  What if – like the Saul Alinsky quote above – she put on the required disguise needed to assume a ‘role’ from where she could be most effective, according to her Communist agenda?

What if – Merkel wants to recreate the Soviet Union but in her image, with her (of course) leading it.  What if she is trying to create a Communist EUSSR superstate?

Fanciful? read on and make up your own mind.  Her rise to power – a story of overnight transformation and a series of coups and betrayals – is illuminating.

But first watch this:

Video Source: Rebel Media – and if you have the time, watch their video made back in September 2015 “Did Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note?

A History of Betrayal

Merkel’s rise to power was swift.  It did not follow the decades-old tradition of the long slog through the political apparatus, based on past deeds, proven record and time served for the cause.  This alone should give pause for thought, but it did not.

Right after the 1989 demonstrations in Berlin against the SED regime (Socialist Unity Party, whole ruled East Germany, Angela Merkel joined the DA “Demokratischer Aufbruch” (Democratic Awakening).  This was a political initiative of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), the party that Ms Merkel would climb to power.

Now – in the euphoria of the new beginnings for Germany, the optimism of the Berlin Wall falling – what seems lost is some basic common-sense questions. All these new politicians – yesterday high-ranking fervent Communist Agitprop specialists, today professing themselves ‘Christian’ and ‘Democratic’ – just how genuine was their conversion?  Was it a conversion of expedience? What are their motives? Do they still hold on to a doctrine that had shaped their entire life?

Nevertheless, Merkel’s time in the DA was brief.  Her superior was Wolfgang Schnur.  Only a few days prior to the elections, party Chairman Schnur had to confess having been an informer for the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) and resigned. Who tipped them off? Being the dutiful democrat and proud German that she was, Angela Merkel felt compelled to tell the press.  Merkel rose from DA Spokesperson, to it Chairperson.  She oversaw the merger of East and West and when all was done and dusted, was airlifted into the CDU where she started her meteoric rise.

The 1990 spring election in east Germany was decisively won by the east German CDU, headed by Lothar de Maizière (currently his cousin Thomas de Maizière is one of her ministers in 2016). Then came the reunification, and the east German CDU was absorbed by the west German CDU. And, miraculously Merkel advances immediately to the position of Spokesperson of the now all German CDU, and becomes a member of the CDU’s Bundestags Fraktion. Eerily similar to the previous events in the DA? She now sat as Spokesperson, on the shoulder of an incumbent Chairperson.

merkel kohl

Chancellor Helmut Kohl then ‘discovers’ her, and appoints her to the position of Minister for Family, Youth & Women – even though she doesn’t have any children, and is a divorcee.  This but a small handicap for a highly competent career woman such as Merkel. Not a bad achievement for someone who was a Communist Agitprop specialist but 14 months prior.

Lothar de Maizière was the leader of the former east German CDU, and now the Vice Chairman of the all German CDU – essentially ‘no.2’ to Chancellor.  Suddenly rumours began to circulate that de Maizière, too, had been working for the Stasi. Naturally, he had to resign. You wont believe this, and his job was taken by – you will never guess – Angela Merkel. You think there’s a pattern here? What, with Mutti (Mammy) Merkel?

Merkel was no ‘no.2’ to Chancellor Kohl within the CDU party structure, again essentially a Spokesperson sitting on the shoulder of an incumbent.

Whilst in her new position, somehow bad blood began to develop between Kohl and his minister for the Environment, Herr Töpfer. For a long time they were such good pals, Kohl and Töpfer. What we are not sure about is how the rifts began, what seeds of discontent were sown. Naturally, Töpfer had to go. Kohl therefore anointed his new successor, Angela Merkel… Could there be anyone else?

Kohl was fond of Merkel, calling her: “Mein Mädchen” (my girl). Something today that jars to the ears, patronising if not ‘patriarchal’, given the incredible Political Correctness social control grid that has been erected in subsequent years. Unfortunately Chancellor Kohl was not very good at reading tea leaves or he might have seen what came next – he certainly did not look for warning signs in his young apprentices rapid rise to power.

merkel freemason illuminati hand.jpg

Flashing the Illuminati pyramid/eye combi

After a new round of elections, in 2000, Kohl was no longer Chancellor but still led his party. A new scandal about Kohl started to arise in the media regarding monies from donations, from an ‘unknown source’ who tipped them off. We cannot be sure if it was Merkel, but we do know that she did not rush to support the man who had helped her rise to power and shown such patronage and fondness for her.  On the contrary, she sat down and wrote an article in the very influential FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) demanding Chancellor Kohl’s resignation for “moral reasons”. Yes, for “moral reasons” – her very words.

So, like everybody else who was in Merkel’s way, Kohl had to go. Obviously. And so he did, he resigned, like other friends and mentors of Angela before him, who, coincidentally of course, were also in her way. How does the old saying go? Don’t change a winning formula. Obviously, she doesn’t like change. As she emphasizes, stability and consistency.

And so, after repeating the same pattern over and over again, she became the boss of the CDU. Which she is to this day. She rearranged the CDU, which is now practically Left from the SPD (Social Democrats). Merkel was now leading the main opposition party the CDU.

Control of The Media

Merkel allied with Friede Springer and Liz Mohn, and so got an excellent press, and they don’t come more excellent than that. Axel Ceasar Springer was Germany’s equivalent to Rupert Murdoch – owning Bild Zeitung, BZ, Morgen Post and other titles. Liz Mohn runs Bertelsmann Verlag, Europe’s largest publishing house.  In other words, her PR side was completely covered.

With the support of these two, opposing her amounted to political suicide. Now, her control grid extends in 2016 to social media.  Many have heard of Facebook’s cooperation with Merkel’s ‘regime’ over anti-immigrant posting.  We know for example that Merkel brought in a former Stasi agent. The organization will be overseen by Network Against Nazis (Netz Gegen Nazis), a group led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane.  Although Kahane now describes herself as an “anti-racist,” she was intimately involved in another dark period of German history, working as a Stasi informant under the codename “Victoria” from 1974-1982.

So… Merkel dobbed in former colleagues and confidantes based on Stasi connections – yet now in power, sees no hypocrisy bringing them in to reinforce her Agitation and Propaganda control grid?

Merkel Facebook Free Speech.png

What else? oh yes.  We are skipping forward in time, but its important to note in 2015, she employed her friends at publisher Bertelsmann to run a unit whose job it is to sift through Facebook and other social media, locating and deleting any speech that is deemed ‘Hate Speech’.

The problem is of course, definition.  This is why ‘Hate Speech’ is so insidious, the most dangerous aspect of the Cult of Political Correctness.  It’s the biggest danger to Western liberal democracies, because it warps the mind, puts emotion above fact.  In law now – TRUTH CAN BE HATE SPEECH.  Let that sink in.  How did we get to this point? Political Correctness, remorselessly driven by the left, now embedded so deep in our modern culture we barely process what this means for the future.  Each layer, each generation of young people, accept a ‘new normal’ and build upon it new levels of PC/MC doctrine. This then becomes the ‘new normal’, and the process repeats.  Like a ratchet, we are building the foundations of totalitarianism – an Orwellian society that we were warned about in the book “1984”.

If you think this incremental nature of PC/MC is overstated or exaggerated, consider this.  Would Martin Luther King understand ‘racism’ and the Civil Rights Movement, as a paradigm today? Would he agree with young people screaming and demanding ‘safe spaces’ when confronted with chalk signs of the infamous Nazi, Donald Trump? (these micro-aggressions are now known sarcastically as “the chalkening“). Would he approve of black girls harassing young hippies because they have ‘culturally appropriate‘ their dreadlocks? Would he agree that it is not possible for ethnic minorities to be racist? would he agree with debating societies discussing how white people should ‘kill themselves’ to atone for ‘white privilege’? Would he be demanding ‘reparations’ in the form of financial compensation and apologies for slavery over 100 years ago? Apparently many Social Justice Warriors believe so, yet conveniently forget other groups went though slavery (like the Irish, parodied here)?  Or would anyone dare say that to the Saudis, with the Muslim history of slavery being far far worse and involving MILLIONS of white Europeans? I think the answer to all these things is clear, to me at least.  See how the layers build?  All these concepts (micro-aggressions, safe spaces, cultural appropriation, white privilege, anti-white racism not existing, reparations, blah blah) – are new phenomena, now normalised – what will the next generation add on top of this new foundation?

political correctness voltaire.jpg

Back to ‘hate speech’.  It’s all about who does the defining, who claims to find it ‘hateful’.  In this instance – it is literally all speech that is hostile towards the human tsunami (mass-uncontrolled-unvetted-Muslim-immigration).  We will return to Merkel’s Stasi tactics later, but let’s look some more at Merkel’s ascent.

(?) Always Floats To The Top

In 2005, prior to the election she attended the Bilderberg Conference alongside Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of the SPD.  Merkel – wise to how the real power structures and favours worked in the world – supported the Iraq war, which Schröder opposed.  As a result, Merkel gained new allies within the Bilderberger ranks. Her pro-war speech was printed in the Washington Post, and once the election came – full upport of Bilderbergers and their cronies and mouthpieces helped sway the election.

Equally important, the unlimited support from Springer and Bertelsman and others.  Of course, she did not have to suffer attacks or challenges to her power within the CDU – who would dare?

Merkel became chancellor of Germany. Any opposition, say in Europe? Indeed there was, by a flamboyant Italian fellow, he was as tough as nails and Teflon coated, got away with everything, controlled a large chunk of Italy’s media. He defeated courts, swung public opinion, you name it, everything. The guy was unassailable, invincible. He took her on, even insulted her, he was finished a few months later…

Then there was a Frenchman. Head of the IMF, I think, anyway, brilliant prospect for the French presidency, what’s his name? Strauss Khan, yeah, he wanted to take her on, criticised her. Didn’t even see the election… fool.


Angela Merkel, former FDJ, secretary for Agitprop. Good SED connections (therefore Stasi). Could she have found sufficient material in there to foster her unusual and meteoric rise, leaving a trail of (politically) dead bodies behind her? Always with the same method? “Mutti” Merkel is nothing of the sort.  Nothing motherly about her. And it is absolutely shocking to think this woman wields incredible power.  She is the leader of Europe, able to say and do things that nobody else in the EU could. The Greek bailout tragicomedy, and the “Come on in boys” immigration fiasco – all prove her supremacy.  Who gave her the right? Who appointed her Empress of Europe?  The EU simply steps in line behind her, to back her up.  There can be no doubt that Germany OWNS the EU (politically and economically) and it is led by a ruthless, unreformed Communist Agitprop specialist who is carving out a new EUSSR in the image of what moulded her political outlook to the age of 35.

Perhaps the Berlin wall coming down was not a victory for the West, but a political Trojan Horse moment – sowing the seeds for a future Socialist Superstate. And guess who wants to wear the crown?

merkel pose with stalin lenin

The New Socialist ‘Nirvana’

If you want to see just how crazy Germany has become – basically a Socialist basket-case like Sweden – all you have to do is watch the advert put out on State TV (ZDF) to counter (and demonise) anyone who objects to the incredible immigration influx.  It displays the entire spectrum of Leftist divide-and-conquer, perpetual victimhood, diversity-as-saintliness, social engineering on display.

It is well worth watching and analysing the video for yourself to get into the PC/MC mindset and really consider the messages being conveyed – at public expense – on a state broadcaster ZDF:

It depicts ‘real’ Germans (always shown in colour), with mixed-race couples, disabled, trangenders, gays, etc.  The obligatory woman in a full burkha (well, who knows the gender – that’s the point, right?).  The Arab and Jew in full garb, shaking hands and smiling at each other (yeah right, tell that to Muhammad). It has a disabled man in a wheelchair being pushed by an Indian, shaking hands with a morbidly obese heffalump. Its even got the Global Warming (ooops, climate change) brigade represented by the cyclists (why, nobody explains).  It shows them eating Kebabs and Muesli fuelling them for the fight with Nazis – cos, I guess, the Nazis only eat saurkraut and bratwurst I guess (because… they are racist so will not embrace anything foreign?!).  Interestingly, there is a beautiful blonde German women, who smiles before donning a Hijab – I guess because that’s ‘Liberal’.  One is left to wonder whether she had a personal conversion, or was forced to wear it by a ‘new German’ boyfriend.  Then the priest, who flashes his frocks, revealing stockings and suspenders – very Liberal – after all we can’t have a Leftist propaganda piece without having a pot-shot at Christianity, can we? Try that with an Imam, ZDF – I DOUBLE DARE YOU.

There is much more – its almost like they have tried to squeeze every type of stereotypical ‘diversity’ into one clip, cast them all as being ‘real’ Germans united in being Open Borders / MultiCulti – and that only white ugly grey ‘normals’ would be stuck in the past, with Hitler burning in their souls. It’s exceedingly odd, but very revealing of the Leftist self-aggrandising, morally-superior worldview.  As if none of those groups could possibly object to the Muslims.  So… the LGBT crowd like the massive increase in crimes against them, or what the Muslims think, or the Sharia says?  The disabled and elderly, like their budgets and services cut or stretched, to pay for the army of feckless immigrants? And the Jew – not concerned at all with the massive Europe-wide spike in anti-Semitic hate crime?

It equates anyone who opposes the PC/MC mass immigration agenda as ‘neo-Nazis dorks’ with ‘torches and pitchforks’ – a mass (always depicted in grey) of racists. They are the past, not the future, and must be run over and attacked physically.  The subliminal messages are amazing. The images are pretty clear – divide-and-conquer dynamics created by negatively caricaturing political dissenters.  Using a contrived Hegelian Dialectic spectrum, it depicts both sides of the argument – on THEIR terms – guilting or shaming people into ‘picking a side’.

At one point, it states ‘we were once stupid too’ with an image of a helmet with a bullet – a clear reference to the follows of Nazi Germany – as if all argument about the immigration debate can only ever boil down to a discussion of inherent Nazism.  No other reason is put on the table – not economics, education, employment, security… well, nothing is untouched by letting in literally millions of uneducated people (most are illiterate even in their OWN language) in a country already creaking with unemployment of its own youth.

At one point the ‘grey masses’ vote – presumably for the (anti-immigration) AFD – but their voting cards get shredded.  A signal that they needn’t bother, politics is stitched up?  Your vote is useless?  Of course – when the final charge of the ‘real’ Germans come – they are holding their banner – THE EU FLAG OF COURSE (because… that’s the ‘real’ Germany, right? like in England, national flags are for bigots) – while the ‘Nazis’ are seen scattering in fear.

As always with Far Left – they can’t help but inject some crassness, usually involving children doing or saying something which isn’t age-inappropriate.  It’s OK to make them say lines of obscene adult words (if its for a Leftist cause / ‘art’)… but hey, if that little girls mum writes on Facebook that she can’t go on public transport for fear of sexual assault and complains about immigration – well, that’s cause to have your kids taken from you.


Return of Stasi Tactics

There has been an alarming trend – accelerating faster and faster – towards erosion of civil liberties throughout the West.  IN particular, attacking freedom of speech or any form of expression or non-violent political dissent.  The Elites know that this ‘foundation’ right – if destroyed – makes it far easier for them to carry out any other agenda without scrutiny or critique.

This is nowhere more evident than in Germany 2016.  As stated in another article, the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ has provided a Machiavellian opportunity to use the series of mini-crises it creates, as an excuse to further a covert, long-planned Globalist (and essentially Neo-Communist) agenda, using a process known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

merkel refugee meme.jpg

In brief, Merkel is using the migrant crisis and all the problems it creates to bend the law – and Europe’s political direction – to her will.  Terror events bring about the need for more surveillance, more police powers. Protests bring the need for measures that promote ‘tolerance’ i.e. hate speech laws, censorship, political persecution, witch-hunting.  Europe wide economic and social chaos provides the need for solutions which ALWAYS seem to mean only one thing:



For a more complete list of Hegelian Dialectic example, see here.

1 – State-sponsored saboteurs infiltrated PEGIDA rallies to demonise those who attended as Nazis. Here is another series of articles showing the deception.

2 – Merkel insisted in co-opting social media giants to censor all political speech.  Stasi , anyone? This was reinforced by hate crime measures.

3 – State-approved social media witch-hunts resulted in  getting people sacked, or forcing ‘behaviour modification’ via threatening them with having kids removed by the State.  No, not making this up.  Follow the links.  This is Germany 2016, not East Germany 1980.

4 – The German Government also uses the police to enforce its PC agenda, with raids on political dissidents i.e. people who object to mass-immigration, by conflating it with hate crime / ‘incitement’ legislation.

5 – They also use the MSM (remember Merkel’s complete control of the German media, one of her first ‘infiltration initiatives’) – to ‘out’ people who are anti-immigrant by publishing their faces and personal details. Is anything more despicable?

6 – Antifa (Anti-Fascists who ironically are the most fascist people around) are also paid 25 Euros and hour to oppose any anti-immigration marches, with the aim of starting violence so that the media can blame the violence on the ‘neo-nazis’, whilst the police then have a pretext for attacking and breaking up the march.

7 – The media and Government combine to reinforce the MultiCulti narrative – but more than that – to demonise anyone who objects.  First we have this billboard campaign which asks Germans not to embrace their ‘dark side’, then we have the endless NaziRacistXenophobeBigot type slurs of the political opponents, and we also have the ‘entertainment’ world (who else) bringing in propaganda-posing-as-entertainment.

8 – We all know about the German media suppressing for days the news of the Cologne mass rapes and sexual assaults, but there are accusations that the media manipulation went further.  Ever wonder why there was so little footage, except for mobile phones and massive social media coverage? well, turns out Merkel may have ordered all CCTV from nearby buildings to be destroyed.

Here’s an example of the media manipulation of the mass immigration debate.

(article that covers this video is found here.)

The main ‘social control’ method is the insane level of guilt-tripping of the German citizens that is going on. Merkel chides German people for not being Christian, a favourite ploy of the Left to get opponents to do their bidding.  Simply misinterpret the Bible’s teachings – say something about Moses being a refugee – therefore where is your Christian charity?  It’s what Obama does – taught to him by Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals” – Rule no.4:  “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules”.

She also invokes the WWII past as a twofold strategy: to guilt the Germans into accepting the Cultural-Suicide-Via-Immigration policy (almost as some kind of penance), and to attack any criticism as verging on Nazism.  The Germans, being very tolerant and brainwashed for generations over war-guilt – simply fold under these Political Correctness weapons.  They seem powerless to resist – like PC is the headlamps of a speeding (Islamic) truck, and Germany is the deer standing on the Autobahn, unable to move even if it realises the danger.

Time To Stand Up

Is there anyone who can stand up to Merkel and is immune to PC-manipulation? I can think of three, so for a bit of fun at the end, to lighten the mood, here are a few videos for your delectation and delight:

Putin’s non-PC joke – watch Merkel’s face – PRICELESS! A bulldog chewing a wasp (30 seconds long)

The Trumpster telling it straight.  Who else on the world stage would dare? (3 minutes long):

And let’s finish with the best of the lot: Stony-faced Merkel, visiting the EU Parliament, forced to sit and listen to Nigel Farage ripping her a new one (7 minutes but worth it):

Tweet this: Is #Merkel a #Communist infiltrator, creating #EUSSR? #Brexit #Kalergi
Tweet: Is #Merkel a #Communist infiltrator, creating #EUSSR? #Brexit #Kalergi

(NB – thanks to the commentator DFD on Gates of Vienna for providing a lot of the information and inspiration for the article above, some of which was repeated verbatim.)


29 thoughts on “Merkel – The Revenge Of The DDR?

  1. My kneejerk reaction to this article is to say, “Hurrah! If all of Germany would read this they would awaken and throw the bum out!”

    Then reality sinks in; most Germans agree with Mutti Merkel.

    The ‘long march’ through our educational institution has succeeded, the socialists have won. Newspeak and thoughtcrime have crushed liberty and the individual.

    I just don’t see the way out of this other than a complete and literal crash/civil war.

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        • Sweden sounds completely mental at the moment. I have been following all the ‘Liberal’ madness, its PC-gone-mad. Sniper schools for Muslim immigrants to help them integrate. Rape victims apologising for their rapists and begging for them not to be deported. Regular grenade attacks in the ghettoes. The media cover-ups and suppression. The ‘Nazi attack on children’ fake stories at train stations to demonise anti-immigrant sentiment. Attacks on news crews while the police refuse to help for fear of upsetting the immigrants. Its awful but i really don’t think we are far behind in the UK. The world is sliding into a dark place. And its all by design.


        • nowhere to reply after your reply! indeed very much by design. no doubt about it. spiritual wickedness in high places. things are most definitely not what they seem behind the perfect, squeaky clean façade in sweden.true what you say, but its not the sniper schools or msm coverups of migrant crime that are most terrifying. the most frightening thing is the extent of the programming and mind control of the general population. absolutely staggering, mind blowing, I can assure you. the inability to question anything. social conformity beyond imagination, beyond description. has to be seen to be believed and even then it beggars belief. truly, madly, deeply PC. a government, a red green alliance,:-) so determined to flood the nation with islamics that they are willing to use any methods of coercion. hard to imagine anything stopping their suicidal multicultural crusade.
          strange when you consider that up until the mid 1970 s they were still forcibly sterilizing a large number of individuals that were considered to be either genetically or racially impure. quite a turn around!
          a dark place indeed. can
          t see anything stopping it apart from civil war, but it seems that that`s what THEY want. looks like they are having it all their own way. wonder what it will take for us to unite and take a stand. we are, unlike the immigrants, a divided people.

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    • I am hosted with, its my first blog. Apparently they don’t allow Disqus. At some stage I am going to get problems with the hosting as anything of this nature gets reported as hateful, so i will have to self-host and use When i do that i will probably get Disqus, i prefer it too…


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  3. Brilliant is all I can say ! My compliments, and many thanks . I arrived here through the links you provided in a comment on Breitbart and I will forward them.

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