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Massive Collapse Imminent: Pivotal Year Like 1914

Former Navy SEAL (now author and speaker) Matt Bracken was featured a few weeks ago on this blog in his excellent Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive. Matt appeared last night on Infowars (Alex Jones Show) which is probably his first high-profile interview he has done. It is not necessary to read Bracken’s essay prior to watching the interview but you will get a lot more insight out of it if you do.

In a very wide-ranging interview, Jones grills Bracken on a range of subjects, primarily around the deliberate Globalist plot to destroy the USA by removing civil liberties and wrecking the economy. As events move closer to the Summer, both predict that the USA will descend into civil disorder, possibly using the Republican Convention (starting July 18th) in Cleveland, Ohio. As many of you are aware, Donald Trump is a nationalist / populist who has openly called out Obama and the Globalists on numerous areas which are integral to their Cloward-Piven style implosion plans: stopping mass uncontrolled immigration by building a wall, stopping the unvetted mass influx of Muslims from warzones, renegotiating trade treaties which discriminate against Americans, reversing Obamacare, stopping intervionist foreign wars, and much more.

The Globalists have never seen a threat to their plans like Trump, certainly not a domestic presidential hopeful; they have spent generations completely sewing up domestic politics and ensuring only puppets who are completely beholden to special interests, get anywhere near power. Trump has completely wrong-footed them, and has the potential to unravel decades of work which are leading towards worldwide tyranny under supranational structures like the UN, binding trade treaties, Agenda 21/2030, etc.  They cannot afford to let Trump become POTUS, which makes the next year a pivotal year in world history. Both agreed that the Globalists may choose to create race wars by unleashing riots (through proxy organisation like MoveOn.org and BlackLivesMatter, both funded by the likes of George Soros) to scupper the convention, blaming it on ‘racism’ fostered by Trump’s ‘divisive rhetoric’. Both also agree that an assassination on Trump is a strong possibility (like JFK which was clearly a Government assassination, as even came out in hearings). It could easily be a set-up with a deranged BlackLivesMatter killer, then will be blamed, again, on ‘racism’ stoked up by Trump’s campaign.

They also discuss the possible Government use of false flag tactics to set up the ‘Patriot movement’ (essentially, Trump supporters who are nationalist and believe both parties are a corrupt Establishment duopoly). This could, for example, be a race-based mass shooting incident blamed on ‘right wing extremists’ or ‘constitutionalists’.

Bracken explains how modern Western life is extremely fragile, and the coming war will be unlike anything that was possible before.  It will have completely different rules to anything we have previously wargamed or prepared for.  During the Cold War, nuclear war was averted because every nuke has a return address, i.e. satellites would reveal the perpetrators and an instant barrage of return nukes would be launched: MAD (mutually assured destruction). Bracken explains a coming domestic war would be extremely messy, since the financial, electric and internet systems are so thoroughly interconnected, a complete take-down of one system ensures the others are also taken out or mortally wounded. Bracken likens this to a human physiology, where a central nervous system, musculature, and skeleton are all so interconnected that if one is taken out, the others are useless.  This is how we have developed modern society, to be wholly reliant on technology. Bracken explains various scenarios of how this take-down could be accomplished.  Both agree that in the coming chaos (US and Europe), the Elites will use the opportunity to round up / assassinate / ‘disappear’ patriots and anyone who stands in their way.

They also discuss the roots of the current Communist infiltration of the USA, EU and supranational structures, and ow their aims and objectives overlap.

Finally, they discuss how the mass influx of Muslim migrants in Europe will reach a breaking point at some stage before the end of the Summer.  Bracken explains how this new type of war could involve multiple repeat attacks in a ‘Tet-style offensive‘.  Bracken explains that people do not understand how few Jihadis there would have to be, to precipitate a complete freezing up of Europe through a series of attacks.  For example, repeated metro and transport attacks could create such fear that nobody can go to work for weeks or longer; this would decimate the European economy and create a domino effect.

Despite Jones getting over-excited (as always) and frequently interrupting Bracken, this is a very interesting interview which is unstructured and so covers a lot of material.  The interview concluded with the promise of a longer follow-up interview next week.

Well worth watching (whether you like Infowars or not) – please share.


9 thoughts on “Massive Collapse Imminent: Pivotal Year Like 1914

  1. “people at the very top of the pyramid, some very evil people who , depending on your religious point of view you could almost call them a satanic influence or force” 27 min and 30 sec. interesting?:-)

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    • Yes absolutely… The more i investigate these things the more undeniable this seems. That even if you don’t believe in God or Satan, it’s irrelevant, because these people do. I do not know if they are channeling something, or that bad people gravitate and thrive in their world, or what. But they believe it, and that much is clear…

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  2. Via comments at Breitbart, Matt directed me to his Tet piece and The Alienork Way late last year.

    I’m hyper-skeptical of any hypothesis accompanied by even a remote whiff of conspiracy. And this is likely unfair to Matt but, technically, the Tet article does have at its center a conspiracy. However, the article is a masterpiece that stands completely to reason and perfectly elaborates the seemingly baffling actions being taken by the Euro elite in re immigration. It has truly opened my eyes on the subject and brought home the wisdom in Trump’s ‘pause’ policy.

    Thanks for your effort rga and keep it up!

    Your work needs more exposure; Disqus comments may be a way to open it up a bit?

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    • Disqus – yes a few people have said the same. Unfortunately with wordpress.com, these 3rd party plugins are not allowed. I will eventually migrate to wordpress.org and will try Disqus then.

      Don’t get hung up on the whole conspiracy theory jag. It’s more Leftist weaponised language designed to stop people questioning the prevailing narrative (official story, government line, whatever). The CIA introduced it in 1967 into popular culture, as a meme so that anyone criticising the government would be slandered. People fear isolation and ridicule, so they associated the term conspiracy theorist with lunatic, tin foil hat, dangerous psycho. This permeated popular culture and the media to the extent that it became a very powerful weapon.

      Have a read of this.

      In any case, they popularised two other theorising paradigms and made these seem normal and rational. They are the ‘coincidence’ and ‘incompetence’ arguments. For example, the refugee crisis is a long series of events which had to happen in that order and play out exactly as they did, with exactly those responses – to get the crisis we have now. Don’t buy it AT ALL. Same with the incompetence argument: if people on comment sections can see the logic of numerous alternate paths and reactions, i am sure these very smart powerful people, with hundreds of think-tanks and advisors and unlimited budgets – would not fall so far below any level of competence.

      et here we are, in a paradigm where BOTH these arguments are put forward and given credence, yet any thought of ‘conspiracy’ (which makes far more sense and has tons of evidence to back it up) – is somehow ‘crazy’?

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      • Excellent point.

        Makes me wonder how engineered the zeitgeist is and to what degree my subconscious acceptance of it is.

        Thanks for the link.


        • Research ‘cognitive dissonance’. We all suffer from it. It took me almost a decade to fully wrap my head around 9/11 not being the simple Bin Ladeen story we were all sold on. I just refused to believe there could be any degree of complicity. Now it looks like the 28 pages will be the start of it all unraveling.

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  3. Matt Bracken is great, but I am not sure what we can do here in the UK, we already live so close to each other, not many of us have the ‘luxury’ of access to water or land, or even anywhere to hide.

    It really is like sitting on a boat heading to the waterfall, because you can stock up for a month or so, but it’s just not practical to sell your house now and move to the middle of scotland and become self-sufficient in 4 months is it.

    I do feel like I am the canary in the cage down the mine, I am flapping away, but as Matt and Alex (god he does interrupt) say, it’s already too late. Yesterday with the police shootings in Dallas & elsewhere shows they have already succeeded in turning massive amounts of people against the police.


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