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Diary of a Social Worker

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What I am going to tell you is the truth.  

I am a social worker and I know many Social Worker.  Many are in my family and many are my friends.  Many of you out there will have been told of our wonderful multicultural society. The promoted “flower power” media generated illusion of how wonderful it all is.  Yet what you are seeing is a veneer of lies and distortions to promote the “narrative”.  Go against the “narrative” at your peril and the Left will come looking for you.  Ah the Left, those ‘idealistic’ defenders of the down trodden and the oppressed minorities.  You name the minority and the left support it.  The Left is indeed a curious animal, it supports feminism and women’s rights but only it seems when those rights are oppressed by the white heterosexual Christian male.  When it comes to Islam’s treatment of women and gays for that matter, suddenly the left is nowhere to be seen.  How strange.  How curious.  Just how does this schizophrenic relationship the Left has with all these opposing dynamics add up?

If you understand the nature of what is going on then indeed it all does add up.  The fact is the Left needs all and every minority it can get it hands on to use as a battering ram against the white Christian heterosexual of Europe.  In many ways it has been extremely successful in achieving what I call the liberation of many minority groups and now all minorities have protection under the law in The Diversity and Equality Act.  In fact minorities have become so liberated and so emboldened they have become assertive and even aggressive.  For instance radical gays now seek out and hunt down Christian business’s and then tempt them to “break the law”.

Then not forgetting the rape crisis sweeping across Europe and the UK.  But be quiet, we cannot mention the rape crisis in Europe, political correctness does not allow it.  I mean it’s only sex anyway isn’t and it’s only white girl being raped.  I mean those nasty whites have done lots of raping in their colonial days, so the whites are just getting some historical payback and let’s just all turn a blind eye just so long as it’s not a politicians wife or daughter  being raped and let’s keep it in the working class areas.  I mean they are the plebs anyway.

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And so the normal majority become the new oppressed and placed in that invisible Gulag of political correctness.  But let’s get the name right before we go any further.  There is no such words as “political correctness”, they are just two made up words,  two bull shit words.  If you want to hide something, a good way to do that is by camouflage.  That is what a soldier will do went he wants to creep up on the enemy to kill him.  Well that is exactly what the two words, “political correctness” are.  They are all very innocently camouflaged and even the name “political correctness” has a jokey ring to it and for a time it was like a joke.

But it’s not funny any more.  

Because the joke is on us, on me and you.  So what is hiding behind these two jokey words, “political correctness”? Well let’s take away the camouflage. Here I go then, I am going to take away the camouflage letter by letter and see what underneath these two words “political correctness.  And oh my God!  I have just stripped the first letter “P” and it’s turned in the letter “C” and now the second letter “O” has turned into the letter “U”

Oh this is terrible, all the letters are disguised like little secret agents.  I have now taken off all the camouflage from all the letters of the words POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and it doesn’t say POLITICAL CORRECTNESS any more, it says CULTURAL MARXISM.

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Anyway enough of jokes but of course many of us know that Political Correctness is the camouflaged name for Cultural Marxism.  It has managed to stay camouflaged for many years but now slowly but surely, it is being unmasked and unmasked across the world.  The Marxist cat is well and truly out of the bag.  The Left get so upset now when you say that political correctness is Cultural Marxism.  I recently read a Guardian article stating that it was conspiracy theory to equate Cultural Marxism with political correctness.

[RGA: rebuttal to The Guardian article is here.]

Funny though how the some “Left wing” liberals seems to be becoming so concerned that PC is being equated with Cultural Marxism.  Concerned now to such an extent, that they feel the need to keep denying it over and over again.  It’s very odd though how Cultural Marxism and political correctness seem identical in their aims.  And now how loudly the Left are objecting to PC being called Cultural Marxism.  Mmmm?

“Me thinks they do protest too much.”

It is just one of the now many set backs piling on the left as now PC starts to fizzle and fade and the “Silenced Majority” are now having a liberation of own as politicians like Donald Trump, Victor Orban, Nigel Farage, and Marine Le Penn and many others just throw PC aside like a smelly old sack that has worn out.  Well all good things come to end and it looks like Antonio Gramsci’s ‘LONG MARCH” is coming to an end and like all Marxist projects it is about to end on its back side.  The Left is now being betrayed all over the place, mainly by the third way leftists like Tony Blair, Merkel and others in the EU.  Now that’s a new one, eh?  Third way socialists, an unholy alliance between the global elites and the the new third way socialists and where are the foot soldiers of the Old Left?  Well they are on the streets fighting with the rising right and far right as the left see their dream of power in Europe crumbling in front of their eyes.

And yes, the left have broken cover as they see the EU stealth Marxist project starting to crumble and as usual it is the megalomania of the EU politicos who have brought it on themselves.  But that is what all Marxist do because there do not listen to dissenting  voices and instead either bribe or denounce them as racists, homophobes, child beaters. women haters.  Where once this would have seen the accused diving for cover, now who cares if you think I’m a racist or a homophobe?

The Human being is a strange animal and just as he eventually becomes immune to a biological virus, the human being will become immune to a social virus and that’s political correctness is, a social virus.  A social virus that now gets less virulent by the day as immunity breaks out.

This does not mean that left has totally lost.  

Oh no, not by any means.  This is just the beginning of the end of yet another episode in that long struggle of the hapless Marxists in search of their Utopia.  Yet you think the Marxists would have learned by now and looked at all those hundreds of millions of dead bodies left behind in all the past “Utopias” and anyone else would have given up Marxism as a bad job maybe think to themselves that maybe Marxism just doesn’t work with human.  It maybe nice on paper and appeal to the losers of life, but maybe it just don’t work.

But again isn’t it strange, how it always seems as Marxist projects start to crumble and bodies start to pile up that it is always those Marxist closest to the cash register that always walk away rich and look for refuge in the nearest capitalist country?

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2 thoughts on “Diary of a Social Worker

    • I am starting to think this will be worse than ever before when it does go off… And go off it will. Just look at how much of the Modern Era is stained red with the blood of victims of the ‘Earth City’ vanity project. Classical marxism/communism always began with a bang but died with a barely a whimper. Cultural Marxism, however has been, up until recently, been resisted with little more than a whimper but will end with a BANG! I just wonder how many have to die THIS time!

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