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2016 – The Year The Tide Goes Out

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As a follow up to Matt Bracken’s article Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive which I reblogged a few weeks back, I showed Bracken’s first short interview on InfoWars (the Alex Jones Show): Massive Collapse Imminent: Pivotal Year Like 1914.

Bracken promised to come back to InfoWars for a longer interview (below). This is a WILD interview and covers so much ground it would be impossible break it all down here.  If you are new to InfoWars, or the idea that our world is run by Globalists comprising of former heads of State, aristocrats and monarchs, billionaires, and dynastic ‘Robber Baron’ and banking families like the Rothschild and Rockefellers – then this episode is as good a place as any to start.

One analogy Bracken gives which I think is excellent is that of the real-life story of the 10 year old schoolgirl, Tilly Smith, who was on holiday in Thailand in 2005 with her parents and saved them from the tsunami.

She explained how she learned from her geography lessons that when the tide recedes abnormally, exposing rocks that are perennially submerged, stranded fish flopping in the mud, even stranding boats – it can be a sign that a tsunami is coming.

Transfixed, Thai locals and holiday-makers alike, wandered out to explore this fascinating new world, completely impervious to the impending destruction.

Tilly begged her parents for 10 minutes who initially wouldn’t listen.  They assumed they knew better, after all they were the adults, and what could a child know? But eventually she persuaded them with persistence, patience and repeating the knowledge she had acquired in her geography lessons. Thanks to her, they returned to the hotel and managed to warn others, and consequently her persistence saved lives.

Bracken likens this to open-minded people following the alternative media (and blogs like this), who can see the warning signs due to what they have learned by avoiding the MSM lies and propaganda.  Once you open your mind to it, its so horrifyingly true, that it can no longer be ignored or dismissed.

Our friends and family are like the parents, thinking (assuming) they know better – and patronise their daughter because of her age.  From our perspective – this is because of decades of brainwashing through the mainstream media (MSM) and popular culture. To believe another truth, which sounds outlandish or even ridiculous at first – causes “cognitive dissonance”.

“Cognitive dissonance” relates to the concept of being exposed to information or having experiences that conflict with our existing base of “what we know.” The theory holds that our minds are not always flexible or rational when it comes to evaluating uncomfortable information or questioning our own beliefs.

“Dissonant cognitions” will cause us to dismiss or alter conflicting information or add justification to one side or the other—not necessarily rationally—in order to regain psychological balance. It’s an important concept to consider in terms of the way people block things out or justify things to themselves.

We need to have the patience to stay in the fight long enough, to help people emerge from their cognitive dissonance. If you don’t persevere – the people you will speak to will happily revert back into a more ‘comfortable’ state of ignorance.

cognitive dissonance.jpg

Likewise, people will patronise us as they assume anyone who presents information that is contradictory to the prevailing narrative, are ‘conspiracy theorists’ or paranoid – all because they simply question or disagree with the MSM interpretation of events.  We have to watch our emotional reactions to this inevitable push-back, and not be tempted into an argument or being overly defensive. Keep drip-feeding what you know, and eventually something will ‘click’ with them. Also accept NOW, that many people simply won’t be willing to change until reality is slapping them on the face.  These people will remain in ignorance, wandering among the rocks and seaweed until they can hear the waves, by which stage it is probably too late. You can’t hang around with them, it’s dangerous and time-consuming and you would be better off preparing you and your nearest and dearest, and helping those who can be helped.

But with persistence and patience, we CAN awaken others to prepare for the coming chaos. Rather than be offended by scorn, or worry about the ‘chilling effect’ of being judged as crazy or paranoid (a powerful psychological inhibitor) – just be bigger than all that.  These are minor, extraneous concerns in the grand scheme of things.  If you believe something is fundamentally wrong, and you are correct – what’s the worst that can happen? Not a lot, besides embarrassment, which will pass with time.

But if you are RIGHT – and you did not speak up – imagine how you will feel if things spiral out of control and you had missed your opportunity to speak up through petty fears and concerns of social judgement?

Even if you feel powerless against the weight of prevailing popular opinion, remember Tilly.  One small child DID know better than the adults, and was able to persuade others and ultimately persuade them to take action which saved their lives.

william casey.jpg

Right now, we are in a critical time in history, when a plurality of historians and other experts all agree the world has never been more dangerous, more in a state of flux.

From impending worldwide economic collapse, to potential WW3 being stoked with Russia, to the deliberate migrant waves breaking on US and European shores, to the incredible assaults on freedom of speech and expression, to the mass mental illness and delusion being stoked up by the social virus that is Political Correctness, and to the naked totalitarianism and corruption of what we THOUGHT was our democratic systems – it’s all being unmasked.  This explains the incredible success of Trump, for example, in the face of the most over the top assault we have seen: every news channel, every newspaper, every head of state, the Pope, Hollywood – all of them. Yet the more ridiculous the slander or contrived the vote-rigging and manipulations became – the more the people instinctively reacted against The System and voted for Trump.  This is unprecedented and a sign of a Great Awakening and a rejection of the Establishment orthodoxy.

mind control.jpg

What people observe, and what is presented to them via the media and pop culture is becoming increasingly disconnected. The gap is widening to an astonishing level.

This is the false paradigm, and people are turning to the alternative media in their droves. Associated Press, for example, are reporting an astonishing 6% trust rating amongst the general public (in the USA).  The average Fox, CNN or MSNBC show has viewership of 1 million, 100,000…  meanwhile, shows like InfoWars are watched by an incredible 35 million per episode, worldwide.  Such a seismic shift will inevitably follow in the UK and beyond as the summer approaches and the insanity of the migrant policies becomes ever clearer.  When there is a Brussels or a Paris every month or week – will people continue to listen to the Bolshevik Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) and their ‘refugees welcome’ propaganda?  We will find out soon enough.

Watch the video and see why many of us are shouting “the tide is out too far – run for high ground.”

This is your first geography lesson.


9 thoughts on “2016 – The Year The Tide Goes Out

  1. London has just elected a Muslim mayor who associates with and defends radical Islamists and described moderate Muslims as Uncle Toms. White Britons are now the minority in London but Khan could not have been elected without support from the white Left. I was born in London and lived there for 55 years. In the 60s and 70s I could not imagine living anywhere else. Having moved out to escape the dirt,the overcrowding, the menace on the streets and the overwhelming number of aggressive ethnics, I avoid going anywhere near the capital.

    I inform as many people as I can as to what is really happening to Western Civilisation and I put up with being teased or accused of being paranoid, but I fear the predictions that 2016 will be the tipping point are correct and it will give me no pleasure to be proved right.


    • The Khan success will probably mark the start of the breakup of the UK. Scotland will now want independence, and Northern Ireland may wish for a border poll. England needs its own separate Parliament away from London.


  2. One of my cousins was a staunch Labour Party member and supporter who resides in London. She was Labour through and through, nothing could move her from her beliefs until now. The anti semetism row within the Labour party hit her hard. She had close Jewish friends and began to see their fear of Khan and Corbyn. For the first time in her life she voted for Goldsmith because she did not want Khan. How many Labour supporters felt the same.

    I expect London to fall apart within a few years, my cousin is now going through a seismic change of political beliefs. I cannot ever see her voting UKIP or nationalist but I think she’s decided the Tories are now for her. Yet to the likes of me the Tories are part of the problem, but at least a former devout Labour supporter has turned.


    • Get her to read my blog! No strike that. Too much too soon. Her head might explode. But this is an example of cognitive dissonance. I went through the same (see my article on unaccompanied minors). She is going through stages based on ‘comfortability’, so she is not ready to go nationalist or UKIP. It’s too much of an about turn; conservatives (being now neoliberal under Camerfool) seem less threatening and more ‘mainstream’. But a journey of a thousand steps happens one foot at a time.


      • Thanks a lot. I am trying to get her to vote Brexit and she is starting to veer that way. She’s now friends with top Tories and I think she is wanting to defect. I was like her 11 years ago. I voted Tory in 2005 and 2010 but my transition to nationalism was complete in 2012. I takes ten years. I will send your website to her when I feel she is capable of taking in the info.

        New London Mayor Khan is going to be very very dangerous, he’s now gone for his ally Corbyn. I think Labour may go for Khan as leader within the next couple of years.


        • The faster this nonsense accelerates the better IMHO. With this seismic changes (jihad supporting antisemite Muslim mayors) – comes the equal and opposite reaction. Many more people will start to wake up and shake off the PC-induced brain fog.


      • She’s told me that she has now joined the Tory Party after 28 years of being a Labour Party member. She’s thought it through and has made the first transition but now undecided on Brexit but favouring Brexit after being Labour/pro EU. She backed Liz Kendall last year and was ostracised because of it and the Khan election was just too much. I never thought my cousin would follow my trajectory, but I’ve just sent her Prof Jay’s Rotherham child grooming report into Rotherham and followed it up with Louise Casey’s follow up report. My cousins move from Labour is now irreversible like mine. I will NEVER go back to Labour.

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  3. Article 17 of the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights (also Human Rights Act 1998) allows national governments to block undiserables from using the Human Rights provisions to circumvent the rights of others, yet we see terrorists using these provisions while are government FAILS to get invoke this Article. They’ve done it time and time again since the days of the IRA bombings, but we’re quite happy to invoke this Article when a BNP member attempts to bring claims against the UK government.

    I can therefore assume that the government lawyers want to LOSE and the neocon press then blames the law when in fact the law is ready there to stop these people abusing our laws.


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