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Brexit: The Movie

Many of you will have heard of the première of Brexit: The Movie through the mainstream media, what seems to have been missing from much of the coverage is that it is free to view online.

So in case that included you – here it is.  Please share this page on social media and comment sections.  I want to add to this page with other pro-Leave videos or documentaries, if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section. Thanks

7 thoughts on “Brexit: The Movie

  1. This should be required viewing for every UK citizen. If You vote In after seeing this, you deserve everything that the evil EU can throw at you.


  2. This is stitch up anti-propaganda. Anti-prop works like this – Step 1 – draw them in with credible arguments and tell the converted what they want to hear; use and exploit key speakers of integrity to make it look as if you’re on their side – Step 1 parallel – make sure there is no balancing argument or opposition so that those who are undecided will doubt you and may question whether your purported criticisms are exaggerated and sensationalist. Step 2 – start to bring in doubt and contradiction; then parody people and tell blatant lies about history which everyone can see through – Step 3 – present a dehumanising alternative. Thus Step 2 and 3 give ammunition to the opposition and scupper Step 1.

    Are you a multi-national executive?


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