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The Nazi Roots Of The ‘Brussels EU’

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Blustering Boris And The “Nazi-EU” Faux-Controversy

[RGA: The next section is from the introduction of the website They also have another website with additional resources:

I’ve only read the first few chapters of the 2012 book “The Nazi Origins Of The Brussels EU” but it is compelling so far.  

I decided to blog about it as today the Lamestream Media was banging the PC-drums about Boris Johnson over the weekend, for comparing the ‘superstate obsessed EU’ to the Nazis.  Historically and politically, Boris is undeniably correct… if you take his whole speech in context.  He also mentioned every other group or leader which has ever aspired to have an empire spanning continental Europe, though this fact seems to have been an inconvenience to those who wished to use it as an opportunity to attack the ‘Leave’ campaign.

But the media are not interested in open minded discussion based on history or fact, instead they want to work themselves (and presumably their audience) into a foaming tizzy.  They latched onto the use of the word ‘Nazi’ as a weapon – feigning moral indignation and virtue-signalling their faux-outrage.

For example, The Independent wrote a spluttering piece entitled “Boris Johnson comparison of EU and Nazi superstate shows Leave campaign has ‘lost its moral compass’“. Give me a break. I can’t help but wonder where this writer was – when Cameron implied Brexit could lead to WW3, or what his opinion was of the naked blackmail threats of Obama, threatening Britain with a 10 year ‘back of the queue’ trade renegotiation.

No problems with a moral compass of blatant hysterical fear-mongering or financial blackmail? Well, no, not unless it serves the ‘Remainers’.

What is gratifying is the comment section – even in The Independent – seems to be fairly unanimous in condemning the faux-outrage and is overall broadly pro-Leave (as MOST comment sections across the internet seems to be). No doubt their comment section will be closed down completely as well, following The Telegraph and The Guardian.  Popular opinion is terribly inconvenient if it runs counter to the mainstream PC / Globalist narrative, it would seem.

The transparent aim is to try to create some political capital at Boris’ expense. In essence, it is another Politically Correct assault on free speech, by taking out of context the entirety of Boris’ speech, one small segment about which they can amplify in the media. Sounds familiar? We are becoming immune to such blatant manipulation, just look at how all the similar faux-controversies related to Donald Trump seem to have backfired spectacularly in the USA. The ‘Muslim ban’, the ‘ban Trump from the UK’, the ‘Trump is literally Hitler’, the ‘Trump is a racist/sexist/[insert thoughtcrime here]’… each time, the public reacted with a spike in support for Trump. Because the media is so distrusted, their tricks are no longer working – in fact they are backfiring horribly.

As always, the ‘weapon of choice’ for such nonsense, is to create offence where known was intended, then to amplify it out of all proportion to create a fake controversy. Create a ‘victim’, then ask the public to condemn the ‘oppressor’ – this is the Age of Victimhood which is an essential aspect of the PC manipulation paradigm.

Propaganda and distortion trying to pass itself off as informed critique.

bernays quote

What is it with this current Nazi obsession?

It’s like the mention of Hitler and the Nazis inspires some kind of mass panic attack and delirium, short-circuiting people’s rationality.

Yet the Lefties never seem that bothered about the Stalin (20 million dead), Mao (65 million dead), Pol Pot (2 million dead) or anyone else who likes the colour red (combined – 100+ million dead in a mere century and counting, massively overshadowing Nazi Germany’s disputed death toll). But being Communist is ‘cool’ now. Just go to any university and observe all the students bullying others with this ‘social justice warrior’ political correctness-on-steroids behaviour, wearing their Mao / Che Guevara / USSR T-shirts made by sweatshop slaves in China. 

The Lefties also love the colour green.  They’re not bothered about the 270 million ‘tears of Jihad’ – no – lets just mass import those lovely quirky Muslims, and if our daughters have to wear a Hijab in the future, well that’s nice, they’ll be less prone to catching a cold. All in the name of diversity and tolerance, eh? It’s all relative after all?

Totalitarians of a feather, flock together” – I guess.

Anyway. Enough ranting. The topic of this blog post is connections between the EU origins and Nazi Germany and it’s ideology and important figures. The first section is about the book mentioned above, the second a collection of further resources (TBC).

There is a danger in taking the ‘Nazi’ element of the EU creation too literally.  The superficial analysis (seen in comment sections and memes everywhere) – is to believe there is a Nazi element today.  But that’s not the purpose of this book or the legitimate pointing out of historical facts from the EU’s inception.

I note this book is produced by the Dr Rath Health Foundation, and a quick Google check confirmed he was Jewish.  I am not checking the books four authors as it’s irrelevant to me, but I guess everyone will see history through the lens of their own experience and biases, so as long as you watch and understand you are learning about one sidelong view of history. It is not to say that it is not correct, but a horse who is seeing through blinkers, IS SEEING REALITY, but just not the totality of it.

The EU, like anything else this vast, complex and developed over many years – there are different groups, political figures, secret societies and Round Table groups, corporate interests, and competing ideologies behind it. Shifting alliances, rising and falling of competing interests within.

But what is clear is that the vast majority of the architects of the EU did not have the well-being of the indigenous people of Europe at heart.  Who can doubt that now? It is a vast conspiracy to enrich and empower – then create a superstructure that preserves such wealth and power – into the hands of a small Elite who through those structures make themselves opaque, omnipotent, unimpeachable and unreachable – FOREVER. The nature, psychology, politics and political weapons the EU wields  today – in my opinion – are far more close to Communism and a model of the USSR.  That’s for another time. But who is to say that it did not evolve into that, out of an original Nazi-based plan?

If these disparate groups and individuals have one thing in common, is that they despise the common man and the very notion of democracy itself.  This book might help shine a light on one (important) facet of the overall picture.

I will do an update to this post eventually as a review of the book once I finish it. Have to say so far it is excellent and very well researched and referenced.]

About The Book – “The Nazi Origins Of The Brussels EU”

eu nazi flag

[RGA: This section is directly copied from the website]

In our book, “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’”, we tell a story that many British people may, for obvious reasons, initially reject. In doing so, they may say that if the far-reaching historical information documented in the book were true, they would surely have heard about it before.

On Saturday 8 September, 2012, four days prior to the Dutch general election, a column in De Telegraaf — the largest morning newspaper in the Netherlands — described our book, “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’”, and discussed its implications. To read the article, click here.

Mindful of this, we consider it our responsibility to encourage you to not only download this book [RGA: it’s free online, links below], but also to visit and study the source documents noted at the bottom of its pages.

For almost three-quarters of a century, the world has been told that WWII was caused by a psychopath, Adolf Hitler, and his entourage of racist hooligans, the Nazis. The facts are, however, that WWII was a conquest war conducted on behalf of the Chemical, Oil and Drug Cartel with the goal of controlling the multi-trillion dollar global markets in the newly-emerging fields of patented chemical products.

Official documents from the U.S. Congress and the Nuremberg war crimes tribunals unequivocally show that WWII was not only prepared, but also logistically and technically facilitated by the largest and most notorious oil and drug cartel at that time, namely, the German IG Farben cartel, composed of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other chemical companies. The summary of the indictment from Nuremberg proves that without IG Farben, WWII could not have taken place.

nazi eu diagram

You will also learn in this book that WWI, the second largest tragedy of the twentieth century, was actually the first attempt at world conquest by these corporate interests. Moreover, after both these military attempts to subjugate Europe and the world had failed, the Oil and Drug Cartel invested in a third attempt: the economic and political conquest of Europe by means of the ‘Brussels EU’.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the key architects for the Brussels EU were recruited from among those technocrats who had already designed the plans for a post-WWII Europe under the control of the Nazi/Cartel coalition. This book will introduce you to these stakeholders of the cartel – dressed not in military uniforms, but in grey suits – the most notorious of whom was Walter Hallstein, the first president of the so-called EU Commission.

The answer to the question as to why you have probably not heard about these ground-shaking facts before is straightforward. After 1945, the Cartel invested hundreds of billions of dollars with one goal only: to rewrite history and cover its criminal past. This cover-up, with regard to the corporate origins of two World Wars, was obviously the precondition for the Cartel’s third attempt – this time via the Brussels EU – at the conquest and control of Europe.

Evidently, the Cartel interests had hoped to cement their control via the Brussels EU without these dark roots ever being exposed. However, this plan has failed. The publication of this book and the tens of thousands of authentic documents it references mean that the Brussels EU experiment is over. No democratic person, organization or party can possibly now support this third attempt at the conquest of Europe.

nazi eu diagram 2

This book is also a unique opportunity for all those politicians and political parties who have been lured into supporting the Brussels EU without knowing its background or understanding its true purpose. This includes the 27 heads of state who have signed the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, the majority of whom did not understand that their signatures constituted an ‘Enabling Act’ for the Cartel and its stakeholders to seize control over Europe. These politicians and political parties now have the chance to make a complete turnaround and to publicly revoke their support for a model of Europe that has been built upon decades of lies and deception.

For citizens of the UK, the exposure of the historical roots of the Brussels EU is a particular provocation. Having twice previously – in WWI and WWII – played a critical role in saving Europe from takeover by the Cartel and its political stakeholders, the British people are now faced with the possibility that the great human sacrifices of their countrymen were in vain. With their subjugation under the Lisbon Treaty and the Brussels EU, the lives of sixty million Britons living today, and countless more as yet unborn, would come under the yoke of the very same interests that have already tried to conquer and seize control of the UK twice before.

We therefore encourage you to help disseminate this important information among your family, friends, work colleagues and in your community. Moreover, we also encourage you to confront your political representatives – at the local, regional, national and European level – with the information contained in this book. In doing so, you must urge these politicians to make a choice: Either they can close their eyes to the truth and, thereby, recklessly support the takeover of the UK and Europe by a dictatorship of corporate interests, or they can act to protect democracy and the health and life interests of millions of people. The choice these politicians make with regard to their position on the Brussels EU will be the most important decision of their political careers.

After the last attempt of the Cartel to control the UK and Europe had failed in 1945, one of the most widely used excuses by its political stakeholders was that they “didn’t know”. After the publication of this book, however, no politician today can make such a claim in defense of his or her continued support for the ‘Brussels EU’.

From a historic perspective, what is most urgently needed now is a movement of the people. This is particularly important because politicians in many countries across Europe have become influenced by the corporate interests of the Oil and Drug Cartel; thus, they are no longer independent defenders of the interests of the people. A movement of the people will therefore be the only guarantor of freedom, democracy and independence for the people of both Britain and Europe.

Click here to download the special UK edition of the book.

EU and Nazi Links – Further Source Material

heil euro nazi eu

[RGA: here is a list of resources, videos and books on others who point out the links between the EU and Nazi Germany. If you find anything else of value in the same vein, please add to the comments and I will update the article. Information provided below is without endorsement, approval (implicit or explicit) or comment and RGA makes no claims as to the veracity of such information .]

1 – I found a video featuring one of the authors of The Nazi Origins Of The Brussels EU, Paul Anthony Taylor:

2 – Lord Christopher Monckton (UKIP) – on the Alex Jones Show (Infowars) about 10 months ago.

3 – Tony Gosling interview: “”What BBC won’t tell you about Brexit: Decline of Britain since 1973 EEC Tony Gosling. Why leave EU?”

4 – Tony Gosling speech filmed 2012

5 – (From video description box): “This video is based on a speech by Rodney Atkinson at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 26th Feb 2008. The EU is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942 “The EU was founded and initially led by “former” Nazis and fascists, as was the Charlemagne prize awarded to TONY BLAIR, EDWARD HEATH, ROY JENKINS and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe”. RODNEY ATKINSON is a former adviser to Ministers and an internationally praised author of 6 books on political economy and the crisis caused by the European superstate. For more:  See also HERE.

Europe’s Full Circle: Corporate Elites and the New Fascism(Rodney Atkinson, 1996) appears to be the source material for Atkinson’s lectures.  Again, hard to find in the UK (!) but you can buy it on Kindle at the above link.  Like others, it is available freely in the USA on paperback. I am not one for paranoia but it is odd that this sort of material seems hard to find on UK Amazon, but not in the US – where one would presume it would have a much smaller potential audience (not to mention, the EU is our concern not theirs).

And Into The Fire: Fascist Elements in Post War Europe and the Development of the EU” (Rodney Atkinson, William Dorich, Edward Spalton) – on Amazon you can ‘look inside’ and read. Like others, only £1.99 on Kindle download.

6 – Germany’s Fourth Reich: Origins and Development Seeking World Domination Commanding the EU Diminishing Britain (Harry Beckborough) “This book reveals that inherited desire for domination which has been Germany’s major characteristic through major wars and battles over the centuries, invariably ending in chaos, as exemplified by their leading German philosopher, Nietzsche.”

7 – The EU: The Truth About The Fourth Reich: How Adolf Hitler Won The Second World War (Daniel J Beddowes, Flavio Cipollini) “The EU was designed by Mussolini, Hitler and Funk (Hitler’s economics advisor). Other senior Nazis helped plan the EU. This book contains the details of precisely how and when they did it. Hitler invented the phrase United States of Europe. Goering devised the name European Economic Community. The euro was Funk’s idea. And Heydrich, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, published an early version of The Treaty of Rome.” – intriguingly, this book is only available on as a download or a paperback (USA), not in which we are automatically diverted to when looking at buying something on Amazon. Makes me want to read the book now, to see why they are shielding something which clearly has more pressing interest to UK readers than American ones.

8 – Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism (Joseph Farrell) – “Pursuing his investigations of high financial fraud, international banking, hidden systems of finance, black budgets and breakaway civilizations, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell continues his examination of the post-war Nazi International, an “extra-territorial state” without borders or capitals, a network of terrorists, drug runners, and people in the very heights of financial power willing to commit financial fraud in amounts totalling trillions of dollars. Breakaway civilizations, black budgets, secret technology, occult rituals, international terrorism, giant corporate cartels, patent law and the hijacking of nature: it’s all in this book where Farrell explores what he calls ‘the business model’ of the post-war Axis elite. It is Farrell at his best―uncovering the gargantuan financial fraud and hidden technology of the breakaway civilization.” – there seems to be a whole series of Farrell books on the subject: “The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12” and “Nazi International: The Nazis’ Postwar Plan to Control the Worlds of Science, Finance, Space, and Conflict“.  The books have very high review scores (almost unanimously 5 stars).

9 – Anthony C. Sutton – one of my favourites – was one of the first ‘conspiracy theorists’ to reach mainstream recognition. It is well worth looking into his works. He is famous for exposing the ‘Skull and Bones‘ secret society of Yale University (members included George Bush Snr, Jnr, John Kerry and others) – something I am half way through writing a blog about.  But probably his best works include exposing Wall Street ties to the funding of Hitler.  Not strictly related to the EU, but that was not his concern at the time.  It is interesting to see the cross over of evidence related to the Elites and banking cartels / families funding the rise of Hitler, to create war from which to profit from. Worth searching YouTube for his videos.

Here is the book which the above interview is based on: “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler: The Astonishing True Story of the American Financiers Who Bankrolled the Nazis(Anthony C. Sutton).

Further source material welcome. This page will act as a resource for material related to the EU and Nazism.

Look forward to comments below!

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  1. Like the bloody bolsheviks the nazis planned, were supported and came from zogmurkia a hotbed of masonic, satanism and zionism.


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