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Jean Raspail: “We Are Only At The Beginning”

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The Camp of The Saints by Jean Raspail

camp of saints coverFrench author Jean Raspail wrote the visionary book “The Camp of The Saints“, available on  Amazon in the UK or in the USA, or free PDF download.

The tale is a chilling, apocalyptic vision of ‘good intentions’ gone wild, contributing to a cultural suicide through an inability to react appropriately to an existential threat. Although published in the 70s, it has become popular again in France and beyond since the state of the ‘refugee crisis’,  achieving cult classic status.  It is often referred to by critics as a warning about immigration and the dangers of “false song of Globalism” and associated creed of (faux-) Humanitarianism / Open Borders / Multiculturalism / diversity.

We are fast approaching a point where Europe will have to face some extremely tough choices, which in the current Liberal / PC environment, look impossible.  Our politicians, home and abroad, are far too craven to even suggest common sense solutions which are a necessity if the people of Europe are to avoid sealing their fate of demographic / cultural suicide within a generation.

Just think of the worldwide furore caused by Donald Trump’s (out of context) speech where he called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration “until we can figure out what is going on.”  Or even his calls for a ‘wall’, essentially wanting actual, real, effective border control…. oh, the horror! What a monster! Apparently, yes, in the days of the death throes of Western civilisation, society is infected with a virus called ‘political correctness’ – all rationality, common sense, survival instinct, pragmatism and ‘cruel to be kind’ long-termist thinking – ALL OF IT – must be sacrificed on the altar of what ‘feels good’ and gets the most Social Brownie Points on Facebook.

Nowadays, enforcing actual laws and borders is ‘controversial’. This is PC insanity – all entirely by design – and it is the plan of the Globalists to implode the West so they can establish their New World Order.

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“#RT ‘The Camp of The Saints’ cautionary tale of #WhiteGenocide abetted by #Libtarded #PC #cowardice. #Brexit”

Tweet: #RT 'The Camp of The Saints' cautionary tale of #WhiteGenocide abetted by #Libtarded #PC #cowardice. #Brexit

Trumps Muslim ban is a common-sense approach. I liken it to finding out there is a leak of some toxic chemical or poison in your home water supply. Only a small percentage. And you may or may not be sick.  But others have drunk it and have become sick… so why take the risk for you and your family?  What is the sensible approach?

Turn off the water and investigate the root cause, or if you cannot solve the problem at source, buy some form of water filtration system which ensures the water is safe. Then turn it back on.

This is effectively what Trump proposes and what we in the UK should do.  We KNOW there are terrorists, because they boasted a full year in advance they would create a wave of refugees and seed it with Jihadists.  And that’s the pointy tip of the iceberg of the Muslim immigration crisis, because they have caused massive problems including up to 400,000 extra crimes in Germany in 1 year alone, and that’s before the numerous terror atrocities, mass rapes, economic collapse, social problems, stress on public services, on and on ad nauseum.

Simply on the terror threat alone – we need to stop. NOW. And if terror cannot be stopped (it can’t; terror is intrinsic to Islam and Islam is unreformable) – then we must stop importing Muslims en masse or consider banning it or imposing serious restrictions. Otherwise, this is all going to end in tears. And blood.  Probably a lot of both.

The solutions to the EU ‘refugee crisis’ (AKA Globalist-engineered Hijrah invasion to create a Cloward Piven collapse) – are equally simple. But they are tough choices. And will seem ‘cruel’ and ‘inhumane’ to the hand-wringing Open Borders ‘Refugees Welcome’ crowd.  Simple solutions like use the Navy to physically block, scuttle ships, and forcible return migrants to the shores from whence they came. WALLS. Forcible return of migrants who have entered Europe.  Stopping benefits, altering asylum legislation, and suspending Schengen until resolved.  Common sense. Non-feminist, non-PC decision making, and a set of balls to take the flack.That sort of thing.

The sort of reaction which would instantly spread across the MENA nations – and people would say “there’s no more freebies, its not going to work any more, the show is over“.

Word would spread and the refugee crisis could be stopped in a year.

But we all know that a lot more damage is going to be done before the people force the politicos to take the necessary action, and even then it may already be too late demographically. A revolution, or war, is not beyond the realms of possibility.

The only way we can stop cultural death and eventual white genocide, is through a massive awakening of the public to the danger, and this can only happen through a Nationalist uprising.  We have to throw out the PC brigade and all the Corporatist and Globalist interests behind them.

A single catalyst event may trigger mass awakening (such as another 7/7 or 9/11) – but this looks unlikely as people seem to be becoming immune to such events and are blocking it all out.  Terror has become normalised as people tune out due to ‘normalcy bias’ and ‘cognitive dissonance’.  Millions of hands clasped to ears, shouting “La la la la Ia… I. Can’t. Hear. You!

My personal feeling is it will take a series of 8, 10, 12 terror events in a row – like a Tet Offensive as postulated by Matt Bracken – before people wake up. The people need to wake up and see that all the tolerance and ‘refugees welcome’ hugs in the world is not going to change the fact that Radical Islam is at war with us, whether we like it or not.

They need to feel like their lives, their kids futures are at stake before they shake of the TV-induced PC mind-fog.

If it does not happen, people (and certainly careerist politicians) will always chose the cowardly, PC, virtue-signalling cop-out route. And at some point we will pass the Rubicon without actually knowing it, and our fate will be sealed. There will be a lot of suffering to come, but it will no longer be the revolution to turn the ship around. It will be the long, painful death throes before cultural oblivion, as experienced by the 56 other nations where Islam has extinguished the original culture and religion, airbrushing its very history, artefacts, architecture and even religions and racial heritage. Look it up.  Look what ISIS do in Syria and Iraq – destroy churches, 3000 year old monuments, books… over the centuries, even languages and names become erased from history… this is the cultural death of Islamisation, in its hard (Jihad) and soft (Dhimmitude) forms.

Turkey was Greek and Christian, called Anatolia – with blonde and red-haired blue eyed people.

The damage of past waves of Jihad has written itself into the very DNA of the Italians, Spanish and Greeks.

Book Description (from Amazon):

“The Camp of the Saints is a novel about population migration and its consequences. In Calcutta, India, the Belgian government announces a policy in which Indian babies will be adopted and raised in Belgium. The policy is soon reversed after the Belgian consulate is inundated with poverty-stricken parents eager to give up their infant children.

An Indian “wise man” then rallies the masses to make a mass exodus to live in Europe. Most of the story centers on the French Riviera, where almost no one remains except for the military and a few civilians, including a retired professor who has been watching the huge fleet of run-down freighters approaching the French coast.

The story alternates between the French reaction to the mass immigration and the attitude of the immigrants. They have no desire to assimilate into French culture but want the plentiful goods that are in short supply in their native India. Although the novel focuses on France, the rest of the West shares its fate.

Near the end of the story the mayor of New York City is made to share Gracie Mansion with three families from Harlem, the Queen of the United Kingdom must agree to have her son marry a Pakistani woman, and only one drunken Soviet soldier stands in the way of thousands of Chinese people as they swarm into Siberia. The one holdout until the end of the novel is Switzerland, but by then international pressure isolating it as a rogue state for not opening its borders forces it to capitulate.”

The book returned to the bestseller list in 2011. It is interesting to note this is more easily available in the USA, in the UK it seems only hard-to-get hardcover versions are available through third party retailers using the Amazon platform.

Camp of The Saints Quotes

[UPDATE: I was sent an email pointing out much better quotes than original given here. Hat tip to Eldar]

1 – A warning about immigration…

“The weak fade and disappear, the strong multiply and triumph […] our ancient West – tragically now in a minority status on this earth – retreats behind its dismantled fortifications while it already loses the battles on its own soil, it begins to behold, in astonishment, the dull roar of the huge tide that threatens to engulf it. One must remember the saying on ancient solar calendars: ‘It is later than you think…’ “

2 – Diversity and multiculturalism as cultural suicide…

“Man never has really loved humanity all of a piece–all its races, its peoples, its religions–but only those creatures he feels are his kin, a part of his clan, no matter how vast. As far as the rest are concerned, he forces himself, and lets the world force him. And then, when he does, when the damage is done, he himself falls apart. In this curious war taking shape, those who loved themselves best were the ones who would triumph.”

3 – The traitorous mainstream media misleading us…

“Real-world drama, served in the comfort of home by that whore called Mass Media, only stirs up the void where Western opinion has long been submerged. Someone drools at a current event, and mistakes his drivel for meaningful thought. Still, let’s not be too quick to spit our scorn its way. Empty drivel indeed, but it shows nonetheless how reading the papers or watching the news can provoke at least the appearance of thinking. Like Pavlov’s dog, who slobber revealed the mechanics of instinct. Opinion shakes up its sloth, nothing more. Does anyone really believe that the average Western man, coming home from his office or factory job, and faced with the world’s great upheavals, can eke out much more than a moment’s pause in the monumental boredom of his daily routine?”

4 – The infiltration of Globalists into all the structures of society, weaving treachery and ‘manufacturing consent’

“The journalist’s pen gave him many a size and shape, but one thing never changed: his contempt for tradition, his scorn for Western Man per se, and above all the patriotic Frenchman. Like a kind of anti-Joan of Arc, charged by King Dio with a thousandfold mission. To wit, to crush with the weight of shame and remorse the common, foot slogging soldier of the Western World, lord of its ancient battles, deserted by all his generals to a man, but a powerful force all the same.”

5 – Immigration; weakness of

In column after column, the anti-Joan became, by turns, an Arab workman, snubbed and insulted; a publisher of smut, hauled into court; a black bricklayer, exploited by his boss; a theatre director with a censored play; a young Madonna from some leftist slum; a rioter, beaten for ripping up the streets; a café tough, shot in his tracks; a student terrorist; a schoolgirl on the pill; the head of a people’s culture centre, summarily fired; a marijuana prophet; a rebel leader dispensing guerilla justice; a married priest; an adolescent lecher; an incestuous author; a guru of pop; a female dead from an overdose of love; a pummelled Egyptian, a poisoned Greek, a Spaniard gunned down; a reporter, attacked and beaten; a protester crapping on the Unknown Soldier; a hunger striker, soft in the head; a Vietnam deserter; a big chief thug from the wrong side of town; a faggot with a medical excuse; a sadistic schoolboy tormenting his teacher; a rapist, mind twisted by racks of hard-core porn; a kidnapper, sure of his righteous cause; an incurable delinquent, victim of his genes or society’s pressures; an abortionist butcher, screaming for his human rights; a Brazilian backwoods wench, sold into São Paolo salons; an Indian dying from a tourist’s measles; a murderer calling for prison reform; a Bishop spouting Marx in his pastoral letters; a car thief, mad for speed; a bank thief, mad for publicity’s easy life; a maidenhead thief, mad for free and easy sex; a Bengali dead of starvation … And so many more.

So many crusading heroes, skilfully chosen to please and persuade. Which they usually did. And why not? When the heart gives way, it’s a Turkish bazaar. Freedom is all or nothing. With the likes of this would-be heart-rending rabble, these pseudo-pathetic peons beating his battering rams against the gates, Dio knew that, in time, he was sure to smash them down. When freedom expands to mean freedom of instinct and social destruction, then freedom is dead.”

6 – The last stand; Switzerland succumbs at the end of the book

“Because Switzerland’s foundations,too had been sapped form within. The Beast had undermined her, but slowly and surely, and it merely took her that much longer to crumble. Then in time, chunck by chunk, she let herself go, forgot herself and began to think. Her collapse was really in the best of taste. The famous shield of perennial neutrality still made a vague impression. The beast put on gloves before yodeling for the kill. From inside and out, the pressures grew stronger. A Munich-style coup. No way to avoid it. Back to the wall. She had to give in. And today she signed.

At midnight tonight her borders will be opened. Already, for the last few days, they’ve been practically unguarded. And I’m sitting here now, slowly repeating, over and over, these melancholy words, of old prince Bibesco, trying to drum them into my head:”The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.”

What We Are Facing…

I’ve copied the following from the YouTube description for ease of reference:

“Man has never really loved humanity all of a piece—all its races, its peoples, its religions—but only those creatures he feels are his kin, a part of his clan, no matter how vast. As far as the rest are concerned, he forces himself, and lets the world force him. And then, when he does, when the damage is done, he falls apart.”

  • Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints

“‘Repent!’ That is the message that Western philosophy, under cover of its proclaimed hedonism, has been hammering into us for the past half-century — though that philosophy claims to be both an emancipatory discourse and the guilty conscience of its time. What it injects into us in the guise of atheism is nothing other than the old notion of original sin, the ancient poison of damnation. In Judeo-Christian lands, there is no fuel so potent as the feeling of guilt, and the more our philosophers and sociologists proclaim themselves to be agnostics, atheists, and free-thinkers, the more they take us back to the religious belief they are challenging. As Nietzsche put it, in the name of humanity secular ideologies have out-Christianized Christianity and taken its message still further. (…)

One part of the world, ours, is thus obsessively preoccupied with drawing up a list of its crimes and creating a lofty statue of itself as a torturer. From childhood on, we are taught to reprimand ourselves. The critical passion whose function was to free the individual from prejudices has become the most widely shared prejudice. But beyond a certain threshold of vigilance, reason is transformed into a destructive skepticism. When doubt becomes our only faith, it begins to denigrate all the energy that faith used to put into veneration. Then we refuse to defend our societies: we would rather abolish ourselves than show even a tiny bit of attachment to them. (…)

On the whole, the Old World prefers guilt to responsibility: the former is easier to bear; we get on well with our guilty conscience. Our lazy despair does not incite us to fight injustice but rather to coexist with it. Despite our intransigent superego, we delight in our tranquil impotence, we take up permanent residence in a peaceful hell. This verbal despondency is an act that allows us not to feel obliged to justify ourselves to anyone. Remorse is a mixture of good will and bad faith: a sincere desire to close up old wounds and a secret desire to retreat to the sidelines. There comes a time when moral and metaphysical culpability is used to elude any real political responsibility. The debt to the dead wins out over the duty to the living. Repentance creates people who apologize for ancient crimes in order to exonerate themselves for present crimes.”

Music: Claudio Monteverdi – O Stellae Coruscantes, motet for 5 voices, SV 78.k, conducted by Vincent Dumestre

“O stellae coruscantes,
ornamenta coelorum
que cecas tenebras illuminatis”

“Oh, scintillating stars
adorning the skies
illuminate this tenebrous darkness”

And of course you have probably already seen “With Open Gates”

The Logical Fallacy of Diversity / Multiculturalism

The following video from the excellent ‘Black Pigeon Speaks‘ YouTube channel is a very comprehensive dismantling of the ‘diversity’ mantra that underpins the Cult of Open Borders / Multi Kulti.

The research papers, studies and books referenced in the video can be found here.

Jean Raspail:”We Are Only At The Beginning”

Here is an interview with Jean Raspail that appears in Le Point. It is no surprise that he is unashamedly realistic about the inevitable collapse of Western civilization – unless we give up our “compassion”

(Hat tip: Galliawatch for the translation and comments).

Raspail is in blue bold text.

Le Point: Some on the right consider your book The Camp of the Saints, written in 1972, as visionary, especially since the refugee crisis. How do you feel about that?

JR: This migrant crisis puts an end to thirty years of insults and slander against me. I have been called a fascist because of this book considered to be a racist work…

Are you a racist?

No, not at all! You can’t spend your life traveling the world, be a member of the Society of French Explorers, meet I don’t know how many endangered populations, and be a racist. That would be hard, it seems to me. When it came out in 1972 the book shocked people tremendously, and for a reason. There was a period, notably during the seven-year term of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing when a veritable intellectual terrorism was employed against right-wing writers.

“Intellectual terrorism”, already?

Yes. They insulted me, dragged me in the dirt, then gradually it subsided. Because, little by little they began to experience what I had described in the book. A certain number of intellectuals, including those on the left, acknowledged that there was some truth in what I had announced. Bertrand Poirot-Delpech, who had crucified me in Le Monde when the book came out, declared in an article in the same newspaper in 1998, that in the end I was right. Now it’s over.

The Camp of the Saints also inspires a rejection as well as an evocation of your name…

Among the anti-Raspail irredentists, only Laurent Joffrin remains. There’s nothing you can do about him, he continues to spit on me, he can’t help it. But my friend Denis Tillinac has offered to reply to him. I’m not revengeful. I’m now in my proper place.

Note: Joffrin is head of the left-wing newspaper Libération.

If this book is not racist, how would you describe it?

It’s a surprising book.


This book came into being in a strange way. Before, I had written books about my travels and novels, with little success. One day in 1972, I was in the South of France staying with one of my wife’s aunts, near Saint-Raphaël, in Vallauris. I had an office with a view of the sea and I said to myself: “And what if they came?” This “they” was not clearly defined at first. Then I imagined that the Third World would rush into this blessed country that is France. It’s a surprising book. It took a long time to write it, but it came to me on its own. I would stop writing in the evening and start again in the morning without knowing where I was going. There is an inspiration in this book that is alien to myself. I am not saying it is divine, but strange.

There is one thing you didn’t anticipate: the rejection generated by this book from the moment it appeared…

When my publisher Robert Laffont, an apolitical man, read the manuscript, he was very enthusiastic and did not change a comma. Moreover, I did not change anything.

Would such a book have been possible today?

At first, The Camp of the Saints did not sell. For at least five or six years it stagnated. Very few sales. Then three years later, suddenly, the sales went up. Success came by word-of-mouth and thanks to the promotion from right-wing writers, Until the day, in 2001, when a boatload of Kurdish refugees went ashore in Boulouris, near Saint-Raphaël, a few yards from the office where I wrote The Camp of the Saints! This affair made a terrible row in the region. Right away they began talking about my book again and it reached a wide public. It was the beginning of the arrival by sea of people from elsewhere. I am a bit ashamed, because whenever there is a large influx of migrants, it gets reprinted. It’s consubstantial with what is happening.

Is it a political book?

Perhaps a little, yes. The last stronghold of faithful and of fighters is composed of patriots attached to their identity and their land. They rise up against general fraternity and miscegenation (métissage)…

You say you are not of the extreme right, but your book has become like a tract within certain xenophobic groups. Are you sorry about that?

You’re speaking of the extreme of the extreme right! It’s possible that this book is being misused and there can be, at times, language that is excessive. There’s nothing I can do about that. Anyway, I don’t go to the Internet, I have not entered the 21st century, so I don’t know what they’re saying. Personally I am on the right, and it doesn’t bother me to say so. I am even “right-right”

Which means?

Let’s say more to the right than Juppé. I am first of all a free man, never beholden to a party. I patrol the borders.

Note: Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux, is hardly on the right. A former member of Sarkozy’s cabinet, he is known as an activist for the Muslim population of his city and has promoted the building of mosques

Do you vote?

Not always. I’m a royalist. I vote in the last round of the presidential elections. I don’t vote left, that’s for sure

Have you thought about a sequel to The Camp of the Saints?

– It is certain that there will be one, but not from me. Will it come out before the great collapse? I’m not sure.

In your book you speak of the “ferocious” nature of the migrants. But we see today that those arriving from Syria or elsewhere don’t have a knife between their teeth…

Note: The interviewer is wrong. Rapes and attacks are reported everyday. The interviewer’s name is Saïd Mahrane. I know nothing about him.

What’s happening today isn’t important, it’s anecdotal, for we are only at the beginning. Right now, the whole world is talking about this, there are thousands of specialists on the issue of migrants, it’s a chaos of commentary. Not one looks at the thirty-five years that lie ahead. The situation we are living through today is nothing compared to what awaits us in 2050. There will be nine billion people on the earth. Africa has gone from one hundred million to one billion inhabitants in a century, and perhaps twice that in 2050. Will the world be livable? The overpopulation and the wars of religion will make the situation fragile. That’s when the invasion will occur, it is ineluctable. The migrants will come in great part from Africa, the Middle East and the borders of Asia…

Should we fight the evil at the roots and bomb the strategic points of Daesh, as France has just done?

It’s their problem not ours. It doesn’t concern us. What are we doing in this business? Why do we want to play a role? Let them cope! Years ago we got out of these regions? Why go back?

And what do we do when Syria sends out orders to attack France?

We block them. We prevent them from entering French territory. The politicians have no solution to this problem. It’s like the debt – we pass it on to our grandchildren. Our grandchildren will have to manage this problem of massive migration.

The Catholic Church is not at all on this wave length. It is urging the faithful to show their generosity…

I have written that Christian charity will suffer a bit when faced with the answers to the influx of migrants. It will have to steel itself and suppress compassion of all sorts. Otherwise, our countries will be submerged.

Refuse everybody, including the Eastern Christians?

Possibly. But they are closer to the Westerners through their religion. This is why many Frenchmen would like to accept them. France, this country with no religious belief, proves that the basis of Western civilization is a Christian basis. People, even if they don’t go to church any more and or practice, react in accordance with this Christian basis.

Even now with marauding gangs holding up their highways, Brussels, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan and so much else recently… STILL the media and political class is in thrall to the PC / MC dogma. They are literally living in another planet. Or are they? My own view is they cannot all be so deluded. Others are sell-out hacks working to a script for the Globalists who enrich them.

A different interview from 2011 (in 2 parts), well worth listening to… the commentators look so deluded and PC in the current context of the refugee crisis…

Jean Raspail, of course, appears more and more a prophet…

Before you go…

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“#RT ‘The Camp of The Saints’ cautionary tale of #WhiteGenocide abetted by #Libtarded #PC #cowardice. #Brexit”

Tweet: #RT 'The Camp of The Saints' cautionary tale of #WhiteGenocide abetted by #Libtarded #PC #cowardice. #Brexit

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19 thoughts on “Jean Raspail: “We Are Only At The Beginning”

  1. I bought a paper back of this book on Amazon in April. A very good read and shocking detail, you will not be the same person after reading it. The pope is a jerk not of Christ but th

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    • The Pope is a communist New World Order shill. He is THE most political, lecturing, grandstanding Pope in history. Everything he espouses fits the Globalist agenda perfectly. Lecturing the USA on its borders, yet the Vatican has massive walls. Makig a scene on the Mexican border for the Americans to feel guilty – yet the Mexicans torture, lock up and blackmail the families of immigrants coming into their country from the South. Lecturing the Europeans for lack of charity and telling them to take Muslims into their homes, yet the Vatican is worth TRILLIONS tax exempt. Lecturing about Climate change, flying around the world on jumbo jets to fit his massive entourage.

      See here:

      “Today, I don’t think that there is a fear of Islam as such but of ISIS and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam,” he told French newspaper La Croix. “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam, however, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.”
      The Pope also said he “dreaded” hearing about the “Christian roots of Europe” because, to him, they take on “colonialist overtones” and he called on European nations to “integrate” Muslim migrants into the continent.

      More at


      • My first visit to London 1974 my last 2006 and I have no plans of going back.
        I hate England and its brutal past they got away with, Irish here, last in Ireland 2014, Dublin is gone country side still good East Coast too.


        • My blood line is County Donegal 1650, when I die I want to buried their if possible? In America now, made a lot money and spent and drank more, I hold an Irish passport and U.S. passport, who I worked for 27 years, very bad people some of them, like some of them, all and all I would take and join the Irish first, except if they defend the English.


        • Ireland’s Famine

          Without mercy and little hope
          the Irish dared to sail from Codh
          England called their Queens Town
          where men, women and children left
          left behind, England’s corrupt famine.

          Common farmers these common folks
          were mostly Catholics, as tenants at will
          the world denied they were human beings.

          Sad so few but America welcomed them in
          America helped to feed so many back to life
          then the melting pot of the world I once then.

          The Irish Catholic are loyal and a stubborn lot
          they refused to die out, they never blamed God
          their potato crop failed, not their love of Ireland.

          Take notice England they guard the Pearly Gates
          your reminder to Hell the penny or two you saved.
          They’re the forgotten ones with their innocent pleas
          victims of your pious English court of royals starved.


        • I as an Englishman would like to clarify one point.

          The Irish Famine was caused by the corporatist East India Company not “England”. The English are the fall guys all the time. A south African told me that the Empire troops involved in taking the foodstuffs were troops from the Indian subcontinent. Perhaps you may have some info on this.

          Anyway Britain includes Scotland and Wales, but we English get the blame for all the worst of Britain.

          You will recall that foreign bankers funded Cromwell in his conquest of England. He was also responsible for creating the sectarian problems in NI that just won’t go away.

          Had we English repelled Cromwell, I am sure Ireland would never have been the sectarian problems, the famine would have stopped in time. Ireland would probably have never been partitioned and had self government within the UK. The third world and Islamic takeover of our countries would never have started.

          The problems for both English and Irish peoples all started with Cromwell in the 17th Century.

          If the ruling elites can pull off the Irish Holocaust with impunity they can pull off their final solution of genociding all indigenous Britons and Irish without anyone noticing.


        • A Ship of Dreamers in 1847

          From Galway they sailed in the dark of night
          tempting fate in dreams, the chance to be free
          seen from the Cliffs of Moher; a grand voyage!
          The Aran Islands waved them on, God speed ye
          and the Inishmores cried that night God save ye!

          All desperate souls aboard that ship of dreamers
          who failed to ask a captain’s name of a ghost ship
          that sailed off Galway Ireland, in the dark of night.
          They all drowned, in the cold North Atlantic waters.
          Ireland was their home; that the British denied them.

          Irish dreamers died that night, plead, Dan O’Connell
          for the poets, the dreamers lost aboard that damn ship
          a haunted ship, a boomed voyage, a dreadful nightmare.
          The Banshees do weep no more choirs of Irish poets sing.
          We are the fools who trusted our ships captain, Cromwell.

          That infamous captain, he lost all passengers far off Galway
          a deliberate act of an Englishman, impaled on London Bridge
          who haunts that ship of dreamers, that trusted the devil himself.
          Irish poets write of bleak times, as the devils tongue wags blame
          nailed to the deck of that ship of dreamers that sails on evermore.


        • ! its mental isn’t it! it couldn’t be any more the definition of “hidden in plain view”. This Pope is not just a misguided Commie, he is deliberately wrecking Europe, i am sure of it. What more could he do if he was?


    • I remember the late Dr Paisley called the Pope “The Antichrist” in the 1980s. I thought he was insane and deluded, but as an Anglican myself (not RC) the late Dr Paisley’s comments certainly ring true for the current Pope. I remember wasn’t a Pope assassinated in 1981? The Luciferians must now control the Vatican and also the C of E.

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      • I grew up with all that Francis. Its the reason I was so cynical of religion AND politics most of my life until i moved to the UK and my vote actually counted for anything. I grew up in a Protestant estate in Northern Ireland, with a Catholic-sounding forename, and hippy parents. I always had to justify myself. I also had plenty of Catholic friends in my mixed school. So i grew up thinking Paisley was a bigot, hating Gerry Adams just as much. Older and wiser, i see its not the religion, its ORGANISED religion and people using religious institutions for empire-building / politics.

        John Paul seemed the last decent Pope. This one really could pass for the antichrist. What else would he have to do different? he all but welcomes Europe’s islamisation. And he agrees with this guy:


        • The NI Troubles were indeed nothing to do with religion but really racism masked as religion. I’ve spoken to ex pat Republicans and told them that the Ulster Scots community that you may be from are actually indigenpus to the NE of Ireland. Initially they balked but then belatedly realised that I was correct. I happen to have a southern Irish great great grandfather, devout RC and from what I’d been told he did not approve of the IRB or IRA.

          The misuse of religion as a mask for racism really must be stopped.


  2. If the Hand of God does not bring down and expose pope Francis there is no God.

    The fool French interviewer cannot and did not put out or down author Jean Raspail, I hate Parisians, not the French. They are dammed and doomed as far as I am concerned.

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    • Parisians are like Londoners – out of touch with reality. White flight seems to be the norm in European capital cities. I visited Paris in 2003 and all I can say is that it has the same problems London has – ruling elites who despise their own people.

      The ordinary French, Germans, Britons and others are not much different from each other. I wondered why a Europhile government refused resident EU nationals the right to vote in the Referendum. Well I know French and German residents who are now British passport holders who will be voting and both of them for Brexit and not Remain. Is this the biggest secret of the EU Referendum campaign? I thought both of them would be voting Remain, but no they want their own referenda too.

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      • This is what cultural enrichment looks like

        I remember bringing my in laws to London a few years back. They are Russian. We went ALL DAY in London, and barely saw an Enlish person. Every coffee shop and worker was Eastern European. We went to Harrods, got lost and were in a SEA of Islam. All smoking hooka pipes in the street with tables on the road blocking traffic. Central London. It was extremely surreal. My parents in law went away shocked and disheartened their romantic ideas of London and England were only in fiction.

        Four Weddings and a Funeral it was not. More like 4 male witnesses or execution by stoning.


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