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Letter From A Frenchman

I recently came across this post on a Facebook group page, directed at Americans but even more important for us to consider as we approach the final weeks of before the Brexit vote.

I thought it was interesting show the parallels between the UK and our continental neighbours and our comparative experiences and concerns with the direction Europe is going, especially in the context of the greatest issue of our age, which is mass immigration and enforced multiculturalism.

It is also a good signpost for how things will develop if we remain wedded to the EUSSR.  France is a few years ahead of us, in terms of PC / Multi Kulti insanity, and the size of its Muslim population. Its on my short-list of three for which country will collapse into chaos first (the other two being Germany and Sweden).

It is a perfect microcosm of the concerns I had when I set up this blog, namely the insidious Cultural Marxist control of society and in particular the new tyranny of thought and voice -Political Correctness manifesting in true Orwellian “1984” fashion as Newspeak, Doublethink, Thoughtcrime etc.

There is also a deliberate media blockade on information coming out of France recently so I will add a few clips.

Vid Update:

Here are the insane riots going on in France at the moment. Not a single report about this on the news. I saved the video off Facebook because it keeps disappearing down the Zuckerberg’s Orwellian ‘memory hole‘.  This will happen more as the new EU censorship laws take hold; such footage will be considered ‘inciting hate’ because people concerned about their nation going to shit, might get angry.

There was footage of mass rioting in and around Calais, with people being dragged from vehicles, tyres alight in the middle of the highway, police being chased and beaten etc. But the minute i went to download it, the video was gone, and the Facebook user ‘disappeared’ (probably on his way to re-education as we speak).

Hello guys, my name is Boris Le Lay. I am a French national officially, even though I consider myself as a Breton national, because I come from Brittany in the western part of France. Brittany is culturally related to Wales, in the UK for those who know a bit of history, about those regions.

So, in 2015 I was sentenced to six months in jail for having stated that there is no such thing as a black Celt. It’s not a joke, it’s true. It’s absolutely true! And the French justice [system] sentenced me two times for having made this statement.

The second time I was sentenced to jail, six months they said. And the judge was an African, an African Muslim. So, after I was aware of this fact, by reading the press, because at the time I was not in France, anymore. I questioned the fairness of the tribunal, which in my view is perfectly OK [to do so]. And I basically stated that, the fact that a black Muslim judge sentenced me to six months in jail for having stated that, there was no such thing as “black Celts”. This was a signal, if you like. A signal that French justice was slowly, but surely, turning into a tribal and religious, if not a racial, justice [system]. And that it was indeed racist!

That means that, White folks were not free anymore to speak their opinion without the threat of being sentenced by, you know, so-called minority judges who would feel offended for the victim, and who would identify with the victims.

So, I think there is here a deep gap in the French system, now. Well, if I want to talk about that, it’s of course, … So, you know, what’s going on, of course, in France and Europe in general. And I know some of you see France evolving in certain fashion, but you don’t understand the language, and you are not aware of the details. Still, you have some good pieces [information] in American speaking outlets, of what’s going on in France. But, I wanted to give you an insight, if you like. And my case is becoming quite typical.

There is now the implementation of a pure “thought crime police”. It’s obvious, it’s clear. There is now political police in France, that is really willing to suppress any form of opposition to the replacement of the population of the natives by the “new comers”, if you like, the migrants, mostly, the vast majority of them are Muslim.

So, now I’m living abroad, as I said, because I have been, from 2011, up to 2014 living in France, after having been abroad. And I was put under house arrest, because of all the articles I wrote back then and, you know, since 2010, really, it has been just been trials after trials, just because I wanted to speak about what’s taking place in France basically, and in Brittany, in particular. But more generally about, what was going on in trends in Europe.

About the war that is taking place. It’s a war! It’s a cultural war. It’s becoming an ethnic and religious war. It’s obvious! And it’s more obvious since last year, I think. And so, now I’m living abroad and I really can’t go back to France, because I would be put in jail right away. And there is no way, you know, you can’t be properly defended by lawyers, because, you know, the system is rigged. Basically, the judges do what they want.

In France, the constitution is so that, basically the judges just follow the government orders. It’s very different from the American system. So, yeah. It’s, you know, maybe, … I don’t know if democracy ever existed, but yes, France is not a democracy. It’s a socialist, authoritarian regime, really run by extremists at this point, at this stage. And they are not willing to hear anything that could challenge their narrative, at this at this stage in the game, right!

Now, I will just talk about what the situation is, more broadly in France.

In France now, France is as big as Texas when it comes to the size of the country. It has 65 million inhabitants, officially. You have to know that there is about twelve million people, among those sixty five million, that are not European. And among those twelve million, about eight million are Muslims. We are now facing a country where you have about 2,500 mosques. Right. Officially registered, because you have numerous of them which are not registered in those suburbs around the city. Interestingly enough, the city where I have been condemned, I mean, where the trial took place and where has been sentenced to two years in jail last week, was it in Brest, in Brittany. The western part of Brittany, you know, it’s on the Atlantic shore [coast].

Its a city where I regularly denounced the Muslim radical activities and their connections to their socialist mayor. And it made a really huge, huge mess over there, to the point that it became really, … The mainstream media in France would talk about the mess, because there was videos and I released those videos, with tremendous success. And I put this city under huge pressure, you know, it’s really a mess! And it happened that the current French minister is also a former MP [Member of Parliament] in the same district. So he’s a pure political competitor, if you like. They want to silence me and this is the way they do it.

So, this is now the political landscape in France. You have about 300,000 new migrants illegally coming in every year, plus 200,000 coming in legally, so it’s, it’s between four hundred and five hundred, nearly half a million, per year, really at this stage.
And I was talking recently with a cop working at the border, the French-Italian border. He says:

“Yeah, you know, it’s an invasion.”

You know, there is no other word for that, a pure invasion! And we are walking towards civil war, civil war. That’s just it!

But we can’t prevent it, because we don’t have freedom of speech any more! People are silenced. Examples are made [of] by the government, so nobody feels able to speak freely about what’s going on. It’s not only in France, it’s also in Germany, as you know. And this system is really going nuts! Really! It’s very similar to what you could find in, you know, in former Yugoslavia when it was Communist. You know, the same pattern could be found, definitely.

I was talking to former dissidents, nationalists who says, “Yes, it’s quite similar”. So, the American audience, needs to know, regardless of their particular affiliations, you know, I don’t know what you feel like when it comes to ideological affiliation, but you need to know that, if you lose your freedom of speech by these communist, hateful, hate speech laws and, you know the word, you will be in deep, deep trouble. It’s very clear!

So you still have your first amendment, the second amendment. This is what, at this point, is saving America from a complete meltdown. And you can believe me on that! And I think that the concern about freedom of speech is broad in the United States and you need to stand up for that. Because if you lose it, well, you will be overwhelmed without even being allowed to, just talk about it, you see?

The “Trump Event”, the “Trump Surge” is a very very positive thing and we, I mean we Europeans, Western Europeans, are watching that with great interest. Because we see that, despite the massive propaganda from the left, and the Democrats and the Obama administration, you still have, you know, some very healthy and very excellent people in the United States. You have this common sense that allows some people, like Trump, to just come up and, really give sound ideals, political ideals and [who] want to fight back.
Also, I have to say, I’m a bit worried for your liberties, quite honestly, because when I read the American press I see that you do have those Marxist, or minority activists that they call themselves, really pushing for silencing the White majority!

You know, all this anti-racist stuff is pure propaganda! It’s just a way to wage war against Whites! Right? It’s unfortunate that this is the way it is, and you need to acknowledge that, and most of you do. But you really need to be aware of it. In France we are facing it. It’s brutal, it’s vicious and this country, France, is on the frontline! You have to be also aware of that.

If France falls, and it’s about to fall. If France falls, the Western European, the west part of the European continent will be overwhelmed by Islam! It’s clear! When it’s done, you will have a major major break up within Western Civilization, because you will have Central Europe and Eastern Europe, plus Russia, on one hand, and you will have the Western Hemisphere on the other hand. So, this is a major battle that is being waged currently.
And in France, I’m always astonished, because when I listen to the type of discussion, political discussion that there is in the United States, you still have really, a free debate. I can hear, political discussions that [we] are completely unable to have in France. You [We] can’t have those, it’s clear! Discussion about radical Islam, even though President, Obama, refused to say the name, within the society, people are still talking very freely about those threats. In France, it’s no longer the case, right.

You have to understand that the political establishment, the media, the local politicians, the church, which is completely, which is a pure catastrophe, all have acknowledged the fact that Islam is going to win! Right! And, they don’t want to have trouble with the Muslims, even though they are a minority still! They want to be on the winning side!
And they are pushing for a Muslim victory in Western Europe! So they have already chosen their side. And there is only a minority of people who openly want to resist, and this is what I did in this article. Because I just said, the title was:

“Folks! If you don’t resist you will be slaves on your ancestors’ soil! And the Muslim will be the masters.”

This is what I said, and this is what cost me this [jail] sentence. I do not regret it, of course, because it is the truth. And you need to stand up for the truth! You need to tell the truth as it is! Not as you would like it to be. And I think, I did something very useful even though it’s a tiny thing.

But, many other people, even though they may agree with you, are scared, are already scared to death! Because they don’t want to lose what they have. Because now, as I said it’s jail! It’s years of jail! As I said, if I go back to France I will be put in jail for years, you know! And there would be other trials, you know, to add more years, you know, so you never know when you get out.

And, I think there is only two countries, there is of course Central European nations that are still fighting. I think that Russia still has what it takes to resist. I may be wrong, but I think it still has some, you know, genuine will to survive and fight. And I think, you will maybe disagree with me, but, I think that America is also still able to fight back! You know, you still, you would say that Christianity may be a problem, I think still, it gives some moral grounding to an individual, when it’s properly understood, and what it takes to resist the Islamic invasion. And of course, in the United States you are not facing yet, a massive Muslim influx. You’re more concerned about Hispanic, or, you know, [people from] other parts of the world, immigration.

But at some point it [Muslim immigration] will come. And they are extremely aggressive and they are eager to destroy America, and the American people, basically, regardless of their race. This is, you know, the Muslims are not very keen about race even though they really hate the Whites, they really want to destroy America as a whole! That’s it! Everything that is living there, except their fellow Muslims, of course.

So, it’s a global war and as you see in Europe, Western Europe, it’s really becoming ugly.
OK folks, this is it. I wanted to introduce myself, to tell you what I was involved in and I wanted to talk to you about the political situation in France and Western Europe, more broadly. And I think I will probably make some more videos of other various topics if necessary. Sorry if my English is not that fluent, I did my best. You know, I didn’t prepare anything. I just wanted to speak freely about what’s going on.






10 thoughts on “Letter From A Frenchman

  1. Conflict of interest surely having an African origin Muslim judge decide the case. Its time to start suing as Litigants In Persons and taking matters to the European Court of Justice. The hate speech laws are themselves discriminatory and need removing.

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    • Thanks for the correction, i have adjusted the text. Hope this does not cast doubt on the validity of the letter though… but its been passed about on social media so maybe like the game ‘Chinese Whispers’ – a mistake crept in.


      • I think the letter is valid but might have been translated by someone who heard breton and did not know what it meant, so translated as best they could. I’ve heard about his predicament before and saw a video posted by him before: here is the link

        PS: I’m Breton myself

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