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Taharrush – The Imported Rape Culture Spreading Across Europe

The following article is from an excellent blogger Annie Dieu-Le-Veut on the phenomenon of Taharrush Gamea, AKA “The Muslim Rape Game”.  Read the article first but as I alwasy try to do, here are some more resources:

Taharrush in Sweden, another cover-up by the authorities


Here is an fairly RT News spotlight on the subject


The excellent Rebel Media from Canada also covered it around the time in Cologne


And also on InfoWars



By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

An organised group of asylum seekers attacked and sexually assaulted more than 18 women at a festival in Germany over the weekend. This is an example of Taharrush, a term we must become familiar with – if uncontrolled migration is to continue into the West.

Taharrush first reared its head in Europe on New Year’s Eve, this year, when hundreds of women, in Cologne, Germany, were sexually molested and raped by thousands of men that were organised into gangs. At the same time, many migrants in towns right across Europe were also ‘celebrating’ the New Year in the same way.

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