The Rise of Tyranny and The New World Order – As Seen By Plato

This an excellent short piece looking at the creeping totalitarianism we see today unfolding before our eyes, from the timeless perspective of Plato. Some truths never grow old. This is why the Elites want the masses to be dumbed down, servile and reactionary based on emotional triggers. This is why the entire Leftist-Globalist agenda from Political Correctness, to Climate ‘Change’, to restricting Freedom of Speech in the name of ‘hate speech’ and ‘tolerance’, to Open Borders and Multi Kulti – all rely on instilling a feeling of moral outrage, followed by a sense of moral superiority of those who get ‘on board’ with the Elites agenda.

Through the compliant, controlled mainstream media (MSM) and popular culture – the masses are turned into a reactionary, emotional mass of Pavlovian Dogs – to be trained to fetch, attack, lie down, roll over –  on the whistle of the Controllers.

They certainly don’t wish for people to understand history. That’s why there has been a program of historic revisionism.

They certainly don’t wish for people to uncover ancient wisdom. That’s why they hook young minds on a never ending stream of ‘social justice’ and bogus pseudo-intellectual social sciences’ New Left university courses.

They certainly don’t want views to be challenged, for that could lead to exposing the fallacy of their propositions. That’s why they are shutting down the internet and in true Orwellian fashion, dictating what constitutes ‘hate’. Now, stating fact like ‘there were no Black Celts‘ can land you in jail, or on the run escaping sentence for thoughtcrime. Now, stating the 101 different reasons why you are against uncontrolled immigration (or as the media frames it, ‘taking in the refugees’) – automatically means you are committing hate crimes of xenophobia and racism.

First read the article, but if you wish to look further into some of the issues raised, consider following up with the following articles on this site which delve deeper.

The media is almost completely controlled. Voices that are semi-free, are bought up and re-purposed by billionaires, and Saudi sheikhs and oligarchs (witness: Amzon owner buying the Washington Post, controversial ex Mexican president Vincente Fox buying the New York Times, or Bin Talal buying majority shares in Twitter and carrying out a Jihad against any anti-immigrant or Islam-critical comments, but letting ISIS flourish).

Before long, internet comment sections on newspapers will die off. This process is already happening, with remaining comment sections being heavily moderated and people being arbitrarily IP-blocked for speech some anonymous moderator found objectionable (in my case, quoting the Qur’an word for word in the Daily Mail).  Now, they are moving on the social media platforms.

Be warned – before the tyrants move, they always go for the guns and free speech. 2016 and 2017 are going to be pivotal years.

Reclaiming Sovereignty

It’s not so well known that Plato was an alchemist – along with being a playwright – and so he based his wisdom on his observations of Nature, of which human nature is a fractal, holographic part and parcel. In doing so, he was able to predict the course that takes a society from democracy into tyranny.

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