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Why Brexit Must Happen

By Paul Joseph Watson, reblogged from

On June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom determines if it will leave the European Union to re-embrace national sovereignty.

Paul Joseph Watson joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the upcoming United Kingdom EU Referendum, the push to restore British national sovereignty, the consequences of unchecked immigration, the impact of the European Migrant Crisis, the danger of Turkey joining the EU, how burdensome EU regulations destroy businesses, economic scaremongering and the future of the European Union.


28 thoughts on “Why Brexit Must Happen

  1. If you have not red this, you should and then tell all liberals to go to hell. The Clinton’s are nothing but criminals and traitors of the highest degree, scum that have involved and survived because of liberal democratic dumb voters that enable them. The Clinton’s must be tried on RICO, embezzlement, and what ever laws they broken and abused. If not, boot them out with your right foot.

    “by Stephen K. Bannon June 2, 2016

    With her campaign sinking in the polls, Hillary Clinton has launched a desperate attack against Trump University to deflect attention away from her deep involvement with a controversial for-profit college that made the Clinton’s millions, even as the school faced serious legal scrutiny and criminal investigations.

    In April 2015, Bill Clinton was forced to abruptly resign from his lucrative perch as honorary chancellor of Laureate Education, a for-profit college company. The reason for Clinton’s immediate departure: Clinton Cash revealed, and Bloomberg confirmed, that Laureate funneled Bill Clinton $16.46 million over five years while Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. pumped at least $55 million to a group run by Laureate’s founder and chairman, Douglas Becker, a man with strong ties to the Clinton Global Initiative. Laureate has donated between $1 million and $5 million (donations are reported in ranges, not exact amounts) to the Clinton Foundation. Progressive billionaire George Soros is also a Laureate financial backer.

    As the Washington Post reports, “Laureate has stirred controversy throughout Latin America, where it derives two-thirds of its revenue.” During Bill Clinton’s tenure as Laureate’s chancellor, the school spent over $200 million a year on aggressive telemarketing, flashy Internet banner ads, and billboards designed to lure often unprepared students from impoverished countries to enroll in its for-profit classes. The goal: get as many students, regardless of skill level, signed up and paying tuition.
    “I meet people all the time who transfer here when they flunk out elsewhere,” agronomy student Arturo Bisono, 25, told the Post. “This has become the place you go when no one else will accept you.”
    Others, like Rio state legislator Robson Leite who led a probe into Bill Clinton’s embattled for-profit education scheme, say the company is all about extracting cash, not educating students. “They have turned education into a commodity that focuses more on profit than knowledge,” said Leite.
    Progressives have long excoriated for-profit education companies for placing profits over quality pedagogy. Still, for five years, Bill Clinton allowed his face and name to be plastered all over Laureate’s marketing materials. As Clinton Cash reported, pictures of Bill Clinton even lined the walkways at campuses like Laureate’s Bilgi University in Istanbul, Turkey. That Laureate has campuses in Turkey is odd, given that for-profit colleges are illegal there, as well as in Mexico and Chile where Laureate also operates.
    Shortly after Bill Clinton’s lucrative 2010 Laureate appointment, Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. began pumping millions of its USAID dollars to a sister nonprofit, International Youth Foundation (IYF), which is run by Laureate’s founder and chairman, Douglas Becker. Indeed, State Dept. funding skyrocketed once Bill Clinton got on the Laureate payroll, according to Bloomberg:
    A Bloomberg examination of IYF’s public filings show that in 2009, the year before Bill Clinton joined Laureate, the nonprofit received 11 grants worth $9 million from the State Department or the affiliated USAID. In 2010, the group received 14 grants worth $15.1 million. In 2011, 13 grants added up to $14.6 million. The following year, those numbers jumped: IYF received 21 grants worth $25.5 million, including a direct grant from the State Department.
    Throughout ten Democratic Party debates, Establishment Media have not asked Hillary Clinton a single question about she and her husband’s for-profit education scam.”


  2. I’ve been talking to a few Scots a Welshman and an RC from NI. All are BREXIT, so is it really true that Scotland, Wales and NI are all pro EU. Not sure if the person from NI was Republican or unionist though, but would guess Republican.


      • Thank you. It’s pains me to say this but if France falls first which is the most likely, Britain and Ireland are in deep trouble, so too will Germany and the other European nations. My guess is the jihadists have targeted France as the country to take over, making it easier to take over the rest.

        I hope I am wrong.


        • Most former European country’s such as France once had moral and upright kings and queens that ordered all Muslims out of their count. Fat chance today, no matter how many the Muslims kill and sicken.


  3. I see the debate is starting to polarise into racial camps. The Remainers are mostly non white minorities, cultural Marxists and globalists while the Brexiteers are mostly indigenous white English, UKIPers, nationalists and a few well integrated minorities.

    I would say Vote Leave now has the edge but my guess is Scotland will vote with the non white minorities. The white English never need to vote 60% OUT for us to leave the EU.


    • yes Francis i have been tweeting about that! awful! did you see the comment manipulation? clearly Remainers using upvote bots, the vats majority of comment being negative about the DM of course…. SHOCKING!


      • Thanks. I don’t give a fig if Eva Van House supports Nazis are not. It is her private opinion. She is eligible to vote and campaign and her vote counts just as mine will. Big deal if her grandfather or great grandfather fought for the Nazis. It passed. One of mine was traumatised for the rest of his life after dodging German Paratroopers gunfire. I lost two great uncles too. But do we whine and whinge? No we move on and we forgive and makeup.


        • Exactly. So transparent they scoured the land for the most controversial Brexiters then based an article around it to demonise Leavers as Nazis. Would they find all the communists, Islamists, anarchists, criminals etc who vote Remain and slander them? Noooooooo


        • Did the English Lords and Ladies ever once apologize for their inhuman treatment of their Irish salves, they Drawn and Quartered village after village by the millions? No!

          Fuck them, they welcomed in the dirty Muslim bastards. They deserve their beheadings, for thinking the Muslims would all migrate to free Catholic Ireland. Now they cry for EU help. LOL and go to fucking hell, it’s still open and free to enter like you.


  4. PoettoPoet

    Thanks for talking about the Irish famine or should I say Holocaust.

    I am an Englishman and am horrified at what our ruling elites did via the East India Company. Whether 750000, 1.5 million, 2.5million or 5 million perished is totally unacceptable. The UK government needs to be made accountable. Please take your issue to the International Criminal Court using the UN Convention on the Prevention of Genocide. You will be amazed at how many Brits are angered about the Irish Holocaust.

    One of my ancestors left the south of Ireland for that very reason. I am pleased he survived. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

    I have been advised that neither the UK or Irish government wants to talk about the issue so that usually means involvement.

    Best wishes from England.


    • Living in the states now and always, I have no problem with the English people, it is the English elites I detest, I have been there many times, it is going down the tubes fast. I wrote this in tribute to the Irish Famine.

      Ireland’s Famine

      Without mercy and little hope
      the Irish dared to sail from Codh
      England called their Queens Town
      where men, women and children left
      left behind, England’s corrupt famine.

      Common farmers these common folks
      were mostly Catholics as tenants at will
      the world denied they are human beings.

      Sad so few but America welcomed them in
      America helped to feed so many back to life
      then the melting pot of the world I once then.

      The Irish Catholic are loyal and a stubborn lot
      they refused to die out, they never blamed God
      their potato crop failed, not their love of Ireland.

      Take notice England they guard the Pearly Gates
      your reminder to Hell the penny or two you saved.
      They’re the forgotten ones with their innocent pleas
      victims of your pious English court of royals starved.


      • Thanks. It all goes back to Cromwell who was funded by foreign bankers, who then got a foothold in England. Parliamentary democracy was designed as a safety valve to divide and control us while the Luciferian elites (bankers) planned their imperial takeover of the world. I understand the first Irish Rebellion took place at the same time, but like England the Cromwellites won. Ever since the elites have punished their opponents with famines, pointless wars and now multiculturalism.

        I am pleased you are relatively safe in the US while I am stuck here awaiting my eventual enforced genocide. I am now too ill to leave. All I can do is survive to fight and hopefully save others in the process and that includes my racial brothers and cousins in Ireland and continental Europe.

        I cannot see why NI wants to remain part of the UK which is surely on the way to becoming part of the Caliphate. The only way us Brits and N Irelanders can save ourselves is BREXIT and UK split up. Scotland, Wales and NI already have their own self government while England is controlled by an autocratic authoritarian non English ruling elite.


        • Sorry, but glad to hear it. I have 25 acres of free land in Donegal, Ireland and 22 acres in Hillsboro New Hampshire, and where I actually live I have 6 acres on Cape Cod, Brewster Massachusetts, all have plenty of room to grow.


      • We can all cry poverty and say how much wrong was done my parents came from nothing I have not more than them but I am a common person born of common men you tell me that USA took you in a humble Irish man but don’t forget that land belonged too another humble man people that live in glass houses should not throw stones we want to protect our future and not go back in the dark ages !!!!! Remember the Magdalene laundrys ????????????????????????


    • Well I agree my family was also from the potato famine exodus and many questions r left unanswered why AV you not fought for all the young innocent young girls which were abused ? And are r their children now? R where r their graves ? So easy to point the finger at the accused but what about the abused? Don’t they need answers


      • Yes, they do, truly they do, as angels.

        Children of 1847 Ireland We Hear Ye

        Hear the whispers of Irish children
        that play the strings of your heart
        songs to be sung an Irish lullaby
        played by the Harps of Ireland.

        The Irish dream, children live on
        in whispers they hear children sing
        their songs of love play just by them
        in the sweetest of whispers call to you.

        In dreams of Ireland whispers do flow
        in buckets and buckets of dreams let go
        returned in whispers their love for Ireland.
        Children dream and hope you never let go
        of memories that Ireland whispers of them
        they are children of Ireland, wee little ones.

        For the whole world dared to deny their cry.
        In whispers echoed by dying Irish children
        Ireland’s children they starved and let die.
        A child’s sweet love their silence denied
        England’s House of Commons damned.

        Their Irish lullabies that live on and on
        remind you they once lived and dreamed
        for the love of Ireland they died and lived.
        In their first step to freedom Ireland be free
        no more, no less than a commoner long-ago.


  5. And what about the mass graves of children born into those glorious religious place of safety ? You can write as many limericks as you like but you will never take away the injustice that you did to your own mothers and sisters and your own kith and kin of the child you disowned let him with out sin cast the first stone !!!


    • I must admit there never has been a legal English whore, but their queens come close to manly adversaries, with their heads still attached.


  6. Now now where should I start ? U of little wit u spout ur little verse u get so wound up about such trivial matters someone expressing their views that you do not agree with a whore is what you lay with because u cannot accept the truth of your own fathers failings you AV to turn your thoughts to to hate life is too short for hate get over yourselves I AV and I laugh and rejoice at your every comment u always contradict ur self and u r so hate blind u cannot see it !


    • “Now now where should I start ? “ First of all I shall piss on your numbered paper-bag, not plastic, entrapment and free you as an all wet newborn aborted!

      There, now you are outed, in your burial bag not of cloth, no less and no more a fool than what you are, who cannot comprehend you are still in someone’s placenta, about to be aborted.

      “U of little wit u spout ur little verse u get so wound up about such trivial matters someone expressing their views that you do not agree with a whore is what you lay with because u cannot accept the truth of your own fathers failings you AV to turn your thoughts to to hate life is too short for hate get over yourselves I AV and I laugh and rejoice at your every comment u always contradict ur self and u r so hate blind u cannot see it !

      Notice: I did use the word “whore” to name your mother or petri dish birth.


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