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Farage v Cameron: Anatomy of a MSM Mugging

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Last night we had the long awaited Farage v Cameron ITV Referendum ‘debate’. Not really a debate as such, because Cameron has consistently wimped out, most recently from challenges by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. Instead, we had to put up with a highly choreographed mainstream media mugging, posing as an audience ‘Q & A’ session.

Farage went first and it was clear early on that this would be a rough night. The audience, supposedly representative of the people at home who wanted to hear the answers of Farage and Cameron, was decidedly not representative of the UK’s 81.9% ‘white’ population. Of the front row, at least half seemed to be ethnic minority, mostly Muslim. The front row looked stacked, as it was (when pressing pause) – the most ‘mixed’ row. Coincidence? This could be excused considering the event took place in London which is now minority white and has a Muslim mayor, but this referendum is not about London, its about the whole country. Of the questioners, half were minority for Farage – including the three most aggressive.

The overall impression left by the debate was that it was staged as a mugging for Farage, and to give Cameron (and therefore the ‘Remain’ cause) a comparatively easy ride.  Here is a dissection of how they carried out the mugging:

1 – The ‘waycist’ card

Before every major event, be it the local elections, the General Election or this referendum – just before the TV debates or the polls, you can rely on the mainstream media to create a faux-controversy regarding UKIP, Farage or the eccentricities of one or more UKIP members. Larger controversies from mainstream parties are diluted or ignored, and UKIP’s are inflated to distort the image to the public and to dictate the narrative. The other purpose is to play the racist / sexist / bigot / Little Englander card [insert PC thoughtcrime here]. This means that questions can be brought up about THAT, to put UKIP on the defensive and take airtime away from the message they want to convey or their actual policies. Its to personalise it and make it about personality politics and not policies. on cue, the media whipped up a fake narrative about Farage’s ‘racist’ comments about potential for Cologne-style sexual assaults and rapes in the UK unless we can get a grip on uncontrolled mass immigration, which seen over 600,000 enter the UK last year, and with 300,000 Brits deciding to leave the UK, the population increased by the size of a small city. In the context of his full article where Farage stated this risk, it of course makes perfect sense. If it is a new phenomenon happening several times in Germany, and in Sweden (Taharrush – The Imported Rape Culture Spreading Across Europe)  – then it is logical to assume it could come here.

Refusal to deal with known facts and to discuss them openly and honestly, for fear of ‘offending’ some perceived ‘vulnerable minority’? where have I heard that before? ah yes, the abject failure of the police, local politicians, social services etc to protect 1,400 girls of Rotherham who were raped. we even say ‘Asian’ rape gangs, to avoid being offensive (AKA honest) – and say ‘Muslims’. In truth, this is a terrible racial insult to all the good Asian minorities of the UK who are tarred with the same brush, when this is a matter entirely of ideology and not of skin colour or ethnicity. If I was a Hindu or Japanese, I would be very insulted, and would believe the media is being RACIST towards ME. Ie, ascribing crimes to ‘race’ when it is about individuals and an ideology that drives them, not there genetic make-up.

What Farage SHOULD have said was – this ridiculous inability to discuss known facts, and play the ‘racist’ card, is exactly the same Politically Correct mentality that led to Rotherham.

rotherham DM.png

So here we had the this faux-controversy whipped up in the day before the ITV ‘Q&A’, and of course it featured in the questions. Why this question should be allowed, when it was all about Farage’s ‘personality’ and labelling one individual ‘racist’ – I cannot comprehend. It should not factor in the referendum debate. Unless of course you understand what ITV were trying to achieve which is to turn people off Farage by associating ‘Leave’ with racism.

The parallels with the US election are striking. We have a general public with genuine concerns about uncontrolled mass migration, and the media whips up a narrative to paint the candidate who is addressing the public’s concerns, as racist. We have a media which refuses to explain their points in the full context of their speech or follow up interviews, but just push a very simplistic smear of racism. We have an establishment media and political class which are overwhelmingly pro-immigration and politically correct, which is not reflected AT ALL in the general population and what they are concerned about.

Likewise in the US, the Pope got involved and is distorting and attempting to influence the election by his criticism of Trump’s ‘wall’ and his ‘temporary ban on Muslims’. In the UK, Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury (former oil exec, family links to aristocracy and the Establishment, links to Goldman Sachs), also chimed in on the eve of a debate, which allowed ITV to stage his comments to echo back through the audience members questions.

Hence, the fracture between the media / elites on one side (with Globalist politicised shills like the Pope and Archbishop), and the general public on the other – grows wider every day. Anger is boiling. We will soon be like the US, where the media has a 6% approval rating.

Which is precisely why the internet is being censored by the EU – so that people who are rejecting the narrative of the Globalist Elites, cannot run away from the Corporate Controlled Media control grid, and look for alternative news sources or even meet like-minded people on social media.

2 – The ‘women’ card

I do not believe it is coincidental that the two most aggressive questioners were women. This is an old technique.

If you are an ‘older white male’, and and aggressively questioned (in front of millions) by a younger ethnic female – you are automatically (by default) on the defensive, highly concerned about any slip you make being labelled (in this PC insanity world we live in) – as xenophobic, as Islamophobic, as sexist, as racist. This is the chilling effect of political correctness and how it distorts and poisons all open discourse.

PC duct tapeIt is very dicey to discuss any emotive or controversial issue like immigration or sexua assault – when you are a man speaking to aggressive ethnic minority women who clearly have an agenda – knowing the massive audience at home (and fully understanding, as he did, that he was being set up and was on thin ice).

And right on cue, a slightly flustered Nigel asked a women accusing him of whipping up racism by scaremongering over immigrants, to “calm down there”, in the context of his sentiment being taken out of context by the media creating fake controversy.

But once having uttered “calm down there”, the Leftist press can moralise not only about the similarities with David Cameron’s “Calm down, dear” gaff  (linking with SEXISM), but also imply that Farage was minimising the horrors of racism (linking him with RACISM).

All of those sexist and racist talking points can be flogged by a mere defensive ‘calm down’ response. He was clearly saying that because he felt she was taking his comments out of proportion, and also probably because he was on the defensive and was buying himself some time to answer fully.  We even had the ‘moderator’ Julie Etchingham, interrupt Nigel and say ‘she is being perfectly calm’ when there was no call to interfere or leap to the defence of an audience member who could very clearly speak for herself.

From one three word phrase, the media can extrapolate bigotry and dine out all week. The sad thing is, many will buy this BS, because they are fully brainwashed by the PC culture.

The other aspect to the two ethnic minority women who were the main weapons against Farage – was that they were not at all some random audience members, holing a card as if they were asking a pre-written question. They were completely biased, highly politically active Leftists. But more on them later.

3 – The ‘Little Englander’ card

Cameron managed to get this dig in twice, linking Farage’s approach with the PC meme that to be Eurosceptic is to be be old-fashioned, xenophobic, isolationist ‘Little Englander’. It is of course complete nonsense. There are numerous reasons to believe that we could be MORE engaged with the rest of the world, in particular our abandoned Commonwealth friends. By taking back control of our own country, our ability to trade, set laws, control borders and determine our own destiny – we can engage with the world on our own terms, not those set by an unelected Elite in Brussels.

Somehow all of this gets slurred as Little Englander – and by default Cameron is slandering ever person voting Leave. But, as he knows, using the PC-thoughtcrime slur, it will echo back into the media allowing them to brainwash the masses.

4 – Interruptions from the audience and moderator

The moderator is supposed to control the audience, so they ask their question and the people at home fully benefit from a full and clear answer from the politicians, so they can filter the information to help them decide how to vote. That is the intent, or should be. However we saw practically EVERY one of Farage’s questioners repeatedly interrupt Farage while he was speaking. It came across as this being something they had been coached to do.

If we are to believe they had pre-written cards with questions, and were not ‘plants’ in the audience – what are the chances that so many people would behave in such a rude and aggressive way? Very slim. Yet we saw it repeatedly. And Julie Etchingham the moderator let them. She should have refused to allow them follow up questions until Farage had answered properly, instead she actively interrupted Farage to make him be quiet so the audience could interrupt him mid-flow.  As a result most of his answers were stunted and incomplete.

In contrast to her respectful silence during Cameron’s answers, Julie Etchingham interrupted Farage constantly, and on at least three occasions either asked questions FOR the audience, or personally critiqued his answer which is not her role (or shouldn’t be). She also rushed him mid sentence to complete his answers, particularly when he was making a good point.

Compare to Cameron, who was allowed to waffle on at length. His answers were not direct like Farage’s but often changing the subject and evasive. Yet the moderator neither challenged him to answer the question posed, nor did she interrupt him.  The people questioning him were also much older, leading several people on forums to suggest this was a subliminal message that ‘Leavers’ are all old, white middle class ‘Little Englanders’. These questioners were also to a fault, much more polite and I cannot recall any interruptions. The questions were softball and the only tough time Cameron got was the Asian man who talked about ‘No Go Zones’ (watch leftist heads explode at that conundrum).

The overall impression given was that the Farage questioners were coached to interrupt and had a crib sheet of follow up angles and questions to befuddle Farage. The Cameron questioners were much more polite and usually the follow ups were to ask Cameron to answer the question he had just danced around.

5 – Audience bias

There is no way these audience could be passed off as normal people reflective of the general population. The two most aggressive were the ethnic minority women who attacked Farage with constant interruptions and a clear agenda. Let’s look at them:

Tola Jaiyeola

Community activist. Love the photo of the women about three down. Why bother taking a photo? Here she is on Facebook, and here is her ‘likes’ page. Hmmm. Completely unbiased and undecided audience member? Buzzfeed (hard left news), Guardian, Britain Stronger In Europe campaign (so she’s alredy decided), Labour party, and… Sadiq Khan. Well at least we know where she stands. Firmly in the Leftist, EU, politically correct Establishment-created metropolitan culture.

Imriel Morgan


Imriel Morgan, ‘diversity advocate’, who runs a ‘Black Millenials‘ podcast, and Huffington Post blogger. Huffington Post, a paper with Muslim Brotherhood connections, provide a snapshot of the future in Britain will be under the EU and their totalitarian censorship plans: in Germany they ‘outed’ anti-immigrant social media posters by revealing their full names and photos (predictably, to get Leftist Antifa agitators to threaten them) – basically, Far Left ‘brownshirts’ style tactics to bully and intimidate people into acceptance of politically correct narratives.

She was the black lady who was the most aggressive and refused to listen to Farage, and instead took the opportunity to grandstand and hector him constantly. It was an embarrassment and she should have been warned by the moderator straight away, and kicked out if she continued as she did. But she was allowed to berate Farage constantly whilst not giving him the ability to answer. Were we hear to hear an agenda-driven personal attack on Farage, or argument for the ‘Leave’ campaign? At least the Daily Wire has it right, but throughout the mainstream media she was lauded as brave and righteous to tackle Farage as she did.

The internet cannot be controlled so people figured out who this woman was and harangued her on Twitter, not something I agree with but fairly predictable given the obvious mugging Farage received. Of course, for being called out on her rude behaviour and refusal to be let Farage speak, and her clear PC-driven agenda – she called anyone who criticised her ‘racist’.  As I am writing this, the excellent Raheem Kassam of Breitbart just broke the story.

We didn’t even get to the irate ‘security specialist’ who was entirely agenda-driven and quoting EU-funded ‘sources’ as if they were unbiased, or the angry ‘talented pharmaceutical executive’ who claimed Big Pharma was only here because of the EU (never mind 250 years of medical and science innovation, the best research centres, the best University courses, the prestige of London etc etc). Both of these were aggressive, interrupting constantly, and diverting down numerous sub questions from their laminated ‘crib sheet’ (that ITV pretend were random questions the audience had been asked to read out).


We have just seen the first salvo in the Establishment attempts to manipulate the debate into Politically Correct narratives – by slurring ‘Leavers’ as racists, Little Englanders etc. They are attempting to associate any discussion of immigration – by FAR the most important issue to the electorate – as tantamount to inherent racism.

This will massively backfire. However, the media and Elites are far too detached from the common man to understand that this is no longer working, and indeed every time they double-down on this – more people have their PC-goggles removed and wake up to the betrayal. Instead they will double-down and the gulf between Elites / media and the people, will widen.

The PC control grid illusion is beginning to crack and fall apart, right throughout the West. It has been used to bully and manipulate and lead by the nose for decades, but has become so extreme – and so contrary to common sense – that the masses are rejecting it. Even the term ‘racist’ has become so overused that people roll their eyes and reject the message of the person who wields it so casually.

This is best illustrated by Donald Trump’s incredible rise – where each time he breaks some PC  taboo and the media try to spin some scandal and pronounce his imminent demise – his numbers leap up, as people leave the mainstream media in drives and find their news on the likes of Breitbart, InfoWars, Daily Caller and other sources.

We will see the same trend here. Poll after poll of immediate reactions to the Farage v Cameron event, show the overwhelming majority of viewers felt Farage won.  Comment sections show the majority, even on the Guardian, acknowledge the ITV debate was an ambush and a disgrace, yet the media is still pushing the PC memes explained above.

Total ambush from the media. And total disconnection from the public.

It WILL backfire. Maybe not with this referendum (which looks set up for a robbery if you ask me). But the mood of the public is stirring, and change will come.


26 thoughts on “Farage v Cameron: Anatomy of a MSM Mugging

  1. Hey mate loved it and so right. The left is finished now and PC is breaking down all over the USA with Trump giving it a good kick up ass as he waves the PC psychosis good bye.
    The Left for years have just had to sit back puffing on cigar and every time some one mentioned immigration, the LEFTY leans over presses a button and a broad side of tweets and social media bullying is deluged on the those that venture to speak.
    Many of these barrages are done of course using “war rooms” with people using multiple ID’s and in some cases algorithms to generated tweets or even rigging Trump banning petitions as was evidenced when a group of us exposed this and the Daily Express proved and published it and yet the MSM still used this “fixed” petition as some sort of evidence that the UK hated Trump. Not one other news outlet or broad cast news outlet in the UK would run the story of the fixed Trump petition despite many of us hounding them. They just did not want to know because it went against the narrative.
    What we are witnessing now is, just you say in your excellent article, a total disconnect between the MSM broadcast media and the public. The MSM just don’t get it. You cannot tell people lies when what is in front of their eyes contradicts what is said. So just like you say we look now in our millions for other sources of information.

    I have a very great, some say obsessive interest in politics but the “Dallas” glitz and phoney glamour of the US election has never attracted me to follow it. It is just banal, so
    “Have a nice day” phoney American. But since Trump came on the scene I cannot get enough of listening to him. OMG – he just says it. “A spade is a space.” The left sit up and have a grand mal epileptic fit. “WHAT DID HE SAY?” And so it’s all guns “ACTION STATION!!” and “ALL GUNS TAKE AIM ON DONALD TRUMP. Hahahaha, let’s finish him off now, rally the troops.” And so day and night the LEFT and the MSM, the Elites pound him. But just a minute!!! Nothing’s happening. What’s going on here? The LEFT, the MSM, the elite bring out their nuclear weapons and PRESS the big red button and sit back and laugh, “This will finish Trump.” But again, horror of horrors, “OMG it’s not working. What’s going wrong with our PC brain washing programme? The masses are NOT listening.” And so the LEFT call out their shock troops onto the street. “Let’s cause mayhem, let’s punch a few of his supporters in in the face. We’ll attack and humiliate young decent girls by throwing eggs at them. We will create absolute havoc!! hahahaha, YES this will work!” But once NOTHING happens. In fact this monster Trump just gets bigger and bigger. All of a sudden the PC social virus is not working. And all the LEFT have remaining in the political armoury is pure knee jerk reaction.

    And this makes me really laugh. Not once did the LEFT think they were being led into one big trap set by Donald Trump. What an operator Trump is.
    Donald Trump was the Matador. He would take off his red cloak and wave at the LEFT and just like an unthinking raging bull the LEFT charged and Trump just went, “Hey Torro and swept the cloak aside.” And this is what Trump has been doing.
    What the LEFT do not realise is that most ordinary Americans never even knew such people as this existed. It must scare them to death. Trump was showing the American people the “maggots under the carpet”
    And now the LEFT have shot their bolt. They just cannot help themselves and they are stuck in VIOLENCE mode and cannot change gear. That’s exactly what Trump wants. He wants the LEFT out there in the open and in full view of America and they ahve fallen for it hook, line and sinker
    PC is now finished. For years the LEFT has had a clear run with pushing psychotic arguments that most knew were ridiculous but daren’t say anything. Well Trump said it for them. And just as the LEFT has “liberated” every minority and given them high assertive privilege over the “normal” majority, whilst at the same time silencing the NORMAL majority. Trump has just used the tricks of the LEFT and reversed the polarity. Trump has liberated the SILENCED MAJORITY. He dares to say what tens of millions want to say, but dare not say.
    All over the world, in Europe, in the UK, the PC social virus is breaking down. The gates of the invisible PC prison are being stormed. But the MSM and the left and the elites are well behind the curve and SO CONFUSED. But there are now signs, just small signs from the elites, that they know the game is up, and one detects the Elites slowly retreating, leaving their “unwitting allies” the LEFT on open ground to picked off.
    Many clever people in the LEFT had an inkling they were being used by what are know as third way Marxists. It confused many in the left.
    But once again the LEFT have awoken a monster far more powerful than them, and the left who are really small in number and just look numerous because they make a lot of noise.
    As the breakdown of PC gathers pace across the WEST there is likely to be great violence and we see that now as the LEFT takes to the streets in the USA and all over Europe to try and push back the rising right. It is now too late for the left and they have peaked, and it is all down hill now. But the damage that the PC social virus has done to the morality of society will likely create such a back lash against those minorities who took privilege and used it to bully and brow beat the majority, and they are likely to suffer a great vengeance. There is real anger out there bubbling like a volcano and when it blows every little frustration that has had to be ignored and tongues bitten will be remembered, and savagery will unleash itself, and as the innocent and the “used” take the brunt of it, as they always do, the LEFT will put up their collar, and slink into the night and when the RIGHT wing band wagon comes rolling along, many will jump on it and cry.
    “The refugees are all rapists, kill them!!!” because that is what the left do. They save themselves first and those used to gain power are sent to the wall.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great article! It is certainly an interesting, curious and infuriating time being part of this life changing referendum. Let’s hope the British find their spine and vote accordingly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nearly everyone I speak to are voting BREXIT or undecided. Only two will vote remain, one a fat odious woman, the other a full blown leftist.

      Opinion Polls are showing BREXIT taking the lead and if it continues we will vote Out of this Marxist madhouse.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m reading similar online too and I can agree from my own experience it’s the same. I do worry about how nasty the propaganda will become immediately before voting. Also the postal votes and invalid foreign votes.

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        • England will vote BREXIT irrespective of vote rigging even if the other parts of the UK tip the vote to Remain.

          If BREXIT loses it will not be by much and that is when TSHTF. We need an English only Parliament as well.


        • I have posted this rant of mine:

          Judge Gonzalo Curiel belongs to and joined the La-Raza (The Race) Mexican movement and supports it, that’s like saying he is a KKK chief or Nazi SS officer. Trump has a right to object to such an Obama-appointed judge, who advocates giving 4 (four) states back to Mexico. The judge also signed another Mexican groups petition to boycott all of Trump’s properties and businesses have signed and voiced his pious bias against Trump.

          Given Trump’s outspoken disdain for Mexican illegal immigrants and his claim to build a border wall, the Mexican/American judge, of course, is prejudiced against rich white Americans like Trump.

          The Judge is the racist here, not Trump!

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  3. Nigel Garage can sue ITV for harrassment and philosophical discrimination under Section 10(2) of the Equality Act 2010. He was harassed because of his philosophical beliefs and the ITV failed to stop.

    The diversity trainer should know better after all aren’t they supposed to promite equal opportunities?

    The only way to deal with these people is to sue them.

    Google Human Rights For Slow Learners to find out how.


  4. Last nights ITV debate was absolutely diabolical for Remain. Amber Rudd was an unpleasant vindictive verbally aggressive bully, Nicila Sturgeon did a party political broadcast for the SNP and Angela Eagle called Leavers liars. The personal insults were nothing short of disgraceful.

    Boris Johnson was pinned down by aggressive verbal artillery from the Remain team, but even when he did manage to get his point across he was effective and exposed Sturgeon’s duplicity over independence.

    German origin Gesila Stuart was effective and showed that not all Labour MPs are stupid. The other Leave campaigner did a fantastic job.No personal insults, just facts.

    Overall I would say that Leave has won the argument. The question is can Leave win the vote?

    My guess is two thirds of undecideds will vote Leave, however the last minute voter registration extension is a worrying development, which demographics are registering late? Why didn’t they register sooner as they have had plenty of time?

    I predict the vote to be 53% Leave, 47% Remain a six point margin, unless something out of the ordinary happens. Not a great margin but enough to win.


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