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VIDEO: Betrayed: Our Liberty And Sovereignty Sold

An excellent 45 minute documentary which sets out how the Liberty and Sovereignty of the UK has been taken from its people, and exposes the structures now in place and poised to realise a Tyrannical Federal Super State known as the European Union. The video was created by Rick Timmis as an Operation Paul Revere Contest entry.

Please share far and wide. If you haven’t got a Twitter or Facebook account – there no better reason to create one than the Brexit Referendum. If sharing on Twitter, use the hashtags like #VoteLeave, #EUref and #Brexit so people searching for information can find it. On Facebook, you can embed the video by right-clicking on it below, and clicking ‘copy video URL’ then pasting that into your Facebook post.

And the video will embed itself into the post so people can view without even leaving Facebook.

Even if you only reach a few people, every little helps – if we somehow vote to Remain in the EU, don’t have regrets that you were ‘too busy’ to do your bit!

Here’s a cartoon (no particular relevance, just an excuse to use it!).  I can’t believe how much truth is in one cartoon – look carefully!!!

eu titanic ship cartoon.jpg

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