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MultiKulti – Fantasy Meets Reality

A Multicultural Town – Poem by Francis Duggan

This is a multicultural town
And all shades live here black, white and brown
From all around the World everywhere
And little in common they share.

With different music, dance and song
And their bonds to their own cultures strong
And from different backgrounds and with different ideals
For them multiculturalism has few appeals.

To different Gods they kneel and pray
And they look at life in a different way
And with different political views and such
In common they don’t have that much.

Not alone here but Worldwide
Culture, Politics and Religion Peoples divide
And People like birds and animals more inclined
To socialize with their own kind.

With their own kind they socialize
Which after all is no surprise
The different shades white, black and brown
In this a multicultural town.

Source: Francis Duggan

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9 thoughts on “MultiKulti – Fantasy Meets Reality

  1. I think the murder of the late Jo Cox was a false flag.

    Why would any nationalist carry out a murder when their campaign is winning the debates in the EU Referendum? Doesn’t make sense. The murderer has had years to carry thus out why now when multiculturalism is being exposed as an existential threat to our existence.

    Why has her husband printed this so soon after her murder? He should be bereaved not political in light of her death.

    This smells of an establishment bump off. Sacrifice their own to blame the other side and discredit then.

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    • i used to roll my eyes at such suggestions in the past but nothing would surprise me now.. i did read the husbands remarks, and thought… why now, before investigation, enquiry, even police statements? the killer was already known mentally ill, so why the speeches about hatred?

      If it were my wife killed you can be damn sure i would headbutt the nearest journalist who attempted to interview me hours after she died…. let alone make multiple statements to different news outlets.

      Gets fishier as the day goes on.


      • This is like 1979 all over again. PIRA killed Tory MP Airey Neave, but who supplied the Mercury Switch bomb? Only the CIA had such bombs.

        This cannot be anything else and I think most people can see through these false flags now.

        No Britain First supporter would shoot his own cause in the foot after all the good work done by Garage, Gove and others.

        The left just want to silence the very effective immigration debate as they realise that is their weak point.


  2. I would like to inform readers that yesterdays tragic murder of Jo Cox was not a false flag nor was it politically motivated.

    The murderer was mentally I’ll and not involved in politics.

    None of the witnesses near the incident heard the words “Britain First”. Only a .Muslim resident further away heard those words, which he later retracted in a TV interview.

    Other Muslim residents claimed to have heard the sane words but they were not present during the murder, they are repeating lies to discredit the Leave campaign.

    The left and Muslims have now united in fomenting a false story to put voters off the Leave campaign, the MSM has closed down all debates on this event. Something is up, I this k this is their last throw of the dice by discrediting the Leave campaign.

    I really hope this event does not affect the outcome. The lies being spread however are politically motivated, please get this message across.


  3. Francis & Mo your comments about the hubbie are indeed odd and true. I thought yesterday my first thought if my hubbie was shot would NOT be to turn to twitter.

    He left Save the Children last year under a sexual harrassement cloud, –

    Also odd the BBC are touting a ‘hatewatch’ american organisation which is giving ‘credit’ to the perps right wing connections. They are SPLC which is a lefty hate group targeting patriot organisations in america, and known to be funded by soros.

    Hey ho never what it seems.


    • The SPLC are utterly debunked, vicious hate group as you say. The ENTIRE media (even the so called right in the UK and even the US) – STILL quotes them like some kind of authoritative figures.

      A bit like they always quote the SOHR
      When dealing with anti-Assad propaganda – one bloke in a terrace in Coventry, who was in jail multiple times, and they quote him as if its some vast NGO.
      I wrote on the DE comments a year ago when they quoted the SPLC about something. I exposed it. Lots of comments back – then – in true DE style – comment section CLOSED.

      The husband of Jo Cox – didn’t know that bout him. I only thought – this is about as reasonable as Omar Mateen’s dad going on TV the next day, every channel, no tears, and spewing lies to defend Islam. Would you behave like this if you loved one had just died? I would struggle to deal with family and friends, let alone go and make well drafted speeches on tv.

      Comes across very odd.


    • Thank you Jane for your info. As more information unfolds we see more evidence of exploiting events for political gain. Maria Eagle, Stephen Coyne and a few other MPs are accusing Vote Leave of fomenting racial hatred. No doubt they are trying to silence the immigration debates.

      What annoys me the most is the victim culture mentality of the Labour Party and Remain campaigns and using this tragedy as a politucal weapon.

      There are reports that the campaigns on both sides have been suspended until Monday. If they can extend the registration deadline by a couple of days, then why don’t they postpone the Referendum for a few weeks or even hold it in the autumn when things settle down.

      If the murderer is a far right activist he has totally shot his cause in the foot, but I doubt he is that stupid. His mental illness however will affect his judgement and decision making skills so why should we patriots all be seen as psychopathic murderers.

      I believed that a single out of the ordinary event would change the course of this campaign, now it has arrived. Let’s hope they postpone the Referendum for a month at least, if they don’t then I will then believe that this was a false flag.


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