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PETITION: Parliament Must Debate Heath’s Treaty Treason!

Ted Heath Fears Unjustified - Vote No

One of the most important and least discussed issues about the entire Brexit debate, is why the hell we should be even in this awful predicament in the first place.

Why SHOULD we be fretting over the possibility of voting ‘Remain’ – and somehow this means that we can NEVER have a chance for a future vote, and that whatever direction the EU goes in, we are forever tied to what unelected bureau-rats in Brussels (and Berlin), decide?


The general public were never made aware of the EU’s agenda to become a de facto Empire, nor the succession of Treaties where UK Prime Ministers traitorously gave away sovereign powers to unelected EU institutions.  We were sold the lie it was only a trade agreement.

Do we want Merkel, a former Communist agitprop specialist, to rule us?

Do we want to be part of an institution which from its inception has been German-dominated with actual ex-Nazis putting the institutions together?

Do we want to be part of a superstate which is morphing into the EUSSR, heading into a brand of Far Left socialism and totalitarianism?

Welded to a Franken-monster political construct, which is essentially a prototype super-region in a ‘New World Order‘ agenda under the guise of ‘Globalism‘?

Of course not. Yet we are on the verge. The edge. The cliff.  At bottom is impoverishment and tyranny, as a vassal state of the EUSSR.

All along, with each Treaty and each remorseless step towards an EU superstate, the British public have been lied to by a treacherous LibLabCon ‘Establishment’ political class, aided and abetted by the Whore Media who spread their propaganda and deceit.

The truth is ALL the laws we have signed up to can and should be ripped up and consigned to the dustbin, since their very existence relied on the crime of TREASON and SEDITION.

This blog entry contains a few background videos on how our sovereignty was sold behind our backs, a letter to Ted Heath exposing this which should be debated in Parliament, followed by a petition that you MUST sign and share with others.

I was made aware of this petition on a Facebook Group by Colin Turley, who had the following to say:

Whichever way the Brexit vote goes we will still stay in the EU. Cameron has already stated that he will use the Lisbon treaty to Brexit. The treaty is a can of worms designed to make it difficult for a country to exit. Then it is subject to qualified majority voting.

The only way to get out is to get the fact that the treaties are illegal into the public consciousness. This can only happen if individuals like you and me promote it. The Media and personalities like Farage and Tebbit dare not discuss it. Remember Farage’s two ‘accidents’? the plane crash and the car crash in France where his wheel nuts were loosened.The media are persuaded, bribed blackmailed and threatened into silence. I know that parliament will not allow the illegal treaties to be debated in parliament but they have to comment on it if it reaches 10,000. This, because the subject is on the government’s own website should free up some people to get it into the media. Hopefully some in the 10,000 will start to ask people when they speak in public to explain why they do not discuss the illegal treaties.

Think about it. If you are caught out doing something illegal you have to stop doing it. This means that all the laws back to 1972 which gave away our sovereignty would be removed over night and return us back to the laws we had in 1972. So our exclusive use of the fisheries around our coast would be returned. Please support the petition and get family and friends to sign it.

If you enjoyed this article, you might be interested in:

The Videos

A Letter to the Times – How the Government and Media Shoehorned Us Into The EEC / EU:

Ted Heath – A Case For Treason:

Treason in The EU – a useful YouTube Playlist 

Lord Kilmuir’s Letter to Ted Heath

(The following is copied from The English Constitution Group website):

heath eu flag.jpgIn answer to a letter from Edward Heath written on the 30 November, Lord Kilmuir, the Lord Chancellor, makes it plain that there are real problems with the constitutional limitations imposed on government which prevent our joining the EEC. He goes on to mention some ways in which the constitution will conflict with Heath’s plans but also indicate ways of subverting the conflict. The comments in red, interleaved in Lord Kilmuir’s letter, clearly show that the Heath Government was prepared to commit acts of sedition and treason in taking the UK into the EEC.

Unfortunately we do not have a copy of Heath’s original letter to Lord Kilmuir and therefore Heath’s questions are unknown. However it will take little imagination to guess what they were!

My Dear Ted,

You wrote to me on the 30th November about the constitutional implications of our becoming a party to the Treaty of Rome. I have now had an opportunity of considering what you say in your letter and have studied the memoranda you sent me. I agree with you that there are important constitutional issues involved.

I have no doubt that if we do sign the Treaty, we shall suffer some loss of sovereignty, but before attempting to define or evaluate the loss I wish to make one general observation. At the end of the day, the issue whether or not to join the European Economic Community must be decided on broad political grounds and if it appears from what follows in this letter that I find the constitutional objections serious that does not mean that I consider them conclusive. I do, however, think it important that we should appreciate clearly from the outset exactly what, from the constitutional point of view, is involved if we sign the treaty, and it is with that consideration in mind that I have addressed myself to the questions you have raised.

He is clear that if we do sign the agreement with the EEC we will suffer some loss of Sovereignty. This is clearly an act of Treason because our Constitution allows no surrender of any part of our Constitution to a foreign power beyond the control of the Queen in parliament. This is evidenced by the convention which says:

(Parliament may do many things but what it may not do is surrender any of its rights to govern unless we have been defeated in war).

And the ruling given to King Edward 3rd in 1366 in which he was told that King John’s action in surrendering England to the Pope, and ruling England as a Vassal King to Rome was illegal because England did not belong to John he only held it in trust for those who followed on. The Money the Pope was demanding as tribute was not to be paid. Because England’s Kings were not vassal Kings to the Pope and the money was not owed.

Adherence to the Treaty of Rome would, in my opinion, affect our sovereignty in three ways:-

Parliament would be required to surrender some of its functions to the organs of the community;

Answer as above.

The Crown would be called on to transfer part of its treaty-making power to those organs of the community;

The Constitution confers treaty making powers only on the Sovereign and the Sovereign cannot transfer those powers to a foreign power or even our own parliament because they are not the incumbent Sovereigns to give away as they only hold those powers in trust for those who follow on.

Our courts of law would sacrifice some degree of independence by becoming subordinate in certain respects to the European Court of Justice.

It is a Praemunire to allow any case to be taken to a foreign court not under the control of the Sovereign. The European Court Justice or the European court of Human rights are foreign courts not under the control of our Sovereign. Praemunire is a crime akin to Treason.

The position of Parliament

It is clear that the memorandum prepared by your Legal Advisers that the Council of could eventually (after the system of qualified majority voting had come into force) make regulations which would be binding on us even against our wishes, and which would in fact become for us part of the law of the land.

There are two ways in which this requirement of the Treaty could in practice be implemented:-

It is a Praemunire to allow any laws or regulations not made by the Sovereign in parliament to take effect as law in England. This is illegal under the Acts of Treason 1351, the Act of Praemunire 1392, The Act of Supremacy 1559, and the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/9.

Parliament could legislate ad hoc on each occasion that the Council make regulations requiring action by us. The difficulty would be that, since Parliament can bind neither itself not its successors, we could only comply with our obligations under the Treaty if Parliament abandoned its right of passing independent judgement on the legislative proposals put before it. A parallel is the constitutional convention whereby Parliament passes British North American Bills without question at the request of the Parliament of Canada, in this respect Parliament here has substance, if not in form, abdicated its sovereign position, and it would have pro tanto, to do the same for the Community.

No such power exists for parliament to do this. This would be an Act of Treason under the 1351 Treason Act, A Praemunire under the 1392 Act of Praemunire, an Act of Treason under the 1559 Act of Supremacy, and the 1688/9 Declaration and Bill of Rights.

It would in theory be possible for parliament to enact at the outset legislation which would give automatic force of law to any existing or future regulations made by the appropriate organs of the Community. For Parliament to do this would go far beyond the most extensive delegation of powers even in wartime that we have ever experienced and I do not think there is any likelihood of this being acceptable to the House of Commons. Whichever course were adopted, Parliament would retain in theory the liberty to repeal the relevant Act or Acts, but I would agree with you that we must act on the assumption that entry into the Community would be irrevocable, we should therefore to accept a position where Parliament had no more power to repeal us own enactments than it has in practice to abrogate the statute of Westminster. In short. Parliament would have to transfer to the Council, or other appropriate organ of the Community, its substantive powers of legislating over the whole of a very important field.

There is no constitutionally acceptable method of doing this because it would be tantamount to a total abrogation of their duty to govern us according to our laws and customs. And it would be an Act of Treason under the 1351 Treason Act, A Praemunire under the 1392 Act of Praemunire, and Treason under the 1559 Act of Supremacy, and the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/9.

Treaty-making Powers

The proposition that every treaty entered into by the United Kingdom does to some extent fetter our freedom of action is plainly true. Some treaties such as GATT and O.E.E.C. restrict severely our liberty to make agreements with third parties and I should not regard it as detrimental to our sovereign that, by signing the Treaty of Rome, we undertook not to make tariff or trade agreements without the Council’s approval. But to transfer to the council or the Commission the power to make such treaties on our behalf, and even against our will, is an entirely different proposition. There seems to me to be a clear distinction between the exercise of sovereignty involved in the conscious acceptance by us of obligations under treaty-making powers and the total or partial surrender of sovereignty involved in our cession of these powers to some other body. To confer a sovereign state’s treaty-making powers on an international organisation is the first step on the road which leads by way of confederation to the fully federal state. I do not suggest that what is involved would necessarily carry us very far in this direction, but it would be a most significant step and one for which there is no precedent in our case. Moreover, a further surrender of sovereignty of parliamentary supremacy would necessarily be involved: as you know although the treaty-making power is vested in the Crown. Parliamentary sanction is required for any treaty which involves a change in the law or the imposition of taxation to take two examples and we cannot ratify such a treaty unless Parliament consents. But if binding treaties are to be entered into on our behalf, Parliament must surrender this function and either resign itself to becoming a rubber stamp or give the Community, in effect, the power to amend our domestic laws.

This is a surrender of our Sovereignty a clear Act of Treason under the 1351 Treason Act and a Praemunire, under the 1392 Act of Praemunire, it is Treason under the 1559 Act of Supremacy and the 1688/9 Declaration and Bill of Rights.

Independence of the Courts

There is no precedent for our final appellate tribunal being required to refer questions of law (even in a limited field) to another court and as I assume to be the implication of ‘refer’- to accept that court’s decision. You will remember that when a similar proposal was considered in connection with the Council of Europe we felt strong objection to it. I have no doubt that the whole of the legal profession in this country would share my dislike for such a proposal which must inevitably detract from the independence and authority of our courts.

Of those three objections, the first two are by far the more important. I must emphasise that in my view the surrenders of sovereignly involved are serious ones and I think that as a matter of practical politics, it will not be easy to persuade Parliament or the public to accept them. I am sure that it would be a great mistake to under-estimate the force of objections to them. But these objections ought to be brought out into the open now because, if we attempt lo gloss over them at this stage those who are opposed to the whole idea of our joining the Community will certainly seize on them with more damaging effect later on. Having said this, I would emphasise once again that, although those constitutional considerations must be given their lull weight when we come to balance the arguments on either side, I do not for one moment wish to convey the impression that they must necessarily tip the scale. In the long run we shall have to decide whether economic factors require us to make some sacrifices of sovereignty: my concern is to ensure that we should see exactly what it is that we are being called on to sacrifice, and how serious our loss would be.

It is a Praemunire to subject Her Majesty’s Courts of law to the domination of a foreign court outside of Her Majesty’s control.

Sign The Petition

“We require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Edward Heath

In this time of the future referendum the public knowledge of the letter should be discussed because although the evidence of the letter exists the content has never been debated in parliament.”

>> CLICK HERE To Sign The Petition <<<

Another excuse to get this cartoon in.

It’s been called ‘waycist, IslamoFAUXbic, Xenophobic’ by the wailing PC thoughtcrime police over at the Guardian – don’t forget to log in and tell them what you think!

By the way, I am commenting a ‘Jan Sobieski‘ (probably deleted by the mods) and explain to the delicate little flowers that Islamophobia was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to be used on their behalf by PC-mind-controlled ‘Useful Idiots’ on the Left in order to give Islam ‘left-cover’ to carry out their agenda.

eu titanic ship cartoon

Someone else sent me this one:

eu titanic ship cartoon version 2


18 thoughts on “PETITION: Parliament Must Debate Heath’s Treaty Treason!

  1. Very informative article. Nigel Farages plane crash and car accident are suspicious.

    I bet Saudi, Turkish or the CIA intelligence was involved.

    Anyway as expected Gormless Brown and Juncker are coming off the substitutes bench to perform one very last trick to keep us in the EU. Brown succeeded two years ago in the Scottish referendum but will he succeed in persuading the English he do despises this time?

    I have to say it but EU nationals have made a better case for Remain than any of our own politicians.

    I once listened to a German origin Lib Dem candidate who was persuasive on the EU, understandable that Europeans don’t want another war, neither do we but we don’t want to see our birthright given away either.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A very interesting and informative post regarding the legality of the treaties and the signing away of our sovereignty. It is something I had considered and wrote about a few weeks ago in the DE after seeing an old video, see below:

    ‘In the video below, which is a few years old but even more relevant now, constitutional expert John Bingley was asked whether our politicians are entitled to handover the powers of a British government to a foreign power. His answer can be seen at 23 mins into the video:

    “No. The Bill of Rights and Declaration of Rights along with the Magna Carta make it plain that allegiances are owed to the queen and that allegiance is returned by her through the contract of her coronation oath to the people, and that is not something that may be broken and our politicians are not entitled to break their oath of office.”

    John Bingley goes on to say that we need to ask our politicians this question:

    “How is it that they have sworn oaths of office saying they will defend all jurisdictions and authorities belonging to her majesty against all foreign powers and then they give away those powers of governance to those that owe no allegiance to this crown?”

    Watch YouTube The Real Face of the European Union (EU).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great thanks for that. The Question at the end is crucial. The answer is they are Globalist shills whose allegiance is to the NWO agenda, and therefore under the law of the land they have committed TREASON. There can be no doubt. All we can do is keep telling others and hope we all do our bit to create a critical mass of awakening.

      I updated your post so the video would play directly. I’ll take a look later.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. One of my cousins was a staunch Labour Party member for 28 years. Labour and Europe were what made her tick. Two months ago, she switched to the Tories over the Labour racism and anti semetism saga. Now after sending her links about Coudenhove-Kalergi, John Monnet, Rotherham rape saga shes now a member of UKIP and Vote Leave supporter. What a transformation. She’s done it, she’s seen sense but she has a new Guilt Complex and that was that she saddened that she didn’t stand up for nationalism and England. She’s now more racist than me now, but I went through the same ten years ago. In time she will moderate her nationalist beliefs the way I have.

    I think the decent left are now deserting their beliefs in multiculturalism and diversity. The melt down is irreversible. Labour and Tories are both finished.

    Only the few multiculti diehards are left, and we need to deal with them harshly under the law.

    It has been reported in the Express that Labour voters support for Remain is now very low and some senior Labour Party members were crying about it. They are unfit for their positions of power, but they have destroyed several generations of white males in the process.

    No wonder why the Russian Ultras attacked us. It is a warning to man up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All hyper-masculine societies and cultures utterly despise the Modern Left (whatever labels they hide under). Its pathetic beta-male Schizoid obsession over minor slights and what they now call ‘microaggressions’ – but complete cowardly cognitive dissonance about anything that matter that requires tough and possible harsh decision making.

      Hence the Muslims despise but use them, and if the Muslims ever did take over – the Lefties would be the first to be hung. Same too with Russia, and Eastern Europe; utter disdain and a cold determination to rid themselves of these feminised men who are endangering Western civilisation to uphold this self-hating destructive PC dogma.

      Its going to end in tears… and blood…

      Glad to hear about you relative. You are right, with a conversion like that, there is a period of guilt and then fervour (almost trying to make up for lost time). I am the same. I guess its why i am doing this blog.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I see Eire is preparing for BREXIT. I can see a time in the MOT too distant future when they decide to leave the rotten EU.

    So what if Sinn Fein wants a Unity Referendum, let them have it but they’ve proven to me that they are not nationalists at all, just Anglophobic anti white cultural Marxists.

    What is the point of Irish Unity if it ends up becoming one big multicultural cesspit? It will be a hollow victory for them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • agreed! imagine if we voted remain, then the likes of Holland and Ireland got to leave… personally i think Brexit or no, its collapsing anyway. The oly hope they have is a real totalitarian grab – but they’d have to do it under the smokescreen of a MAJOR crisis: civil war, world war, complete economic collapse… can’t see how they will succeed

      Liked by 1 person

      • Concerning in above comment. I called a leftist a “cuck” on the Liberty GB website. He then called himself “cuck throat jake” as a joke, then a few weeks later he is blogging on the Gates of Vienna blogspot asking how can we remove Islam from our countries.

        He stopped trolling me and seems to be starting the transition to nationalism or counter jihadist at least.

        Liked by 2 people

        • LOL excellent story! had something similar with a regular troll on the Daily Express… might be the way to go. I am starting to reverse-troll on The Guardian. Being super-reasonable and polite so they have little reason to block, as this excessive blocking of alternate views is REALLY turning regular Guardian folks off the paper. But the other day explained Islamophobia is a Muslim Brotherhood construct and that sort of thing. If it sows a few seeds of doubt… probably more constructive than the echo-chamber of the Daily Express – although most people there think the same but have no knowledge base to help rationalise the craziness they are seeing.

          Liked by 1 person

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