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The Truth About The Late Jo Cox MP and Her Husband, Brendan

The following article raises some important questions that I hope to add to in future blog posts, about the death of Jo Cox MP – and the incredible timing and resultant media saturation which has completely transformed the Brexit debate.

What should have been a campaign about sovereignty, controlling borders, the right to make and enforce our own legislation, and most importantly whether we the public can punish or reward our politicians via the ballot box – or simply outsource democracy in its entirety to an unelected foreign Elite.

Instead the ‘Narrative’ has now swung completely by relating the death of one woman, slain by a mentally ill loner – with a decision that effects the future course of a nation of 60 + million people.

Think about how patently absurd this is. A complete inversion of logic.  We are now subjected to a massive media psy-op for several days, all about the bitterness in politics, the toxic immigration debate (basically taking the valid immigration arguments off the table by smearing any such debate as inherently Nazi), and how all Vote Leave are nasty people.

One psycho murdered a woman… and a nation is gaslighted into EUSSR totalitarianism.


Within hours of the murder, before full facts had been established – a massive media campaign worked in unison to talk about the ‘Hate’ within society, and how the Brexit campaign had created ‘division’ and had become ‘toxic’. By implication this was all from vested interests within the Remain camp, who wished to smear half the nation as potential Nazis for wishing the UK to be a self-governing democratic nation, “…with Europe, but not of it” (Churchill).

Here’s Jack Straw’s son Will Straw, making the link even though a large percentage of Labour voters are also indicating they wish to Vote Leave.

Essentially Will Straw is using the Broken Heart Britain image as a subliminal link towards broken hearts after Jo Cox’s murder. The text could not be more clear: implicitly, if you Vote Leave – you are unkind, closed, non-inclusive, intolerant, xenophobic.

Here’s my reply:

Lectured to by a guy who is a Londoner, parachuted in to a safe Lancashire constituency by virtue of his father’s establishment connections, at the young age of 33 in 2013. Previously, he had sold cannabis at school, and later was one of several Governors who were sacked due to financial mismanagement of a school. His father Jack, as we remember, was another of the warmongering Blairite inner circle, who conned the nation with their patently false WMD lies about Iraq, and is probably best known for the cash-for-access scandal.

And the media are exasperated with the complete breakdown in trust between the British people and politicians…

13 thoughts on “The Truth About The Late Jo Cox MP and Her Husband, Brendan

  1. Thanks for this article. Everyone I’ve spoken to is now sick of the Referendum and the exploitation of the Jo Cox murder for political gain. The Polls are neck and neck again apparently, yet a BT Poll showing Brexit at 80% has been removed.

    There are also a petition to get the EU Referendum cancelled completely, fancy that.

    If Remain do win it will be down to two things, Leave voters put off by the Cox murder and assuming that there is no point in voting.

    My guess is, irrespective of the Vote we now have to take legal action to challenge the 1972 European Community Act in Court. Brussels cannot stop us and cannot bind us.


  2. BTW Jo Cox’s Birthday is 22nd June, the day before the Referendum. Expect loads more sympathy rubbish from the MSM. They’ve milked this one enough already, it will get even worse on the 22nd.


  3. Why did her husband resign without a fight his well paid job at save the children because of his in appropriate actions against the female employers who made a complaint against him? Wolf in sheep clothing strings to mind Yorkshire r u well then you cannot kid a kidder lad!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Hi Angus,
    Below is an e-mail to a journalist friend. We exchange e-mails as it maybe comforts us in these terrible times. My mate is journalist and I am a senior mental health professional and like many now, know dark days are upon us. We have been exchanging e-mails now for ten years I think as these events have panned out, and for the free thinking intelligent, it is all so predictable as we head to Orwell’s dystopia.

    just as a foot note I would add this. Redgreenaliance is I am glad to say my good friend. By an odd coincidence we had both been researching this Cultural Marxist mess the world is in and that has been high jacked by three agendas – read below. We met on the political blogs and now do what little we can to help THE AWAKENING.

    I hate to say this but both redgreenalliance and I and perhaps many more knew it was only a matter of time before someone killed a politician. It is without doubt this man killed this politician. It is also clear that he was vulnerable and had mental health problems. We have all heard of groomers. People who put ideas into vulnerable heads, load their bullets and point them in a DIRECTION. It would be very interesting to know who was around this man?

    The e-mail below is dated 21june 2016

    Hi “Name removed”,

    Below is the e-mail I sent to you. At this time Jo Cox had already been attacked but at that time no mention of her death. My mate texted me at 14.51on that day to say an MP had been attacked.
    But the timing of the e-mail aside. I have continually said, some one would kill an MP.
    I have no idea what went on with this MP. All I know is the LEAVE campaign was clearly winning, and lo and be hold this happens.

    But events aside, there is now so much fog and lies, and deceit with the feckless politicos “breaking their fickle hearts” on TV. The broadcast media especially have induced another mass hysteria “Diana moment”
    This MP did no favours for her white constituents and totally ignored the rape crisis on her doorstep. She was one of those MPs that are a product of an organisation called “Common Purpose” you should google and research COMMON PURPOSE. All their ‘Plants” have the same track record history. Usually “high flying” and always given high paying plumb jobs in the UN, EU and high profile charities like her husband Brendan Cox working for SAVE THE CHILDREN on 180K a year. SAVE THE CHILDREN- it’s laughable and the directors get paid mega bucks, plus expenses. Common Purpose looks after its disciples and her husband though was “asked to leave” for sexual harassment soon got another high paying job in “Charity work”
    I expect Jo Cox just shrugged off the sexual harassment against her husband, it’s just sex after all and they all come from that sexually LIBERATED weirdo political class.

    Whilst I wanted a brexit vote- and it may still be. But if it’s close they will fix the vote. As Stalin said, “it’s not about who votes, but who counts the votes.”
    Even I, who know so much about politics and human nature occasionally suffer from cognitive dissonance – that’s the psychiatric term for burying your head in the sand despite the facts.
    I suppose I want to believe we can get out of this. But we can’t. The vote is academic, because all those who got us to this place ARE STILL in high office, either as people like Cameron or their disciples. They are everywhere and like a large portion of the nation they are infected with PC. Yes PC is breaking down. But that only means you have a divided nation who are effectively totally different cultures of thinking. The Marxists LONG MARCH through the institutions is almost over. The PC infected now need poor immigrants, millions of them as their foot soldiers. The Elites also need poor immigrants for slave workers. The Zionists also need poor immigrants so they become less noticed in a white Christian world that is slowly being destroyed.
    Three very powerful agendas whose interests this mess now serves, now converge. With such power, anything is possible. Just one white Christian nation is left who is resisting, RUSSIA. Perhaps now all this demonisation of Russia begins to make sense?

    The three agendas now need chaos and civil unrest to make their final move. But the danger is, breaking down your own social cohesion puts the elites at risk, because we protect the ELITES EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY US. The Russians are watching and they know what is happening. An un-cohesive west could never fight a war against a horned and sharpened Russia. The West has feminised its men – they cant fight. The elites have a dilemma? So Russia has in some way to be brought to book and hence you see what you are seeing – the irrational demonisation of Russia. THIS IS A BIG WORRY FOR THE THREE AGENDAS. CHRISTIAN RUSSIA STANDS IN THE WAY!!!!! RUSSIA IS TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY NON PC. IT HAS JUST COME OUT OF 80 YEARS OF A MARXIST NIGHTMARE AND THEIR MENTALITY IS THE OPPOSITE OF PC.

    I think you are noticing your life is slowly becoming disrupted- maybe you fear for the future – more than the usual government bureaucracy is coming through the door. It is important people like me and you are kept occupied, with either fear and bureaucracy, they are always a good ones to use. For all of us bureaucracy is every where. Even telephoning your bank, a government department is an epic now – press this button, press that button, you are kept hanging and then they cut you off and so you call again. Do you know government departments have a computer programme to cut you off after a certain amount of time. But you always get straight through if you owe them money, or you are buying something. Yes, (name removed) it’s designed to bog you down. The Marxists are past masters at it. “The Devil make work for idle hands” Too much time, gives you too much time to think, and the Marxists cant have that.

    Why do you think the government and the EU will not give us a breather and stop immigration, to give us time to think? Because they do not want to give you a time to think. Immigration will keep pouring in from everywhere and in the blink of an eye a point will be reached, were either their is insurrection (far too late) or crisis is reached and that crisis is what the three agendas want. By this time of course, the masses will be surrounded. How can you fight a traitor government when you are surrounded by dysfunctional aggressive and assertive immigrants?
    It’s all well thought out (name removed).
    And all those smiling slick high paid journalists at SKy, BBC, Channel Four news and likely the Hull Daily Mail? Well Angus, they are the first to go to the Gulag. Why? Because they have sold out their people for a few schillings, so they are hardly the types we can trust. Marxists always get rid of those they have used to gain power.

    Then of course they get rid of the professional thinking classes who also helped them with their beautiful ideas of equality- THEY ARE FAR TOO DANGEROUS. They will expect something back for their efforts but all they usually get is the firing squad. Not even the lower class politicians will escape.They are seen too as fickle and easily bought off and so dangerous to what will be then THE NEW ORDER. Not quite a NEW WORLD ORDER YET. But that’s were they intend to go.

    It is no coincidence that the white USA is importing poor Mexicans by the millions and coincidence of coincidences, the EU is doing exactly the same with muslims and third worlders. NO (name removed), there are no coincidences. It is all deliberate. Jo Cox is a wonderful “coincidence” and an opportunity to distract and induce mass sympathetic hysteria. Her death may have been planned. This nutter might have been groomed by the lefty Marxists. It’s happened before. You find some one vulnerable and put ideas into their heads. I deal with vulnerable suggestive people like that all the time. It’s my job in mnetal health. If I wanted to I could make them do anything I wanted just by suggestion. I think that is likely what happened. Yes he killed her but it would be interesting to know who was around him?
    How strange it is that in the Ukraine, and in Syria, the insurrections were started by snipers shooting into crowds? Putin cleared out his country of foreign NGOs because he knew most were Western agitators.

    But in this future scenario what happens to us (name removed)? People like me and you? Well we have houses and pensions and savings. We represent all that is unequal. It will matter not what colour you are. Inequality cannot be seen in this new world. They might start softly on us and just tax us out of existence and impose impossible taxes that they know cannot be paid and then just confiscate our assets. Or they may just turn up with the midnight knock at your door and you are thrown out on the street by the new Gestapos or Stasi. Believe me, these people will appear almost overnight. Then we will be all equal. Equally poor that is.
    I have no doubt you are getting worried and you are forced to promote the journalist narrative for your monthly pay cheque. But you are not a daft lad (name removed), you like me know where all this is going.
    Either way we lose. If the Elites lose the we will have gone through years of chaos. If we win, we will be just living in the rubble and surrounded by immigrant enemies, likely armed by our own politicians to ensure we are kept well occupied. And the Elites? They will be living in their newly constructed fortresses in New Zealand and in the mountains of South America.
    If you already haven’t you should watch the HUNGER GAMES. Think about this. London is ethnically cleansing itself of the poor immigrant masses after the London riots. They are dispersing them. THE WORD IS “DISPERSING” THEM, A VERY MARXIST WORD. THE HUNGER GAMES IS TRUER THAN YOU THINK, THEY KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK IN HOLLYWOOD?


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  5. I though only I thought this way,but I can honestly say I totally understand plus have the same worries suspicions,also bang on with Russia and what I believe is and will happen only a matter of time.And time has run out,time to make a stand.


  6. This was a political assassination, no doubt, leave were walking to victory, something had to be done by the establishment, was anybody surprised by it, it fitted the narrative the left are always using, and as said it paints all leave as extreme nationalists. Unlike Dr David Kelly a rushed job, most likely done with prussic acid and bicycle pump the old Stasi method this required a bit more planning, they had a lot more time to work something and have ready in place. Their was some one behind the scenes pulling the strings with this subject a mentally ill loner, some one he was in contact with mainly over the phone.Obviously some substance was slipped into his medication. They probably had a few on the go that they had been manipulating to increase likely probability of result. The glues are there of who was involved.


  7. After watching the tv news where jo cox’s sister with her family is giving tribute to Jo Cox, I am convinced it is all a set up. The whole family are only acting, no grief, no tear, no shock, just smiles and awkward nervousness. The body language of the sister is giving everything away. And the father looks very scared. I think Jo is alive and the family is just (badly) acting along. Please watch the tribute on YouTube and tell me if that is normal behaviour of the grief-stricken family whose daughter/sister has just been brutally murdered nearby. Don’t get me started on the grieving husband whose priority is pushing the campaign. Again no sincere grief !

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