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Brexit False Flag (Part 1): Gaslighting The Public


Arnold Toynbee quote

Grandfather of Polly Toynbee expressing contempt for democracy, transparency and sovereignty. Polly is the Guardian journalist who was quickest off the mark to link Jo Cox’s murder to the implied bigotry of the Leave campaign

I’ve been meaning to write something about this for several days, like most people, have been waiting for more facts to emerge and trying to suppress my initial scepticism and look at the matter dispassionately.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that the timing and circumstances could not have been more devastating, nor more ‘perfect’, from the point of view of the Globalists who wish us to remain part of the “Super Region” currently known as the EU.

There are numerous discrepancies and incredible coincidences which are cropping up on the alternative media scene (where else; we cannot expect the Controlled MSM to cover them).

The details of the event (and the anomalies and discrepancies that are being uncovered) are for another blog post which I am working on at present.  This blog is more about the ‘Narrative’ which has been developed and how I believe – whether or not you believe this event was actually a ‘False Flag‘ event or not – the incredible speed and synchronicity of the post-event media campaign is the biggest ‘smoking gun’.

In my opinion this is either a False Flag followed by a media Psy Op – or it is simply an incredible stroke of bad luck, the specifics of which from every angle ALL happened to run against the Vote Leave campaign, and which were very swiftly and effectively capitalised on by figures behind the Remain campaign.

But first of all, consider the possibility that it may be a False Flag. If you were behind such a Machiavellian plot, in order to derail the Brexit debate and to keep the UK in the EU…

  1. How would you time it for maximum effect?

  2. What sort of person would your ideal victim be?

  3. What would be the ideal motive and background of the killer?

  4. How would all of this fit into a media Narrative, to capitalise on the event to ensure the public voted Remain?

Put yourself in the shoes of such evil Elites, who – regardless of the tragic nature of this event and the emotions it has unleashed – care little about the common man and care only for their personal power, wealth and overarching New World Order agenda.

So – please suspend your disbelief, and follow me, if you will – on a hypothetical journey: How the Elites would False Fag the Brexit campaign (Vote to Leave = Brexit) into voting Bremain (Vote to Remain in the EU).

Remove your faux-outrage at some of these suggestions, or any synthetic indignation at how callous I am. After all, why should I join in the Lady Di -scale national mourning, for someone I never met, but did know about and had little respect for their politics?

…and consider that I am presenting them from the perspective of someone who WOULD carry out such an event. You are putting yourself in the shoes of a monstrous villain seeking to manipulate the democratic will of the people, who would stoop to any level to achieve his end.

I am not saying, with certainty, that the Jo Cox murder is a False Flag. But there is, in my honest opinion, more than 50/50 chance that there is.

What cannot be denied however, is the incredibly speedy and cynical way the Bremain campaign and Mainstream Whore Media has hijacked the event to steer us towards a remaining in the EU based on emotionalised rhetoric – ‘Project Grief’.


You would want to avoid a False Flag unless absolutely necessary, due to the breeding of discontent and scepticism within increasingly large sections of society who are becoming aware of False Flags and media propaganda.

So, you would plan for – but keep in the back pocket – such a strategy unless absolutely needed. That’s the approach I would take.  Furthermore, such False Flags carry inherent risks as even if carefully choreographed, mistakes can be made which could create a backlash if the general public, in large numbers, became sceptical about the event itself.

Such backlash could cause such a massive Vote Leave result, that even widespread electoral fraud would be to risky and ‘obvious’, which could also translate into civil unrest and punishment at the ballot box in future local and national elections (another reason why they want us to become part of an EUSSR superstate; democracy is terribly inconvenient to the Elites).

The weeks before the murder, Brexit was continuing to gather momentum, and polls (rigged as they are) could not deny that there was a groundswell of people deciding to Leave. Polls allegedly shifted massively to Leave.

The campaign for Bremain was looking increasingly desperate, nasty and based on Fear and personal attacks.  Several disastrous TV ‘debates’ made matters worse.

This momentum swing reached its apex in the day before the murder:

  1. Bob Geldof was on a gin palace boat on the Thames, haranguing out-of-work fishermen whose flotilla (led by Nigel Farage) was protesting how the EU fisheries policies have decimated their industry and their livelihoods.  The sight of a millionaire like Geldof, and senior Remain figures, quaffing champagne and giving the two-finger salute to bankrupted fishermen, was a new low. This SHOULD have been national news, but was downplayed by most of the media. However the social media revealed widescale disgust, including many Remain campaigners.
  2. Michael Gove gave an excellent Question time performance which was universally agreed to have been far better than the deceptive and slipper Cameron performance.
  3. George Osborne created a disastrous ‘Emergency Budget’ which was roundly criticised and a sign of the sheer panic among the Remainiacs that they were losing the argument. Within an hour the following morning, 57 Conservative MPs signed a letter pledging to veto the budget, as did opposition figures.  The Machiavellian nature of this move backfired massively.

As always, when the Elites find a situation spiralling out of control, they do not allow events to ‘play themselves out’, following a trajectory which leads to an undesirable outcome.

Instead, they create ‘chaos’ of some form, then within the chaos they can present their proposed solutions as the ‘only’ course of action, which allows them (via the Controlled Enemedia) to steer things back in their direction.

This is Ordo Ab Chao (Order out of chaos), and the method is known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

One can imagine the Controllers behind the scenes, realising things were unravelling, resorting to enacting their Doomsday Plan. They had to construct a False Flag which they could play out into the media, and saturate the news cycle for the remainder of the campaign, to gaslight the public into accepting their Narrative:

  • Vote Remain = tolerance, unity, love, hope, strength

  • Vote Leave = hate, bigotry, violence, Little Englander, financial (and every other form of) disaster

It is also possible that if the murder of Jo Cox was a False Flag – that it was planned as if it was going to be needed, some weeks or months ago, unless the Bremain was so clearly winning it might prove an unnecessary risk.

In short – the timing is essentially a hand grenade thrown under the democratic process, stirring up a dizzying cloud of sentimentality and fuzzy logic whereby the public are confused into conflating the death of one woman, with a cold hard decision about sovereignty of their nation.

Essentially, the murder created electoral chaos, and from that chaos, the Elites via the Controlled Media hoped to hijack the ‘Narrative’ and steer us into Bremain.

Within that cloud, many minds will become swayed by the hyper-emotionalism – and somehow they will be swayed into making a decision based on the Narrative driven by the media.

So close to voting day, so that the entire news cycle is dominated, and little actual Brexit / Bremain pro / con debate will be carried out.  Indeed, for some reason, the entire country had to stop campaigning for several days to ‘honour her memory’ and ‘out of respect’, when logically if she was a politician who stood for the democratic process – honouring her memory should be an insistence from all sides to not let this tragic event undermine or influence in any way, a historic vote about the future of a nation.

Instead the opposite is happening, and people are hoodwinked into believing this is not only logical, but the ‘good and proper’ thing to do:, suspend, cancel, vote Remain to honour her memory – all sorts of ‘tropes’ were perpetuated almost immediately.

Indeed – several petitions are doing the round, insisting the Referendum be called off in her memory!

And Jo Cox’s birthday is (almost unbelievably) ONE DAY BEFORE Brexit. 22nd June – today.  I should have got this blog out sooner, but when I heard last week of the coincidence of her birthday (1 in 365 chance) – I knew that the day before the vote would be dominated by moving tributes, speeches, memorials, and heart-tugging interviews with her husband, family and colleagues.

In terms of timing, the fact that the hero (77 year old Bernard Kelly, who was stabbed trying to ‘save’ Jo Cox) – ALSO has his birthday…. wait for it…. on the 22nd June. Are we also going to see tributes for him, calls for a George Cross, a knighthood? yes, it seems thy have already started that, so no doubt we might here about it more today.

Two birthdays, same day, on the day before voting – both the victim and the hero.

So this will allow a refresher media saturation, emotionalising the event even more, ON THE LAST DAY BEFORE THE VOTE.  Today. Turn on the news, I bet its on.

No doubt we will hear a lot about “honouring Jo’s incredible legacy”, with the implication that since she was in favour of Remain, so… (?)

hoover monstrous.jpg

Cognitive dissonance is the greatest enemy of those who would seek honest debate about the possibility of conspiracy, which is why the ‘Big Lie’ (Hitler) is so effective.

The Victim

When picking a victim for a False Flag, it is important that they are someone who the public can have sympathy with and who will inspire a lot of hand-wringing and sentimentality to cloud the narrative.

To this end, women and children are the best choice. They always have been throughout history before big decisions are made, which the Elites need to influence the public sentiment to give their actions or goals legitimacy.

Aylan Kurdi, the little boy who drowned crossing from Turkey, is the example used for the invitation by Merkel to millions of migrants, very few (less than 20%) are actually fleeing war – yet the media continues to call them all refugees and to question this narrative is to be a xenophobic bigot. The ‘incubator babies’ false flag was also used by George Bush Snr to get us into Gulf War 1.

There are a few eerie precedents of prominent Leftist Feminist Pro-Open Borders female politicians being attacked by lone psychos on the eve of very important votes…

Eerie Coincidence No.1 – Henriette Reker

henriette-reker-attentat-prozess-2.jpegLast year, Henriette Reker (Mayor of Cologne), was stabbed by a German man who was mentally ill and frustrated by the Cologne Rapes and the mass immigration policies of Leftists like Reker.

Reker was famous for telling woman to ‘prepare’ for rapes. Predictably, the media in Germany (controlled by agitprop specialist Merkel and her ex-Stasi allies) spun this as an example of ‘right wing extremism’ and have since pushed through Europe’s most oppressive social media and internet suppression policies. These have been a dry-run of the proposed EU-wide censorship planned for next year. In short, just when the masses were getting dangerously vocal about people like Reker dictating to them how to accommodate their lives to the ‘new realities’ of Muslim immigration, and berating any opposition, she was transformed into a victim of a horrific attack. So the narrative was transformed to her being a victim, and her critics being racists and borderline Nazis who are potentially unhinged killers.

This media psy-op led to her convincingly winning re-election based on sympathy, and virtue-signalling voters who rejected the ‘anti-migrant’ (in reality ‘anti-uncontrolled-immigration’) parties. Given the momentum of anti-mass-migrationist Mayoral candidates, DAYS before the Mayor elections (which Reker won, whilst in a coma recovering from horrific knifing in the neck) – it could have been disastrous for the country for an ‘anti-refugee’ (as the media puts it) Mayor to come in, in the political tinderbox following the Cologne Mass Rapes.  It could have set off a tidal wave of action and given encouragement to the growing right wing movement led by PEGIDA and the AFD. Instead, widespread revulsion and media blitzing saw Reker win crushingly by 53% (she has now returned to office and recovering).

Again the actions of one psycho were used to demonise an entire political spectrum of opinion about immigration (economic, schools, health service, housing, pensions, crime and many other areas), and reduce it all to “against immigration = Nazi = we won’t vote for you”.

Anna-Lindh.jpegEerie Coincidence No.2 – Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh was another example of assassination. A leftist politician in Sweden (Foreign Minister), she was campaigning for Sweden to enter the Euro.  Like Reker and Cox, she was a Far Left politician who self-identified as a ‘feminist’, and who was very much pro-mass migration from the Third World, dressed up as a Humanitarian necessity.  Anna Lindh was the protégé of former Swedish PM Olof Palme (also assassinated) and she emulated her mentor by trying to make life more decent for all Swedes, and for all the world’s peoples. Photos of Lindh as a teenager show her sitting in her bedroom with pictures of Che Guevara and Karl Marx on the walls. She was however, an opponent of NATO policies and very critical of George Bush, and although very popular with the Swedish electorate and touted as the next Prime Minister – she clearly had to go. She was not acceptable to the Globalist elite.  Like Cox, Lindh left behind two young children.

Days before Sweden would vote on whether to join the euro in 2003, Lindh, the 46-year-old lead campaigner for Sweden’s to adopt the euro was stabbed while shopping in a Stockholm department store. She had been shopping for clothes for a euro zone debate scheduled that evening. The next day, on September 11, Social Democratic foreign minister Lindh died from her injuries. Both sides of the Swedish political campaign suspended their activities following the news, with TV ads campaigns cancelled and billboard and print media ads withdrawn.

There were, however NO calls to stop the Referendum, as the Elites wanted CHANGE not STATUS QUO (contrast to the Brexit debate, where they want STATUS QUO and so wish to call for the referendum to be cancelled on the back of it).

On the following Sunday, Swedes rejected proposals to adopt the common currency- despite a media blitz trying to persuade people that her death was somehow tied to the Euro question and that people would “honour her legacy” and vote for adopting the Euro. Whilst the Elites did not get the Euro result, they did remove her from potentially being Prime Minister, and Swedish politics went another direction.

If I were a Globalist Controller deciding on a victim for this event, in order to swing the public from logic into emotion and harness that emotion to Vote Remain – I could not have chosen a better candidate out of the 650 MPs for a ‘false flag’ murder.

She was young and photogenic, with two young children, living on a houseboat on the Thames, she seemed to lead a bright and idyllic life – and much to mourn from her passing. She was touted as a bright star for the future and even a potential party leader.  She spent a career working with refugees and various charities, before only just becoming a MP one year ago.

This allows the media to dwell on how saintly she was – and she was not around long enough for any scandals to be known about.  Indeed, the fact she was a warmonger who pushed incessantly for bombings in Syria and to stop attacking ISIS because they were doing their bit to topple Assad, seems to have been lost in the deification of Jo Cox by the media.

She has almost been raised to Lady Diana / Mother Theresa stature on the back of her alleged wonderful character. In truth, when showing clips on TV – it is quite clear that almost all her politics in Westminster were regarding Syria, the refugees, and Open Borders issues.

Indeed, the media is lauding all these speeches as her greatest contribution to politics. Not one person dared to ask (in the wake of a tragedy) – is the role of an MP about serving constituents, are advocating for people abroad, as an extension of a much longer career as a charity worker for refugees?

Her heart may have been in the right place – but one can’t help wonder if this (Leftist feminist) desire to help people n the other side of the world – isn’t misguided or at least misplaced, given the massive suffering within her own constituency or indeed the UK? Could resentment at this misplaced concern for foreigners, not the people on her own back door, not be at least a contributing factor (though certainly not a legitimate reason) to local anger, as evidenced by numerous threatening letters and emails she received?

There is a case to argue for her having abandoning ‘her own’, if not in reality, but certainly in the minds of people who are seeing their lives the negative impact of mass immigration.

Longer waits for GPs, less / overstretched services, cuts in welfare, massive social and ethnic change, being priced out due to housing shortages, wage depression and lack of jobs, there is an endless list. Many in her community would see her speeches in parliament, and silently rage that their plight is ignored in favour of concern for people abroad. Many would see her past career, and her actions in Parliament – and conclude (rightly or wrongly) that her MP status was simply an expedient platform from which to continue campaigning on the issues which were very clearly front-and-centre of her heart.

So we have a victim that has no skeletons to distract from the desired Narrative, for she was only an MP for a short period (one year). She was young (41) and had much to lose, a life taken far too soon.  She was a passionate ‘Remainer’, and so her murder could be linked to the campaign to stay in the EU.  She was one of the (if not THE) most outspoken pro-Open Borders, pro-immigrant MPs.  This allows any Narrative after her death to link her good work, with her love of Open Borders and how her refugees welcome policies influenced Government policy, and link that to Tolerance, Inclusiveness – and then contrast this to the Leave Campaign and by implication suggest they are all ‘the opposite’.  This seamlessly ties xenophobia and the toxicity of any talk of ‘immigration’ into the story.

Cleverly, any talk of immigration can then be seen as ‘hateful’ and part of the ‘nasty rhetoric’ which ‘led to the death’ of Jo Cox.

In short, if this event were scripted to cause maximum damage to the Leave, I wouldn’t have changed or added anything.

Hegelian Dialectic Analysis

Jo Cox Murder


  • Jo Cox
  • Married woman
  • 41 with 2 children
  • Tipped as future star or PM
  • Feminist / Leftist champion
  • Pro-Mass Migrationist
  • Globalist / establishment links



  • Thomas Mair
  • Loner
  • Alleged “Right wing extremist / terrorist”
  • Mental health issues
  • Allegedly Shouted “Britain First” (Brexit)



  • Days before Brexit in/out referendum
  • Murder was hate crime / terrorism, not mental health or isolated random violence
  • Extremism = right wing and concerns over immigration
  • Links Brexit immigration concerns with intolerance, extremism and racism

Dialectic Result

  • Brexit debate turned on head, campaigning suspended
  • Polls reversed
  • Massive media onslaught pushing the Bremain campaign and demonising Brexit
  • Potentially derailing Brexit and UK voting to remain in the EU (?)


Anna Lindh Murder


  • Anna Lindh
  • Married woman
  • 42 with 2 children
  • Tipped as future star or PM
  • Feminist / Leftist champion
  • Pro-Mass Migrationist
  • Critic of NATO / George Bush wars


  • Mijailo Mijailovic
  • Loner
  • At time media spun motive as killer’s anger at NATO bombings of Serbia
  • Later killer said he was high on hypnotic drug, and political motive was ‘all politicians’


  • Days before Euro in/out referendum
  • Murder was hate crime / terrorism, not mental health or isolated random violence
  • Extremism = right-wing and anti-NATO extremist



Dialectic Result

  • Massive change in Euro debate
  • Polls reversed
  • Massive media onslaught pushing Euro entry and predicting adoption of Euro
  • Ultimately, public voted to keep Euro but very close decision
  • Anti-NATO future PM dead; another pro-NATO party came into office

Henriette Reker Murder Attempt


  • Henriette Reker
  • Married woman, Mayor of Cologne
  • 60 with 2 children
  • Feminist / Leftist champion
  • Pro-Mass Migrationist
  • Embattled positon due to ‘victim blaming’ following Cologne rapes



  • Loner
  • Mental health issues
  • Allegedly screamed “influx of refugees”
  • Linked to right wing extremism




  • Days before Mayoral election in controversial city leading ‘refugee welcome’ movement
  • Murder was hate crime / terrorism, not mental health or isolated random violence
  • Extremism = right-wing and anti-immigrant
  • Anti-immigrant sentiment is a return to Nazism

Dialectic Result

  • Massive change in Mayoral election
  • Polls reversed
  • Widespread revulsion turned previous edge for anti-refugee candidates, into crushing 53% win for Reker, as she was in induced coma to save her life following stabbing in neck
  • Crackdowns on anti-immigrant social media postings, protests etc

Make of this what you will but the similarities are very eerie.

  • Background and politics of victims
  • Background and ‘narrative’ of killer and their motives
  • Timing days before crucial elections
  • Resultant media push to reverse public opinion for voting purposes

The Killer

Thomas Mairs was mentally ill, and had asked for help the previous day but was put off by the counsellor he called, and told to call in and make an appointment the next day. The fact he was mentally ill should be front and centre, and a discussion about ‘Care in The Community’ and failings of Social Services to read the warning signs should be the debate. A mentally ill person may find any number of dark avenues for their delusions and paranoia.  Indeed he was 300 yards away from the centre he wanted treatment at, when he carried out the murder.

But in the press onslaught that has followed, this primary factor is relegated to a side-issue of little relevance. Instead, there is a focus on the two occasions where he has opened his mouth, and on his ‘Nazi background’.

I will discuss this in a later article about the specifics of the events, but suffice to say its very odd how the “Britain First” narrative developed. These were the words he allegedly shouted. Two eye witnesses stated this, but then retracted it. A third appeared a day later, but then it emerged he was a member of the BNP (a bitter rival to splinter group Britain First). There were also several people who claimed to be eye witnesses to the whole event, who claimed they never heard anything being shouted.

The next occasion was when in court, and asked to give his name – he repeated several time “Death to traitors, Freedom for Britain”.

These two occasions where Mairs spoke are both devastating for the Leave campiagn and incredibly convenient for the Remain cause.  In a few short phrases, it plays into the Narratives which are now being woven into the entire Brexit debate:

Britain first = exclusive, xenophobia, racist, immigration, and a link to a group of the same name which is perceived by many to be neo-Nazi or at least Far Right

Death to traitors = that ‘right wing terrorists’ are against people perceived to be traitors to the nation, and that the act was the handing out of an execution sentence for treason

Freedom for Britain = Brexit

Now conveniently all these things are conflated together into the Brexit debate.

Then we have the ‘right wing extremism’ element. This is important in the context of the Government (throughout the West) trying to expunge Islam from terrorism / radicalism / extremism. Instead, they create a ‘Countering Violent Extremism‘ narrative which also includes Christians, Patriots, 2nd amendment defenders (in the US), and anyone who is against Open Borders and Multiculturalism – and which follows an identical pattern throughout every Western nation.  We see this in even the ‘right wing press’, where any party or group on the continent who opposes the insane uncontrolled immigration agenda, or the EU’s Open Borders policies, or the EU’s expansionism and ever-greater destruction of nation-state Sovereignty – as ‘Far Right’. By default that links them with extremism and Nazism, or at least that is the inference made. This way the Right Wing is corralled into accepting an agenda that fits faux-Conservatives who are actually Corporatists and Globalists – for to deviate from Approved Thought is to stray into the Extremist Thinking of the Far Right.

So if we were going to pick a Killer who could be demonised for this agenda, then someone with neo-Nazi links is the perfect patsy. He bought right-wing extremist literature in the 80s, 90s and as recently as 2003, including a manual explaining how to make a gun. He also subscribed to a South African ‘pro white’ magazine, again lapsed several years. The police report finding ‘Nazi regalia’ in his house (no details or photos as yet).

The fact he was not active in any right-wing groups (it would have come out by now), nor was he a campaigner for Vote Leave, and his brother, family and neighbours saying he was not political and very much kept to himself – none of this matters.  All the material that is needed is already available: he was a Far Right Extremist. Nobody asks the simple question, how his actions relate to Brexit, since they have proven he ‘self-radicalised’ long before a referendum was on the table, let alone the expression ‘Brexit’.

In short – the perfect patsy. And if there is a UK equivalent to the MK ULTRA program (like the CIA undertook during the Cold War of the 50’s and 60’s, now declassified under FOIA requests), Mairs would have been the ideal candidate.  A loner, who could be interfered with and not many people would notice nor care. Mentally ill, so any actions he was induced through drugs and mind control to commit, could be blamed on his mental health. And weak mentally, meaning he was easier to ‘programme’, and this therapy could be undertaken as part of ‘mental health treatment’. I am not saying this is the case, but if you have spent even a short time studying actual MK Ultra information, you would understand that what was actually achieved hundreds of times in the 60’s, must surely be turned into a fine art half a century later.  Government-sponsored Mind Control programmes did not stop in the 60’s, if anything it was only its infancy period.

And to me, Mairs saying the incredibly damaging “Death to Traitors, Freedom for Britain” – the only words we will hear from him before the referendum – makes me suspect mind control is at work.

It is just far too convenient and neat.

The Real Murder Debate

The above facts bring up a very simple question that must be answered by anyone seeking to conflate this murder with Brexit. But we have not seen this feature in the media anywhere.

Tommy the terrorist:  If Thomas Mairs was a ‘terrorist’ and carried out this act for the Vote Leave cause – then he must have known that such an act would repulse the masses and cause untold harm to the campaign to leave the EU. If it were organised by any group who put him up to it, they would also have realised this and it would never have been planned.  Since he bought his ‘how to make a homemade gun’ manual, and other extremist literature in the 80s, 90s and as recently as 2003 (13 years ago!) – we cannot blame Brexit on his extremism, nor the ‘rhetoric’ of the campaign, for ‘radicalising’ him. In which case, this makes this narrative very hard to believe, unless you consider he may be a patsy and the whole thing staged to damage Vote Leave.

Tommy the mentally ill loner: If however he was mentally ill and delusional, then you could see how a twisted mind might carry this out.  But in this case, we are acknowledging he is mentally ill and acting alone, and because he is sick and out of control. Any deluded reasons he had for such an extreme act of violence, when all who knew him described him as quiet, gentle and apolitical – must be seen in the context of a psychotic episode.  Why are we not hearing from mental health experts on the news discussing this? If mentally ill, we must also conclude that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Vote Leave campaign and is an isolated tragedy of a mentally ill loner who sought help but when unable to get that help he flipped.

So, which is it?

If its the former – then we have to entertain the possibility of False Flag terrorism.  If it was the latter, then we have to completely denounce any links to the referendum and expose and punish any links for what they are – cynical political opportunism.

Yet we have heard nothing from the psychology experts. Mental health professionals. A simple release of basic info like… was he prescribed anti-psychotic / anti-depressant medication? did he miss any appointments? Was he ever committed to an institution on the Mental Health Act? Did he ever have recorded periods of psychosis?

Simple information, easily obtained. Yet we have heard nothing along these lines. They don’t fit the Narrative.

If we mention them, we will be chastised that we cannot discuss such things as it might be prejudicial (yet somehow, the police and media can leak the Nazi literature or second-hand links to right wing groups). The debate and focus is kept firmly on political extremism, not psychosis.

Instead we will have to wait until after the Referendum to find out about his mental state. By which time it will be to late.  To discuss it now, or any other discrepancies of this case that go against The Narrative, when it matters most for the future of a nation – is to be callous and disrespectful.

In the meantime, we will have to put up with the media wittering on about ‘rejecting hate’ and ‘honouring Jo’s legacy’ and other implied slurs of anyone who wants rid of the EUSSR monster.

The Narrative

So what is ‘the Narrative’?

Its the story the Establishment (via their lapdog media) wish to tell, in order to manipulate the will of the people and bend it to their own objectives. Its the issues they wish to be discussed and played out, and also those they wish to bury or suppress.

Its connecting the murder of one female MP, who was largely unknown to the public at large, with the Brexit debate. The objectives are complex but seem to be unfolding as a combination of the following:

1 – Shut down discussion of immigration

Shut down the ‘winning ticket’ debate of Immigration, which was having a devastating effect especially among Labour voters who were rejecting their own parties Remain stance – by conflating it with xenophobia, racism, hate, intolerance, right wing extremism etc. This they have done by talking of the ‘toxic environment’ of Brexit, and of the Referendum unleashing ‘hatred’ and ‘radicalising’ people into extremist views. The message that being anti-mass-migration is NOT AT ALL anything to do with being ‘anti-migrant’ or the common-sense view that it was about having CONTROL (not what stance you took either way) – is shut down.

2 – Hyper-emotionalism and sentimentality

This is the most important point, so I have spent the most time on it.  The aim is to stop the public debating facts and getting information, instead confuse them with a media orgy of sentimentality (candlelit vigils, several memorial services, speeches, and for four days now – “more tributes for Jo Cox”). By using the tool of hyper-emotionalism, people enter a state of ‘suggestibility’ to what the answer should be in the wake of such a tragedy.

The problem with human nature, and civilised Western people who have been lucky to have had decades without real hardship or war – is that we have become weak and trusting.  The masses believe anything the media puts to them – because to engage the brain takes effort, and there are not enough reasons to incentivise them too examine things critically.

Indeed – such is the reality of modern life – wake up, kids to school, work, home, food, bed – there is very little window for anything else. We fill that window with things that make us feel good, and we accept what little news we get uncritically. So despite the myth that every generation deludes itself to be smart, wiser and more ‘modern’ than the generation before – the truth is we have regressed and have become weak and suggestible.  It only takes a few seeds, delivered here and there, in soundbites, retweets, and the ‘casual’ phrasing of the News Reporters – to grow in our minds into the convictions that others wish to place there.

We grow our own delusions, based on our laziness, lack of education, our relative comfort, the distractions of modern life and the control grid of social media / MSMs  and pop culture which serves to reinforce these convictions. And then, we convince ourselves that these were our ideas. That we came to these conclusion ourselves, and as others have also repeated them – we are all enlightened because we think the same. Yet unable to comprehend they have all been put under the same spell.

The easiest way to play on the psychology outlined in the paragraph above, is to appeal to people’s lazy sense of moral superiority. The feel-good factor. The emotions that tug at the heart strings, or make us feel warm and fuzzy for being such good people.  Isn’t this exactly how the best con men work?  they might want you to give them money, but to do it, they sell you DREAMS. People then act on emotion, not logic and fact. Its an analogy I use all the time, but the masses are being trained to be a pack of Pavlovian Dogs – trained to sit, roll over or salivate based on preconditioned stimuli. For dogs, its food. For humans – ITS SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE AND ‘FEELS’.

What is the ‘spell’ which the media now wishes to cast over the masses, in this post-murder psy-op? Vote Remain have the answer for us here:

Here’s Jack Straw’s son Will Straw, making the link even though a large percentage of Labour voters are also indicating they wish to Vote Leave.

Essentially Will Straw is using the Broken Heart Britain image as a subliminal link towards broken hearts after Jo Cox’s murder. The text could not be more clear: implicitly, if you Vote Leave – you are unkind, closed, non-inclusive, intolerant, xenophobic.

Here’s my reply:

Lectured to by a guy who is a Londoner, parachuted in to a safe Lancashire constituency by virtue of his father’s establishment connections, at the young age of 33 in 2013. Previously, he had sold cannabis at school, and later was one of several Governors who were sacked due to financial mismanagement of a school. His father Jack, as we remember, was another of the warmongering Blairite inner circle, who conned the nation with their patently false WMD lies about Iraq, and is probably best known for the cash-for-access scandal.

The same Will Straw – despite nationwide calls for a ‘suspension’ of campaigning – used Sunday to order Remain voters to use the opportunity to attack Leave campaigners.

english not worth saving jack straw.png

The English as a race are not worth saving!Jack Straw 2009

And the media are exasperated with the complete breakdown in trust between the British people and politicians…

I have recycled this last paragraph from another article, but that is because it is so telling about the strategy being employed, and the type of hypocritical people who hate the Common Man and indeed the very notion of being British or indeed the concept of the Nation State. It is also very revealing about how utterly cynical and ruthless they are in using even a ‘tragic murder’ to push their agenda – a Realpolitik, ‘end justifies the means’ approach that is very hard to counter especially if the entire mainstream media seems to be controlled by them.

3 – Stop campaigning to end rational debate

Linked to the above point is shutting down logical discussion of the issues.  So we have been obliged to cease all campaigning since Friday. As I write this the day before Brexit, Bremain have campaigned on the Narrative above, but any Brexit campaigning is seen as crass in the circumstances.

This means 80% of the time before the vote has been essentially compromised by a narrative based on Project Grief, of sentimentality, and all the deliberately conflated faux-debates mentioned above (hate, tolerance, inclusiveness, etc) which all involve injecting more emotionalism a the expense of logic and rationality. As Jo Cox’s birthday is the day before the Vote, we can expect that to feature heavily in the news, no doubt with thoughts about the Hatred that took away the Perfect Mother from her children. Instead, the media cycle will be dominated by talk about Jo, and the campaigning will be noticeably muted. Any discussion of immigration, will be heavily attacked as having contributed to the ‘toxic environment’ which caused Jo’s death, and will feed back in a negative loop into the media cycle.

A perfect example was today’s ‘fake defection‘ of Baroness Warsi, who all but called the Leave Campaign a bunch of Hitler’s, and all but blamed them for the death of Jo. This again tied the narrative to immigration (via UKIP’s poster campaign) to racism and xenophobia, then to Jo’s death then to voting Remain as the solution.

4 – To echo back into the fake polls

Now we will get the real psy-op. We will get the continued message of how the polls are swinging back to Remain. Little does it matter that polls are political tools and completely manipulated (and easy TO manipulate). People believe they are genuine.

The media will play this out alongside the Narrative above. We will be told how people are repulsed by the ‘hate’ and the ‘insular rhetoric’ of the Vote Leave campaign. They will mention A LOT about UKIP’s infamous poster (not that i have ever driven past one, and only ever see it in the context of the media criticism).

The polls will also follow their own ‘journey’ or ‘Narrative’ as well. They have to add the drama, and make it seem like an organic and moving process. So first we will hear about the Remain ‘catching up’. Then it will be ahead in some polls.  Then to break the heart and disincentivise the Vote Leavers – they will talk about a clear edge for Remain.  Other info will feed into this narrative and be casually thrown into the mix to further sway the public.

For example – they will show how the ‘betting odds’ are on a clear Remain vote: “Huge shift in betting odds towards Bremain” etc. How the ‘markets have risen’ with the optimism about the British public not, after all, committing hari-kiri by voting Leave: “Markets rise as Brexit looks less likely” etc.

All subtle and not-so-subtle cues will be weaved into this new Narrative of the polls reversing based on Jo’s death and a rejection of the Hate that lead to her brutal slaying.

5 – The big sting

Finally, we will have the vote itself. I predict widespread reports of fraud and major dissatisfaction with the way it has been carried out. But in the end of the day – the big sting will arrive – BRITAIN VOTES REMAIN. Probably by a very close result, but enough to dissuade talk of fraud affecting it – say a 2-point Bremain result (that’s how I’d do it).

I do hope I am wrong, but the 5 step strategy above leads to TWO perfectly good ways for the Establishment to force us to stay in the EU.  Firstly,they really could have manipulated the public so much as to reverse the Leave momentum, and win a close-run vote.  Secondly, they could lose but by a sufficiently small margin that they can make up the shortfall via fraud. – without it being too noticeable.

If Jo’s murder hadn’t happened, and the vote had gone as I expected  – a clear 60% or so Leave (judging by the comment threads on ALL the major newspapers, ALL online live polls, and #VoteLeave trending twice as much as #Remain on Twitter) – then it would be very hard to fool the public and it would be logistically very difficult to carry out enough fraud to reverse it. The risks of being caught out, or the public believing it was a lie, would simply be too high.

Instead – a reason for polls swinging the other way, and a Narrative for a future vote Bremain – had to be constructed.  Now they both have ‘close polls’ and a media Narrative to back it up – providing the perfect background to steal the Referendum.

The murder of Jo Cox did all this and more. The perfect victim. The perfect timing. The perfect killer.  And the most skillfully played ans synchronised media Narrative to drive it all home.

But for me, what happened immediately within hours, that to me is the biggest smoking gun of all. How well coordinated and IN SYNCH the response from the Globalist press and the usual International Figures and politicians.

It stinks, quite frankly.

26 thoughts on “Brexit False Flag (Part 1): Gaslighting The Public

  1. Great article. I only managed to read half so far so I have bookmarked it for later. In your analyse boxes you wrote Kenny instead of Mair, I’m not pointing fault (I make plenty of typos) I just don’t want you getting stick for it.

    I’m glad you wrote this article because I think many people feel this whole charade was rather sinister but it is difficult to not come across as a conspiracy theorist. Especially so because even when facts are right there people still think it is crazy to suggest the facts as they are. I think 50/50 is a fair observation and no doubt we’ll never truly know.

    I appreciate that you went to the trouble of using empathy and trying to allow people to understand the mechanisms of how some parts of humanity behave and think. You hit on so many truths and facts and I’m only half way through the article and commenting.

    It is a shame that we live in this type of world but unfortunately we are all mere worms to our masters who are intent on convincing us that our own subjugation is what we actually desire.

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    • Oops. Its overly long article. Tried to proofread but I wanted to get it out today so rushed it a bit (tomorrow is the Brexit vote obviously). I’ve changed my blooper.

      I do feel the same revulsion and sympathy – and there is an impulse not to write something like this. But if its a contrived False Flag event, that’s exactly how the elites would WANT us to behave.

      Having studied this quit a bit, its important SOMEONE takes the flak and asks difficult questions, i expect to be condemned by the sheeple who get sucked into the hyper-emotional paradigm – wherein, they can only see what the media want them to see, and are hoodwinked that even ‘thoughts’ that all might not be right, is to be a ‘tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist’, or an insensitive monster.

      That’s how the conspiracy theory slur works – its to silence discussion among the general public, and to create an aversion to critical analysis of the ‘official narrative’ of any given event.

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      • Some people have to have the guts to say something because the powers that be are constantly pushing for more and more censorship. People who speak about you being insensitive can do so, but if they’re not careful they themselves may find they too are criticised or punished for speech. That is how bad this situation can become and it shows no signs of slowing down.

        Without social media and alternative information sources we would already be under a totalitarian system, no doubt about it.


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        • Agreed. Its getting scary and spiralling out of control. The EU directives with Google are straight out of Orwell. Anything the Elites deem to be against their agenda, will be ‘hate’, and there will be no means of mass communicating as it is understood today. Next come the disappearances and reeducation

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        • Speaking of Google have you seen Google UK today? Go and have a peak under the search box, there is a static link there with a nice bit of propaganda. 😉

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        • FFS “in remembrance of Jo Cox MP”

          When have they ever done that? and for an MP who lets face it was barely known before this event.

          More globalist signalling that this event, if not a false flag, is massively being used as a psy op.

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        • It certainly is getting a creepy feel to it, I’ll give you that much!

          I was surprised because I thought Google only did this type of thing on Einstein’s or Beethoven’s birthday etc?

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  2. Thank you for this article. My guess is if it is false flag, then it was ordered by the hidden CIA controlled government who have controlled the UK and Western Europe since 1947.

    A lot of people I know believe it was a false flag, but even if it wasn’t the Remainers stooped to an all time low making political capital out of the murder.

    I think if the Remain vote wins by a small margin, there will be an explosion of English nationalism with people saying “England voted Out” etc, so they have gone from the frying pan into the fire.

    Personally I think Leave will win by a small majority which will cause problems in Scotland.

    There will be a realignment in politics away from multiculturalism regardless.

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    • I’ve looked into that and i think they jumped the gun, which runs the risk of discrediting any ‘false flag’ theory. There are two Bernard Kenny’s. Both with wife Doreen, within 7 miles of each other. Seems incredible, but I checked out the birth records on and seems genuine, since it is photos of the hard copy Register which are hundreds of small names per page.

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      • Maybe, but it is strange but we need to see interviews of the other Bernard Kenny first incase this just happens to be a first class cover up.

        BTW I wonder how Remain shill and murderer of European Unionist MP Thomas Mair will vote tomorrow, after all he can use his yuman rights to vote can’t he? … Oh I forgot he isn’t even on the electoral roll.

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        • yep not saying there isn;t something there, just saying we have to proceed with caution – often part of the psy-op is to leave a red herring there for the Conspiracy Theorists to ‘bite’ on – then they can castigate them via the media, thus destroying any legitimate enquiry….

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  4. RGA above. I agree we do not need to concern ourselves too much with the the conspiracy stuff, but we certainly need to record all the dodgy stuff as we will no doubt fund ourselves having to go to Court to either force another referendum. My belief is that only indigenous white Britons should be allowed to vote in any future referendum because we are the ones adversely affected by EU membership and mass immigration.

    Google UN Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples to see how. All forty six articles apply to us and no matter how many immigrants pour in there’s no they can legally do to stop us reclaiming our rights.

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  5. Yes, this is classic “theatre” of opposites, being played by the elites, with the ever-ready help of the media: The plan is to smash the current EU construct via Brexit and the ensuing economic calamity, so that most people will be happy to embrace the even more centralized government/economic construct–The Phoenix currency, slated to “appear” by 2018. (Read the game plan in The Economist issue from the ’90s. The people holding the reins know exactly what they are doing.)
    The innocent people voting to leave the EU have the right ideas, but they are being duped, as the good people always are!

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  8. You’ve noted that Will Straw was “parachuted in to a safe Lancashire constituency by virtue of his father’s establishment connections, at the young age of 33 in 2013”.

    He was selected as a Labour candidate in a Conservative seat (which was won by the Conservative candidate again).

    I personally wouldn’t consider a seat with a Conservative majority of 5,000 as a safe constituency for Labour.

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