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Jo Cox Murder: False Flag Predicted By French Politician

French politician François Asselineau from the party Union Populaire Républicaine (UPR) was interviewed by Sputnik Radio on 9th June.  The UPR is the fastest-growing French “populist” party (i.e., anti-EU / anti-mass-migrationist – therefore it is ‘Far Right’ as MSM propaganda dictates in their political Newspeak, therefore implying Nazism).

He accurately predicted the need for the Elites to false flag the Brexit referendum, in order to bamboozle the public via a media onslaught.

Seems like its not only obscure bloggers like me who are ‘conspiracy theorists‘… I look forward to your comments below!

Interview Transcript

“So i hope what happened in Sweden won’t happen in the UK, because let me remind you that in Sweden, whilst the polls on Swedish adoption of the Euro showed that those against were leading, the representative of those in favour, Anna Lindh, the very photogenic 42 year old Minster of Foreign Affairs of the Swedish Government of the time, the star of the YES! side, was murdered in a shopping mall by an individual.

The case was half-solved, he was kind of a Serb fellow from a mental hospital, an individual of a similar profile to Lee Harvey Oswald, if you see what I mean. And so she was murdered two days before the referendum. And instead of stopping or postponing the referendum, the Government of the then Prime Minster, Mr Persson, maintained the Referendum. And for the remaining 48 hours before the vote, they sang the praise of this woman who had been murdered for the victory of the Yes vote. And the Swedish people were told this was game-changing and that they would vote Yes.

Can you imagine? there was even a Gallup poll, the last one to be published, showing that the Yes vote would miraculously win because of this uncanny murder. As a matter of fact, that’s not what happened. The No vote won in Sweden. Furthermore, it is worth noting that in spite of all the apocalyptic predictions made for Sweden in 2003, thirteen years later nobody talks about it any more. And why is it that nobody is talking about it?Simply because Sweden, I won’t say that it is doing wonderfully well, because it is part of the EU all the same, But among the European countries it’s one – if not THE one – of the countries that are doing the best.

The Swedish Crown stayed perfectly on course, and the Swedish people are proud of having kept their national currency. And the bank of Sweden has been able to run a slightly independent monetary policy [some French dry wit here i think! – RGA] – while remaining a reasonable gap between the Crown and the Euro – they have nevertheless regained control over their monetary policy.

The bottom line is – I hope that Brexit… this is not going… If I were one of the key advocates of the Remain side, I would take bodyguards. Because you know, if there were a terrorist attack or something of that kind in the UK, the media would right away tell you “See, if we exit the EU…”.

They will draw an irrelevant parallel between for example, terrorism, possible terrorist attacks, and exiting the EU. Anyway, anything can happen, we are dealing with something really serious.  If the UK were to leave the EU, it would inevitably have a knock-on effect, simply because all the European peoples are going to watch what happens afterwards. And they will find later on that its not the Apocalypse that the pro Europe had forewarned…”

This backs up completely the analysis of the Narrative playing out in the media in the wake of the Jo Cox murder, and is yet another uncanny ‘coincidence’.

52 thoughts on “Jo Cox Murder: False Flag Predicted By French Politician

  1. Thanks for this. Concerning the two Bernard Kennys both married to Doreen and living seven miles apart I would like to know if anyone had spoken to the living Bernard Kenny? Just because he is on the electoral roll doesn’t mean he exists, no doubt an intelligence fix which would indicate that it was indeed planned.

    Has anyone wondered why Thomas Mair is not on the electoral roll? Doesn’t make sense.

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    • Oops i downvoted you by mistake sorry.

      I was going to do some more in depth research, but since the damage is already done and we have run out of time to uncover anything that might be incriminating – I am leaving it for now. I guess that’s why it happened so soon… TIMING is everything.

      It is VERY weird that the ‘hero’ of the piece has not been in the media AT ALL. No media bedside visits, no interviews with family. Usually the NUMBER ONE thing the media wants, is this type of narrative. Another excuse to keep it all in the media, get ratings, etc. And he’s home now and out of trouble, allegedly… so what’s the problem with more coverage of this aspect of the event?

      Its been VERY noticeable that they have completely shut it down. Not even updates on his condition, background… NOTHING. After all, as the closest, he is also the best witness to put this Britain First thing to bed (or to confirm it).

      WHY NO COVERAGE? we will find out eventually, but its too late to impact the vote


      • More recent Polls are showing a swing back to BREXIT, but not quite back to their kevels last week. Boris, Gesila and the other lady last night were fantastic. Khan kept on interrupting them and calling the Leave campaign Project Hate.

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        • Feck me the Leavers were immense. Personally I thought Leadsom has been a revelation. Gisella good, Boris was rousing at the right moments and of course helped draw flak away from the other two who were able to shine with facts and keeping it dignified and to the point.

          The Remain crew? all loathsome in different ways. But that Krankie (Ruth) was awful! even the crowd booed her. All interrupters, personal, Project Fear, trying to smear with PC-bollocks by linking immigration discussion with racism and hate.

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        • It seams like William Shakespeare’s three witches have come alive in today’s chronicles, as a self-deprecating curse of the Queen Scots to her royal descendants?

          I regret, I was actually joking, the again reality always out performs and upstages fiction.

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  2. Yes what’s going on is a very weird. I wondered where the hero of this drama is as well. I have just watched Brendan Cox singing the “flower power” of love and hope. I think they will be five women at Save The Children who will have vomited. I suppose like many American ladies do when they see the Clintons on the TV and that they know the real BILL. How awful for them all.
    It is strange indeed that many of us saw a political assassination coming. I saw because I know the anger in white British natives is almost touchable and like redgreenalliance we both expected it. And we both said the same thing before it happened, someone with mental problems. It’s always someone with mental problems. Someone vulnerable, impressionable and suggestible. I work in mental health and I deal all the time with vulnerable people and know how easy it is to just wind them up and point them in a direction. I wonder if the Police will look for those around him previous to the killing. It is not conspiracy theory, many people predicted this. It was in fact all over the political blogs. When you know how the system works and you see the puppet masters, they always come on in the same old way. They know people like us know the truth. But they also know we are more or less powerless. But with internet people now are much more wiser and look for information. Information is power, hence those in power want to control the Internet. It breaks the narrative and must be so infuriating for them.
    Today I looked in detail at the state of the EU’s finances and it is a pretty dismal picture. The money printing presses are out again and the EU is doing what it does best, spreading poverty. France is broke, Portugal is broke, Greece is flat broke, Italy is broke. And the UK is “in recovery” by the magic of hokuspokus money printing that has put an artificial boost in the economy that barely looks like recovery. In fact the UK is effectively a bankrupt nation and the only thing keeping it afloat is that it can borrow money on the international markets and lump it on the doorstep of every working person. But it’s strange how no ordinary person equates George’s borrowing with the fact that we will get the bill via higher taxes. I wonder how my next door neighbour would react if I tok out a loan in his name and expected him to pay it. He would likely call the Police after punching on the nose. But it’s all very smoke and mirrors when Boy George does it. George Osbourne’s recovery is no more than a not very clever ponzi scheme. Just putting off the day of pain. And our debt is now 1.7 trillion pounds and still running a deficit that adds daily to this massive national debt. That excludes all the massive pension black hole and the 998 billion to bail out the banks in 2008.
    The UK is all fur coat and no knickers as the saying goes. And all we hear is Britain is a rich country. It’s laughable. Britain is a absolutely a flat broke country and Cameron is chucking it about like fraudulent lottery winner. One billion here, twelve billion here, another 2 billion here, 900 billion to help Turkey. Cameron reminds me of some of my bi-polar patients who go suddenly on a spending spree with nothing in the bank. He struts around the world wearing his generosity on his sleeve and gives away our money. I mean borrowed money. He wallows in his own generosity and what a wonderful man he is, whilst homeless soldiers sleep in doorways in my town, but immigrants get only the best houses on my private estate. And rape is everywhere but not matter, its only white girls. Now Cameron the magnanimous is taking 3000 refugee children. I suggest he sends them to Rotherham as they know how to look after children. But I digress and there is so much to digress about but I am neglecting the beautiful EU. So let’s return to this dying beast.
    In the EU Zombie banks everywhere. The EU has a political crisis, an economic crises and now a migrant crisis together with an all pervasive rape crisis that is covered up and denied. As someone who knows a great deal of in depth knowledge about Europe, I know the UK people have been lied to by the remainers and the leavers too are just too timid to mention the whole truth and nothing but the truth the EU. I will whisper hear, “Don’t ever mention the name Count Richard Coudenhove-Kellergi – he’s the EU historical sugar daddy and boy does he have plans for you. I could go on for hours, but to cut to the chase and the truth.

    And the truth is, it matters not wether we stay in or get out. The EU is imploding just like its ugly sister the USSR and just as when the USSR imploded millions will find themselves in nation states where they are not only not wanted, but by then openly hated. And in the UK they will be looking for someone vent on and the easiest target is alway those “Scrounging” immigrants. Not thinking for one moment, that they voted for this continuously and it was the people’s disinterest in their own nation that allowed the politicians to skulk like thieves in the night to lead you to this place of slaughter.

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  3. PS: The article was as usual excellent. The French guy is a scary bloke. I too worry about a terror attack on referendum day. It would be too good a reason to call off the referendum if they know they are going to lose it.

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  4. Last debate was on earlier. Nigel Farage pulled out for family reasons, more likely death threats to either him or his family.

    Anyway Remain were just their usual unconvincing self with nothing to offer and going on about the UKIP poster “Breaking Point”. Nigel Farage is today’s Enoch Powell, fortunately he leads UKIP and isn’t in the treacherous Tories.

    Polls are showing a swing back to Leave now gaining a seven point lead. We are voting Leave. The psyops have not worked.

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  5. I certainly find the Jo Cox murder puzzling. Thomas Mair was indeed mentally ill, but had expressed no strong feelings about the Referendum in either direction, and hadn’t even bothered to register to vote – nor had he ever shown any propensity to violence. Yet suddenly he becomes an extremist political killer, apparently shouting a slogan as he killed a woman and giving his name in Court as another slogan. I guess mental illness can take an unpredictable turn, but it does seem that he may have been “got at” in some way. I briefly worked for the Probation Service years ago and I saw offenders in their Day Centre manipulating those with mental illness or learning disabilities, as the criminals use them as “fall guys”. They were incredibly easy to manipulate – they were so happy to be “befriended” and looked up to these guys. Even when they ended up in prison as a result, they would never tell on their “friends” – they would do the time feeling convinced their “friends” would love them so much for it.

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    • I totally agree with you. apparently Mr Mair got into an argument with an Asian (Muslim) man. More likely the Asian had the knife and gun gave it to Mr Mair paid him to shout Britain First while killing Jo Cox.

      I cannot believe any official story but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Muslim community was involved in their own planned false flag attack. Not just elites behind it.

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  6. Will be going out to vote soon. Very few support Remain. According to MSM, if Sunderland votes Leave by more than six percent margin, Leave is predicted to win, anything else is tipped to be a Remain victory.

    Newcastle is tipped to be very proud Remain. Why? The Newcastlers I know are all Leave.

    The MSM says that if Wandsworth votes for more than 69% Remain, then they are tipped to win.

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    • All the guff coming out of the TV is pure verbal diarrhoea. I give up I really do. By all measures I can detect that are not controlled by Globalists, it seems like a clear cut Leave vote

      Twitter trends and facebook shares. The comment section of even the Guardian are dominated by Leave. All my friends and colleagues. The Number of car stickers, posters in Windows…


      • I hope so. I think it more like 80-20 rather than 50-50.

        Of course the public sector workers and their clients will vote Remain.

        My cousin living London a once long term Labour voter and pro EU is now a UKIP member and voted Leave. She’s become OCD over the Cox false flag. She told me by email that some of her Labour friends said that Jo was no angel, had an irrational hatred of England and Englishness. The late Cox despised England, and the Labour elites wanted her because of it.

        My cousin told me that Labour is just too saturated in Anglophobia for any decent person to be a member of. She’s been working for Leave.EU and had a good response in London.


        • Francis, I do hope but dare do not believe your vote counts, here is why in another post of mine.
          “Did the Clinton Global Initiative with the Obama administrations help sell the processing rights of the American voter in the general election to a company from Spain (SCYTL) as Reid and Pelosi did in 2008-12? That happens to controlled by liberal activist, big, big time Democrat Donor George Soros.
          Obama did outsource the counting to a Tampa Florida company, named SOE, that had previously been used to administer the vote counting process for over 500 American jurisdictions. SOE software was sold to a company named SCYTL, owned by George Soros, headquartered in Spain, virtually impossible to confirm or deny.
          SCYTL owner is Pere Valles, once owner of Global Net; with contracts with Media Matters, although owned by one George Soros, that controls aka counts the votes for over 525 voting jurisdictions: (AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA., plus a claimed limited use of SCYTL systems of military or absentee voters that are remotely controlled.
          SCYTL’s investors are known as Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker SCR.
          The Ring around the Rosy cannot stink anymore than what is known from these firms and Soros connected affiliates that bury their mutual associations that control directly the American vote count and outcome.”

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  7. Farage appears to have concealed defeat and accepts that Remain have edged it. However this is still bad news for Remain. England will have voted LEAVE while the rest of the UK voted IN.

    This is going to explode big time.


  8. UK is on brink of leaving the EUSSR. England and Wales vote Leave while Scotland votes Remain. NI split between Leave and Remain.

    Not sure which Union ID more important to the Scots UK or EU?


    • I’m off to walk the dog! 5:55 am and I need to wrap my head around the result!


      All the psy ops, project grief, project fear, and the constant patronising and propaganda by an entire media and pop culture, and the vast majority of politicians… All failed to halt the march to Liberty.

      Watching TV this morn and you would swear it was a funeral procession. All the media hacks interviewing Remainers and people calling it a catastrophe. Absolutely no balance or pretends of impartiality. This shower of shits has to go as well.

      Can’t wait for the inevitable double resignation of Cameron and Osborne


      • I have enjoyed reading the guff in the Guardian and Independent.

        I enjoy watching them squirm and behave like spoilt little brats, many of whom simply cannot grasp that they have been defeated.

        This is the beginning of the end of unwanted cultural Marxism, and the wiser heads in the left know it. They continue throwing the racist label around and have shown that they are incapable of listening.

        We have been in the EU for 43 years and lost many assets and had unfavourable ECJ judgments.

        I am now hoping that the Marxist EU implodes and our cultural and racial cousins can free themselves soon.

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        • I am going to drink up those tears… Anna Soubry calling the public idiots for collapsing the economy, already the markets are recovering and its not even lunchtime… the rest of them can suck my


      • The Scots used to be excellent business people at one stage. Adam Smith comes to mind. I really hope they get their act together because Sturgeons “Independence in Europe” has a nasty whiff of socialism and cultural Marxism. I don’t mind them getting independence, but please not under the SNP. We Anglo Saxons cannot let our Celtic cousins commit suicide. They will make Scotland a springboard for jihad ataacks against England and the North of Ireland.


  9. Morning. I am hoping to get you list of all the oddities with reference sites about the Jo Cox murder as discussed on Breitbart. 

    Should be done this weekend. Keep up the good work Jane.


  10. soon as i saw this “religion of peace” everything that you had been writing as much as i agree to most of it just shit on your credibility and its another demonetization that makes you the same exact propaganda Zionist controlled thugs you rage against. ading the fuel to the fire of Muslim hate they get away with to murder the innocent and wrap it all up under this Muslims are terrorist cloak. And that fact you seem to KNOW no better also bottoms out your credibility as a guardian of any “truth”
    You are a false flag horse of another color. The soft blue and white colors with a star of David hiding behind their manipulations kinda color…. You drone on about MK Ultra but fail to see who is behind it and that this specter of “radical Islam” is another clever trick to take the heat off the Jewish supremacy that is ACTUALLY orchestrating ALL of it…SO who do YOU actually work for? Because you present yourself as a Marxists but sound more like the neocon psychos and end up NO better with this CON job YOU are pulling… You act like you seek the truth but the truth is the majority of Muslims are peaceful people and have been for centuries and even more contrastingly so held up against Zionist and American hegemony agendas so you need to check your own personal integrity and what emotional manipulative triggers you are under that has caused you to be an intellectual coward in the same measure you accuse others of.
    Demonizing the one group that’s getting a world wide hate campaign against them and a beat down for it makes you just another servile enemy of mankind…your just another devil in the details.


    • We are aware of the Jewish supremacist groups like the ADL and others who thoroughly detest any white European.There are of course Jews who do not condone anti white racism, while with Muslims it is a religious duty to spread jihad. In 1920 Winston Churchill warned us about the atheist jewish origin Bolshevik movement promoting impossible equality, envious malevolence and so on. Unfortunately Islam is supremacist totalitarian death cult which cannot be denied and the Marxist Bolsheviks thought they could use jihadists to further their aims. Both are equally bad. There’s no point pointing the figure at only one of the problems.


      • I was going to reply but then all this blokes comments disappeared. Seems he spam-repeated them and WordPress dumped them automatically.

        I’ve nothing to hide not explain, so I’ve reinstated them. But the spamming, aggression and weird accusations that I am ‘working for someone’ makes me disinclined to bother replying.

        Weirdly enough on the New World Order article, another aggressive nut job told me my ENTIRE SITE was discredited (he’d previously enjoyed it) because as a forward to the video “ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS” – I said it was a great vid but glaring omission was lack of any mention of massive Jewish / Zionist influence. That guys not coming back because I MENTIONED IT, this guys not coming back because I DONT MENTION IT ENOIGH.

        Can’t win with some people, unless you write a blog exactly in accordance to their confirmation bias.

        Stuff em. I’m no secret agent or genius, or super villain, I just blog what interests me and try to learn from the commenters, and always keep an open mind.

        So he can have his comments, but I can’t be arsed responding to pricks who abuse me on my own, unpaid, platform.


  11. I expected that typical response of denial..I posted it twice because i thought it may have been in the wrong place not to spam but yeah spam filters my ass..!And this is indicative of someone that makes up tactics as demonetization. Proving my point for me. boy you so fit the profile..
    SO the POINT? Demonizing Muslims In a climate that already has them being abused witch is actually ABUSIVE and then crying about how your the victim when you get called out on it is the quintessential Zionist Jewish supremacist tactic right out of the playbook..whats that saying?? “A Jew cry’s out in pain while they are striking you”
    SO whats next calling me an Anti Semite, that is the knee jerk automatic go to accusation to hide behind ..Go ahead have at it… Its lost its purchase power from so much dishonest overuse anyway and now is just laughable not to mention completely disrespectful to the people that actually suffered it.
    Of course your a coward to really address the issue and as typical just fluff it off and tag people with a label of “crazy” “not worth the time” But i listen to my posters” when they agree right? So move on to your next cherry tree.
    People like you don’t learn anything because its not about enlightenment its about selling a narrative that fits an agenda.. Your a fraud and if you ever had the balls to look yourself in the mirror and ask that one truth you avoid with all your might you would have the face the ugly answers to the question “am i a liar” try it next time you brush your teeth in the mirror and look in your own eyes. Yes try it. That fear pang is the truth.
    Than after that go spend some time with real Muslim communities and discover what your thinly veiled one sides bigotry is really all about.. I’m convinced your irrational fears of all Muslims created by whatever bizarre identity politics you suffer wont let you be brave enough to even try.. your too afraid of Bogie men under your bed trying to steal your lint. But the fact the CIA and MOSSAD created ISIS is beyond your comprehension…

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    • So are you denying the existence of the Pakistani origin grooming gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Telford and other places? Were they setup by the CIA and Mossad? I want to know. What about 7/7? If it was an inside job then why did Muslims agree to collaborate with the terror? Please tell me.


      • i think the 4 muslims on 7/7 were recruited for the drill exercise to take place on the same day…totally unaware they were going to be the patsies for the bombings although i believe they did realise soon after the event and two were shot outside canary wharf..MI5/6 recruitment is widespread with monetary incentives a carrot for the unsuspecting

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    • Alright Chaz. I’ll bite.

      First, if you come on someone else’s personal blog, and start accusing them of being a Mossad plant, a coward, not having balls, a fraud… what the fuck do you expect, apologies and a red carpet? your attitude stinks. I welcome counter-opinion but not ranting and abuse.

      Second, you admit you copy-pasted the same comment more than once, which WordPress spam filters (Akismet) is designed to stop and trigger as spam. I reinstated them all within the hour! yet YOU turn this into a negative, and accuse me of lying? do you see how ludicrous this is?

      Third, I will IP block you and delete all your previous posts, if you continue to stink up the comment sections with wild accusations and insults. I owe you nothing and frankly i feel like I am wasting my time even trying to reply to you. So settle down and at least attempt to be civil. Got it?

      Fourth, you clearly haven’t read my blog. I wrote several pieces about the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, white genocide, and have highlighted in several places Jewish Zionism. If i was a Mossad agent or ‘cointelpro’ or something like that, half my blog would counter-productive. All the quotes and images of Frankfurt School academics, Soros and others (all Jews…)…? i’d be the world worst Zionist shill. Get a sense of proportion you muppet.

      Fifth, when you shriek about ‘demonisation of Muslims’ (aka “you Islamophobe!”) you act just like all the other Libtarded beta males out there. You scream ‘waycism’, yet hate it when someone calls you ‘anti-semite’. Same difference. I am critiquing actions of radicals, and the IDEOLOGY of Islam. Attacking ideology/actions of individuals is not a slight on ‘all Muslims’. This is Leftist cultural relativism / moral equivalence type logic which is anti-logic and serves only to shield people from rational debate by isolating people with PC smearing. People are people, some good some bad. I am talking about ideology and actions of individual radicals who follow parts of that ideology i find detestable or dangerous. GOT IT? In numerous places i am at pains to say that most Muslims are not potential terrorists or bad people, in fact I known many fine Muslims. It just so happens the less seriously they take their religion, THE MORE THEY LIKE ME also. Because Islam is inherently anti-Kaffir.

      Sixth, the main aim of this blog is an introduction for people who have nowhere near your knowledge or mine. People pulled in via social media or comment sections. It has to be pitched right or i alienate people. As you state YOURSELF “much as i agree to most of it” – if i hit someones trigger points, they could be put off, and therein stops them taking on board anything else i’ve written. I’ve ‘triggered’ you because you are seeking something that meets your confirmation bais that every problem in the world is all about Jewish Zionism. Level one is realising we are all lied to about the power structures of the world, understanding the ‘two party’ system is a fraud, and understanding there are various covert agendas, and beginning to unravel them. Level two is trying to decide and concentrate on the immediate threats to me and my family and the country – for me that is radical Islam and the Left (cultural Marxism). Now I can cover those topics and people can get to a certain level of knowledge, and branch of to look deeper.

      Once they do that they will certainly see that Zionism is massively influential behind the scenes in all regards. From Mossad / CIA backing and creation of ISIS and alQaeda, to destruction of ME nations and deliberate chaos like Syria and Libya as a precursor for a ‘humanitarian crisis’ which is an excuse to flood Europe with Muslims to create divide-and-conquer dynamics, a fertile ground for false flag terror, and longterm Kalergi-type agendas. ALL OF THIS i have mentioned before.

      So I am trying to pitch this right without alienating anyone. and where they go from there, the conclusions they make – its their journey. Your ‘truth’ is not my ‘truth’, and i don;t think there is a universal ‘truth’ either.

      But my blog is about trying to bring these issues to the forefront. Bringing the horse to the water. Its up to them to drink it and do their own research, when they will inevitable come to certain conclusions. If i started off by talking about the Jews and Zionism, many of those ‘horses’ won;t even go to the trough, never mind drink the water.Here is an example of EXACTLY THAT

      Some bloke loved the blog, the minute he stumbled across me critiquing a video saying it didn’t mention about Jewish Zionism – he was OUT. He loved the blog, but the minute he read that, in his eyes (conformation bias again), BECAUSE i mentioned Jewish Zionism – ALL THE BLOG was useless and I was a crazed neo-Nazi. You are doing exactly the same, in reverse.

      The difference between me and you (judging from your angry rants against me) – is that I see Jewish Zionism (like Islam) as a political agenda, which is not shared by most Muslims/Jews in ACTION, and even fewer in THOUGHT. People are people. There are good Jews and Muslims. There are elements within extreme aspects of Judaism (Khazarian Zionism etc) and Islam (Western-promulgated radical Islamism). I think you see ALL JEWS as the source of all problems. Fair enough. I respect your decision to see the ‘truth’ as you see it. What you are doing is attacking and denigrating ME because i don;t match up to your ‘truth’.

      Seriously fella, have a look at yourself.

      If I was some kind of ‘shill’, I am probably the worlds worst/ A ‘shill’ would never mention the Frankfurt School, and would cast ‘Cultural Marxism’ and the Kalergi Plan as ‘conspiracy theories’. Because the minute any half sensible person starts looking at either, the conclusions are inevitable.


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