European Union

Independence Day!


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We’ve done it!

Despite everything, the British people have spoken, and having done so – we have shown the Western world the way!

NO – to Globalism – over National Sovereignty

NO – to unaccountable corrupt Elites

NO – to anti-democratic, liberal fascistic Totalitarianism

NO – to ‘Open Borders’ / Multiculturalism / Mass-Migrationism


All this achieved against incredible odds.  Suffice to say, in the coming weeks I think we will hear more about electoral fraud and shenanigans, already there are videos circulate of vote-counters using erasers and then writing… people will scream ‘she could have been doing anything’ – but what on earth would a vote-counter be doing with an eraser?


Then we had Project Fear – months of doom laden, idiotic predictions – WW3, the end of Western civilisation, civil war, causing worldwide recession… everything but alien invasion or Nigel Farage was actually the Antichrist.  Most of the British people – God love them – did not buy any of this bull at all.

Then we had the Parade of the Globalists – endless political and business figures with vested interest in a New World Order, or their own corrupt, opaque anti-democratic structures allowing them to preserve power and wealth in the hands of the few, beyond scrutiny of the peasants. We even had chief NWO figures plastered over the media, usually beneath them, and a clear sign of panic their ‘project’ is in jeopardy. Yesterday we had Peter Sutherland (Kalergi Officer for the UN), we had George Soros (The Dark Lord of Chaos), we even had Jacob Rothschild crawl out of his crypt.

Project Grief – unleashed in the wake of the extremely suspicious ‘Jo Cox murder’ – stopped the momentum of Brexit campaigning, by suspending proper debate in favour of washing the public in sentimentality and phony links between an isolated murder of an unknown minor political figure, and inherent ‘racism’ of not wanting your country governed by foreigners we cannot even name let alone vote for. It didn’t work.

All of this –

  • Project Grief psy-op (and potential false flag)
  • Complete bias from the media
  • ‘Pundits’ / vested interest ‘experts’ / political class – lies and trying to ‘blind by science’
  • Project Fear
  • International bullying and threats
  • Voting fraud and manipulation

And we still voted Leave!

Undoubtedly all of these dirty tricks ate away at what SHOULD have been an overwhelming 70%+ LEAVE result. In fact, if we had voted Remain – it would have been the cruellest, most deceptive robbery of the democratic will in British history.

Each trick will have worked on some people – playing on their emotions of fear, sentimentality, faux-PC narratives,  and gullibility of voters. Some will have fallen for the ‘appeal to authority’ arguments (“we are important and rich, we know whats best, if we say it it must be true” etc). Chunk by chunk, all these Elitist moves will have stolen votes.


Incredibly, against all odds, they failed. The British people have HAD THEIR FILL. This is symptomatic and telling about the state of Western politics. The trust in the political classes has never been lower, and the people are waking up to deceptions of the media and the pawns in the entertainment industry.

I really didn’t think we’d do it after the ‘Jo Cox’ murder – but we have!  Thanks to all who supported me trying to get a non-mainstream message out there, and who shared my blog and contributed to the cause!

This is just the start – but let’s savour it!



43 thoughts on “Independence Day!

    • Scotland is very sad that it voted 62-38 for Remain. Now Sturgeon wants Scottish and London independence within Europe. Sorry but she has no right to rip London out of England. We indigenous English want reparations concerning the loss of London (now 60% Remain voting) and other towns and cities.

      There are four tentacles of cultural Marxism to remove, and it will take a while to remove them, legally of course.

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha. I almost woke up the whole street when a very Dimbleby conceded the LEAVE had won. Chukky boy Amoona’s face was a picture. He was stunned and then carped on about a small majority and how how nearly half voted to stay. That’s democracy Chucky boy, I know you don’t like it but tough shit.

    Well done to redgreenalliance and his wonderful site. Together we have blogged an posted all over the place for months as we had our collective nervous break down.

    But this only a very small step. I still do not see assertiveness. It would have been nice to see Cameron come out and offer something to Brexit like and immediate suspension of free movement of labour.
    There are incredibly dangerous days ahead and whilst we have made a start, I am still of the opinion that severe damage has been done to the UK with mass immigration, diversity and equality and multiculturalism has clearly failed. This does not add up well for the UK, the EU and the US. But the revolution has clearly started and likely now Trump we be elected, the EU definitely cannot be saved and we have to prepare for the economic storm coning in.
    Dark days ahead. But well done Britain and God bless you all.


    • The Remain side are not accepting the result. They say that BREXIT should have at least 60% of the vote share and that the turnout should be at least 75%.

      The Remain side are now petitioning the government for another referendum. I will say this referendum turned very nasty and bitter, and I don’t think it would help anyone to have another Referendum.

      First of all we had lies, insults and smears. Then it became Project Fear. Leave started successfully countering Remains arguments, then they accused us of racism and inciting hate (oh the irony).

      They get almost unlimited publicity and coverage with unlimited funds, but Leave still manage to get our point across and start building up a significant margin over Remain in the Polls. Next they extend the voter registration deadline by two days and extra 500000 people are registered to vote. Leave increases its Poll leads to 19 point margin, Nigel Farage unleashed a poster showing massive queues of people wanting to enter the UK, they claim racism.

      Out of the blue while Leave maintains its momentum, a pro Remain MP is murdered by a mentally ill person who allegedly shouted Britain First at the time of the murder. The timing of the murder is suspicious and a hero who died three years ago attempted to save Jo Cox’s life. Both sides suspend their campaigns, but Remain use the MSM to continue their campaign and drum up a sympathy vote. Opinion Polls shift to Remain and all the momentum is lost for Leave. A few more debates, and Leaves support increases again but not quite to the levels a week before. Remain support having been bolstered by the murder holds firm. On the day of the vote the final Opinion Polls show Leave 48%, Remain 52%. A traumatised UK electorate still votes, Remain are tipped to win, but as votes are counted Sunderland shocks the elites with a 21 point lead for Leave. The result is tight but Leave win 52% to 48%


  2. Well done mate. You can be proud of yourself, very proud. I have already e-mailed our two local labour MPs and told them we now plan to try and an oust them.
    The whole of the mixed race British born Christian Yemeni community in my city voted LEAVE dispelling this crazy myth that someone if you are mixed race you support madness.
    Hey mate I found that video of that women rubbing out crosses interesting. Are you getting a lot of reports of fraud?


  3. That was an essential first step, I hope careful study has been made regarding where the foot is to be placed next. It is most likely that the Globalist enemies of the English people have thought of all this. Who should print your money? Should you be on a standard of silver or gold or both? How should you rewrite your tariff codes? If the UK is at all like the U.S. in these matters, don’t worry about losing jobs, you are losing them now by importing much more cheap labor cost imports than reasonable labor cost exports. Put an end to importing cheap labor sought by those who want to reduce your income to subsistence level. Worried about petroleum availability? Return to coal wherever possible. Think about how much of your national debt it would be reasonable to honour. Consult with Max Keiser for advice.
    Here is a speech from Queen Elizabeth: “Let the tyrants fear that I have always so behaved myself, that under God I have placed my fiercest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and goodwill of my subjects … I am come amongst you … resolved in the midst of battle to live or die amongst you all – to lay down for my God … I have the heart of a king, and of a king of England, too … By … your valour in the field, we shall shortly have a famous victory over those enemies of my God, my kingdom, and of my people.”
    Queen Elizabeth I, August 9, 1588


  4. Brexit! Fantastic! If Trump is a man of his word and gets elected and NEXIT and FREXIT get on the ballot you can be sure there will be some economic and cultural pains. This pain is by far better then the long term devastation being foisted on the West by these venal, self serving Marxists.

    Thanks mates!


  5. Hey mate.

    The link to that Will Self interview. this is a line from the interview,”..what about all those eastern europeans who have had their lives and hopes dashed by this vote.”

    No one asked “What about all those British lives disrupted by immigration they didn’t want?”

    THIS IS THE ANGRY FACE OF THE LIBERAL LEFT. They are now wounded animal like the EU. Everything now gets very dangerous. But at least they will have to now show themselves.

    God such dangerous days ahead as PC breaks down and the left gets pushed.

    Just watched a Liberal Labour women saying how much racism had broken out since the LEAVE votes with English people abusing immigrants. I don’t like it. But what do they expect. This will only get worse as the invisible shackled of the PC chains fall to the floor.

    Again well done mate!!

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  6. Already the name calling and the whinging has begun.A petition to run the referendum again has begun. The backlash of the pampered political classes who were fairly defeated in the best democratic process on offer (not perfect, granted, but a process we agreed upon to determine the outcome of this referendum) has begun.
    Sore losers, graceless in defeat, shouting obscenities at those whom the British Public deemed to have won the argument fill the airwaves and storm our streets. It is THIS infection which shames Britain today, not the reasonable questions of little people as to why their country has been run into the ground by gourmet bureaucrats and career politicians.
    The disease is of political correctness whereby hectoring Marxists, indoctrinated college kids, privileged postoring actors and public school pop stars stifle debate by shouting down anyone who dares to hold a contrary view.
    They kid themselves that they are those who have a superior understanding of what the world requires, masquerading as those who want to do good, when in point of fact they would take us down the road to servitude.
    They parade themselves across the controlled media, which gives free platform and encouragement to these evil agitators, leading the gullible to stumble in the darkness of their own rigid doctrines; self deceivers, ill-informed. blind guides to the blind.
    They are name-callers full of bitterness and bile spewing their vile doctrine from their ivory towers of self-importance. Insolent, vicious and petulant in defeat, like spoiled children who want to take the bat home when the game has not gone their way. O brood of vipers, venomous and poisonous horde, YOURS is the politics of hate, but we are wise to your schemes. There is a light that will never go out.


  7. Morning, excellent I cannot believe it either against all odds.

    Putting together a list of the odd things about Jo Cox as discussed – hubbie is hoping I am going to be leaving my computer alone, after I indulged all day yesterday in the glory of it all. But trying to get them all for you this weekend. xx

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    • I spent a large part of yesterday, trolling Bitter remainers, especially all the idiots tweeting #NotMyVote and calling for a new country of Scotland and London. Then there is the 2nd referendum crowd. OMG


      • Sickening really. Bad losers, bad campaigners, cannot argue a point, refuse to listen to others, call others racists, organise false flag murders of their own side to blame others.

        I notice this crowd had now forgotten about Jo Cox. Even if another Referendum is held, will there be a repeat Jo Cox type murder? Now there is a London independence movement which really hammers home the evidence of English genocide.

        They really are insane.


      • After the elation of yesterday I have come down today because many of the blog sites and alternative news sites suggest we will never be allowed to leave.
        Like you this has been a journey for me as I have researched around the various current subjects over the last few years. And yes I did know about the Union of the Med!
        I think you know that already there are forces at work to overturn this decision any way possible. I have just checked up on the Twitter account of Peter Sutherland, a figure who crops up again and again in any research. He is openly stating a way must be found to overturn this result. Everyone has to be vigilant.
        Please check it out.
        Thanks for all you have done. I just think maybe half the world is wired one way and the other half another and never the twain ….


      • Just looking at the Spectator’s Coffee House blogs and Brendon O ‘ Neill, also editor or Spiked, has drawn attention to the comments of Peter Sutherland on Twitter yesterday regarding overthrowing a democratic vote. I hope that will lead readers to do a little research on him . And then just maybe start to look at the UN a little more critically.


  8. The left have no right to demand this. So when their plans to genocide the English gets stopped in their tracks, the left has to try and partition those parts they have ethnically cleansed the English from away from the nation.

    If they dare try this we will take them to Court for genocide.


  9. London is ethnically cleansing to Labour (The New Panem) towns up north

    Hey all out there.

    Someone in Hull has got a good idea and very apt. We are going to start calling London “PANEM” after that weird city in the HUNGER GAMES.



    / THE RED GREEN ALLIANCE / Cultural Marxism + Radical Islam = “1984” Orwellian Dystopia
    View on http://www.redgreenalliance...

    New group forming in Hull to disinfect it of Labour.
    Reply Reply to All Forward More


  10. 52% to 48% ok, but leave got 270 regions while leave managed only 129. London and other large towns, with high immigrant populations totally skewed the vote. we had victory, but seems like the war has only just begun.


  11. Fantastic poster want one for my wall !!! And would like a t shirt !! To wear with pride Rg where can I get one ASP!!! Less we forget our fallen never all our troops that were sent to to fight for the bigots we call MPs
    Rest in peace u r our heros and always will b when u march against a democratic vote remember if it was not for them you would not AV the prevalage to do so I would like to see u lot cope with what they did ! Paint ur face and dance with the Devils tune one day u will realise our vote was for ur future to AV what liberties u have now the freedom to express you’re
    Wishes a right to live as u want a right to demonstrate do u want loose all that all that glitters is not gold b very careful what u wish for very careful!


  12. Yet again the biased reporting has started.

    I certainly do note condone violence or verbal aggression, but no one from the elites has understood our concerns. If people are getting vocal now after the Referendum, then it proves that bottling up anger is a much worse problem then dealing openly with the problems of multiculturalism.


    • Instead of analysing why people are voitng the way they do and talking about it in any honest way (that would involve setting aside PC narratives and acknowledging difficult truths) – the media have DOUBLED DOWN with the persecution .

      Its quite insane. They are now trying divide-and-conquer narratives which are false and gross exagerations, to whip everyone into a mass of recriminations, combined with doomsday propaganda. Overall – its divide and conquer with mass panic, then presenting the solution which will be associate membership or some halfway-house; where the EU still controls, and the mass migration continues unabashed.

      Young multicultural educated voters v old uneducated racists

      London tolerant open v regions intolerant insular Little Englanders

      Poor whites v enlightened professionals of all stripes

      Scotland / NI / London v England and Wales

      They are setting this up constantly in every interview.
      They go to Scotland and could easily find pro-Leavers (1 in 3) BUT THEY DON’T
      They could go to Sunderland and find an older white uneducated woman who was fearmongered into voting Remain – BUT THEY DON’T
      They could find a mixed race professional well-educated Londoner who is a passionate Leaver – BUT THEY DON’T

      Its all about shaping the anrrative to whip up division and hysteria.

      Shocking but a fascinating lesson in AGITPROP


      • I agree. David Cameron has said that the Referendum result will be accepted, so that means there will be no second Referendum. Meanwhile Labour are in meltdown and have gone for Corbyn, no doubt a Blairite europhile coup.

        With Chilcot being released in a few days, enjoy the fireworks. Labour are furnished either way. We don’t want Blairism nor do we want Corbynism either.


  13. Regarding the controlled media backlash – it was to be expected wasn’t it? Everything they put out is on behalf of the Corporatocracy of Government, Big Business and the International Banking fraternity. None of the information they release does anything other than divert our attention from the real issues.
    I watched David Icke’s very sober-minded reaction to the Leave win here and he gives some useful insights :
    I don’t go along with the reptilian idea that Icke espouses, but thinking metaphorically I would have no problem to characterise these has-beens which are being wheeled out – the Blairs, Heseltines, Mandelsons, Majors and such like as old alligators. (With apologies to the gator community)
    Also a very good article at Natural News :”Natural News called it: Globalists now trying to steal BREXIT vote by nullifying the results… democracy on the brink!”

    energy to y’all

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    • Hi Richard, thanks for that. Will check out the links later. Not sure why your post was blocked initially, think its because you put two hyperlinks in one post. Anyway, approved it and you shouldn’t have any problems again.

      The media barrage has been incredible. Complete psy-op. If anything, even more outrageous and blatant than the one prior to Brexit (Jo Cox media blitz aside).

      Writing about it now.


  14. Heavy bias in the left media generally on the pencil question. From the Mirror:

    “A Brexit conspiracy claims the poll is being ‘rigged’ in favour of Remain with the provision of pencils so marks can be rubbed off ballot papers.

    This concern has gained momentum on social media despite the fact that pencils are always provided in elections and it’s never been a problem before.”

    Well, a vote never mattered quite so much before, did it.

    NOTE: The video link in your post is broken, here’s another one:

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    • Thanks for finding the vid. I will re add it to the main article. The media bias is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

      Trying to make people believe that because something “has not been a problem before ” (how do we know?) but is by the very nature of pencil marks being easily erased (therefore an exploitable flaw in the democratic process) – therefore we should accept it?

      Illogical and deceptive. But then it is the Uk MSM.. Complete shower of shits.

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      • UK politics will never be the same after this Referendum. Many uninterested voters voted for the first time ever in the Referendum.

        The majority of Tory voters voted Leave while Labour voters were split down the middle. The Tory Party will only survive if dumps their Europhiles. The Labour Party has now pressed the self destruct button and looks set to become a bad tempered Europhile party unwilling to accept the democratic will of the people. Corbyn is their only hope because he is popular, and dumping him after his thumping mandate last year is suicide. Perhaps it’s what Labour deserves.

        I am hoping Andrea Leadsome becomes Tory leader because she was excellent in the debates and we need someone who will stand up for us and start the independence proceedings.

        I was never a fan of Lady Thatcher, but I respected her patriotism which made up for some of her awful policies. I remember by 1989/90 she realised what the EU was about and became Eurosceptic, while the likes of Heseltine, Clarke, Rifkind and others stabbed her in the back destroying the Tory Party for two decades.


  15. I read somewhere that 6% of the Remain vote was actually Leave voters who were swayed by Project Fear. I also read that 70% of more of ethnic minorities votes Remain.

    I see no one has talked about the Project Grief factor of the Cox murder, I wonder how many votes that was worth? I saw Polls reverse so it was a decisive factor. A seven point Leave lead was reversed intoba seven point Remain lead.

    I would say already the Remain vote was really 35-40% at best.


  16. Oh the elation on waking up last Friday morning to learn that the British Public had voted to leave the E.U. A couple of days on and frustration and depression is setting in. The bad loser backlash has begun in earnest.
    What has struck me lately, more forcibly than ever before, is just how much the controlled media are manipulating and deceiving the populace. They did it throughout the lead up to the vote and now, after the people have spoken, they are at it again.
    The extent of the onslaught is shocking. Brexiteers cast as aging racist Chavs. We have had the volatility of the stock markets blamed on the Brexit vote, when we know that the Rothschilds and the like can push the market any way they wish by simply buying or dumping huge amounts of stocks and shares. It’s not as if they don’t have the money – they control the money. But the E.U. funded BBC and the Fabian Socialist ‘progressives’ at Channel 4 ask no searching questions about that and are intent on interviewing as many Europhile prophets of doom as they can muster. Hardly an interview with a happy camper from the leave camp at all. Maybe I should take a pencil and paper and start documenting the ratios.
    I read an article by Michael Minnicino – The Frankfurt School of “Political Correctness”. Now I’m clued in on the F.S. but there is an interesting aspect which he touches on – he mentions that, from the dawn of TV, the potential for propaganda and manipulating people’s perception of the world was recognised. (Not just the F.S. but also the big corporations who then invested heavily to take control) The use of media to shape the thinking of the people is now a very sophisticated art form and I think we do not really recognise, at least I certainly have not recognised hitherto, how our view of the world is shaped by the narrative that the controlled media presents to us.
    There are folks out there convinced that the moon landings were a contrived hoax acted out in a TV studio. Certainly there is evidence of the BBC fabricating a chemical weapons attack in Syria using actors working from scripts etc. The BBC is pushing the Power Elite agenda, no question. There is also great evidence of manipulation of public opinion in the US towards a repeal of the gun laws by use of scripted shootings, every six weeks or so, with so-called crisis actors.
    All around us are somnambulant hordes believing this baloney.
    Without question we have quite a battle on our hands regarding information. This blog and others like it are a breath of fresh air where we can point one another to information not normally within our purview. It will be interesting to see how long we can have these discussions on the web before they clamp down.


    • Last year when Merkel made the decision to cast aside the Dublin agreement and started the process we currently have in Europe was when I knew that I could never ever again get my news from MSM.
      Radio 4 news programmes ( which I mostly listened to, albeit with increasing irritation and doubts over recent years) cast aside any pretence at being any thing other than a ‘ Ministry of Truth’ for government and other interests. I read 1984 when I was 21 and I never forgot it.
      Nevertheless it was still shocking to me. It was so blatantly propaganda. I switched off the radio and the TV and I started to get my information elsewhere because I was not being given a counter view to what was underway ,and how the indigenous populations were coping or thinking about it. They were irrelevant it appeared.
      Navigating my way through various sites and blogs and books I began to construct a picture, seeing how everything connected. Sometimes I feel I have worked it all out, then I lose my way in the maze again. But the truth/truths are in there and I will continue to follow the paths/threads while I can.
      At this moment in time the internet – Pandora’s Box that it is – is both freeing us and imprisoning us – or some of us who have not been too conditioned anyway.
      Having studied and researched totalitarianism for many years as a student, I used to think what Goebbels or Stalin would have given for such a gift as the internet. I can remember a flat mate back in the early ’80s who was this weird thing called a systems analyst, telling me the computer was going to change everything. I just laughed!
      We have a window right now but I don’t doubt it is not going to last.
      Never have there been in the history of the world people with such power to influence as the likes of Zuckerberg, et al. And of course they are influencing people of an age group already highly brainwashed by the educational system. Didn’t those ideologues always say that they would steal the children? And now they have the film stars and other complicit ‘ slebs’ to help them. Facebook we know is already censored. I don’t use it, but what I fear is the coming of an Iron Curtain/Firewall on information out there at present that THEY don’t want me to have. They wont want people who can still think critically to communicate with one another on sites such such as this.
      I suppose if it comes to it we will just have to resort to good old fashioned Zamisdat (? spelling! ) like the brave character in the book Alone in Berlin.
      The adage ‘ may you live in interesting times’ it seems has come to pass for those of us alive today. And there was me thinking history was all over once I had finished studying about the Marshall Plan and setting up of the UN back in my younger days!
      Naïve or what.

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      • Bang on, Candide. I am currently cut and pasting articles, and printing them out hard copy and filing them away, as well as putting them on memory sticks. It may soon be impossible to access the sites we are now accustomed to. It seems prudent to me.


        • Yes, good for you.
          Strange times….
          By the way, that should have been ‘samizdat’
          I wrote the post in a bit of a hurry!


  17. Like all of you I was ecstatic at the Brexit result, staying up all night and over the following day to watch it. Since then, I’ve been in depths of anxiety and annoyance, brought about by what I see as manipulative and nasty news reporting, emphasising only negative aspects and especially the endless speculation of holding a second referendum, or whether Article 50 will be triggered or not, or whether Scotland can veto the vote, or even if it is valid and that the government can override it since it is only an advisory referendum.
    It seems to me that the biased media are taking deliberate delight in pushing these alternative options at those of us who voted in the ‘wrong’ way and making us doubt the validity of the democratic process. Perhaps, because I’ve wanted this outcome so badly, I’m just being too sensitive, but it is annoying nonetheless. I totally agree with Richard in the post above about how much our worldview is manipulated by the media and it is the excellent blogs such as this that can spotlight these issues. I’m not sure how much power the MSM will retain in the future in light of Brexit, but more people are noticing its manipulative and mind warping practices.

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  18. Has anyone noticed that the Chilcot Report is being published on 6th July, one day before the eleventh anniversary of the July 7th bombings?

    I seriously believe that a huge attack is planned the day after the publication of the report. Watch out.

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