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Jo Cox Murder: Killer Potential MKULTRA Victim



MKULTRA is an infamous CIA programme of the 50s, 60s which involved the use of drugs and advanced hypnosis with the intention of developing the science of mind control and extracting information. Clearly this was so that it could be used by Secret Services.  It included experimentation on mass manipulation as well as the control of individuals.

It sounds like the stuff of outrageous Hollywood fiction, but is actual admitted, declassified (under FOIA request) fact.

mk ultra commission.jpgA good primer is provided by, however you can obtain much more detailed info via Google or YouTube search and websites like this one where they have collated CIA-released documentation.

Related to MKULTRA is the Monarch program, said to be a continuation of MKULTRA, which after being exposed, especially during the Rockefeller Commission of 1975, is said to have gone underground as Project MONARCH.  Researchers allege that Monarch mind control victims are exposed to extended disassociative therapies including electroshock, torture, mental abuse and other trauma-based mind-games. The aim is to fracture the mind to create a disassociation from reality in order to implant an alternate personality or hidden programming, with some historians asserting that the project aimed to create “Manchurian Candidates”, programmed to perform various acts such as assassinations and other covert missions.

mkultra newspaperThe intent is clear; these people will not know why they carried out certain tasks, and may even be trained to commit suicide if such actions are exposed. The ideal victims of this are obviously people who are socially isolated and/or already mentally unstable, such as mental health patients. This also acts as the perfect cover, for once they have carried out their task – their actions can be explained away as ‘mental illness’ and this narrative can be backed up by a history of psychiatric therapies and drugs.

Monarch mind control is named after the Monarch butterfly – an insect who begins its life as a worm (representing undeveloped potential) and, after a period of cocooning (programming) is reborn as a beautiful butterflies (the Monarch slave).

Five shocking experiments of MKULTRA

Famous 1979 documentary on MKULTRA (1 hr duration)

UPDATE: recommended by a subscriber, here is a 1998 video by Mind Control expert Jim Keith who wrote the book Mass Mind Control: Engineering Human Consciousness.

Monarch butterfly symbolism is rife throughout Hollywood movies and pop culture, and as things like MK-Ultra, Monarch and Illuminati are becoming known by the public, the elites must of course regain control of the narrative. So they have been making the Illuminati ‘cool’, and trying to imply its some kind of secret society for pop stars, and they have injected Monarch symbolism into pop videos, and made movies about MK Ultra. By turning it into fiction and art, they try to confuse the public by normalising it. This is again a psychological tool, based on normalcy bias and brainwashing to believe it is a product of pop culture rather than vice versa.

Thus when the public are confronted about the truth of these things, the Pavlovian response is “Oh you mean that pop star society” or “Didn’t Lady Gaga snag about that”.

Remember the Monarch butterfly and the symbolism within psychiatry as we will return to it later.

The following video is from a convention discussing mind control

Butterfly clues exist within the Jo Cox murder case, which some have already linked as a potential clue that Monarch mind control may be a factor. Tommy Mairs attended Mirfield-based Pathways Day Centre for mental health treatment, whose symbol is a butterfly.  When you click that link, what is the first thing you see?

For more info including links, please watch


Did The Russian Government Foil The Trump Assassination Attempt?

The following is from an American blog, and while I have not been able to verify the details myself, it does back up my initial suspicions.  In a previous blog, Brexit False Flag (Part 1): Gaslighting The Public, in the section about the Killer – I mention MKULTRA and the fact that Tommy Mairs, being a complete loner, living alone, and for many years an mental health outpatient, would have made the perfect “patsy” for an MKULTRA assassin. The way the Controlled MSM jumped on this in perfect synchronicity within days, not to mention the extremely odd public appearance of Jo Cox’s family, made me highly suspicious that the Jo Cox murder was a staged False Flag (whether actually assassinated, or faked and she has a new life in a nice duplex in Tel Aviv, I don’t know).

One thing that is required, is a patsy to take the fall.

It is incredibly convenient, almost implausible, that Tommy Mairs would say “Britain First” during the attack, and his initial court hearing (completely uniquely, a staged media event in London rather than a local court) would give his name as “Death to traitors, Freedom for Britain”. A man who all interviewed relatives, neighbours and friends categorically stated was nonviolent, apolitical and a very nice and helpful man, who enjoyed gardening. It is exceptionally odd that such a man could – in later years of life – carry out such a horrifically brutal murder with an extreme political agenda, having had no convictions or history of psychotic violent incidents.

Could he have been programmed to believe he carried out the murder, and to state these phrases based on stimuli from his Controllers? It is certain a theory worth considering once you start to realise the political ramifications of the event and the media saturation that followed, with a tight narrative of Brexit = racism and extremist violence.  Notice how after Brexit, the media has completely forgotten about Jo Cox, her husband, not interviews with the ‘hero’ Bernard Kenny or even his family, no further info on the event or the killer – NOTHING.

First, a brief video highlighting the discrepancies in the incident that the mainstream media have a curious lack of interest in examining or even highlighting.

Article below: I have been unable to verify the details within the article, so keep in mind the possibility the article could be deliberate disinfo.

Assassins Who Killed British MP Jo Cox And Targeted Donald Trump Tied To UK Military, CIA

A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is raising serious questions relating to last weeks assassination of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox and the attempted assassination of Donald Trump as both the hit men involved in these plots have been traced to the same British Military mental hospital.

According to this report, on 16 June, British Labor Party MP Jo Cox was assassinated by Thomas Mair in Birstall, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and a little more than 48 hours later, on 18 June, Michael Sandford attempted to assassinate US presidential candidate Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Thomas Mair, assassin of MP Jo Cox


Michael Sandford, failed assassin of Donald Trump

Important to note about the political environment both of these assassination plots were operating within, this report continues, was that in MP Cox’s death the debate ahead of this weeks Brexit vote in the UK was able to be stalled, while in the US, the candidacy of Donald Trump for president has sent chills through the entire American elite governing system.

The SVR’s interest in both Mair and Sandford, this report explains, was elevated last year to a high level due to their interaction with a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) clandestine services operative named Lawrence Sanchez whose Federation surveillance records showed him taking a US Air Force flight from McGuire Field at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, to RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom in April, 2015.

Though US public records state CIA operative Sanchez retried from this spy agency in 2004, this report notes, SVR records show him continuing to work for the CIA as late as 2012 when he was dismissed from his oversight of spying operations for the New York City Police Department where he had set up the United States most successful counter intelligence units combating Islamic inspired terrorism.

CIA master spy Lawrence Sanchez (one of two verified public photos)

From 2012 to the present, this report continues, CIA operative Sanchez has worked within the 87th Medical Group at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst on projects involving various US Air Force bioenvironmental engineering projects—and when he traveled to Britain in early 2015, it was in that capacity SVR analysts were believing he did so.

However, this report explains, once arriving in Britain, CIA operative Sanchez traveled to Lincolnshire, England, accompanied by Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) operatives, where he entered a hospital facility known as the Lincolnshire Partnership.

The Lincolnshire Partnership hospital, this report states, has long been known to the SVR as it is the British militaries and intelligence services main facility for treating severely mentally impaired soldiers and spies, and operates under the supervision of the Defence Medical Services (DMS).

And in a patient record count during the time of CIA operative Sanchez’s April 2015 visit there, this report says, both Thomas Mair and Michael Sandford were listed as “high security” patients—but, and most strangely, Sandford was released into the custody of CIA operative Sanchez and was flown back to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and put under the medical supervision of the 87th Medical Group.

As neither Thomas Mair or Michael Sandford were previously known to the SVR, this report continues, their names were “electronically associated” with CIA operative Sanchez—and whose SVR computer file noted an alert on 16 June when Thomas Mair assassinated MP Jo Cox.

Once this 16 June alert on CIA operative Sanchez was analyzed by the SVR, this report says, an already established protocol was enacted to notify various British and American intelligence agencies requesting “guidance and assistance”—and that SVR analysts in this report credit with saving the life of Donald Trump.

In the SVR making this bold assertion that their actions had saved the life of Donald Trump, this report explains, was due to the United States Secret Service (USSS), on 17 June, changing their protection of Donald Trump to “snap-snap-snap” wherein just prior to his making any public appearance, both local police forces and government agents protecting his life are suddenly, and without notice, completely changed with entirely different personal.

US news reports about Donald Trump’s attempted assassination by Michael Sandford, also, support this SVR assertion by noting that his assassin had planned to use a gun to kill Trump from a local police guard he believed would have his weapon unsecured and that we would be able to quickly grab, fire at least two shots at Trump, and in return be killed by Secret Service agents.

Other US news reports contained in this SVR report note that the assassin of MP Jo Cox, Thomas Mair, was a “loner who needed treatment for mental illness”, and that Trump’s would be assassin, Michael Sandford, had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) and in past attempted suicide.

This report concludes by noting that Trump’s would be assassin, Michael Sandford, appears to have been more highly trained than Thomas Mair as his unlimited source of funds to remain undetected in the US for so long, plus his availability to vehicles, airline travel, and expensive, and extended, hotel stays, show all of the tradecraft CIA master spy Sanchez has taught other operatives under his control, almost all of whom are known to the SVR—and whose CIA tactics to control them are well know too. (click on image below to see CIA documents)

What Does All This Mean?

It is of course difficult to say within any certainty what happened, if there is a false flag, and if MKULTRA / Monarch style mind-control was used in the murder of Jo Cox or indeed the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

What we can do is examine the facts and keep an open mind.

  • A British mentally ill man attempted to kill the president of the USA, in the most politically important election in history. The media, social media, pop culture in the USA has been filled with ‘kill Donald Trump’ memes, song lyrics, even jokes by politicians, journalists and pop culture figures.
  • A British mentally ill man successfully killed a Remain MP one week before the crucial Brexit vote, and this had a massive negative impact on Vote Leave’s momentum and eventual support, although not enough to alter the outcome. The media following the death up to the vote was completely saturated with this Brexit = Racism / Terrorism narrative.
  • These events happened within a few days of each other
  • Both assassins do not appear to have committed any prior violent crimes, yet were able to plan and carry out actual assassinations
  • Although yet to be verified, they may have been treated in the same mental health facility

Whatever you wish to believe, we live in very dark time. False Flags are admitted fact, as are projects like MKULTRA and Monarch – ALL declassified and available, yet NONE discussed in the mainstream media. The political environment in the West – the fate of ‘Globalism’ (the New World Order agenda) – hinges on two big battles:

  • (a) keeping the EU intact (for which Brexit was seen as critical, or at least a probable mortal blow if they did leave) and
  • (b) anti-Globalist Donald Trump being elected on a populist / nationalist platform, seeking to reverse decades of foreign and domestic policy.

Both the Jo Cox murder (and resulting media psy-op) and the assassination attempt on Trump both had the potential of altering the political direction of THE WORLD. Both failed – but the battle is not over in either case.

One simple question remains: If they had been SUCCESSFUL…


Rich Hall – Fabricated Terror Series 

Check out RichplanetTV (YouTube channel) and (Rich Hall website).

5 thoughts on “Jo Cox Murder: Killer Potential MKULTRA Victim

  1. Yes I too noticed that the Cox murder has now been forgotten about however there has been some hate leaflet allegedly drafted by the BNP (who strongly deny authorship) so the psyops continue.

    We now see the aggressive nature of the anglophobic Labour Party MPs towards Corbyn because they blame him for losing the EU referendum, yet they ask for sensitivity in the light of the Cox murder?


  2. Great article again, like you say media silence on Jo Cox now.

    I completely glossed over the mental health side of this case. Very interesting.


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