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So It’s War Then! The Globalists Declare War On The Masses

“Its time to rise up against the ignorant masses!” proclaims James Traub of the CFR, the wealthy heir to the Bloomingdales billion-dollar fortune, as he tries to rally Globalists and Elites in a renewed effort to unite and stamp out populism / nationalism, which is spreading like wildfire throughout the West.

Not only at the CFR, but also at June’s Bilderberg meeting, and the recent DAVOS meeting, the main agenda has been how the Elites should counter populism, even coining a new phrase: the ‘precariat’.  This describes the ‘losers’ of Globalist policies, who feel increasingly alienated and angry and are become radicalised (aka, ‘awake’) to the risks that international trade deals, supranational bodies, mass immigration and phoney foreign wars, present to their jobs, income, pensions, quality of life and the creation of a country that is unrecognisable to the country they grew up in.

These people – the precariat – are the Elites self-professed enemies.

As with the CFR, these are secret meetings of world business leaders, billionaires, oligarchs and elected representatives of nation-states, and figures within supranational bodies like the UN, including their psy-op media / pop culture puppets like George Clooney (CFR), Angelina Jolie (CFR, UN) and others, who then echo-back the Elites agenda by berating the public with appeals to emotion and sentimentality.

The following reblog (click the box below) is from an excellent blogger, regarding an article by the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR’s) second in command, wherein he shows his disdain for the common man and democracy. As the title suggests, there really is a war being declared among the Globalist Elites against populism, nationalism and the democratic will of indigenous people.

In essence, that means he and his privileged ilk, are declaring war on the common man.  It is an arrogant insurrection by an Elite AGAINST the people, a French Revolution in reverse, if you will.

The Globalists, are of course corporatists / technocrats, who believe in International Communism, repackaged as ‘Globalism’. They are essentially using the language of capitalism and ‘social democracy’ to mask their anti-democratic, anti-free market, anti-sovereignty agenda. Chief amongst their goals is social redistribution via their dogma of Open Borders, Multiculturalism, Mass Migration and devolving as much sovereignty from nation states to international bodies as possible, be that via trade agreements like the TTIP / TPP, or by Treaty to unelected opaque bodies like the UN and EU.

Their arrogance is beautifully summed up in the following article, but as I always try to do, here are a few more resources to learn about the CFR and the Globalist / NWO agenda, for greater context. A few other articles on this blog may also be of benefit to those new to the subject:

Check back here as I will add some video, book and article links within the next day or two (if you have any suggestions, please put in the comments below).



Reclaiming Sovereignty

The Empire strikes back!

This week in Foreign Policy Magazinefor the Council on Foreign Relations,  James Traub urged the globalists to strike back against those nations that put their sovereignty and their right to self-determination above globalist interests. And he oozes contempt for those he refers to as “mindlessly angry, ignorant masses”, “fist-shakers” and “know nothing” voters.

Traub goes on to argue that establishment political parties in major western countries must “combine forces to keep out the nationalists”.

This is not just a disappointed Remainer sounding off; it was published in the main organ of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). At the very least, it’s kite flying, to see if they can build up a groundswell reaction among its uber-rich and powerful readers.

But does this article really matter? And can they really stop what is becoming a real, fast-growing grassroots movement of peoples across America and Europe?

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17 thoughts on “So It’s War Then! The Globalists Declare War On The Masses

    • I agree that they are trying their best to block BREXIT, we see infighting within the Tory Party as well Labour and Pro Remain MP Theresa May is the bookies favourite to take over from Cameron.

      Personally we need a BREXITER leading but that’s not allowed.


    • I agree, when the BBC and Sky – and the traitorous establishment mouthpiece the Mail – all push Theresa May – you know its not good.

      I don’t know how many pundits have explained why May’s anti-Brexit stance doesn’t matter in negotiating Brexit – trying to persuade the public to suspend logic.


      • The Daily Mail is a strange newspaper. It purports to be patriot and against PC, then the next minute it does an about turn stabs people in the back and supports a political position it opposed only a few days before. The DM is worse than the Guardian because you only expect hate and bile from it.


  1. BTW the recent Austrian Presidential Elections have been overturned due to fraud from the left.

    It’s on Russia Today, so the dominoes are falling.

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  2. All LIBLABCON politicos bought and paid for. I don’t think there has ever been a similar episode in history were the elected government of the people have become actual traitors.
    Be n no doubt globalisation means back to serfdom and likely breeding camps (rape camps) to breed out national identity as quickly as possible. It’s quite astounding, breath taking and totally weird what is going on. They actually want to wipe us out by simply throwing us together. It is Marxism gone mad. Marxism always ends in off the wall mad cap psychotic schemes for tearing down and starting again. And what’s the body count so far for Marxists projects to date? A Conservative estimate at over 120 million corpses and not forgetting the countless millions whose lives were devastated by forced relocation, internal exile and the gulag.
    The only way out of this is violent insurrection. Every political party of LIBLABCON has been infiltrated with Neo Liberal Marxists.

    Been reading the other stuff mate. Excellent. Loved the Mossad links stuff. Where do you get the time?
    I was happy for a short time after Brexit but now the LIBLABCON globalists are breaking onto open ground.
    But it looks like slowly but surely the house of cards is coming down. The Eastern Bloc will not accept this. They are totally non PC cpmpliant.

    And America is awakening fast and they have guns. I used to be against owning guns. But isn’t it interesting that the founding fathers of America foresaw this time and gave every American the right to bear arms – just in case their government turned against them.
    Very wise men indeed who obviously knew the nature of power and madness.

    Looks like Brexit makes little difference mate. We were right all the time. It’s going to chaos. At least now we see the enemy within now.


    • Don’t worry Austria is re running it’s Presidential Elections after voting fraud perpetrated by the Left was proven.

      The liberal left are now proven to be dishonest in a Court of Law so I expect Austria to upset the NWO in September/October. I think we will see Trump elected in November and that will mark the start of reclaiming our lands from the cultural Marxists.

      The Brexit vote was our D Day and the start of the process.

      Like you my optimism had faded but when I went into the City Centre today, the ethnic minorities don’t look quite as smug and confident as they used to be.


    • We Americans, learned our lessons from British Rule over many years, almost two centuries. While some Brits want to return to a German style of obedience and intimidation, is shocking to me..

      How quickly and guilty are the thousands upon thousands of souls who lost their lives, lovers and heirs defending England in WW1 and WW2 from German ternary and rule, crying in their graves near and far. They cry and believe no more, no more boys shall we loose to you or for you!

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      • We English Brits can learn a lot from you Americans. Most of us don’t even want to be part of the UK never mind the EU.

        We English have been demanding Home Rule for twenty years since Scottish and Welsh devolution. Why should they get self government but us English nothing?


        • Francis, Exactly! All the native Brits got was a House of Commons and a House of Lords and ladies no one can tell the difference from which they rule from, and talk and talk endlessly. Although a legal Irish subject, I side with America now, as a legal citizen of America.

          I had and have to many relatives of the same clans and names that gave life and limb for Merry Old England hoping they would honor their right just to exist, but for not, they did pay dearly.

          We Brits, Irish, Wales and Scots are all the same, we want to be free of tyrannical rule and rulers. I believe to farm, fish, write and invent a better world, just leave us the hell alone.

          Now that they have truly exposed themselves for what they are, you Dirty Rotten Bastards and Whores, Brit-Expositors, can and will go back to hell from which you crawled from, Hail Britannia!


  3. Poet2Poet

    We English are very sad that many real Irish like you fled Ireland because of the banker Rothschild East India Company induced Irish Holocaust of 1845-52. No wonder demand for Irish Home Rule became a dominant issue by the 1886. Yet it took 28 years to finally pass the Home Rule Bill in 1914 and you guessed it they sat back and did nothing until more militant Irish Republicans used military force in 1916. But again they didn’t respond appropriately and by 1919 a full blown War of Independence swept what is now the Republic and by 1920 they agreed independence for the southern part. Had they been reasonable Ireland could have remained one nation within a federal or confederal UK without any loss of life and the re emergence of bitter sectarian division in the North. I don’t know what will happen in NI, but I’ve been told that the unionist community reside in the part of NI that was part of an ancient Kingdom called Dal Riata that existed in the sixth century. So Ireland has two indigenous tribes the Irish and the Ulster Scots, eho have been driven apart by Machiavellian ruling elites. I see these Ulster Scots are now learning Gaelic.

    Likewise we in England have lost patience with the UK far more than we have with the EU. We are called Brits when we are really English. We have demanded Home Rule for over twenty years and all they gave us was a second hand Audi known as “English Votes on English Laws” but somehow Scottish Welsh and N Irish MPs still find an excuse to say that English only matters still affect them.

    We demand a separate English only Parliament with the same powers as the Scottish Parliament, but we are told it would be too big and imbalance the UK. However the UK is imbalanced anyway and an English Parliament will deal those specific English only matters that everyone else still has a say. Many have nowbguven up on the Parliament idea and want a complete breakup of the UK.

    The House of Lords is open to any British, Irish or Commonwealth subject, so much for accountability.

    The recent EU Referendum result was really a manifestation of English anger at the current unfair devolution settlement, and we really have hit our abusers where it really hurts – the EU gravy train.


    • So true, so true, for the DNA of some Brits goes back to the Ice Age, these gravy train riders and raiders are from hell do not deserve an once of British soil, let alone justice, they know not and care not for.


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