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Escaping The EUSSR Mental Asylum


[NB – article by Kerri Wilder, who originally contacted me via the Daily Express comment sections before I created this blog. First published last week for the Susquehanna County Transcript (Pennsylvania, USA), Kerri has given permission to be reblog below. Interesting to get a right-of-centre, Liberty-loving view from America!]

Imagine these circumstances.

Forty-three years ago your “guardian” committed you to an insane asylum. It was for your own good . . . so he said. You’re not crazy, but then neither are any of the inmates in the asylum. Admittedly, the other inmates are all from foreign cultures and have different values and beliefs, but each seems relatively normal to you.
Over time the staff of the asylum have conducted experiment after experiment upon you and the other inmates, ostensibly to see if they can “cure” you. From your observations you arrive at the eerie conclusion that it is the staff – not the inmates – who are the insane ones.

One day, “Nurse Ratched” offers to set you free, if you really want to be set free, that is. But you must, she says, think about this proposal for several months first; being sprung from an insane asylum will entail lots of scary changes, you know. Though you may, as an outsider still see your former fellow inmates, the relationship will change, she continues. You won’t be nearly so close with your former inmates; you won’t be taking your meals with them; you won’t be numbered among them at dawn and dusk. Instead you’ll be required to make your own way in the world; you’ll have to assume self-ownership and self-responsibility.

Having considered your binary choice very carefully, and well realising the trade-offs involved, you nervously – but with an unexpected measure of confidence – inform Nurse Ratched on the day appointed, of your decision to be freed at the earliest opportunity.
Nurse Ratched reacts to your decision with utter shock and dismay. She stomps her feet! She shouts profanities! She insults you repeatedly accusing you of making a rash, stupid and irresponsible decision. Beating her fists against her skull she storms from your presence at her wit’s ends.

By the time Nurse Ratched returns to your cell the next morning, she has regained her composure, and, her crafty demeanour. She apologises that obviously she has failed you; that your inability to make good decisions is prima facie evidence that she has failed to get you the help you so sorely need. . . And your decision; yes, THAT decision; well, she reminds you that yours is merely an advisory opinion; the doctors must make final arrangement as to your status.

As to the timeline, she continues, because release is a very complicated procedure, it will take some time. . . years – two at the very least! A complex review process by the medical staff will be absolutely necessary to ensure no detail is overlooked.. Not to worry, Nurse Ratched assures, the proper authorities will be notified of your “decision.” . . . sometime in October. . . or after. . . whenever. Yes, it’s true that the calendar reads June now, but, well, this procedure requires “delicacy” – to actually release an inmate. It’s never been done before!

Loosely based on allusion to the movie, “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” this dramatisation provides a locus for focus on the current situation in the UK. The inmate seeking release is the British citizenry. The other inmates are the 27 remaining captive peoples stuck in the EU. Nurse Rached symbolises Prime Minister Cameron. “The doctors” and the “medical staff include both the career politicians in Parliament, as well as the unelected and unaccountable technocrats who rule Western and Central Europe with iron-fisted despotism and tyranny.

That faceless tyranny that now terrorises Europe was formerly convinced that it had so cowed the British people into submission that given a choice between freedom and slavery, the British people, they believed, would choose continued slavery. Imagine their shock as the returns rolled in on the morning of Friday, June 24, and the “Remain” (slave) was overpowered by the “Leave” (free) vote by a margin of 52% to 48%. Analysis of the results showed that freedom-loving voters of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and of the Conservative Party joined together with Labour Party voters of working class neighborhoods to carry the day for Britain’s exit from the European Union.
The vote demonstrated that Britain is a deeply divided kingdom. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted strongly to Remain in the EU; England voted strongly to Leave. There were constituencies that voted as much as 80/20 percent to Remain, and others that voted by the same margin to Leave. Metropolitan London and several other cities heavily favoured Remain; England’s “fly-over” country sided heavily with Leave.

The “young” (millennials) voted to Remain; the “old” voted to Leave. Former UK Ambassador to the United States, Peter Westermacott, firmly of the Remain camp, interviewed on Fox Business News (FBN) made the statement, “As others have said, ‘The old have screwed up the future of the younger.’” Clearly, the former ambassador didn’t get what the older, wiser elders of England had truly just accomplished.

brexit map cartoon

Her Majesty’s subjects had last voted on the issue of European Union membership in 1975. At that time, two-thirds of those voting, thought that membership in the EU was a good idea. By the time Margaret Thatcher took office as Prime Minister in 1979, the tide had turned and the British people were beginning to catch on that the EU wasn’t really about economic union, but political union instead. The Brexit vote of June 23, 2016, merely ratified what the British people have known since 1979: the EU is a force for centralising and consolidating tyranny into the hands of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

How did the British people come to this conclusion? Here are some examples. Britain’s fishermen were prohibited from fishing in the waters right off her coast, thereby destroying the nation’s fishing industry. British tea-drinkers discovered to their chagrin that their teapots were no longer good enough for EU bureaucrats. Regulation writers in Brussels, the EU’s capital, had outlawed Britain’s old teapots and decreed that all must replace them with new tea kettles that met the EU’s new specifications.

Seventy percent of the regulations Britons had come to live by and under were no longer passed by Westminster (the country’s Parliament), but were, instead, on order of faceless bureaucrats, who without debate or consultation, issued decrees regulating every facet of British life. Regulation of the minutia of life took on a life of its own: even the criteria for saleability of cucumbers and bananas, according to their length and curvature, could not escape the scrutiny of the Eurocrat bureaucrat.

What the voters over age 65 managed to accomplish was the correction of a mistake made 43 years before. They had lived long enough to realise the error of their ways and to repent of surrendering sovereignty to a supra-national governing body. Britain had been bamboozled into joining in 1973, but her seasoned citizens remembered what it had once meant to be free. They determined that future generations must know the freedom they themselves had once possessed.

eu titanic ship cartoon
There was a lot of scare-mongering during the election campaign–by PM Cameron, by President Obama, by Eurocrat technocrats, and by the BBC. Alternatively, one King World News reader in Yorkshire, voting Leave, summed up the Brexit this way;

“Please, please, please, do not listen to the distorted views of the mainstream media. Yes, immigration is a major problem. But not THE REASON why we voted to leave the EU. We as a people have demanded our country back from the unelected elites which have become our masters. An unelected EU government with no opposition, with the power to make our laws and determine how we live our lives.

Immigration is a secondary topic, the economy is secondary, if we are worse off we will live with our decision. If we suffer, so be it. Our freedom and the freedom of our children are much more important. People have died in the millions to fight for this basic right. We have given a shining example of democracy to the world. We have put our country and our future above our individual interests. The British lion has awakened from a long sleep. Today I have never been more proud of the silent, decent Briton who stood up to be counted.”

The British lion has roared. Will that roar awaken America from her slumber?

P.S. Pundits all across the political spectrum have been characterising Britain’s leaving of the EU as a “divorce.” This characterisation is patently false; Britain is in the process of executing a “jailbreak.” She demands her papers of manumission so there be no doubt of her autonomy and sovereignty.

great escape

7 thoughts on “Escaping The EUSSR Mental Asylum

  1. Excellent article. I see the Tory leadership election is going to be between Theresa Sharia May, Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove. Gove went down in my estimation when he back stabbed Boris, but I still prefer him to Sharia May. May would be awful and worse than Camaroon. The Race has to be whittled down to two candidates before the 150000 Tory Party members vote on who becomes their new leader.

    If they vote for Sharia May they are finished, won’t deliver BREXIT and we will still be in the EU.

    If they vote for Leadsom or Gove, they will win the next election by a landslide. They will start the Brexit process and Labour/Lib Dems will be finished for good and UKIP will become the main opposition.

    I’ve heard reports that grassroots Tory Party members are a lot more Eurosceptic than Tory MPs so we could expect another shock as it will be them who decides between the final two candidates.


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