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Orlando Shooting: How We Know It’s All A Lie

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Fellowship of The Minds, although US-centric, is a great blog with a wide audience and a lot of knowledgeable contributors covering a vast subject matter. One of its specialities is the the exposing of ‘False Flag’ events by elements within the Government, to push (along with the controlled Enemedia), certain narratives aimed at pushing political objectives (such as gun control, legitimising foreign wars, increased surveillance / police state, divide and conquer race-baiting, or distraction from other news, perfect example being Hillary Clinton’s email scandal).

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Orlando Shooting: How We Know It’s All A Lie

In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, a lone gunman named Omar Mateen killed 49 and wounded another 53 inside Pulse night club, a self-described gay dance club in Orlando, Florida, making it the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

That’s the official narrative told to us by government and media. To quote an official summary of the shooting released by the Orlando Police Department“throughout the day on Sunday, June 12” which is still on the department’s website [bold and colored emphasis supplied]:

On June 12, 2016, just after 2 a.m., an Orlando Police Officer working extra duty at the Pulse Nightclub, located at 1912 S. Orange Ave., responded to shots fired. Our officer engaged in a gun battle with that suspect and the suspect went deeper into the club where more shots were fired.  The incident then turned into a hostage situation.

The suspect – later identified as 29-year-old Omar Mir Seddique Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida – continued shooting inside the club.

At 5 a.m., the decision was made to breach the club and rescue the hostages, OPD Chief John Mina said. Officers were able to rescue 30 hostages and lead them to safety. Our SWAT Officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, killing him. The gunman, an American citizen living in Florida, legally purchased the firearms within the last week [….]

A total of 50 people [including the suspect] were killed in the shooting; an additional 53 were injured.

The above narrative is what the American people were told by the media, that:

  • There was one shooter, Omar Mateen.
  • After exchanging shots with an off-duty police officer (who was working as a security guard for Pulse) outside the club, Mateen went inside Pulse, where he shot and wounded 102 people.
  • Three hours later, the police breached the club and exchanged fire with and killing Mateen.

But what the media didn’t and continue not to inform the public is that the above version of the shooting is simply not true because the FBI-Tampa has a report that says something quite different.

Before we turn to the FBI report, let’s define the words “hoax” and “false flag”:

  • A “hoax,” according to the Oxford Dictionaries, is “A humorous or malicious deception” — in other words, a lie.
  • A “false flag,” according to author Lance deHaven-Smith in his 2013 book,Conspiracy Theory in America (via Wikipedia), is a covert operation by government (or a civilian organization) that is designed to deceive in that the public is led to believe that some individual or group is responsible, instead of the entity(ies) that actually planned and executed the operation. The purpose of the false flag is to manipulate and rally public opinion in support of the hidden agenda, such as gun control. In other words, a false flag is a specific kind of hoax.

For the U.S. media, however, the preferred term is “conspiracy theory,” which the media wield to ridicule anyone who so much as suggests an event may be a hoax or a false flag, never mind the fact that there are real conspiracies and false flags. Some notable examples of U.S. government conspiracies are the Nixon Administration’s Watergate conspiracy, the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control project of the 1950s to ’70s, the Tuskegee syphilis study (1932-1972), and the stunning Operation Northwoods of the Kennedy Administration. By the way, number 5 of satanist Saul Alinsky‘s 13 Rules for Radicals is precisely mockery:

5. Ricidule is man’s most potent weapon.

Reviewing and reflecting on the Orlando shooting, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two main reasons why the official Orlando shooting narrative is a lie.


On June 20, 2016, the FBI Tampa Division issued a report on the Orlando shooting, “Investigative Update Regarding Pulse Nightclub Shooting,” with a timeline of the shooting, based on Orlando Police Department (OPD) radio communication. The report says:

Based on OPD radio communications, there were no reports of shots being fired inside Pulse between the initial exchange of gunfire between responding officers and shooter, and the time of the final breach. 

Below is a screenshot I took of the above paragraph. (I cropped out the timeline, highlighted the paragraph with a red bracket, and painted the red arrow pointing to the time and date when I took the screenshot.)

FBI Orlando shooting report1

In other words, according to the FBI, between 2:02 a.m. (when Mateen exchanged fire with the off-duty police officer at the front door of the nighclub)and 5:02 a.m. when police breached and entered Pulse, NO SHOTS WERE FIRED INSIDE. That, in turn, means that no one was killed or wounded inside Pulse until after 5:02 a.m.

Needless to say, the FBI report contradicts the Orlando PD’s official statement that “the suspect went deeper into the club where more shots were fired.”

Curiously, the Orlando Police Department (OPD) gave a link to the FBI report, but neither acknowledges that the report contradicts the OPD’s version of events, nor retracts its official statement on the shooting.

So how and when were the 102 people inside Pulse killed or wounded? Who actually shot them?

Note that neither the OPD nor the FBI say when Mateen was killed. Why is that? Was he killed soon after law enforcement had breached the club’s walls at 5:02 a.m.? If so, then Mateen could not have shot 102 people.

Amazingly, as reported by the Daily Mail on June 13, 2016, Orlando Police Chief John Mina admitted that “some of the victims may have been hit by officers’ gun fire”.

Why is this stunning admission not widely reported? And shouldn’t the families of the 49 who were killed, as well as the 53 who were wounded in Pulse that morning, demand to know who exactly had shot them?


A rule-of-thumb about any narrative is that when there is clear evidence of fakery, the truthfulness of the entire narrative becomes suspect.

It is now a month after the Orlando shooting, and the Alternative Media have unearthed many oddities and anomalies, including eyewitness accounts of multiple suspects, Mateen and several club patrons having had professional acting experience, and pre-dated tweets and news reports.

Among the anomalies is one particular oddity that is a “smoking gun” of Orlando fakery — a CNN news video showing survivors of the shooting massacre carrying wounded victims toward, instead of away from the crime scene of Pulse nightclub, which makes no sense whatsoever, unless the entire spectacle had been staged for the news media. One of those carrying the wounded is a man in a hat and an American-flag t-shirt named Christopher Hansen, who gave harrowing accounts of how he had survived the massacre to many media outlets.


Here’s a video clip showing two civilians carrying a wounded man (wearing a blue cap and red shoes) toward Pulse.

Orlando crisis actors carrying woundedAs soon as the trio had passed in front of the camera, the two carriers immediately dropped the “wounded” man. One of the carriers, dressed all in black, even did a little dance.


Below are nighttime and daytime (Google Map) views of Dunkin’ Donuts and Pulse nightclub on So. Orange Ave., which show the crisis actors indeed were carrying the “wounded” toward Pulse:

Chris Hansen carrying wounded toward PulseDunkin' Donuts & Pulse on S. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL

Given #1 (FBI report) and #2 (crisis actors), there is no reason for us to believe the official narrative of the Orlando gay-club shooting.

All of which would explain the “duping delight” (glee at getting away with a great deception) of the laughing policeman with grey hair and moustache standing behind the speaker in the first video below, followed by a video of the members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office doing their #KeepDancingOrlando gig (h/t Barry Soetoro Esq.).

Who knew the worst shooting in U.S. history could be such fun?

For all the posts FOTM has published on the Orlando shooting, go here.

Collection Of Other Orlando False Flag Info

Bit of a repeated material from above but with a new perspective.

First off is the very weird video released by the Sheriff’s Department, entitled “Orange County Sheriff’s Office #KeepDancingOrlando”. Watch it yourself (3 mins), check out the comments and video rating – seems the general public are very sceptical also. If this video gets pulled, you will know why. Yes, all these people felt completely fine with making this video within weeks of the greatest mass murder slaughter in US history, in their hometown.

(Link broken? YouTube Search: Orange County Sheriff’s Office #KeepDancingOrlando) (3 mins)

Now watch the following some analysis of the video, the ‘players’ involved, and the context.

(Link broken? YouTube Search: To All Americans…Orange County Sheriff’s Office is LAUGHING AT YOU) (5 mins)

Literally laughing at the public. This is not grief, or trauma of dealing with HUNDREDS of grieving relatives of slaughtered innocents, or people who may well (logically) by connected via colleague, friend or family to someone who is grieving. They are all TOTALLY into it. What the fuck? I don’t often use profanities on my blog but that was my reaction. Think about this then have another look at the Jo Cox family laughing their way through a memorial within days of a brutal shooting-and-stabbing of their star family member.

Here’s a longer documentary (25 mins) which covers some of the inconsistencies but helps break down the psychology of how the media framed the story for the psy-op.

(Link broken? YouTube Search: Orlando Shooting HOAX CASE CLOSED 100% FAKE Agenda EXPOSED) (25 mins)

Finally, there are dozens of videos and blogs exposing several known ‘crisis actors’ who were shown in the footage, or were the ‘witnesses’ who ere able to be interviewed dozens of times by the media, with clear evidence of scripting.

(Link broken? YouTube Search: Orlando HOAX UPDATE! – No FORENSIC Evidence & Meet Crisiscast) (46 Mins)

This one shows several crisis actors carrying a fake victim, from someplace else, towards the Pulse nightclub.  Completely illogical, never mind this would breach any and every countries protocols for handling shooting victims. They simply would not be allowed by the police to move bodies. And if they are carrying this guy TO the nightclub, does that mean they previously carried him away, then decided to carry him back? is this the Benny Hill show?

(Link broken? YouTube Search: 100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX) (6 mins)

Finally, the Paul Craig Roberts was interviewed on the Alex Jones Show and breaks down the anomalies and inconsistencies of the story, including the complete absence of any evidence that anything actually happened.

(Link broken? YouTube Search: Govt Insider: Orlando shooting reeks of a false flag!) (11 mins)

It is well worth looking through the videos on YouTube (search: Orlando False Flag, Orlando Hoax, etc). Incredible how so many family members, witnesses etc are now exposed as actual actors.

We live in very strange times. When you investigate something like this it can be disorientating, dizzying almost. That’s the feeling of cognitive dissonance. Its your basis for perceived reality, being ripped away, and the false paradigm being exposed.

It really is “The Matrix” decision time: do you take the Blue Pill and dismiss all this False Flag info as crazy ramblings of the ‘conspiracy theorists‘?

Or do you take the Red Pill, and accept that the Elites (and their puppets, our ‘politicians’) are our enemies, and your responsibility (now that you know) to help wake other people up?

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9 thoughts on “Orlando Shooting: How We Know It’s All A Lie

  1. America’s coming insurrection/coup d’etat may well be more deadly than its Civil-War. Obama has imported millions of Muslims and Spanish criminals, from around the world, they call refugees, for his army of killers.

    The stages are set and being made daily, the Nazi Party did it the same way.

    They wanted abortions and an incompetent black president from wherever, like Germany’s elected their Merkel born and raised behind an Iron-Curtain.

    At least English Citizens opened their eyes, hopefully not too late.

    Trump has to win to save us all, I believe and I am coming home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am hoping we English have red pilled enough white other Europeans to save themselves. I have heard reports that other EU member states want their own referenda. Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Hungary and others now want out.

      At least in the USA you have weapons, we don’t. I bet both sides in the N Ireland conflict regret giving up their weapons, they will need them expel Islam by force.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. X22Report Obama and the UN Are Now Forming a Global Police Force in the US – Episode 1019b (video)

    Huge Bombshell! Hacked BLM Leader Messages Reveal Plot to Trigger Martial Law to Spawn Obama’s 3rd Term of Chaos (Video) (video)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great research on this staged event. There have been so many it’s hard to keep track. Now we have another so-called terrorist attack in Dallas. This black man is supposed to be the lone gunman. How many times have we seen this plotline before? This is obviously staged. I was not surprised when I heard he was in the military. And they say he hated white cops. How convenient right? You can’t make this stuff up. There is nothing wrong with racial pride no matter what color you might be. A person should be proud of their racial heritage. But this is all designed to cause racial hatred,division and animosity. And the blind masses are falling for it. They can’t see the bigger picture right in front of their faces. The American people have to be smarter than this. The Black Lives matter movement is funded by George Soros so it’s not even a grassroots movement. It’s all a sham. The criminals behind this staged propaganda know all they have to do at present is manipulate people’s base emotions and once they’ve created enough impotent negative energy they have people under their control because the narrative can be molded to control the next sequence in events simply by triggering emotional responses in the gullible who don’t know it but they’re under the spell of the controlling elite and the only thing the people have control over is the painful past memory that stirs those emotions. The controlled mainstream media is like a remote control being used by design to psychologically operate the population into thoughts and actions the controllers want and unless people take stock and remove themselves from this false information field they’ll be lost to their true selves and nothing more than emotion blown tumbleweed drifting in the desert of falsehood where nothing real grows except violent despair.
    Peace to all and stay vigilant.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Would love to do a longer article on BLM and the communist ideology driving it, who funds it, background on Soros, how the stats on black crime / cop murdering blacks etc is all skewed by the media. And the saddest thing is the distorted narratives are doing great harm and a massive disservice to black people themselves. There really needs to be a black movement against gang violence, hitting the streets of Chicago etc; what is it, 2000+ black on black gun crimes, in Obamas old stomping ground, a DemocRat gun control city.

      It’s sad but I think it’s too late to stop some form of limited civil war now, that’s what they’ve planned. Hopefully enough voices come forward to halt it before it goes to Civil War. But massive rioting now seems inevitable, coincidentally (not) in time to ruin the DMC and RNC conventions.

      Hope I’m wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

      • If I’m not mistaken I think I saw some stat that said more cops have killed white people than blacks. But you’ll never see that on the news. The Zionist controlled media needs to control the race war narrative. Which is why they always show us a white cop killing a black person. This is the same storyline they use to cause black anger and white fear. Obama is useless. He is owned by international bankers. He doesn’t give a damn about black people. He is just a puppet doing what he’s told. They want to create racial animosity and resentment. The media is there to fan the flames and distract you from your civil liberties being taken away. They want blacks,asians,whites and Mexicans to fear one another. I’m not falling for it though. I have friends of all races and we are awake to this deception. I’m not sure the race war will work though. There a lot of people scared to fight and not trained enough. They will need more than that to for martial law. I could be wrong but we have to stop any type of civil war. If all the Americans civilians are fighting each other……who is fighting the real enemy?? That’s what they want. They don’t want us to focus on who is real oppressing the masses. A civil war would be the worse thing EVER.


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  5. I don’t know about this, some interesting points.

    I think one of the weaknesses of your argument is you push happenstance to fit your narrative instead of highlighting your main points.

    For instance the ‘little jig’ is someone stretching out their muscle, a logical reaction to carrying a heavy person. By putting it out it slightly undermines your whole point because it makes your value judgement questionable and as if you are reaching for a conclusion instead of revealing truth.

    Another issue which undermines your arguement is the actor on CNN; whilst you present it as part of a pattern there are other logical explanations. The most obvious is a mixture of self selection, actors are narcissitic and so more like to volunteer to appear on TV, along with TV selection bias, actors will have a look favoured by TV and so will likely be choosen in any group offering themsleves to be interviewed.

    Sometimes if you offer up alternative theories along with your own it highlights how much stronger yours is. Also don’t get bogged down on silly things that can be refuted, stick to the strongest points and always see if they can be defeated..


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