Mogherini And The EU Disinfo Task Force

Mogherini with Zarif in Tehran.jpg

Islamophile Communist, Federica Mogherini, dons a headscarf to sign the suicidal Iran Nuclear Deal on behalf of the EU

Random googling in research of an article brought up an interesting result which bears some further looking into.

I had been trying to see what further info I could get to back up / disprove the claims in the article Jo Cox Murder: Killer Potential MKULTRA Victim. I googled “SVR Kremlin Jo Cox” to see if I could locate the source behind the articles claims that the assassin of Jo Cox and the failed killer of Donald Trump were treated at the same hospital and there were links to a CIA operative.  As you will recall, both men are English, both attempts were within days of each other, both men are allegedly mentally ill and acting alone.

I found this link:


Take a good look around this PDF. Its well worth keeping up with it because its a weekly ‘digest’ of media stories that are threatening to the agenda of the EU and therefore must be addressed, discredited or countered in some fashion.


Once you know what the EUSSR are worried about their citizens reading, then you also know what you should be reading (bearing in mind, of course, that some of it will be true, some of it actual disinfo, and some unsubstantiated claims). But it’s very kind of the EU to collate such info for us to decipher ourselves!

Then we can consider the info, research ourselves, and reverse-engineer why the EU would deign to feel the need to create ‘counter narratives’ (Newspeak Translation: ‘cointelpro’ – ‘counter intelligence propaganda’).

Working back the hyperlink leads to this hub page.

It seems that this is a new project of the European External Action Service (EEAS), and is in essence a supranational EU body run by ex-Communist, pro-mass-migrationist traitor and naked Islamophile Federica Mogherini, since being set up in 2011.

“Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and — what matters most — in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality.” 

Federica Mogherini, Brussels, 24 June 2015

What Drives Mogherini and People Like Her?

Mogherini has made many pro-Muslim immigration statements, and like Obama in the USA, has acted as a chief defender if Islam and promotion of not only mass Muslim immigration as good for diversity, but also proactively wishes to push the case for Islam’s place in European politics.

That, and she constantly scolds critics as Islamophobes, and vocal critics and protests as a form of ‘right wing extremism’ which concerns her more than “Radical Islam” (Newspeak Translation: ‘ISLAM’)

This is a woman who is openly supportive of Islam and was a key negotiator (representing the EU) in the Iran Nuclear Deal, marred with allegation that her Isamophilia and pro-Iran stance, she was a chief cause of the weakness of the deal, even having to deny secret letters between her and Iran’s foreign minister.

Where does this love of Islam come from? her University days, when remember, she was a Communist Youth activist (something she shares in common with Merkel), she did her Thesis on “the relationship of politics and Islam”. There are rumours she is a secret convert to Islam from those days, but there is no denying her love affair with Islam, marked by her constant missions to Gaza, snubbing Israel, and numerous speeches promoting mass migration of Muslims and defending against ‘Islamophobia’ (aka, ‘ISLAMOFAUXBIA’).  The most generous criticism I can give her is that she is typical of Leftist, 3rd-Wave feminism not understanding Islam AT ALL – but I think its worse than that.

She sees the real danger as ‘right wing’ ‘racists’ who would seek to slow down or stop mass immigration, not the fact that very high numbers of Muslims have completely intolerant, incompatible and often violent beliefs and that maybe – just maybe – we should think carefully before changing the demographic and political landscape of a continent.

This is the Leftist ‘Islamapologist’ narrative – where the ‘religion of peace‘ can do no wrong, and all crimes that emanate from it (mass rapes, paedophilia, Jihad, crime) can be explained away in sociological / Islamophobia / ‘cultural differences’ / mental health terms, anything but link to the doctrine of Islam which mandates such behaviours.

This is toxic and illogical narrative (actually, anti-logical) is now finding its way into political discourse, where (for example) the French Security Chief has said that further Jihad terror attacks could risk a civil war (something the Elites want). But he is not concerned about Muslims. Or continued mass immigration. No no no nooooo.

Instead, he openly called for monitoring ‘far right’ (aka anyone who is against Open Borders or concerned about Islam), with a view to surveillance, arresting and disabling any legitimate protest to mass immigration and Islamisation by violent protest or ‘hate crime’  (‘hate crime’ includes, Newspeak Translation: ‘free speech critique of an ideology’).

He openly called such political dissent to permanent undemocratic demographic change to France as ‘radicalisation’ of the French people, and explained such as ‘right wing extremism’. Essentially, he wants to use protest against Islam or mass migration, as an opportunity to strip out political dissenters to the Leftist Globalist ambitions of creating a world of Open Borders as a mechanism for Kalergi-style ‘MultiKulti’ enrichment.

As I have said before, the ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ (CVE) agenda, copied throughout the West, was brought in on the back if Islamic terrorism but specifically excludes discussing Islam – why? Simply because, it was always designed as a framework for surveillance, arrest, criminal charges, curtailing free speech – not on Islamists but on political dissenters to the Globalist agenda.

These ‘dissenters’, from all political backgrounds (and none), are now labelled ‘Far Right’ to smear them with the spectre of Hitler. Thus, ‘Far Right’ Newspeak Translation: ‘anti-Globalist political dissent’

CVE was set up from the outset to create legal and political means to crack down on future dissent to the Elites agenda.

Opaque EU Propaganda And Insurrection Projects

Now you have the context, lets get back to the EU project mentioned above.

Essentially it is a body that seeks to co-opt the foreign policy and security planning of sovereign states (under the Lisbon Treaty), and wrap them up into the EU bureaucracy, under control of unelected bureau-rats like Mogherini.

“These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe – that is my core message – they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are.”

Federica Mogherini, in response to people who criticise or have concern for longterm ramifications, of the growing Islamisation of Europe. Federica Mogherini, Brussels, 24 June 2015.

mogherini crying

Pro-Mass Immigration Mogherini, crying crocodile tears after Brussels Attacks, when her Jihadi pets let her down

Please be in not doubt.

This is a hijack of Sovereign UK powers by foreign entities, in cooperation with successive UK governments who were acting outside of law and were therefore knowingly committing TREASON.

The EEAS is symptomatic of the EU.  Like all mega-bureaucracies, it inevitably vomits up new layers, branches, assumes more powers, and creates ‘projects’ – all of which absorb ever greater funding.  In this case, the East StratCom Task Force, which says its role is:

“The team is engaged in developing communication products and campaigns focused on explaining EU policies in the Eastern Partnership region:

  • proactive strategic communications campaigns, based on focused analysis that explains key policy areas and creates a positive EU narrative;
  • ad-hoc communication on topical and relevant EU policy issues;
  • myth-busting by analysing trends, explaining narratives and addressing disinformation;
  • supporting projects by highlighting EU activity in key policy areas in the region. At the same time, the task force supports wider EU efforts aimed at strengthening the media environment in the Eastern Partnership region, in close collaboration with other EU actors and the European Endowment for Democracy.”

Emphasis added in red. Sounds a bit like a propaganda department to me. Let’s translate the Newspeak here as well:

  • “Strategic communications campaigns” for “positive EU narratives”– simply means a targeted propaganda campaign based on the EU (as a body, it’s own agenda, not necessarily the nation-states within).
  • “Strengthening the media environment in the Eastern Partnership region” – means interfering, lobbying, pressuring, co-opting or infiltrating media organisations. Exactly the sort of pro-EU, pro-Liberal Left, pro-Open Borders agenda has led to brainwashing of European people and a lack of viable alternative media with any form of ‘counter-narrative’ (Newspeak Translation: ‘a free and open press with tolerance of a wide range of political views’). As an example, the new right wing Polish Government came to power despite overwhelming Polish media bias against them.  To create balance, the new Government sought media reforms, which has led to conflict with the EU.
  • “European Endowment for Democracy” – (EED) looking into this further is very revealing. It is a quango organisation, with links and overlap with George Soros‘ “Open Society Foundation”, which is a ‘partner foundation’. The purpose of EED: “The EED was created in 2012 with the aim of supporting democratic processes within the neighbourhood states of the EU. (…) The aim and mandate of EED is to provide funds and assistance to projects presented by the democratic actors of those countries.  The main challenge now is how to deliver those funds. They can be delivered directly to the actors, through other implementing partners (such as foundations or NGOs…) or directly through the EED” (source)

So we have a number of quangos and opaque EU bodies run by a former Communist, whose purpose is spreading propaganda and assisting the aims of other EU projects, which openly support grassroots “pro-democracy” groups within countries bordering the EU. (Newspeak Translation: foreign-funded revolutionary groups within nations targeted by Globalists for regime change).

Groups like this have caused the Colour Revolutions in former Soviet bloc nations like Georgia and more recently Ukraine, and the Arab Spring movements in North Africa and the Middle East (MENA nations). Yes, the same countries which have had violent and bloody ‘revolutions’ funded by the West, where the likes of George Soros has been proven to be involved heavily.  Basically, they are sowing dissent and revolution, so pro-EU puppets or regimes can be put in. Alternatively, if you are as cynical as me – you see it as a deliberate plot to create a “humanitarian crisis” so the Elites can ramp up the Kalergi Plan by forcing mass immigration of Muslims into the EU, to set up a series of Hegelian Dialectic crises to enforce further integration of the EU into a superstate and take away EU citizens liberties (classic Communism).

mogherini quote

Look at the fruits of such endeavours, not the pretty words.

We are nearly at war with Russia, and having promised EU membership, NATO protection etc – we have all but abandoned Ukraine which is in a perpetual state of civil war (and coincidentally, the EU won’t accept Ukrainian war refugees – we are too busy requesting the entire Muslim world comes to Europe).  Furthermore, Soros and his foundations are banned in Russia, where there is an International Arrest Warrant for him (one of six countries to take this action), and several other nations have done the same.They recognise his NGOs, like a poison ivy plant, are designed to embed themselves in grassroots (particularly Far Left and student groups), to overthrow Governments, as analysed in this article. The EED is doing similar work and probably provides logistics and intel (via the EU member states’ secret service and intel communities and the CIA), for organisations that are arms-length like Soros’ NGOs to do the dirty insurrection work.

Whether to install pro-EU puppets (and thus, create political allies and potential expansion of the EU into North Africa and elsewhere – no I am not kidding), or destabilise for other objectives – its not democratic and certainly not what we signed up to the EU for. In fact, it is the actions of a neo-Imperialist dictatorship.

If the people of Europe really understood these deeper agendas, would they be so keen and starry-eyed about the EU? I doubt it very much.

Where Is This Leading?

All of this funded by EU taxpayer money, and I am pretty sure 99.99% of Europeans would be concerned about such covert propaganda and insurrection agendas. At the very least they would feel disconcerted that this is an EU construct, acting for and speaking on behalf of all EU states.

To give you a further example, bear in mind Mogherini has worked for several years in secret, overseeing plans to create an EU Army headquartered in Brussels, under her control, a plan which was intended to be kept secret until after the Brexit referendum. Thankfully, it was leaked.  Under the Lisbon Treaty we could be forced, by 2017, to hand over running of the British Army to Brussels – something the UK Government has long since denied as ‘conspiracy theory’. The mainstream press shot down this alleged plan, but within DAYS of the Brexit vote, the EU announced just those plans.

Of course, the media (when it did cover it) and the EU bureaucrats, tried to spin this as a response to Brexit (losing the British army) rather than something already planned, such as “EU seeks to strengthen military muscle following Britain’s exit“. Oh yeah, pull the other one.

As if the most bureaucratic inept body in history – which can take up to 7 years to sew up a trade deal with non-EU nations – could carry out the consultation, planning and nation-state consent for an EU army within days of the Brexit referendum. But the Elites and their Enemedia lackeys – think you are too dumb to figure that out.

All of this is paid for by us as taxpayers through the UK contribution to the EUSSR coffers (until we finally, if ever, leave the EU). All of this opaque and kept from the public in case we ‘voted the wrong way’ (oops, sorry!).

All of this in the name of further centralisation of powers to Brussels and the creation of a superstate which intends to expand past traditional European borders. All of this run by crypto-Communists (dressed up as ‘social democrats’ and ‘progressives’) bent on mass Muslim immigration for ideological reasons.

All of this leading to a much more unstable political environment, from dodgy deals giving Iran the nuke, to poking the Russian, to destabilising numerous Muslim secular dictatorships and replacing them with mass poverty, war, and rampant Islamic extremism and hatred of the West.

The more you dig, the dirtier you get. I am off to get a shower!

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