EuroBabel 2: All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid Symbolism

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EuroBabel 2: All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid Symbolism

Note: if you haven’t already, please read EuroBabel: Shocking Occult Symbolism of The EU first – this article will make a lot more sense.

Most of you will be familiar with this Freemasonic symbol, also called the Eye of Providence, with its roots in ancient Egypt and the Mystery Traditions. It is the oddest and most recognisable symbol on the $1 bill. It is also the most controversial, and most discussed, symbol – possibly in the world. Just not discussed by MSM. Dare discuss it, and prepare for ridicule.

What we have is a triangle with an eye – the Left Eye (left-hand path), above an incomplete pyramid with 13 levels / steps – the Unfinished Work. 13 is the number of rebellion or depravity in occultism. According to some, it symbolises the 13 families / bloodlines of the Illuminati, the most famous writer being Fritz Springmeier.
illuminati pyramid.jpg

It has become pervasive in popular culture as the ‘Illuminati pyramid’ and the ‘All-Seeing Eye’.

Every pop star throws up the 666 (‘OK sign’) over their eye, or makes a triangle over one eye sign.

Its on album covers.

Its in movie posters.

Its in magazines.


This is to rub it in the face of the public and create cognitive dissonance. You say “Illuminati” – people think – “Oh that stupid thing all the pop stars are into? come on man that just trendy bullshit!”.

In other words they have realised the exposure, so they have tried to make a mockery of it and turn it into a pop cliche so people see it as harmless, and associate any talk about the Illuminati, as some stupid pop ‘trend’. Its totally normalised and ubiquitous which meant to brainwash – and also desensitize – us to what it is really about.

Meanwhile the Elites have their little in-joke at our expense. Because to them, it is very real, not a ‘fad’ or a ‘trend’.

illuminati eye collection 2

Weird, eh? It clearly means something to them.

But it’s never talked about. It’s just shoved in your face and anyone who wants to talk about it is mocked. They do it, but we can’t talk about what it means or where it comes from? Who do you know in your life who does this?

Here is MK Ultra pop puppet, Katy Perry, broadcast worldwide, from Glastonbury 2017. Performing from the Pyramid Stage. With an All-Seeing Eye stage background.

Here’s a good video if you doubt just how pervasive this is. Once you understand it, you’ll notice it everywhere:

So back to the pyramid on the dollar bill.

The important thing to remind you is that it’s a “unfinished”, a “work in progress”, just like he same as the Tower of Babel. It’s all the same symbolism and meaning. Reaching to the pinnacle which is Godhood, Illumination, Immortality – all the most powerful symbolism is meant to have multiple interpretations and meanings.

The $1 dollar bill alludes to this “work”: Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order / New Order Of The Ages) and Annuit Coeptis (He / She Favours Our Undertaking / Work ). But what undertaking? the unfinished construction of a New World Order.

A great breakdown of the meaning and symbolism of the Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye is in this Mark Passio video:

google earth eurbabelThe Eye in the Triangle is not the same as the Unfinished Work (the dollar bill pyramid, the Tower of Babel). Its where the pinnacle will reach when the work is finished.

One of my readers below alerted me to the fact that viewed above from Google Earth, the Strasbourg EU Parliament building (the subject of the EuroBabel 1 article) has the very same symbolism.

Its shockingly obvious once pointed out to you.

The Unfinished Work  is the New World Order, i.e. a key part its construction is the EU as the prototype ‘regional’ World Government structure as explained in the first article. The Triangle Eye oversees the Unfinished Work. So this is really the same symbolism contained in the dollar bill.freemsonry pillars and star

And if you look at the aerial image again, you can see it also has darkened sections (I assume ceiling lights) which form two pillars with an orb between – another clear allusion to Freemasonry (the Temple of Solomon (sol-o-mon, sun and moon) – the pillars of Boaz and Jachin).

It could be the Morning Star, or the Dawn Sun. Fitting then, that the pyramid tip in the Strasbourg Parliament building faces DIRECTLY DUE EAST to welcome the rising sun.

Look at the image to the Left. Its compass-marked – what’s in the East?

Who is often referred to as the Morning Sun, The Light Bringer? Lucifer. The word Lucifer is derived from the Latin words, Lux and Ferre. To be bathed in this light is to be Illuminated, to work towards completing the Unfinished Work (the ‘Great Work’ of Freemasonry). The link between the pyramid symbolism and the freemasonry ‘tracing board’ symbolism is further strengthened by the appearance of the All Seeing Eye (Eye of Providence in Freemasonry), which often appears above the Morning Star or replaces it.

Note also, in the image of the aerial view of the EU Parliament Building, there is a small middle pillar which links the Work (the EU Parliament) to the Eye. In Freemasonry and Kabbalah there is often a middle pillar / hidden temple / Jacob’s ladder in the middle which is the path to the Light.

Or is all of this just more coincidence?

Please let me know what you think in the comments below! Don’t forget to share on social media before you leave.

5 thoughts on “EuroBabel 2: All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid Symbolism

  1. Firstly, my heartfelt condolences and prayers for the families of those murdered and injured in the Las Vegas massacre. It is striking that this incident occurred directly to the east of the Luxor Hotel Pyramid, under the gaze of the sphinx and in the shadow of the obelisk. This is more of the same occult symbolism which has been discussed on these very pages. Wake up people! Satan is rampant among us, and our so called “leaders” are hell bent on doing his bidding. It is this simple – you are either for God, or for the devil. There is no middle ground. It is safe to say this tragic event is just a taste of what awaits our once great nations, which have forsaken God and the Holy Bible.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fuck! you read my mind. I noticed the Luxor and thought – there’s something there. But i’ve not got enough time in the day to look at all the things i want to look at, let alone find the time to write much. Wish i had more contributors (hint hint) 😉


    • Shooter shot from the 32nd floor. 32 is the highest earned degree of freemasonry (33rd is a honorary level, you cant earn it).

      We talk about the occultists obsession with stars – and if we are talking about Egyptian mysteries – especially Orion and Sirius. So i was looking for this. Turns out the concert was organised by Sirius XM


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