One of the reasons I started this blog was frustration with trying to share info on comment sections of newspapers.  There is a lot of shocking and important information that is not on people’s radar – AT ALL – simply because it is not covered by the mainstream media (MSM).  The ‘alternative media’ is covering this knowledge-gap out of necessity, to counter the corrupt Globalist elites complete domination of political discourse and the media.

The main premise of this blog is that a Leftist-Globalist Elite is trying to corrupt and overthrow the existing orthodoxy, by undermining democracy, nation-states and even indigenous European culture and identity. Their aim is Globalism and One World Government and to achieve this they must destroy the middle classes and create mass poverty, distract us with wars, ‘clash of civilisations’ (Islam in Europe) and divide-and-conquer dynamics (race-baiting, class warfare agenda, etc).  Socialism and poverty will be the control grid, and the middle rungs of the ladder will be removed to protect those on top.

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The aim of this blog boils down to this:


You won’t agree with everything here.  I wouldn’t want you to.  But this material is completely new to the vast majority of people out there.

There were many limitations to using newspaper comment sections in the past before I created this blog:

  1. Some newspapers moderated keywords (using a ‘moderation algorithm’ in the background) which meant spending ages trying to figure out why a comment keeps getting ‘refused’.  Wasted time and effort.  Eg, Daily Express.
  2. Some had word limits, meaning only short comments were allowed, not considered opinion or providing factual information.  Eg, Daily Mail.
  3. Some had active moderation which means that certain ‘topics’ would see entire comments being deleted, even having user profiles closed down.  The latter happened to me when covering basic factual info about Islam.  One profile deleted for quoting the Qur’an, another for sharing an opinion on Halal and pointing out links to Zakat (tithing tax some of which must go to Jihad) and the ‘accreditation’ scam.
  4. Time wasted copy-pasting comments, only to see the article close the comment section, or the article to drop off the front page and get no traffic after a few hours or a day. Once read, the comment  soon disappears into the ether, and the effort put into it is lost.  In short – ‘comment section activism’ is a fairly fruitless and time-intensive process.
  5. The many limitations of comment sections meant I could not cover something in the detail I knew it, or refer to other sources and reference material.
  6. Comment sections ‘etiquette’ – many people do not like reading ‘long’ posts and complain if it is more than a few paras long.  Even if it means spending 2 seconds scrolling past it, they would still spend 1 minute logging in to complain.  Fair enough – I get it.  Other people however, expressed gratitude and commended me on the longer posts.  So there is the conundrum – provide info for people who appreciate it, without annoying others who are just flitting through and only interested in short comments (conversation as opposed to information).

The aim of the blog is to get around these shortcomings, be more productive with my time, whilst at the same time redirecting people to other info they might feel is useful / enlightening.  The other aim is to find other like-minded people who want to help me ‘wake others up’ by sharing links back to this blog and / or WRITING their own articles for this blog.

Comment Section Activism

The aim of the blog is to provide fairly detailed info on certain topics that the MSM refuse to touch, related to Islam, Globalism, conspiracies, Cultural Marxism and mainstream media and political corruption.

The articles could then be updated and added to, with new info, and from reader comments and assistance, keeping the article fresh and relevant even months or years after first written.  In that sense its more about sharing info than a ‘newspaper’ style website.

Once written, it would be easy for people to share either the direct link to the page, or a ‘search term’ they can put into Google that will bring the page up.

Finally – to create some short, generic paragraphs that can simply be copy-and-pasted into a comment section.  Such a paragraph would paraphrase the main info and try to lure any reader into following the link back to this blog, for the FULL story, where hopefully they might then discover other material.

My theory is simple: if you spend time writing a comment, it’s a golden opportunity.  Don’t wr

Here’s an example to copy-paste into a newspaper comment section:

The ‘refugee crisis’ is a conspiracy by traitorous EU Elites and their Globalist handlers, to cause social and economic collapse in Europe.  They hope to use the crises they create to bring an EUSSR Superstate, destroy personal liberties, increase the police / surveillance state, justify foreign wars and draconian legislation, and attack political rivals.  They also want to use mass migration to erode national / cultural identities to create a new ‘European’ identity which will help destroy national sovereignty forever.  Four theories: (1) COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN, (2) CLOWARD PIVEN STRATEGY, (3) HIJRAH (EMIGRATION JIHAD) and (4) r/K SELECTION THEORY.  For more info on these theories and how they tie into each other:

Copy-paste into your browser:


Maybe you are replying in a comment section to someone who mentions ‘look up the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan’.  You might want to back them up by explaining it for others and referring them to the above article:

The COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN was developed in the 1920s by the Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.  He proposed that European people should be mixed (forced miscegenation) to create a ‘Eurasian-Negroid’ mongrel race.  His theory was that such a race would be dumbed-down and inferior, easily controlled by a superior ‘elite class’. He believed this would given enough time, also erode national identity / local culture, thereby weakening ideas of national sovereignty, so that the masses would eventually accept a socialist European Superstate.  His ideas were instrumental to the formation of the EU and its driving principles and motivations, explaining the obsession with PC, ‘Multiculturalism as dogma’, Open Borders, and the current contrived ‘refugee crisis’.  For much more info please have a look at this link:

Copy-paste into your browser:


Someone could then copy-paste the entire para in any newspaper comment section about the refugee crisis.  The only thing that would need to be altered was which link, depending on the comment section limitations.  There are three: a hyperlink, a shortened link and a search term to find the page.

For example:

  • On the Daily Express – delete the full hyperlink before posting (or the comment will be auto-deleted).
  • On Breitbart, only the hyperlink is needed because Disqus allows full hyperlinks.
  • On the Daily Mail might only accept the last one (referring people to a search term to find the page).

This is much more likely to get peoples interest, and also doesn’t put off others who do not have the time (or inclination) to read a longer comment at that moment.

If you can write a sharp short para like the one above, to be used in comment sections, just add it as a comment to the article, titled “comment section activism”.  All help much appreciated.

Non-Specific Linking

There will be lots of times you just want to write your own comment, and may not want to link to a specific article here (or it’s not directly relevant to your comment).  Well, every comment you make is an opportunity to link to this site anyway. Just sign off your comments with a link to the homepage, something like this:

(Help counter Globalism, Cultural Marxism and the Hijrah (emigration Jihad) – visit

Article Submission and Sourcing

I run a separate business and try to work on articles on the side. Having a young family also means even little time to spare.  So I would welcome any help with this blog.  I don’t expect to agree with everything you want to say – as long as it is broadly aligns with my worldview and isn’t out of step with the theme of this website.

If you are able to contribute regularly, after your first article, I will give you ‘contributor’ access to upload you articles to the site.  Your username (anything you want) will show up as the author.

If you find other articles elsewhere, happy to reblog here, if the original author is OK (most are as long as the original source is credited).  I’ve already reblogged a few articles. Send the link.

Do you have your own blog? Great – promote that instead if you prefer – reblog any posts here you feel are useful.  Just use the ‘Create Commons’ agreement – credit my articles to me and link back to the original article.  If you want to create a blog, its MUCH easier than you imagine, and cheap – even free – depending on what you want to achieve.  Go to or Blogger and see for yourself.


Organised Comment Activism

A future goal (with enough subscribers) is to get organised with activities suggested above. A shift system where contributors might post comments on a certain day(s) of the week, or across a spectrum of sources.

What’s in it for you? why would you share the links to this blog and help with it? well if you are on the same page as me, you have reached a point where you can see the world spiralling out of control.  Moaning on the DE comment sections was no longer good enough for me.  I do not want to look at my kids and worry about their future, what sort of United Kingdom they will inherit – without at least knowing I DID MY BIT.  I don’t want to have regrets that I knew something was horribly wrong but I chose to do nothing.  So helping me with articles and / or sharing links, if nothing else, it’s feeling you are doing your bit to wake people up.


In the future with more readers, I would like to find like-minded people who want to get organised with other forms of activism, meeting up at marches or demonstrations, joint campaigns to call newspapers to persuade them to run a story, or pressure on local politicians.

If I get enough readers, I am hoping to set up a private forum.  If anyone is willing to help me with that, or run it themselves – great.  Strength in numbers!

Please join me – use the contact form or email redgreenalliance (at)




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