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1.1 – Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam from the point of view of a Kaffir / Infidel / Nonbeliever.  These sites are created by ex-Muslims, Islamic (non-Muslim) scholars and others.  They will give you the perspective and factual information on Islam with reference to the Islamic doctrinal source material.  This way you cut past the Leftist apologism and rose-tinted view of Islam, and avoid the blatant Taqiyya of the Islamists who wish to obscure / lie / distort the truth about their ideology (it is obligatory under Sharia’h Law to deceive the Kaffir in order to protect the faith from undue scrutiny).

  • The Religion of Peace – take the time to read through the topics on the ‘About’ tab.  There is a lot more to this site than meets the eye
  • The Religion of Peace – sub-site found by clicking “Got Quran” on the homepage – this is the most useful as a learning tool.  To refer people to it I tell them to Google “The Religion of Peace Explore”
  • Wiki Islam – excellent and very thorough website but almost overwhelmingly big.  On any Islamic issue I want to understand, I Google “Wikiislam: x” with x being the subject.  Eg. “Wikiislam rape” and numerous subsections are applicable.
  • Political Islam – short articles and even better (highly shareable) short videos from Dr Bill Warner.  I use the YouTube channel when looking for videos.

1.2 – Islam-Related News

  • Gates of Vienna – my favourite, has news but also excellent articles by a worldwide list of contributors – the intellectual heavyweight of the counter-jihad sites
  • Jihad Watch – Robert Spencer runs this excellent news resource interspersed with longer articles by him (foremost no-Muslim expert on Islam)
  • Pamela Geller – a lot of cross-over material with JW as Pamela Geller works closely with Robert Spencer (annoying pop-ups, but better comment section)
  • Gatestone Institute – longer articles and research
  • Barenaked Islam – American based news site, a bit crude and non-PC (to say the least) – warning as it contains shocking images
  • The Muslim Issue – another useful site
  • Answering Muslims – a Christian-based ‘apologetics’ website
  • Sharia Watch – UK based website, based on alerting people to ‘creeping Sharia’
  • Muslim Statistics – ” international statistics, government statistics, newspaper articles and reports related to Muslim immigration and Muslim issues in non-Muslim societies.” – useful to refer links to apologists

1.3 – Islam Recommended Videos



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