orwell - truth tellersAll posts appear chronologically on the Homepage, from most recent going backwards.  The exception is the first post and any others which are ‘sticky’ (marked with a drawing pin symbol beside the comment-count).

If you want to explore without trawling backwards, there are several ways to do this. They are all accessible from the sidebar menu (click on the icon in the top-right corner).


You can look at blog posts from a particular month.  This will bring up all types and subjects within that month regardless if they are quotes, long posts, photos etc.  For example, click:

February 2016 (the month I started this blog)


Clicking on categories should bring a drop-down menu with the full list of Categories for posts.  This is the general theme of the post but sometimes a post will cover multiple categories, so will show up in more than one category search. Categories include:

  • Conspiracy Theory – analysis of any event where the information presented or conclusion made differ from the mainstream political / media story
  • Cultural Marxism – includes discussion of Leftist theory, Cultural Marxism, Multiculturalism, Open Borders and Political Correctness
  • Hijrah Invasion – although there are many innocent immigrants seeking a better life, this category is about those Radical Islamists who see the migration wave as cultural Jihad, just like Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina (the Hijrah)
  • Islam – articles which are mainly about aspects of Islamic ideology which are a threat to Western life and traditional culture
  • Managed Democracy – about the faux-democracy of the West, which presents the illusion of choice through parties which are equally corrupted by Leftist-Globalist goals
  • Quotes – collection of favourite quotes


Tags are key words and themes that appear within an article, but may not be the main ‘theme’ of the article.  For example, a quote by George Orwell used in an article on Free Speech might have the tag ‘Orwell’, but the category is Free Speech. There can be many tags and they are listed underneath the article. The ‘tag cloud’ on the sidebar menu illustrates all the tags, the larger the tag the more frequently it appears within the blog articles.